Gaze Upon Oahu’s Majestic Koko Crater Trail | Atlas Obscura

– This is a large part of history. It’s a treasure. – Is it challenging? – It’s killer. – In the beginning, it’s slow and steady. From the bridge up, the
incline is pretty steep and that’s what we call
halfway even though it’s not. But it’s the most challenging
part of the stairs. – This is a place where I like to go because I did my last hike
with my uncle before he died. So every time I come up to Koko Head I do this hike in remembrance for him now. – One thing about the hill, it
breaks down social barriers. You hear Russian, you hear
French, your hear German. We are almost ohana, almost a family. – When I moved here this
was my exercise every day. Back in 2006 I got into
a motorcycle accident, and because of that I lost my leg. There was a few times when
I actually drove by here, and looking up to the top of the crater I would think to myself
“That part of me is gone.” thinking I’d never be able to
make it up to the top again. I felt so good inside that it was back. Like I knew at that point I would be able to move forward with life
and everything would be fine. It’s pretty special. – It definitely used to be a
lot more even in the steps, and you could run up
and you could run down, or just, you know, taking it easy, but now it’s a lot more
uneven, some ties are broken. This place, for me, it’s a workout, and now I have gained friends and we’ve started The Kokonut Koalition, so I have a responsibility
now to help and save, and repair the stairs, and
not only get my workout, but just do my part. – Every time I look up at the mount up, it reminds me that I
have to keep respecting what happens up in mauka areas, or upland, so that makai or the
shoreline will be protected, and preserved and respected as well. – It seems like it’s
just some railroad tracks and some rail ties all
the way up to the top, but it’s a pretty magical place. – It’s a part of history
that is being lost if we don’t do something to restore it. (light Hawaiian signing)

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