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Fun Little Hike To Tungsten Peak – Bishop, California

Good morning from the Tungsten Hills outside
of Bishop, California. It’s April 26, 2018 Julie and I are going
to try to go to the Tungsten Peak today. These are just the small hills right outside
of Bishop. Today’s hike is about two miles round trip
and about 1200 feet of elevation gain. We’re kind of staying close to home today
it’s going to be a hot one, we didn’t want to do too long of hike so we’re just doing
a short one and let’s go see what we find. Right out of the gate you can see that it
starts climbing pretty steadily up this bouldery dry wash. You get toward the top of this bouldery wash and
you come to a kind of corridor here. It’s only about 25 feet wide with boulders
on either side. Well that’s looking behind us the trail picks
up right here. I think we’re supposed to make a left up here. So you would think the trail would go up this
way because it looks like there’s a trail there although they have some rocks blocking
the way there and steering you to the left so I think we’re supposed to take a left here
and try to get up this next hillside which is over here. we’re looking out now over Mill Pond. I think it’s a campground and this is back
at the parking lot where our car and there’s a fire truck down there for some reason. They pulled in shortly after we left. We’re headed this way. The peak looks like it’s going to be over
there. And we’re getting a view of the Sierra I think
we’re going to have more coming up. It flattens out a little bit here for a minute,
we’re kind of following up this ridge. Well the trail is pretty nice. It reminds us very much of the Sandia Mountains
outside of Albuquerque. They’ve got a lot of this rubbley granite
and there’s a lack of cacti which you have in the Sandia’s and you don’t have here but
the rock formations and just the way the trail is it seems a lot like the Sandia Mountains,
which we both really like. We’re getting nearer the peak and the trail
is steepening a little, not bad though. It’s a nice trail, pretty easy to follow kind
of fun, it’s all this sandy stuff and pretty scenic.We should have good views from the
top up here of all the Eastern Sierra. There are a pair of birds circling up here. One is a raven and the other I thought was
a vulture but now that I see it it’s not. It’s something different. That’s looking over at the White Mountains. They’re starting to lose all they’re snow. We’re headed this way should be getting close. Here we are up at the summit of Tungsten Peak. It took us just under an hour to get up here. It’s a fairly steady climb I believe it’s
1200 some feet I can give you an exact number in a minute. So looking over here you have Mt. Tom, Basin
Mountain, Humphrey and Locke and I don’t know the rest. And that’s looking up towards Sabrina Lake. And further down the Sierra. We spent a little time on the peak, had a
little snack, and now we’re going to say goodbye to Tungsten Peak and make our way back down. It took us a little less than an hour to get
up here and 1260 feet of vertical gain and about 1.3 miles. So not too bad. It’s a steep little guy. Anything over about 1000 feet in a mile I
always considered getting into the steeper range for hiking trails. There’s the town of Bishop where all the green
trees are. This is the little Mill Pond again.The Owens
Gorge is what you see out there if you can make it out. A popular climbing area when you get a little
bit up this way. The Owens River carves out a pretty nice gorge
there. A lot of sport climbing goes on there. All bolted up, hundreds of routes. We’re still making our way down the hill.That’s
looking back up towards the peak we’re in this kind of narrows area. Interesting little formations in here. The wind is starting to kick up. Almost back down to the trailhead. There goes Julie. Well we’re back at the trail head here it
was a fun little hike. That’s looking off the way you leave out of
the parking lot to get to the peak. This is the parking lot. So the hike today was 2.6 miles it took us
about an hour and a half, we fooled around at the top a little bit and the total elevation
gain was about 1260 feet. So it’s a fun little hike if you’ve got a
couple hours to kill and you’ve got nothing to do around Bishop, California. You get some nice views up there at the top. So we appreciate you watching and as always
Happy Hiking!

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13 thoughts on “Fun Little Hike To Tungsten Peak – Bishop, California

  1. Beautiful views of the mountains and valley or basin. It does kind of constantly climb from the parking lot to the summit.

  2. 1000 ft in a mile sounds pretty respectable to me. That's a serious hike by Pennsylvania standards. Great views from up there. Nice Video, thanks for sharing.

  3. April 2018…wow, you are behind with your uploads lol. Bit of a climb up over them boulders, not the place you want to twist an ankle. That was some view from the summit, over to Mount Tom and Basin Mountain, snowy peaks always look great. Cheers Alan

  4. Great hike but that is some serious elevation gain in a short distance, especially up over some of those boulders. I always love coming along on your hikes. Happy Travels.

  5. great hike! super views up there. i didnt know about the climbing area in the gorge that is cool, might have to go watch some climbers some time /thanks for taking us with you!

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