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Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥)

Hi everybody! How are you doing these days? Weather is getting warmer and warmer. These days are good for picnic, aren’t they? I went to Central Park the other day and I made my lunchbox. But at the time I was so busy. “Oh, what should I do? What can I make? So I made yubuchobap. Yubuchobap is fried tofu stuffed with rice. And also I’m using this tool. You know what it is? Cookie scoop! I’m making my chocolate chip cookies with this. And really small, around one tablespoon inside. I’m using this, Oh MY! So easily I can make rice balls! When I make rice balls, it’s kind of a big job because two hands I’m using, bare hands and then just squeezing rice balls. Ever since I found this method, I keep make yubuchobap More than real chocolate chip cookies with this!
[laughs] Very very simple ~
[timer rings] Oh! My rice is done! So I need to, in the middle of talking, I need to fluff my rice. Rice is well done. I have to handle this rice when it’s still warm. If you want to learn how to make this white fluffy rice you can check out my video. This is a little burnt rice. It’s my good snack. I will just let it cook over low heat.
[burner ignites] This is around two cups. And then, this kit, you can buy in Korean grocery store really easily. By the way, this yubuchobap is from Japan, originated from Japan. But when I was in Korea, everybody makes yubuchobap, even this kit is made in Korea and sold at a Korean grocercy store. When it comes to food, delicious food, I don’t care about which country it comes from. One package it has fourteen tofu, each one. Sometimes sold like this, large, large package. And first I need to mix with this rice… Inside looks like this… This is tofu, this is sauce. Sweet, sour, salty sauce. Vinegar mixture. So we are going to add this. Here. Don’t pour all. You should taste this. Let’s taste. It’s good.
I just used around two teaspoons. Still left over, but I don’t need this. My rice is now seasoned. It has to be a little cooled down. This is tofu. Fried square tofu, they cut it diagonally into triangles. There are fourteen triangles inside. This tofu is marinated with this liquid brine, sweet, sour, and salty. I need to open this and then squeeze out all this unnecessary liquid. And this is dried packet, sesame seeds, carrot, and dried green onion. All this is in a kit! So you can buy this, it’s only three dollars. So with a three dollar package you can make it quickly! When I went to Central Park the other day, I made this. “Ok, rice” and then while I’m wearing my clothes to go out and wearing hat and then rice is done and then I just wrapped this and go! So simple! Like this way… You don’t have to squeeze too much. Because it has to be juicy. Let’s see my nurungi. See? Brownish. Mmm! Smells good! [hissing] Ok, so now this triangle, these guys we have to open this, because we need to fill with rice inside. Like this. Easily you can split this pocket.
Tofu pocket. Ok, next let’s go to my nurungi again. So edge part… Just easily come off. I added some water here. Oh my, so nutty smell! I will just turn on the heat, really low heat.
[burner ignites] And then in just five minutes it’s going to be really nice, nutty tea. And nurungi, crunchy rice, this is my favorite. When I lived with my children, that’s for my children. No mom is going to say: “Go away, I’m going to eat!” I always give to my children and I don’t eat. Because this is very precious delicious. Some people ask me: “Oh Maangchi why you always make this rice here? In a pot?” I have two rice cookers. Especially when I make multigrain rice I need my pressure cooker. I use that, but sometimes I feel like some nurungi, burnt rice, and I use a small pot. It should be a heavy pot. So perfectly I can make nicely. And also most of you guys don’t have a rice cooker at home. So if I bring that from my rice cooker, “I don’t have a rice cooker, how can I make rice?” You guys will also ask a question. That’s why I often make rice with my pot. Ok! This packet, you can put it here. I toasted my sesame seeds, very delicious and very crispy now I like to add more, why not? This packet is not enough for me. One teaspoon more. Mix… I’m using this, but it doesn’t mean that you have to buy this one. You can use your hands, and then make small rice balls. Take one… And then rice, just like a cookie scoop. Look at that! How easy it is! And then, sesame seeds, just a little bit mix. And then, press down. Nice shape! Triangle! [jazzy music] So easy, isn’t it? Fun! Really fun working like this. Last one, I’m going to show you how to make with your hands. Put some water on your hands. And then, here… Like this So, all made! So fourteen. Fourteen triangles we made. I’m going to wrap my lunchbox, I will show you how to wrap this. If you don’t have any lunchbox, any special lunchbox, you can just wrap this with cooking foil. Just roll it up with cooking foil, and then it can be your lunchbox. Why not? Looks so good! I will just add a lot of sesame seeds… This is danmuji, yellow pickled radish. This is Japanese umeboshi, it’s a pickled plum. And close this. This is lunchbox! For your children, for your loved ones, and even for yourself, for when you go to work Make this way. Other guys will be surprised. “Oh, where did you learn?”
“Did you buy this?” “No no no, you can make it so easily at home.”
You can say that, right? And we need water. And then when I make some special water, Rose tea. Rose tea, and I got this from France, when I travelled to Nice. I will just add this, two. You can wrap this and then enjoy your lunchbox. Let’s see my tea. See? Color is a little tan color. And smells really good. Today we made yubuchobap. Yubuchobap dosirak – dosirak is lunchbox in Korean. Fried tofu stuffed with rice. And we have a byproduct: nurunji.
[laughs] Crunchy snack, and also tea. Let me taste! To our yubuchobap! Cheers! Mmmm! Rice is really well made. Each grain is like a rice cake. Each grain is so firm and chewy, soft. This fried tofus is very sweet and juicy. Really tasty. [crunches loudly] Mmm! Delicious! Very nutty, crunchy crunchy, I’m a fan of crunchiness. Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye!

