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Glute Ham Raise – Legs / Glutes Exercise –

Begin by adjusting the
equipment to fit your body. Place your feet against the
footplate in between the rollers as you lie face down. Your knees should be
just behind the pad. Start from the bottom
of the movement. Keep your back arched as
you begin the movement by flexing your knees. Drive your toes into
the footplate as you do so. Keep your upper body straight and continue until
your body is upright. Return to
the starting position, keeping your descent
under control. [music]

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5 thoughts on “Glute Ham Raise – Legs / Glutes Exercise –

  1. I hate ppl critiquing videos but considering the vast number of ppl that will see this it needs to be said. This is mainly a hip and pelvic movement and not a lower back exercise, well atleast not to the degree of extension that she exhibits in the video. She is hot I agree but has shocking pelvic control in your demonstration

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