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Giả Lập Đi Nhờ Xe (HITCHHIKER SIMULATOR) Pewdiepie (Vietsub)

Heil scum bros – beautiful today we’re playing another horror game it’s been a while this one is called the rides with strangers and I oh boy is that the guy we’re gonna ride with and right so today’s Valentine’s Day and I better just make this video and before Marzia kills me so let’s go you are Alaura you have a very important job interview but our car broke down so we much hitch a ride to get there oh god it’s hot in here or is it that the priest man have you seen her can’t fucking see her how about that God it’s dark ah that’s embarrassing stand under the arrow what era oh there it is there’s a car god damn I got it you got a hitch a ride zoom on the car and then place there it he sees me it hit this what do you mean hate the space no you’re not going anywhere siya I need it ah he didn’t stop for shit what an asshole you know I would never run over anyone except that one whatever okay look at the car look for a car come on come on what do you mean failed fucking motherfucker you feel bad that was it that’s all I gotta do show him my tits is that what I did Hey Baby how you doing Oh God is the priest Hey good evening Oh God are you doing out red flag here take a seat and let me give you a ride can’t say no to a smile like that so I’m gonna get in here yes thank you job interview tomorrow oh boy thank you so much oh it’s a little bit awkward maybe I’ll put on the radio oh it’s busted hey there are you doing the sir oh god he’s so bold I been are not looking I’d sit hot in here I’m gonna turn on the needed to get away okay oh Jesus god damn he just yelled at you just yelled at me whoo I didn’t know he was gonna talking jump scare the fuck out of me sir huh can we stop it I think we had a squirrel I want to go home now well we have quite a ways ahead of us may I ask where is it you are traveling too don’t yell in my face please so basically this game is like a right hey I heard that mate this is like a fresh take on the finance of Freddy’s formula oh my god you hey you hit another squirrel Oh God breathe just breathe just breathe they’re gonna be fine I am Mickey Mouse apparently hey what’s that knocking is anything else gonna happen in this car right I mean I get that as the concept but it’s a little boring just like five nights at Freddy’s is the worst show my tits oh hey do creepy son of a fuck fuck you god damn that’s creepy can’t you just come over please oh hey hey hey no no no oh good no got him fucked oh all right nice nice Drive here’s my stop okay every guy said the priest again oh boy it’s the priests again he’s my favorite oh boy okay let’s do this it’s not a moose for money you know if you have luck we try the erred if you fighting tonight oh ah ah come on don’t know what is your problem I looked at you deaf fuck yeah you know I don’t like you how about that well we have quite a ways ahead of us may I ask where is it you’re traveling to how can he say we have a lot to travel if it doesn’t even know where we’re going you dumb poop of a bitch god damn you piss me off bald son of a he’s actually pretty hard I probably let him touch me when Navis a young boy my father hey how you doing this guy calling me a slide I’m trying very hard to complete this level right now I fucking looked at him what do you want from me okay so I’m reading through to make sure I understand and I was right about the gameplay it’s just that if I answer the questions right he’s less likely to attack me or yell in my fucking face oh boy okay let’s do this No how about you look somewhere else besides my tits bitch can we put on some Beyonce please oh oh god we’re not even halfway there this is literally me in the car oh shit oh shit that I didn’t I mean I can imagine sitting someone with a car who goes like this like I’d want to kill that person as well no stop creeping up oh god everything’s fake tuck and roll tuck and roll baby fuck this shit oh god we got to find another car now hey stop the car at once please are you talking to asshole hey I’m walking here haha this is my strategy right now god that’s bullshit fuck are you kidding me what was that fucking fuck abduch in the fucking okay so that was rights with strangers I like that it’s a take on the finance of Frederick Freddy formula but it has the same problem like you saw me I got scared the first time because I didn’t know what to expect and then after that it just kind of went downhill like it wasn’t as scary anymore so you know the game is still in development I hope that they keep that in mind to to kind of keep things fresh and interesting and I think it can be a fun game so that’s it for now let me know what you think as well thank you so much for watching this video leave a like if you enjoyed and as always

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