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Goggins Mountain Trail – Johnson Shut-ins Missouri State Park – October 2018

Big Crazy John here with Big Crazy Outdoor
Adventures Amie and where did Abbey go? Abbey we are going for a hike and as you can
see on this sign here Goggins Trail. Goggins Mountain Equestrian trail blazed in
yellow. 10 miles it says 7 hours and 30 minutes. I don’t think it takes that long to go. We will see. We might not even take the whole trail, but
we will give it a shot. So stay tuned. So we are going to take the Goggins Mountain
Trail. That is the yellow one. Here’s the Johnson Shut-ins Campground. The black star. So the Goggins Mountain Trail comes in and
we are going to connect with this loop go around the loop this point and then go back
and that is a 10 mile trail. Goggins Mountain Equestrian Trail Connects
to the Ozark Trail. You are Here. Going to hike in. Here is the campground. Campground Entrance. Beaver Pond. Campground Trail system. Equestrian Trail. this goes up like this. Let’s give it a go. Trying this new a back pack mount. This looks a little sideways. I think we will have to fix that. I got quite the setup here. I got a camera on my shoulder. I got a water bottle down there. I forgot my camel back, which I’m not to happy
about that. I’m beating myself up about that. 5,000 acres of glades and woodlands surround
the western edge of the St. Francois Mountains. Hike the Ozark Trail from Goggins Mountain
Wild Ara to the Mark Twain National Forest’s Bell Mountain Wilderness. Together these areas represent the second
largest wilderness area in Missouri. I didn’t know that. So I just had to restart the watch. We got going at about 10:00. Here we go. Been at it 20 minutes. Probably about a 1/2 mile. I think this is the point where we stopped
last time. Might be. There is a fork in the road. I believe we are going to go left. This is the first time I’ve seen an arrow
on this trail. So I guess we are going right. Going up and that’s going down. Yeah. Your on your own Abbey. Hey. Where are you going? Taking a little break. This is our little make shift campsite here. There’s a Ozark trail connector here. So that’s cool. You’re seriously going to walk that close
to it? That is a big one holy molly. So we are 4.49 so that is 5.49 adding a mile
for a 5.50 miles. So we started basically at 10:00. Back at it now. Hunting for Wild Turkey. Beautiful view over here. You can see the Scour. Yeah. That’s the Ameren Water tower there. What is that? That’s a lizard. Oh. Come on Abbey. She popped up. Yeah. I don’t know what that is. Oh wow! That’s a view. So that’s a the Ameren water tower. Water Reservoir. Yeah. And the scour that was create when it previously
broke. This is the nice part of the trail. Back to the split and a very happy about that. This is a very long hike. Very tired. So little bit more. Oh we made it. So 9.07 miles or really at a mile so its a
little over 10 miles. 4 plus. Started at 10 so 5 hour trip here. 10 miles. Back to the truck. Looking forward to resting. Relaxing. That was the longest hike we’ve done in a
long time. It was good though. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked what you saw please subscribe
and Remember get outside and have some fun. Thanks for watching.

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5 thoughts on “Goggins Mountain Trail – Johnson Shut-ins Missouri State Park – October 2018

  1. "The View" reminds me of the view from the top of Bell Mountain, when Michelle and I were there a few years ago. Nice πŸ‘

  2. We are going to need to do this trail. We haven't yet.
    Bad hornet, bad spider webs. Fun bouldering! No turkey. Nice view. The Ameren plant is really striking. Last time we were there is was POURING rain. Great trek, John, Amie and Abbey. Thanks for taking us along.

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