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61 thoughts on “Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥)

  1. wow! the rice by-products were awesome! i always just scrape the excess and throw it away. im excited to try the cake and tea the next time i make rice.

  2. I know this. One of my korean friend made it for me and another friend of mine. That was the first Korea dish I had in my life.☺

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  4. Maangchi, finally I made 누룽지 ! Wow, what have I been doing with my life until now? I cant believe I never made 누룽지 before. It's so good. I made 유부초밥 so many times thanks to you. My toddler loves it too. Thank you Maangchi!!<3

  5. I am 14 and i really like your videos u make want to make my lunch insted of my mom my mom always makes me mandu-guk soup and now i can make is myself thx to u ….b.s stay halthy and happy

  6. Maan you always take a time to thank you but we forget the amazing work done by the cameraman/women on the top of posting his/her funny messages. very nicely done these videos music just right when you are not explaining, wow great work.

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  8. maangchi i love your video .my mom used to put coffee on the crunchy rice😘😘when i usrd to live in the Philippines. Sooo yummy

  9. Hey mangchi how you doing ? Your every video is so awesome and you are such a sweet person please can you share your skin care routine I have heard korea is famous for skin care masks and all that please share what is the reason behind that flawless skin 😊

  10. 헉! 저희집은 식초랑 같이 깨를 한꺼번에 밥에 넣어요 저렇게 찍는건 생각도 못 했어요~ 아! 그리고 누룽지를 튀겨서 설탕에 붙이면 진짜 맛있어요!

  11. So, i stumbled on these videos, that this lovely Lady Maangchi does, glad to be a stumbler, and have now found out the Burnt Rice, the 'OMG DON'T YOU DARE EAT THAT, ITS NOT GOOD FOR HUMANS RICE, BIN IT OR BIRD IT NOW… RICE, is actually okay for us to eat … i mean, id nibble a slightly brown bit but generally always threw out or gave to the birds that i know eat it and id always kick myself that i burnt 'so' much, ( Tilda/other brands are available, isn't cheap ) wasted so much, even in a rice cooker ?? i mean, who does that, burns it in a rice cooker ( and usually more so than in a pan ? ) lol Anyway, im off to go burn me some rice, and have a crispy little snack lol, bye all, hope you have a great day … 🙂

  12. I have a can so I can make this Inari sushi. I guess I need to do that! Yours looked so good. I read the Japanese named this after a tofu loving god named Inari. I will think about seasoning the rice. I never have but my mom used a vegetable mix in hers sometimes.

  13. When I lost my job in the recession I was home a lot with no money searching for nutritious and frugal foods. From YouTube I learned a lot of Indian dishes and Korean dishes from Maangchi. I still cook both very often because they're so tasty and nourishing. The frugality is just a bonus! 😀

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  15. I am studying in the US and I SURVIVE on Yobuchobap! One of my Korean friends introduced me to this dish as I am a vegetarian and it was hard to find vegetarian dishes in Korean Cuisine. Your channel has helped me find great Korean dishes that are VEGETARIAN as well. I am a huge fan of Korean food and thanks to you, I can now cook so many dishes!!

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  17. I have watched several of her shows…she has such a kind and sweet personality! Her dishes look so simple to make and yummy!

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  19. Did you use regular rice or sticky rice for this recipe? I'm going to try this! The first time I discovered crunchy rice was when learning to make paella, Mmmm! That crunchy bottom of the pan was the best!

  20. "I'm a rice girl. I can't survive without rice" Me too. I can eat something else for a day or two, but I need rice more often 😊

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