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Getting closer to the Heavens – a perfect way to say goodbye

weather conditions in Scotland were just
absolutely fabulous and they were still exceeding all expectations it was
absolutely brilliant and I was headed to clean cool and looking to decamp high on
one of my favourite mountains and I had had another matter to attend to which I
was waiting for the perfect conditions to do and this was this was a time to do
it so the bagpipes playing me off I set off
on my adventure and it seemed an appropriate way to start this journey Oh so here I am and I’m in the wonderful
blink ooh it’s beautiful it’s really nice I may have worth quite late because
I’m hoping to do a summit camp and fight among the door summit cap and top off a
little bit Mako moving turn up there stop clear I’m walking and there yeah
some say it’s probably about 10:30 tonight so I’m just I’m blowing my
weapon it’s absolutely gorgeous the way this good weather in Scotland but
somewhat even if it’s rains for the rest of the summer the way that we fight so
far it’s just been you know it’s our passes on what was somewhat retired in
school so anyway I’ve driven up I was quite apprehensive because the last time
we would up here we were aiming to come up here and do a claim on the east face
of Anna could do which is just over my shoulder not a big close face there and
it was so busy who couldn’t get part so we had to go to plan B and hedgerow into
Glen Davis and almost never got parked there so it’s been nervous coming up in
afternoon today and but luckily I got the worst sport I think there’s a reason
I usually get up at 4 o’clock in the morning it’s not just the carriage to
sunrise but to get car parking support so enemy where those goods about halt
I’m really just taking my time going up here I’m looking forward to getting a
pitch on the mountain so like the point I call crampon Rock
because in the winter it’s usually heared we get the crampons on before
heading up into the quarry but never really notice the waterfall she’s like
covered in snow and they stop they look at that I think I’ll make out in the
camera but hopefully Gorge and waterfall coming down there absolutely glorious so
there’s gonna be plenty of water for me to throw up I’m up in the walk-in so I’m
gonna head up there fill up with water on and it’s a final push to the summit
what is absolutely the audience so I know and the Quartier and there’s
the famous cliffs behind me you can see them all was the famous winter routes up
there usually on the winter this place is thronging was their winter climbers
it’s a fantastic venue so anyway before I came out before I decided I’m coming
up there so one of the pieces of research I did was to make sure there
was a water source or find out where the nearest water source was to my camping
spot now I’m go up to the summit and offer me you go to the summits there’s
not much water up there so the nearest one is in the quarry here I can hear
running water down below me so when I go down there and stop and there thought my
fill up my platypus and water bottle to make it even heavier for hiking up and
then once I’ve done that I’m going to be heading up in our anti-clockwise
Direction up and ruin the top of these cliffs
hopefully camping on the summit yeah sure let’s go so I headed over and phoned the the
water supply and it was good it was running water and never like taking
water from pools just stagnant than that see what getting that backpack off was
Italy so yeah got got the water filled up when I drank quite a bit there as
well and mid should I filled up all my empty bottles and platypuses so I was
well stocked for the evening ahead so water stalks replenished I got the
old backpack back home which was no a lot heavier and set on my way and before
long it became apparent that I’d chosen the right place to fill up because a lot
of the Lawson’s had actually run drying this way the Scottish weather not
something that happens very often so I shouldn’t fool myself on the rim of the
quarry above the cliffs and the views of this fantastic
it was absolutely glorious I decided it was time to stop for a picnic and a
phone to sport got that backpack off and sat down and relaxed what’s 10 past 5:00
I think everyone’s off the whole no I’ve met a few couples going down and what
have you saw yeah I think I’m the last person up here that’s lovely
there’s just enough of a breeze to keep the midget beer but I did stop him for
some and Mitch repellent on so hopefully I’ll keep the little baiting blighters
at bear but yeah so I’m a bit 200 meters vertically stalk there’s some over my
shoulder there but I shall span Rowan own you can see why I’ve wife picked
this sport for a picnic because the views I just absolutely stunning look at
that you can see right down past Glencore village and there’s the holes
of their bowel whooosh and the scan round you can see a tard goer but over
here it’s really it’s a nahin dekha Reggio just dominating the dominating
the view with the Moors and been nervous behind but absolutely fabulous so yeah
I’m gonna sit here for another beer our thing just soaked and there’s no rush I
still got probably about five hours until we’re till sunset
so yeah just absolutely absolutely wonderful so after my leisurely picnic I decided
that I really needed to get cracked on I still have a few a few hundred meters of
a same then I headed on towards the summit it’s not far from the site it’s just
there but I thought if you make out it’s very very rocky and then I’ve been up
here woods but I’ve seen 80% of those times maybe 95 percent was teams it’s
been a good covering of snow so I’ve no idea whether there’s any sports on the
summit to to pitch the tent so I maybe that may have to move on I remember
doing this and taller than once I had to spend ages finding a just a small area
of grass to push my turn but fingers crossed we’ll see if there’s something
up there that is flat enough for a for a we won 9/10 but this is glorious so
