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Getting towed while hiking in Stawamus Chief! | VLOG

– we don’t know!
– shoot! – impossible that we get towed why is it that everyone else didn’t get towed but we a lot of cars just park here hi everyone so today I’m going to share
with you guys our journey to the second peak of the Stawamus Chief alongside with
an unexpected incident that happened – towards the end of the journey so stay tuned
and I hope you guys enjoy we started our journey at around 10 a.m. on a Sunday of
a long weekend and since this is the only main road to most of the
Provincial Park here the traffic was pretty slow for some places got parking! although there is a lot of parking lot
but like, very hard to find just now the hike hasn’t even started but the view is already so beautiful – hello
– hello everyone – and the journey begins
– we are gonna go hiking – we are in
Stawamus Chief. It has been two to three weeks that I wanted to come to this place
– really So, here is the first peak, second peak, third peak there’s a waterfall over there I think the stairs are brutal So tired already it’s just like what, three minutes? but it is all stairs more up there more Misya.
– so let’s wait and see okay.
– expression already dead – my sweat is flowing so fast it’s like that waterfall – where is Redha now? oh there okay very exhausted oi, how dare you water after half an hour, we start back with the stairs oh, hi there it is already more than half an hour but still
no sign of flat area all just stares oh.. beautiful how long have you guys been here
– 30 minutes
– liar! you’re doing good – finally, you arrive at the peak – not yet Misya, not yet. Don’t get fooled by Redha – I know – It’s really high up – so high.. huh.. okay – catching our breath first – Let these folks pass – thank you
– thank you – okay now, starting with the chain once
again – I am gonna close my phone – I guess that’s fine end oh what a cutie
let me know if in any help video video saying a GoPro I am standing
one hand okay so I start no mother I am be dead yeah when you put your money you
can get me okay let’s see what was it let me test it all right maybe but supposedly second
pick antiperspirant I’m not even wearing a I think you it is very and I’m holding we can hear their voices you’re Greenfoot it up that’s the highway we use now this is
the first peak we undertake on the second P grammar and if you look at that
side with that you can see the snowy peaks literally this is Vancouver if you
go to the north side you can see like snows everywhere if you go to the South
example yeah now it’s like white out case it’s supposed to be in the middle
of summer but you can we managed to get to the peak one hour and minute despite
all the breaks we took no no I didn’t take any breaks we were together oh my
goodness let’s go going to set the same thing now
it’s already door fuck oh they different in Falls after this okay so much easier where you get you in Reno
the long stay begin all right I get to fuck you Jimmy nice I was back there anyway just walk
all the way here so we call this number he asked us to go to this one shop which
is seven minutes away by car and we don’t have our car anymore
so what we did we just asked for someone if we can like get it right and I don’t
miss our decoder I just want to add like is this your car yeah did you just write or do you guys
we podcast I’m reading it I would do it yeah so I was just like wondering if the
car he also got to or not no yeah have you tried calling anybody yeah we
called the toy and then they say they took it sorry that sucks yeah thank you
for your vision so when we arrived here just now someone left this point but
it’s okay to pack here it turns out our car is being do it now that is already
with the car now so it’s all fine but still we need to pay for the tow which
sucks they didn’t say like because it’s like overnight we just go there for like
five hours yeah so just don’t don’t fuck here they’re dangerous dangerous dude
I’m not sure if the person who parked here before got to it or not if I
suppose the person is a part there for like two to three hours maybe their life
after the all the car humans our guys been told legit DG how much how
much was it I mean I’ve imagined it to be 200 it’s not what I my expectation
which is because they come out to top it would only come on the busy days or when
they feel like it and out of all the constant is here currently breaking the
rules we would want to actually pick their interest so maybe perhaps the car
was small and the space was really easy for them to tow there was a lot of
coming to like hang that guy was towing in a car going into the compound while
like we were there yeah paying for them Pingdom I need to get our car back the
funny thing is there was that this one guy right we met along the way right his
car got towed as well we were like that was doing a towing was like welcome to
Canada I was in the well except for money if you guys are planning to go to
style mischief after this I hope you guys learn from our mistake and please
do not fuck simply anyway although during the long weekend the packing
might be full try your best to avoid packing the place that is not meant to
be do you think that we deserve to be put let me know in the comment below and
I would love to read it from you guys if you like this video do give a thumbs up
subscribe and another notification for future videos from me thank you

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