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[MUSIC PLAYING] Andrew? Yup. Did you eat all
my cookies again? What? No. Then what’s all over your shirt? I had a sandwich. Crumbs from a sandwich. Dude, it was, like,
really crispy bread. OK. Well, then if you didn’t
eat my cookies, who did? Anthony, it’s probably
been the ghost that’s been haunting your house
for the past couple of weeks. What? Andrew, stop blaming your bad
eating habits on something that doesn’t exist. Well, Anthony, I’ll
prove it to you. But by the way, it was whole
wheat bread, so not bad. OK, you took me to my room. Anthony, this is most haunted
room in your house? Maybe the world. No, it’s not. You hear that? It’s like r-r-r-r-r. Do you hear? It’s a r-r-r-r-r. Andrew, that’s just
you making that noise. Are you, like, listening? Like, are you just trying
to appease me, like, by pretending to listen. You’ve got to,
like, really listen. It’s like r-r-r-r-r. And there’s, like, a draft. Do you feel the draft? Andrew, the fan is behind you. Yeah, I see it. But do you hear the sound? It’s like r-r-r-r-r. Like, the draft, too? Do you feel the breeze at all? The noise you hear and the
draft you feel is from the fan. I don’t know, Anthony. I’ll tell ya, I
definitely feel a draft. But the sound, it’s
similar, but I can’t say it’s exactly the same. The only reason it
sounds different is because you have your
face right up against it. Move back! I mean, I’ll give
it a try, but– That does sound exactly like it. So you’re telling me
the fan is haunted? Step back, Anthony,
I’ll take of this. Andrew, that’s my fan! Problem solved. The fan is not haunted! Anthony, I took care of the
fan, but you’ve got a real ghost sludge problem. Ghost sludge?
Conveniently leading up to my ointment container? Mm-hmm. Uh, Andrew, maybe you shouldn’t
put that in your mo– ow. Definitely ghost
sludge, Anthony. Oh, there’s no stopping him. This is good, man. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. It seems the light’s turned off. There’s only one reasonable
explanation for this, Anthony. It seems I just ate ghost
babies and the mother’s mad, so stay calm and, uh, run! Wait. You just
unplugged the light. What? No, I didn’t do that. That was ghost mama. Andrew, I literally
watched you trip over it. Anthony, you really
still don’t believe me? Come on, follow me. Your house is haunted. Oh, stand right there. Nope. No, back a tiny bit. Right there. OK, do you feel that? Feel what? You feel the draft,
just like upstairs? Well, it’s because ghosts drop
the room temperature wherever they are, and that’s the cold
spot in the entire house, so that means the
ghost lives there. No, Andrew. That’s because you put me right
underneath the air conditioning vent. Shh! The ghost, man. You’re gonna wake him up! Oh, what? What! See? Who else would have done
this other than ghosts? Try and explain
that one, Anthony. No. Every single time that
it’s grandpa’s turn to clean the kitchen, he
puts the chairs on the table. Oh, what? Come on. I know you don’t get
along with grandpa, but he would never do this. This is a ghost. I could swear they went here. Grandpa, I tell you every single
time that they don’t go there. Listen, you don’t have
to lie for the ghost. Could you just tell
Anthony you saw them? I know you did. No, no ghost. It was definitely me. Grandpa, can you just admit
there’s a ghost in the house? I know you’ve seen them, I
know Anthony’s seen them. Why are you guys
acting like I’m crazy? I’m not crazy. Trust me. I try to catch ghosts
here every night. There’s nothing. See? Told you. I wish there was a ghost here. It would make this boring
house way more interesting. [SIGH] I really thought there
was a ghost in your house. Andrew, stop making excuses
for you eating my cookies. Oh. What’s up, Andy? What’s up, Greg? You want some of
the cookies that I stole from Anthony’s cabinet? Sure. What is this? Greg. Who is Greg? Your house ghost. I told you you had ghosts. You want some? No. Greg? I always do, Andy. Hey, what’s up, you guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to see some
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from you guys all the time about where the music that
we use in our videos is from, and pretty much everything that
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YouTube creators with tons of music
and sound effects. If you want start your
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you guys over there. That is about it. Thank you again so
much for watching. We will see you guys again very
soon with a brand new video. Bye, guys. (SINGING) Boom, boom,
boom, hard times. (SINGING) Gonna hunt them
down and become a ghost spy. (SINGING) Hard times. (SINGING) Looks like the
ghost stole my money supply. (SINGING) Grab knives. (SINGING) What the heck? It looks like he’s
gonna swan dive. Hard times. (SINGING) Hard times. Why are you
wearing my bottoms? Greg, let’s get out of here!

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100 thoughts on “GHOST IN MY HOUSE!

  1. Check out the bloopers and behind the scenes here! Also don't forget to subscribe to the second channel while you're over there πŸ™‚

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  3. If you think about ghost is spelt G-host which kind of means a good host which kinda means you should be paying the ghost just for you to live in your house

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