before long I was reaching the rocky summit of stop corn and walking and to
be honest with you it wasn’t looking good at this point
however just on the other side of the summit I found a lovely small patch of
grass which was just big enough for my 119th
and I set about getting my camp set up and ready for the night ahead oh there’s a few mojo no that’s just cuz
I’m on the shelter say to the whole see map HD I was just just a perfect area of
good ass I was getting quite worried this is the first grass I’ve seen since
getting on to the cornea room so I’m quite pleased with that and it’s a
lovely patch you can see behind that you’ve banana he getting them amours and
then over to the bed and beyond and you know things are looking good for sunset
and I’ve still got it’s not like a copier store sunset so what I’m planning
on doing it’s the hole over here which may be
able to pick oh is actually called bitchin and beyond and it’s a highest
hill in Argyle it’s only it’s only 30 meters higher than this but I’ll have to
drop maybe I had to know how far a couple hundred meters maybe they go back
up so I’m gonna take a dawn door over there I’m just going to take my GoPro no
drone no camera just my drone in my phone so yeah I’m gonna head over there
and see the views our body can then I’ll come back make my tea and enjoy this
fantastic place look at this absolutely perfect right back in everywhere about
puggles absolutely knackered come from that’s where my cleaners and I’ll spin
round there’s a summit just a bit there just a baby whoo we should have a big
heavy Parker are you standing
this is pigeon nambian and its highest point in Argyll and Bute and what a
viewpoint you see back in my Hill the tents on and the usual views its
establish you may not make open legal problems I have salutely fantastic I
need to see them to mow land and own walking great afternoon there oh there’s
a sheep who’s myself there so absolutely
absolutely stunning so maybe stay here for a minute – and then head back and
they get some tea / taking me at last about cost path half an hour see half a
litigates not by the Athenian which is good so yeah well a set get my breath
back and head back over what a place so after sucking in the views and the top
of bitchin it was time to head back and I dropped back down to the call and all
the way back up to stop calm I’m walking to my tent yeah I was a little bit a
little bit tired shall we see so that’s me just back from Moby a quarter bridge
in which is over there and there took me about an hour lead him back and I went
why I’m absolutely pooped so I’m gonna go and get some tea oh and it’s a boat
Quorra past half past eat I want to get some tea give me some energy and then
I’m gonna set the tripod up and get some pictures I’m not sure what I’m gonna
shoot because there’s just so much in if you look I’ll spin your owned it’s
absolutely glorious but there’s nothing there’s no clothes on the horizon for a
change or a bill think that is and may mean that this closed up above
me as high level clothed meat may go a nice color sure it’s just just glorious
so anyway put a sharp I need to get my tea on and get the camera set up so yeah
off to do that so I found myself a suitable seat and I
think you can agree it wasn’t a bad spot to to have my tea it was an absolutely
glorious view and I just sat the island and really just enjoy the views
absolutely brilliant so this is just this is just absolutely
stunning tonight it’s one of those days it’s been warm really warm but usually
when you get these days in the summer you get really kind of the visibility
isn’t great you often got haze but today it is crystal clear I mean I can
literally from where I’m sad I can see sure hollien clear as a bell I
can see down into the Lord range been more stabbing the clean Mladic hills
behind the camera and all of your own doing startups just next to us in Kirkuk
and you can see way beyond that go into mole if you see ROM you can see sky the
band it’s just it’s a great great day and you know what there’s a wee breeze
up here but it’s still warm there’s no midges assists this is just them almost
perfect world camping condition so I’m pitched just in the book the only but I
grass you can get the tents sat down it up we picture up the snow but if you’re
coming up here by yourself and you’ve only got one mountain and perfect
there’s that space just to the east of the summit literally just off of
somewhat you’ll find it but there’s not really any more space so if you’re
watching this and you think in Union file should come up for the World Cup
just stare be really there’s not many flat piece of all there’s not many
pieces of grass at all to be honest it’s very rocky so Fame for just one band
thing but got lucky there as I said have you
up here Lots but not when there’s not been loads of snow in the going so is
Cana gambling and whether its fame somewhere to pitch Matthew so anyway I’m
gonna go into school boots some shorts no the Sun starting to lure to the west
and I just I’m just got a feeling there’s some nice high level cloud and
at the moment there’s nothing that doesn’t seem to be anything on the
horizon which means it may turn the may turn the sky I love the colors we can we
come back all telltale so anyway little sharp I’m gonna take some pictures so another reason I came up here was I
don’t know if you saw the video I posted a few bobby a few months ago got a map
either so but yeah my mom passed away recently and before she went she wrote
me a letter and I said and I wanted to keep it for a moment Lea today I camp in
the top of the moon and watching the sunset so yeah I’m not very not very
spiritual person but there certainly there’s been something about today which
has just been a little bit special and knowing you know I’ve got this later as
it’s been in the back of my mind so maybe that’s why I am today’s been a but
bad emotional so yeah I’m gonna read the letter and see if I wouldn’t things and
go to bed and then wake up watch the Sun Rise hopefully I’ll be hopeful for this
evening over a note you you

