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French Alps | Massif des Ecrins | A nice hike | Part I

I am now in front of the tourism office I have already started today’s trek Today we will have actual taste of French Alps There are so many people around Many have come for hiking Many pro hikers And see this These are rock climbers The elevation of this place is 1700 meters 1700 meters from sea level Today’s hike is 7 km long hike That means 7 km one side It will take 3 hours for each time Total 6 hours But I can see A beautiful river Let’s go to the river A nice church here I bought this map from the tourism office This map has The routes of different hikes And with that The different information like time and elevation difference All of these are in this map There is a beautiful river behind me Let me tell you something about this area People often come for rock climbing The man behind me is probably a climber And he is looking at me weirdly This is quite natural nowadays To talk to a camera So, I am not having any problem with that I checked the temperature in the bus It was 18 degrees But as usual, if I go to the sun Then it is a little warm Otherwise, it is cold I want to go near the river But there is no one here So, I am not going there Let’s see This area is close to Grenoble It took 3 hours total I took the bus at 7 am I reached at 9:30 am so not exactly 3 hours but 2 hours 30 minutes I reached at 9:30 am The trek is total 6 hours From here I will walk upto Temple Ecrins From there we can see the view of the nice glaciers The mountains of more than 4000 m elevation I will walk up to that place There is a resting place there There is a good thing is that the long-distance hike Along those routes of the hikes In some of the main places There is a place to stay Which is called “Refuge” So, I can walk for 3-4 hours Then I stay there overnight Then I can hike back in the next morning Many people do this I will tell you about the route I went to Grenoble bus stop From there I took a bus I took Transisere 3000 bus Then I reached In this stop Then I took another bus I took Transisere 3040 bus Then I reached to this stop So, I changed two buses The total time was 2 hours 30 minutes See the beautiful scene here See the flowing river Let me show you the road There are boulders all over the places It seems that Landslide is very common here These boulders are scattered for that reason only See the small caps of ice on the hill Here There is a little bit up there The path became a little difficult now And it’s steep There is a peak in front of me But the peaks at our destination is Will be 4000 m high And there will be a great view of the glaciers I have started my hike after getting some food I took bread and an egg When I was eating I saw 10-12 people So, I am not alone in this trek As I am hiking up in the hill The river is becoming narrower Here, I can see Some small waterfalls The water is very clear This water is coming from The melting glaciers So water is very clean The tourism office informed me From today’s detination There will be a panoramic view There are some high mountain peaks And we can see glaciers The person in the tourism office also told me This is the best treks among all the treks For 1 day If anyone has 2 days Then you can go further up Those places are mostly above 3000 m from the sea level The view is more beautiful than this one As I have only one day to climb up and come back I chose this hike Stay with me for a while To withness what is up there This is my first hike in this path So, I am not aware It will be more exciting ahead I can see the road is becoming narrow The river has come closer I guess there will be something exciting The view is fantastic from here There is something more waiting for us Stay tuned

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