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Still 9 hours on the boat Apparantly I don’t have a seat, didn’t know that I don’t have a cabin, didn’t know that But ok Welcome to the GR20! I’ve been hiking for 10 minutes and it’s already very hot It’s 10 a.m. and it’s already 30°C! Man, oh man I’m having a hard time talking while climbing like that Let’s go! That’s a snake That’s a snake! First dinner: cold couscous with olive oil, herbs and chips Those chips really make the whole dish, it’s crazy Goodnight! Day two I had the worst night ever There were so many loud people who were talking, like, not whispering, but talking while it’s dark outside Really, ooooh I was going crazy Let’s go! And the first abrasion is a fact! Alright, I don’t know if you can see it, but that’s the sea That’s the sea, all the way round, some stones, and here’s the sea again! Can you see it? Can you see it? And now we’re just going down the mountain! I got lost today And I was hiking in a field full of sharp plants and now my legs are full of fairly painful scratches, actually Goodnight! Day three! I slept like a baby last night I think you can see it by looking at my face Because I have this ‘poofy’ look But that shows that I slept really well I already have some blisters Like under my little toes And on both heels First summit of the day: check! I am on the second summit of the day!! Wow! What a beautiful view! How is it on the other side? Third summit of the day, which is the last one: check! Guys, really There are some cows fighting, it’s insane I went past them and suddenly they started fighting I was really like: ‘let’s get out of here!’ But ok, it’s day four, I think and today is not so long, I think it’s about 17 kilometres But easy kilometres, I hope Doing 2 stages today was too much that would be 31 kilometres and that’s too much I’m not doing that, not on this trail That’s really impossible here Guys! I just had the best encounter so far on this trail Two men from France, they were extremely friendly to me They are going to Vizzavona today, that’s the place I was talking about that was too far But when I hear that other people are doing it too I think: ‘hmm, I can do that too!’ So I am going to try it If it doesn’t work out I will go wildcamping I just put my tent up really late and I’m gone really early That’s no problem I couldn’t resist it, I ordered some pizza The blisters under my little toes are popping open Sensitive content in 3, 2, 1… NOW! It’s pretty ok, that sensitive content, but this kind of hurts This one really hurts Ok, I will pop this one as well THAT NIGHT Guys, guys, guys I just had the shower of my life It was like the shower in a public swimming pool hot water, kept running for long periods of time, perfect pressure… (yes I’m wearing my T-shirt on my head because that’s my towel) AND I bought a real feast for tonight’s dinner As a starter: ‘tuna à la Catalane’ For the main dish: rice ‘Cantonais’ Looks tasty And for dessert, I have dates with cheese! This is really awesome Best choice ever to come here tonight Good morning It’s already really ‘late’ It’s already 6:15 a.m., normally I’m already hiking for 15 minutes, but… I’m really tired today Ok, pack up, pack up, pack up, come on Floor Just do it We’re starting in the Northern section today! Everybody keeps saying: ‘ooooh, the North, ooohhh’ So we’ll see if it’s really that hard I’m still very tired, can you tell? I’m on the summit of todaaaay! And it’s a cloudy day today The view is so beautiful todaaay I arrived at 1 p.m. at the place I was going to have lunch And I put up my tent to stay here today And I fell asleep right away Wonderful Byeee Day… I don’t know, 6 I think? Everything is fine, actually My legs, my knees, my endurance, I’m not even tired BUT My feet. My feet are really hurting a lot I have a lot of blisters I have those under my little toes, those are actually fine But I also have some on my heels and those are really… Those are really painful I really feel like the Little Mermaid who just got her legs Where every step on land is really painful That’s me right now, but ok I will have to live with that Let’s go! And now we’re going all the way over there That’s so much fun! But really, so much fun! I want more of this! (I forgot to use sunscreen one afternoon, 3 days later I discover all these things on my skin) I don’t know if you can see it, can you see it? That’s not looking good That’s my alarm Ok, I’m getting up Wow I have to go to the bathroom really fast Time for swimming!! Stubbed my foot I’m lost And it’s really dangerous I just have to stay calm but… 2 minutes ago, I was down in a valley with a river, very thickly wooded Fell down a lot, scratched my legs a lot Now I’m already at a much safer area, so that’s ok But… I need to calm down for a moment I’m not going to cry But that was really dangerous I’m not going to cry Ok, let’s go I’m here, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here I found the trail It’s ok I was just really scared I really thought I was going to die I really thought it would be this kind of story like: ‘she lost track and she fell, and nobody ever found her’ I just have to get myself together again But it’s ok, I’m ok And now: moving on I’m such a chicken at times That’s the summit for today That’s still 900 meters of climbing in the span of 3 kilometres Great! I’m here. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here I’m in my room, I’m in Ascu. It was a long day today There are people waiting for me downstairs, we’re going to have dinner Ok, shower, ok, go go go 3 HOURS LATER It’s three hours later, I think I had dinner Chicken with potatoes, a lot of mayo, a salad, soop and a strawberry-mousse and I bought another little dessert So now I will take a proper shower And, what I’ve been looking forward to for a long time: is to just sit on a toilet for a long period of time So that’s what I will do now, I will go sit on the toilet now And then I will go to sleep, and tomorrow it’s only 1 stage Perfect! Perfect perfect perfect! Day nine, I think I’m climbing a lot now This morning, I had a really nice breakfast Really everything I expect from a breakfast at a hotel Everything you could wish for at a breakfast, was there That was heaven Today we’re only hiking 6 kilometres Sounds like nothing, but apparently it’s really hard I’ll be fine ‘Oh wow there’s internet here’ Worst case scenario (ok, one of them): I just got my period And that is not as planned, so I don’t have anything with me So I just asked a woman for anything and she had a pad with her Ok, now there’s no doubt: tonight I’m finishing the trail Ok so now I nearly arrived 2 kilometres to go And then I’m there And then I can buy babywipes and cover myself in babywipes to get all the dirt off of me I think I’ve arrived But here’s no kind of ‘ending momument’ But I’ve arrived, I’ve arrived, I’ve arrived! I’VE ARRIIIIVED!!!

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