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100 thoughts on “Getting closer to the Heavens – a perfect way to say goodbye

  1. Hi murray That was beautiful mate So sorry to hear you lost your mum I lost my mum twenty years ago she was only 55 still gutted but like you murray i find peace and solitude in the hills its good for your mind and soul Thank you for sharing this very private moment with us Hope you and your family are doing ok Till next time take care atvb to you chris

  2. Murray, your lovely video goes straight to my heart – there‘s no better way to say goodbye to a loved one. Walk on.

  3. So pleased you got the place and conditions you had hoped for,to savour something so heartfelt and special.
    Top man,keep living the dream and your mum will continue to be so proud as she watches over you.
    Much respect mate.

  4. That was a lovely tribute Murray, very moving and what a place to read your mum’s letter, my heartfelt condolences on your loss, again, just a lovely video.

  5. Runrig

    An Ubhal As Airde

    Comhla rium
    A tha thu an drasd
    Mo shuilean duinte, mo chuimhne dan
    Nam sheasamh a' coimhead
    Gach cnoc is gach traigh
    Is an siol a dh'fhag thu ann a 'fas

    The Highest Apple

    At present
    All you were is with me
    My eyes closed, my memory confident
    Standing here watching
    Each hill and shoreline
    With the seed you left
    Still growing

  6. Your best video yet Murray, those photos, wow!
    So sorry for your loss.
    Thanks for sharing such a private moment in your life with us.
    ATB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. Great video, awesome location,amazing weather, great images and a fitting tribute to your mum. I hope you enjoyed the letter. What a special way to read it. It was all set up perfect for you – even getting that last parking spot and single place for your tent! 🙂 all like it was meant to be.

  8. So very sorry to hear about your mum. What an incredible place to read that letter. Very touching. As always, a very well done video and the music was perfect. Again, my heartfelt condolences. My own mum passed away about 3 years ago. atb, Larry

  9. What a touching moment to share. I am so glad I took the time to watch this video. You have me thinking of my mother who passed away at the age of 48 from liver cancer. Again thank you for sharing.

