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I Am With You On This Road “Trust in the
Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will
make straight your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). My daughter, you are no mistake. I made you with intention, I made you with
your face in my mind, your voice in my ears. I made you with a name and with grace and
with gifts only yours—your gifts my very gift to you. You are not made with a pressure to perform,
with an expectation to achieve. You are not made with a heaviness to bear
around your neck, a weight to carry, a weariness of long days one after another. I know the way with Me can feel hard. I know this road feels long. I am with you on the road, my dear. I am with you on this road. Take steps now, where you can no longer see. Reach your hand out now, for I long to grab
yours and hold tight. Lift those shoulders now; let Me take that
burden you carry. Can you see Me taking it? Can you see my hands upon your shoulders,
the weight being lifted off? Can you feel shackles being cut? Can you feel the things you can’t, with
your eyes, see? I am for you, my child. And I do not ask you to go places where I
will not be. Only go where I am. Even though you can’t see the next steps,
I do. And I go ahead, and I know when the path is
clear. Just follow Me, my daughter. I know this road, this one marked out for
you. You have choices about where to go, whether
to turn right or to turn left. But ask Me where I am. And trust I give you recognition for the One
who made you, for the One who designed your heart, for the One who knows His daughter
and the details of the road, for her, ahead.

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  1. What road are you on in your life now? How do you need, right now, for God's reassurance that He is with you? Do you believe He is?

  2. Thank You, Jesus, for being there for me. You are my constant companion. Without You I am nothing! You are my EVERYTHING!

  3. I know that I can give absolutely everything to him. I can give him the good and the bad and he will take it and create something different and beautiful with it.

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