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Ganne ke Ras ki Kheer | Roh di Kheer | Sugarcane Rice Pudding | Lohri Festival Recipe

we are preparing ganne ke ras ki kheer, a sugarcane juice dessert here are the ingredients we need. they are listed in the description box along with the amounts needed this dish is called roh ki kheer in punjabi ganne ke ras ki kheer is a traditional Punjabi dish prepared on lohri and makar sankranti festivals this recipe is for two servings 750 ml sugarcane juice. the juice should be free of lemon juice, ginger and mint which is usually added when the juice is drunk as a beverage strain out the juice to remove any floating sugarcane husk etc 50 grams rice, soaked in water for 15 minutes, then the water drained out 2 tbsp roasted and split peanuts 2-3 tbsp milk in a non-stick pan heat the sugarcane juice on high heat until it comes to a simmer remember the sugarcane juices should be free of any lemon juice, ginger and mint when it starts to simmer add in the milk and stir a few times the milk is to clarify the juice as the impurities in the form of scum will float to the top reduce heat to low and remove skim out the scum the juice is now free of the scum keep heat on low and put in the rice stir a few times raise heat to low-medium and let the juice come to a simmer the juice has started to simmer. cover with a lid and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. heat on low then lift the lid stir a few times, and cover again. cook for another 5-6 minutes on low heat this is after another 6 minutes and a total of 10 minutes of cooking it covered we will now cook it without the lid until the kheer is done but for now add in the roasted peanuts and stir well the kheer has started to thicken now this kheer has to be cooked on low heat only. so we will let it cook until the rice is done, stirring frequently in between and now the rice is completely cooked. raise the heat to medium and cook until the remaining juice almost dries up keep stirring frequently and almost constantly once the kheer thickens the kheer is ready now. the consistency has to be like this it took about 40 minutes to get cooked transfer it to a serving dish do try this ganne ke ras ki kheer/sugarcane juice kheer and give your feedback if you like the dish please like and share the video, and subscribe to our channel. thanks for watching

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