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Gamedec – Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2019

I’m a gamedec. I solve crimes in virtual worlds. Like a murder over a game clan dispute… or child slavery in a free-to-play game. A lot has changed in this world but not the human nature. Greed leads to crime crime leads to conspiracy and conspiracies are what the corporations thrive on. They think they can control me. Calculate my choices. They can’t. The choice… is mine.

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26 thoughts on “Gamedec – Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2019

  1. It's not Cyberpunk 2077 but it looks pretty legit.
    Be careful with the release date because your game could be easily buried to the void if you launch it too close to CP77.
    I'll be tracking Gamedec I want to see more about. Good luck!

  2. Interrested. And definitely a good idea to make table top games into a rpg game like this in general. P.s. would be nice to have some gameplay footage released in the near future.

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