Garmin InReach Explorer + and SE + GPS Devices

– Are you looking for
a way to stay connected with friends and family
from anywhere in the world at any time and you do
not need cellular service? Well, the inReach SE+
and Explorer+ from Garmin have you covered. So today I want to share with you guys what we feel is one of the
best and most important safety tools that we have with us. Whether we’re in our UTVs,
we’re on a motorcycle ride, hunting, hiking, whatever it may be, one of the most important safety tools is the inReach SE+ and the
Explorer+ coming from Garmin. So these have two main functions. They’re both a GPS, but the core feature and the reason that we
absolutely love these is the communication capabilities. These use the iridium satellite network and they allow you to
communicate with friends and family from anywhere in the world 24/7 via text, email, and you can also upload to Facebook and Twitter. So it just gives you that peace of mind that no matter where you’re at, you’re gonna be able to communicate
with friends and family. And also you can see it
has a built in SOS button. So if you did find
yourself in a bad situation and you need emergency services, you can press on this button. They have a 24/7 monitoring service. And it’s just nice knowing again, if you find yourself in that situation, you’re going to be taken care of. So what we’re gonna do today, we’re gonna talk about both of these. We’re gonna talk about the differences. Which one is probably gonna
be best suited for you. And we’ll talk about those
core communication features and why these are so valuable to have. So for those of you out there
that aren’t aware of this, if you’re familiar with
the DeLorme inReach, well Garmin bought out DeLorme, and that is why you’re seeing now the inReach SE+ and the Explorer+. Similar, but Garmin did make
some updates and some changes. So we’re gonna talk about the unit itself. Then we’ll talk about the GPS capabilities cause that’s what’s
gonna separate these two. And then to finish it
off, we’re gonna talk about the communication capabilities cause that’s what we
love so much about it. So first and foremost, the unit. If you look at it, I got it in my hand. It is bigger than the old DeLorme inReach. I like that they increased the size. The screen is now bigger. It’s not a touchscreen
although I wish it was. But it is easier to see and the buttons on the front in my opinion,
those are easier to use as well. So overall though, the unit, I think they did a good job with it. It’s bigger, it’s easier
to have in your hand. I do like that you have
this rubberized coating around the outside, it’s just better grip. So if you were to get this thing wet, it’s not gonna be slipping
around in your hand. Just overall, nice good feel in the hand. It’s gonna have an IPX rating of seven which means it’s gonna be waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes at a time. So if you were to drop
this in a creek or river, or if it was raining and got wet, you are gonna be good to go. Another great feature about these is battery life is actually exceptional. You’re gonna get up to 100 hours they say at ten minute intervals. You do want to note though, that the batteries are not
replaceable, they are built in. But you can see on the bottom here, the charger’s gonna come included, and that’s gonna be your charger port right down here at the bottom. So now, let’s talk about
the GPS capabilities cause that’s gonna be the big
difference between the two because from the communication
aspect, they’re identical. So your decision as far as
which one you’re gonna want it’s gonna come down to the GPS features. So the SE+, you’re gonna
have very basic GPS features. You’re gonna be able to
drop way points, leave a breadcrumb trail, navigate
back to where you came from, you can have your intervals, but really it pretty much stops there. Very basic GPS capabilities. With the Explorer+, for just
a little bit more money, you’re getting a lot more
features in that side of things. You’re gonna have topographical
maps that come included. So they’re going to be already uploaded. You’re gonna have a built-in
compass, altimeter, barometer, and you’re gonna get all the same features that you would get with the SE+. So if you ask me, in my opinion, for a little bit more money I say yeah, just bump up to Explorer+. If you already have a handheld GPS and you feel like you
don’t need another one, well you can save a little bit of money you can go with the SE+. Another cool feature is
with the Explorer+ when you’re on their website you can import and export maps from there to your GPS. So just a lot more functionality for just a little bit more money. So once you have found the
unit that’s gonna be best for you, the first thing
you’re gonna wanna do is you wanna go to their
website, and you’re gonna create your account. Now once you’ve created your account, it’s very simple, then you’re gonna be able to create add
contacts, emergency contacts, you’re gonna be able to link
this up to your Facebook and your Twitter account. And you can also set your preset messages. And now the second thing
I’m gonna tell you to do, is right after you have
your account created, download the Earthmate app
