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Funniest hitchhiking moment // I traveled with a goose (The Gipsy Journey) Ep 23

Last time you were with us we were leaving Argentina after wild camping near the border and decided to go back to Chile walking hoping that somebody would give us a ride Federico with his dogs Nice weather! Can you help me? yes All right we just got very lucky and found someone to get us from Los Antiguos to Chile Chico Yes indeed yes! Maybe you should try again so we are.. we’ve we found a little gym yeah but what’s the point in doing this It makes your oblique work I don’t feel them Because you just started Maybe somebody can answer you I don’t know to me it’s just walk Why do you need to stand on that stuff I don’t know I just never exercise so it feels good What? What did you say? a poor “tapis roulant” A poor version of a tapis roulant Speak English! Poor is English Ah! a treadmill! I think it’s for very old people these exercises yeah? But it’s better than nothing, right? Yeah but I don’t know Oh no I still have my Pyjamas! Oh my God Federico look at his He’s leaving the house with his pyjamas I forgot I had my pyjamas! This guy is going to run them as always I’m not running All right what do you want to teach me? This one thing Oh my God Oh my God! This guy’s crazy I’m sorry but I’m kind of worried right now Oh my God now it wants to teach me but I’m not a Spider-Man Crazy! Please be careful Oh my God please be careful Yeah Federico! Yeah! So what’s the purpose of teaching me this? Imagine you’re escaping from a stalker or somebody You arrive and there is a wall So you are like You cannot escape like this You can run and just Hello little monkey Hello Come on, more effort! I can’t So the stalker will catch you! Oh my God Morning Good morning Already on the road Yeah We are downstairs the Yeah And here actually it seems that starts the road that goes wait we don’t see here All we see is our face ok anyway This is where the road starts it doesn’t seem to be much people it’s going to be a challenge yeah All right so it’s 9 am 9.20 am 9:20 a.m. Let’s see what happens We are here! And we have 55 kilometers left all right oh my God we got so lucky We are going at an insanely speed Don’t miss out the next episode where we finally saw the famous Marble caves Ended up eating the goose with traveled with Got hosted for two days with the family who picked us up and also hit the road again for some new hitchhiking adventures I hope you guys enjoyed this episode Please don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe if you did And I’ll see you guys in the next video Cheers πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Funniest hitchhiking moment // I traveled with a goose (The Gipsy Journey) Ep 23

  1. We can't wait to see the next video! 😍 These places you visit look incredible. And with good company everything is better of course πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Pfiou Γ§a c'est l'aventure ! Excellent le ride avec l'oie πŸ™‚ sans parler des prouesses de Frederico !

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