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French Alps | Massif des Ecrins | Splendid view from top | Part II

I am now standing in front of the tourism office I have reached the starting point of today’s hike I bought this map from the tourism office There is a rock climber behind who is looking weirdly He does not understand what am I doing So, I changed two buses and it took 2 hours 30 minutes I took the bread and an egg The scene behind me is awesome And There is something more interesting that is waiting for us at the top So stay tuned I have reached a flat area now There is a glacier in front Not exactly like the glacier It’s a little ice cap It was written 1 hour 45 minutes on the board, so this is not the destination I can see a refuge in the front I guess there might be water and food here This is another junction Thre are two paths This side is 2 hours 30 minutes hike This is another one which is 1 hour 30 minutes hike I will go to this side Now it is 12:30 pm 12:18 pm exactly So, I’ll reach the top by 2 pm I have to head back immediately after reaching the top The last part of the hike is always difficult The same is here It’s very steep And there see the jungle After reaching the destination You witness the happiness You get the satisfaction Seeing the beautiful scenery from the top That is why we hike I can see a mountain capped by ice There is a beautiful glacier there The glacier is melting into water The river is originated from there I guess I am talking about this river There are some small rivers which are really tiny to be called as river Like small waterfall The amount of water is really less here The amount of water was much more near the town And there is a huge amount of sediment If I come here to collect sand samples Then I will get plenty of it Do you want to come here to take sand sample Sanchari? We’ll get a huge amount of sand When we were taking sand samples from rivers in Karnataka There was very less amount of sand There were only big boulders And the whole river was rocky There is a lot of sand here Glaciers are now very close I can also see ice here We are nearly at the last step of our hike I can see A lot of small glaciers around There is a small waterfall there Someone told me 10 minutes before that it will take 20 minutes more It was actually, 15 minutes before I suppose I will take a little more time Looking at the path, I reckon that I have almost reached I am walking for the last 3 hours and 30 minutes Taking all things into account This includes taking videos, picture and taking rest This hike is worthwhile You have to see The beautiful view from the top For that, you have to come here The path is relatively flat now The hike is not very difficult now And our destination is That place in the top I now almost reached my destination There is a hut in the front This is called refuge People stay here overnight when get come as a group Then in the morning either hike up Or descend down There is a refuge at the end of every long hike I am now 2400 m above the sea level It is now 1:40 pm It’s quite cold here As I have hiked this far I decided to go a bit further If it is very far then I will not go But see the beautiful view behind me Apparently, the peak is very far from here Almost More than 1.5 km of this kind of road I will not head further cause I have to get back The bus is at 5:30 pm But the view from here is beautiful Now, I will hike down The beautiful bird!! Now, I will hike down from here I will put my camera back because the road is the same This trek is really difficult It took a lot to hike up It will also be difficult to go down Now it is 2:05 pm This journey ends here Before the end I will show you The two glaciers And there is the river We will meet again in the next video The next video will be a little different I will explore a new city I will stay there for 2 days. I will explore the city 1 day I will share all the information Regarding the trip If you want to know about The city I will explore Then please subscribe to this channel And click on the bell icon So whenever I will upload a new video You will directly Get the notifications This journey ends here We will meet again In the next trip to the city

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