  10. I’ve just sat for the last 2 hours going through all the amazing responses to this vlog (and I’ll admit it’s been very emotional). I usually try and respond to all comments but am struggling this week due to the massive response to this vid.
    When I was up on the mountain I wasn’t sure about whether I was going to add the letter to my vlog but I shot a few quick videos – just in case I wanted to add it, and to be honest , right up until the final edit I was still unsure as to whether to add his bit. I wasn’t sure if people really wanted to know about this and were more keen to see the magnificent Scottish scenery as opposed to me whittling on some more.
    However having seen the amazing response to this video I am so glad I left it in. It’s been emotional reading through these comments today (I’ve been bubbling away for most of the morning! ) but I am glad that I have been able to share this with you and that you have been able to confirm and share some of your similar losses through this. For myself the mountains have provided many things throughout my life and this was another occasion where they have given so much to me. Not a spiritual person, this adventure (especially the following morning) is probably the closest connection I have felt .
    A massive thankyou to all who have watched and commented on this video and to those who are going through or have gone through similar situations, my thoughts are with you…

    Take Care


  11. You did it again Murray, fantastic video, fantastic views. There’s something about this that makes me think it was meant. Last parking space, great weather, little patch of grass just big enough for your pitch. And the peace and tranquility of a mountain top and stunning views to read your mums letter. Thanks for sharing, your mum would be so proud of you. Chin up mate and just keep doing what your doing.

  12. apart from the natural beauty…. its very refreshing to see a man who is not afraid to show his feelings…. thank you sooooo much for sharing this…made me cry too… just beautiful

  13. Very fitting place to be near your mom. I’ll be doing something similar in the near future for my mom who passed 18 months ago. I’m sure your mom will be hiking with you tomorrow morning and the next days/ years ahead. Beautiful pics!!!!

  14. Hi I have watched most of your videos and loved the raw true nature and loved them. This video hit home in a way as i lost my granny. I and everyone else who watches this should be honered by being able to see your emotion. I am form Skye and know You are doing the mountains proud by your pronunciation of their names. You are a true credit to Scotland and hopefully will meet you on a hill. Cheers

  15. Superb. Poignant. Visually perfect and sad all at the same time. Well done considering your sad loss. Over and Out.

  16. What to say? Nature, always embraces us all. Much more than words may convey. Beautiful footage and way more beautiful thoughts

  17. Hi Murray,Just thought after years of watching I needed to congratulate you on your spectacular short films.From the early ac/dc days, through to the radio Scotland interview and beyond. We've enjoyed seeing you obtain new equipment, grow your channel, and improve your cinematography along the way.Your one man production team is now light years ahead of the Munro show and anything that has ever appeared on TV.Beneath all that is a great Scottish YouTube personality with a well thought out story to tell in each episode.Thanks for the inspiration.Thinking about you at this time

  18. what an beautiful place to sit alone and read your mums final words to you absolutely joyful place to be alone in your thoughts well done Murray and thank you for sharing this with us

  19. A beautiful and truly emotional video, Murray. I'm sure I wasn't the only person with tears in their eyes at the end. Thinking about losing my dad a couple of years back and also about the wonderful adventures I had with close friends across the peaks of the Highlands when I lived in Scotland for over 20 years. My wife knows that my wish is to be scattered high on a Glencoe peak as it's one of those rare places where I always felt at peace with the world (aside from the midgies), so the video rings so true with me. Here's hoping for a perfect day like you had when I finally find a similar resting place. Safe travels!

  20. The imagery and music are astounding! The finest YouTube video I have seen. A masterfully told story of stunning beauty, joy, heart and inspiration.
    And to the Spirit that moves in all things… thanks for keeping a parking space open.

  21. Thank you for being so open and post this emotional video. I've been watching a lot of your videos and Scotland has a special place in my heart. Seven years ago I started my journey in sobriety with my stay in the Castle Craig rehab clinic near Peebles in Scotland. And it is only from now, almost 7 years on that I can finally give in to the urge and adventure to see and explore more of the world. I'll be leaving for a hiking holiday in Austria next week. But watching your videos inspires me even more to go out and see the beautiful world and… you have put Scotland high on the go-to list for next year 🙂

  22. I have only just subscribed to your channel and I can say, after spending the last 2 hours watching your videos, I look at life differently. There is more to life than we know for example, the simple things like memories. My girlfriend and I are going to Scotland for a week wild camping, some of the places featured on your channel, so thank you for sharing your adventures with us. If we see half the things you have seen on your amazing travels, we will be more that happy. Look forward to your next adventure and hopefully we can follow in your footsteps for some amazing views and special memories. I'm sorry that you lost your mum, I'm sure she is stood by your side every time you are in the mountains enjoying the beauty with you.

