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From Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina on foot – Thru-hike Europe LOG#21

Hello everyone and welcome for this 21st logbook! Today we are in the mountain hut of the association Prenj-Glogošnica The last time we talked to you, we were actually in the Velebit, in Croatia. Right after Antoine left, my brother Jean-Baptiste joined us in those beautiful mountains. It was actually fantastic to share this adventure with one of my beloved ones. When we went back up, the terrain really changed. Jean-Baptiste arrived with some other winter equipment, the slopes were icy and very steep. The first day of Jean-Baptiste was actually quite tough and he left for you a small message! Hello! I’m Jean-Baptiste, I’m Marie’s brother. After a few missed appointments, I finally came to spend eight days with them in the Velebit, those Croatian mountains. Since the first day, I have been facing the hardships of the Croatian climate! We found ourselves after 5 hours having finally hiked 4km, slept under the tent and woke up under 10 cm of snow Fortunately after that, it got easier when we arrived in a beautiful mountain hut. Bay window, with a view! And the discovery of the “Bura”! What about the Bura… The mountain wind of the Velebit The Bura, it makes “Bura Bura Bura” in the ears it’s blowing and blowing Crazy moments, going through passes where we felt we were about to be blown away An adventure let’s say! I think I made 5 trips in one! The snow, the ice, the sea, rocks, a lot of rocks… canyons… and even a journey through History when we crossed the remains from the war. Bullets wholes in houses, rusty tanks on the road, shells… We got lucky enough to climb the highest peak of Croatia The Dinara (Sinjal), a bit higher than 1,800 m A beautiful climb with crampons, all behind each other, with a gorgeous viewpoint arrived at the top! We won’t lie, there were not only pleasant moments, some tough moments… Waking up in the morning with the shoes full of snow, I think I’ll pay more attention next time! Be careful to tidy your things, to not to lose your gloves for example Above all, I learned that you have to be well prepared in order not to go with the wrong crampons for example To be very honest, I thought it would be difficult, and it’s true that when I’ll come back home I may take an extra day to rest. I thought I was a quite ready but my body actually says I wasn’t! I don’t know how they can do it for a whole year! I talked a bit about the adventure, but I’ve also had the chance to spend 8 days really close to Marie and Nil. When you melt the snow and one of us gets up a bit clumsily and spills the morning coffee, it creates a nice atmosphere and links… It is true that hiking in the mountains, we did not meet a lot of people It was still an opportunity to meet people who do not live the same life as us It opens the mind I was the 16th guest, I’ve celebrated here my 35th birthday and the 1st year of 2PVA We just have to find the 17th, the 18th… A priori it will be one of you, so don’t hesitate! Come, you’ll be warmly welcomed! Paklenica is one of the 8 national parks of Croatia. We were alone in there in those two giant canyons which were actually beautiful! It was very nice to hike in those rocks which were actually very smooth and curved by the water. This gives a real adventure taste to this kind of places here. We kept heading in the direction of the Dinara mountains. Another mountain range which is actually marking the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dinara is also known for having the highest peak in Croatia: the Sinjal. We found a little shepherd house for the night and we made a nice fire with JB. Knowing that there were wars in this area in the 1990’s is something…. but coming across a few tanks, old and rusty and all those old munitions, is another one. We knew we need to take care about where we put our feet, but I think this is really the first place where we realized that this is here! That all the landmines haven’t been removed yet. We continued our way towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and crossed the border a few kilometers away. The first place where we stayed a bit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the small city of Livno. Marija and Jelena Bobetić! Those two sisters gave us a really warm welcome in the country. Them and their father introduced us to those lands but also the food, the culture… We really got to share some good times! We were there for the birthday of Jelena! They took us to see some wild horses next to Livno They took us also to the source Duman you can see and feel there that those people have been living with this source. After Livno, we took the way in direction of Tomislavgrad where we had this appointment with Aldin Nezirić. Our 17th guest! Aldin is from Herzegovina, he lives next by in Jablanica. Half way, Aldin invited also a good friend of his, Jusuf. Before telling you more, let me show you the small message they left. Hi, I’m Aldin. I’m a member of the mountain club Plasa. I joined 2PVA 3 days ago, on their entrance from Croatia to Herzegovina. We started from Tomislavgrad, then we slept under the Vran mountain in a tent. We ascended the Vran peaks. Yesterday we climbed Veliki Vilinac and slept in the Vilinac hut. Today we came to this less known area of Cvrsnica called Plasa. Our team of mountaineers from Jablanica decided to build Plasa hut. In 2010, we started with construction work. For five long years we were building this hut, and it was opened in 2015. It is a brand new hut and not so famous, but there is currently an ongoing promotion. Amazing three days, an unbelievable experience Amazing people! We saw some of the less seen parts of Herzegovina which looks quite cool! See the drone shots and all the rest! Anything else? Song “Balkan” from Azra (Branimir Štulić) It’s a song about Balkans… As we said earlier, we made a few changes in our equipment. Nil actually built us sledges or “pulka”. We tried them a bit in the Velebit but mostly here in BiH. There are actually a total game changer here! Maybe a word as well about those snow shoes. We know you like ultralight equipment, the weight for a pair of those snowshoes is 720 grams, it is acutally mountain ready. Great innovation! We also changed our GoreTex for some “Vertical” equipment. This is French as well, they don’t use GoreTex but MP+, this is their membrane and it works like a charm! That’s it for the equipment change pretty much. Aldin told you briefly about our adventure in those mountains. On the first day, the plateau looked like the Mongolian steppe A good first day for getting to talk. We camped on a snowy hill and it was really nice, a bit cold, we made a fire… Waking up, we took the direction of the Vran mountains. This view on the park of Blidinje was fantastic! After three days with Aldin, Jusuf joined us for the three next days. On the first day, we climbed two major peaks here, the Mali Vilinac and the Veliki Vilinac before staying in a very nice mountain hut. We got to visit this arch, the Hajdučka vrata Beautiful again! We took the way down to sleep in the mountain hut Plasa. They were so excited to show us this place! Coming down, we arrived in Jablanica. Small town, totally surrounded by those mountain ranges. This is where Aldin and Jusuf live. We shared with them some nice times, before taking the route to Prenj, this mountain range which is known as the Bosnian Himalayas. It is not yet the end of those beautiful trails of the Via Dinarica, this long-distance trail starting in Slovenia and ending in Albania. We cannot wait to tell you more about this fantastic country that we are just starting to discover. In the meantime, check out our Facebook and Instagram for more insights and pictures! Cheers!

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10 thoughts on “From Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina on foot – Thru-hike Europe LOG#21

  1. Toujours aussi sympa de voir vos vidéos ! Ca faisait un bail, je l'attendais avec impatience ! Bonne continuation à vous et profitez bien !

  2. yussuf and Aldin look and sounds like serious rappers :-). Really like the video, spectacular landscapes, makes me wonder what it looks like in summer. Take care guys!

  3. Congratulations on your first year! Amazing!! I'm learning so much about Europe, equipment, and connecting with people by watching your adventures. Love your logbooks! Happy trails!

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