either to your smartphone or your tablet. Earthmate app it is free, it’s
not gonna cost you a penny. It’s very easy to use. And the reason it’s so
nice is because it allows you to do everything that
you would do on your GPS on your smartphone or on your tablet. Now as I mentioned
earlier, they did increase the size of the screen, but
it’s still not a touchscreen. So when it comes to seeing the maps, when it comes to sending
messages, text messages, whatever it is you’re gonna use it for, it’s just not as user friendly as when you have your
smartphone or your tablet. So your smartphone, you can use the keypad to send your messages rather
than having to use here cause on this unit itself,
because it’s not touchscreen, you have to go through and
individually select each letter and that can be time consuming. So your keypad on your
phone or your tablet is definitely gonna speed up that process. If you have the Explorer+
you can pinch in and out and zoom on your phone or
your tablet to use the maps. It just makes it more
convenient, just easier to use. So definitely you want to
download the Earthmate app. So now, let’s talk about
the communication aspect and why this is such a valuable asset and the peace of mind
that it brings to us. As I mentioned earlier, it’s gonna use the iridium satellite network. So 24/7 you are going to
be able to communicate with friends and family via text, email, and like I said earlier,
you can also link up to your Facebook and or Twitter account. Now both the SE+ and the Explorer+ are going to be identical
in these features, so I’m just going to be using
the Explorer+ as my example. So once you have everything
created, you can also a really cool feature
that I love about these, that if you send a message to somebody. Text, email, whatever it
is, it will actually send a link that shows your exact location. So if I send a message to
you you can click on it you will see exactly where I’m at. And when you’re creating your account if you go to the MapShare page, that’s where you’re gonna
link this up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts,
you can send updates. And the cool thing about the MapShare, is when you’re doing that,
you can actually send a link to friends and family
which will allow them to go to your MapShare page. You can have it password protected or not. And they will be able
to see your progress. So they can see your way points,
they can see your routes, they can see everything
you’re doing, and from there they can actually send you messages. And once you get those
messages if you want, you can respond back to them. I also really like that here on the side like I mentioned they
have the SOS feature. They have a nice big cover over it so it’s gonna prevent you
from hitting it accidentally. But if you find yourself
in a bad situation and you need emergency
service you pop this open and there’s gonna be your SOS button
right there on the inside. So if you press this,
they’re gonna message you. They’re gonna make sure
you’re doing all right. They’re gonna ask questions, they want to find out
what the situation is. And then they’re gonna send help. So even if you can’t
communicate with them, help is gonna be on the way. So like I mentioned earlier, the peace of mind is irreplaceable. When you’re out there, if you
don’t have cellular service, you’re still gonna be able to
communicate and know exactly what’s going on with your
friends, your family. If you have other people on your trip and you get separated, you
can use these to communicate with each other as well. So that peace of mind,
really in my opinion, is irreplaceable. And that’s just what we love
so much about the inReach SE+ and the Explorer+ coming from Garmin. So the last thing I’m gonna
tell you about real quickly is once you have this
set up and activated, in order to use the features
that we’ve talked about you need to have a subscription plan. Now all the subscription plans are listed on our product copy, but
what I really like that they had done is they now
have the freedom plan. Before you had to do a 12 month agreement, and you couldn’t do anything about it, now the freedom plan allows
you to pay month to month. And so you don’t have
to pay for the months that you’re not using your device. It’s gonna be a little bit more, but it is gonna save you money
down the road especially if you’re only gonna be using
this a couple times a year. If you are gonna be using it
throughout the entire year, you can do the subscription plan and that’s gonna be the most
cost effective route long term. Okay, so that is the inReach
SE+, and the Explorer+ coming from Garmin. Again, one of our favorite
safety tools that we have regardless of whatever
activity we’re doing outside. You cannot replace the peace
of mind that this bring to ya. So to pick yours up, you
can click on the link or head over to our website
at These are gonna ship for free. If you have any questions about these, comment below or you can
ask your questions directly on the product page and we will
get your questions answered. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain, and we’ll see you on the trails.

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