  23. Don’t thing words will do it justice… but that was simply stunning, in every aspect!

    Not only was it a beautifully edited video with spectacular views, like you always deliver, but it had extra special meaning. Truly inspirational!

    Thank you for sharing. ATVB, Craig 👏🏻

  24. absolutely loving your blog!!! i have recently started hill walking, done Ben Ann, Ben Ledi and The Cobbler!! its amazing

  25. Just Beautiful Murray…had tears rolling down my cheeks..memories of my own Mum.too…
    I. m sure your Mum is smiling down on your walk those magical Mountains enjoying life to the full… keep filming for us all…it's really very special…

  26. Hi Murray, i just watched this video and what can i say, it brought a tear to my eye i was sitting here watching this in complete Awe of the views and was hit with you're letter from you're mother, what a very nice, thoughtful and emotional tribute to your Mother it is reading it in such an amazing part of the world.

  27. This video is simply phenomenal. I have never been so gripped by any YouTube piece as this work and can only imagine how difficult it would have been emotionally – to edit – prior to upload. Profound and beautiful. thank you.

  28. I just found your channel today. As one who has tramped our hills and glens for 40+ years I appreciate how well your capture the feel of these wild places. This is quality stuff.

  29. Oh Murray, didn’t really know what to write here and so I wasn’t going to write anything. I have now changed my mind and wanted to say firstly I’m sorry for the loss of your Mum. It’s always tough losing someone close and this video was incredibly powerful and emotional.

    My best friend who has had somewhat of a rough life and has no living family members now. His Mum has passed and he had her ashes with no idea what to do. We were both young at the time but he had never left Norfolk before. Me being me had travelled and lived all over the UK despite also being young.

    I got him in the car, headed north from Norfolk up to Scotland. We made our way to Glenlyon and immediately he said it was where he wanted to spread the ashes. I sat by the bridge and off he went alone up the hill. I now live back up here full time and visit the spot many times each year. I think about friends and family I have lost including my stepdad who lived in Coupar Angus. Being in the hills puts things into perspective for me as I am sure it does for many.

    They are powerful and magical. Whilst I get great pleasure from being in the hills I also have this feeling of sadness at the same time. It’s a hard thing to explain but I think people will understand it. There is just a range of emotions they envoke and deep thinking always happens as soon as I am surrounded by the rugged beauty of Scotland. This was an amazing video and I am sure your Mum is proud. Such a fitting and beautiful setting for such an important day of your life.

    Best Regards. Steve 🙏🏼

  30. Aww man, I’ve just watched this. What a beautiful video tribute to your mum and a very special place to read the letter from her.

  31. Recently started watching your videos, all very good. Love this one too… beautiful memories in a beautiful place. Best wishes, and keep on filming!

  32. Beautiful video and a lovely gesture to your mum. I hope to start exploring bonnie Scotland myself soon, lived here all my life and feel like I’m missing so much living in Glasgow.

  33. Very moving and heart warming and thank you for sharing this tribute with us. Your mother couldn't have wished for a more loving son.

  34. Beautiful video, I've been subscribed to your channel for years so I don't know why it only just said this video was available now. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the world. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope 2019 brings you many more happy memories. Can't wait to see the results and follow in your footsteps.

    Your long term fan Matt

  35. Murray what can I say? I have never cried about a video before. All you know about me most probably is my name. I never intended to be spiritual person as you said. My dad died of cancer when I was 12 and I found my Mum after she had taken her own life when I was 13, and I was left to sort things out for myself. I am now 70 years old and never really got over my loss. I went down the wrong road in my teens, drink! and made a mess of my life. Where could I go? what could I do? -nothing, until I was 19. I was told if I gave my life to Jesus Christ He would forgive me and turn my life around, so I did, and He did and I have never regretted it. To cut a long story short I married a Christian girl when I was 20 we had 4 children and now I have 11 grand children and one great grand son.
    Why am I telling you this in public, hopefully to help someone like you have done, Thank you for sharing and I really mean it. In this secular world we live in I believe in a creator and your words remind me of that, stunning, fantastic, glorious, amazing, I can't believe it etc. This is what my creator says For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, reveals His every thought. He turns the light of dawn into darkness and treads the mountains under His feet. The Lord almighty is His name.
    Warmest regards Ken.

  36. This actually brought me to tears and I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the letter your beautiful mum wrote to you gave you peace and comfort and I can imagine being in such a beautiful place would have helped you deal with it all. I lost my Mam in January 2018 and I feel I need to do the same thing as you.. Find that spot where I can just say my final good bye.

    Lovely video mate, your mum would be very proud of you!

  37. Over used ….but….Epic. Emotional. Beautiful. I'm glad I could experience at a distance but felt close. Thank you for your effort.

  38. Was putting off watching this because I knew it would be emotional. Now I realise it's about someone so close to you I am uplifted by your farewell to your mum. I lost my mother in March 2018 and you have my sympathy Murray. Once again another great video. Emotive and fitting…superb.

  39. Fantastic tribute to your Mum, and yes I mean tribute, you could see how much she meant to you in this brilliant and moving video. Thanks for sharing.

  40. A friend sent me this video ( I hiked the Great Glen Way & West Highland Way this past Oct & fell in love with Scotland) & this video touched my heart. I hiked the PCT in America & felt such a connection to my mom and dad out there so I can relate to you wanting to read the letter from your mom up there. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to your mom & of course the amazing views over there in Scotland.

  41. What a stunning fitting tribute to your mum! I can’t imagine how you must have felt on the summit but I got a bit emotional thinking about my own loved ones that past on. Amazing!

  42. Thank's for the video !
    Sometimes the stars align for one and that certainly seemed to have been the case that day for you.
    I know Glencoe fairly well but have never seen it look so bright and peaceful and the views & pics were wonderful.
    Your Mum would have been proud of you

  43. Thank you for sharing such a personal and poignant moment. It's a very moving and heartfelt film. A truly remarkable tribute. Take care, Richard

  44. Very moving tribute, thanks for sharing, fantastic video. Those conditions and pictures in the Scottish mountains come along now and again but not often, and you cherish them more as you get older.

  45. Don't usually comment on YouTube videos but not many videos bring me to tears. Well done Murray, what a tribute for your mum and thanks for sharing such great content 👍

  46. A superb vlog of a superb location. I was up on Bidean last week via Lochan and then down by Sgreamhach and the Lost Valley. One of the best routes in the highlands in my opinion. I had great conditions with some cloud cover but that really was some evening you had. I’m so glad I have found your channel. You really nail the Scottish hills. And a really lovely, touching way to say your goodbyes and read your mum’s words. 👍🏻👍🏻

  47. What a wonderful video its a shame your mum couldn't see it but I am sure she is up there looking down on you and feeling very proud. I have spent many hundreds of days and nights in the Highlands and I love watching your videos. I am old and not so fit now and living in Spain but looking at the walks in the highlands always makes me very emotional I had wonderful times there. Fill your boots Murray time goes so quickly.

  48. A beautifully shot video as always, what an amazing landscape. So sorry for your loss, your Mam would be proud of such a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Hi, great video by the way! I’m trying to find that trail on walk highlands. Any chance of sharing the exact trail? Thanks!

  50. I came to this video from the future! 🙂 Your link about the photo you took from this evening that you posted in your Campervan Adventure! It's a stunning picture and a wonderful memory and I don't know how you can watch the telly without greetin' when you look at the picture! 🙂 Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment with us.

  51. What a fantastic video , so many emotions captured on your trip , your mum will be lookin down on you feeling so proud …

  52. Although you made this video a year ago, I enjoyed it no less.
    Man, what a beautiful video you have made again and what a beautiful ending.
    I can well imagine that memories above will come even more.
    Thank you for sharing it with me and many others.

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