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French Alps | Chamechaude Peak | Solo Hike | Grenoble travel guide – Part I

Today’s trip is a Solo Hike But before that I have to reach The nearest location First, I will take bus and tram To reach a nearest place Then I will take Another bus And that bus will take me To the starting point Of the hike And I will start my hike I have given the name of the hike Given down in the screen This year, there is a massive heat wave In France And not only in France But allover in Europe Yesterday, the temperature reached 38 degrees in Grenoble There is the same forecast today But I am going to a place Which is Almost 2000 m from The sea level So, the temperature will be A bit less there Compared to Grenoble Due to this difference in elevation I am walking to the Nearest bus stop A strange thing is that In most of bus-stops There is no ticket vending machine. Due to this reason It was a bit of trouble But now, There is a nice system Where you can buy tickets by SMS If I send 1 SMS The ticket will be valid for 1 Hour And I can board Any transport system of TAG. (SMS “1H” to 93123) Another good thing is that People get preferences, i.e. First preference will be for the Pedestrians Who is crossing the road Then the people with cycles Then there will be Bikes and cars So, There is a little chance to get hit People will wait for you Not like The people of India In India It is the race. And I have missed my bus This is my bus stop I live at Melyan. Written above I will C1 bus The bus stops looks More or less like this There is a sitting place, but No ticket vending machine And This is the whole route of tram This is the simplified This one is the actual route The direction of the tram lines There are a total of 5 tram lines Of 5 different colour And here are the details of the tickets The tickets and About the websites The Timing of the bus You will find the details The main problem is that No ticket counter and you will not get ticket in the bus So, there is a little problem of ticket One bus journey is 2.1 Euros The same cost for the SMS And The tram costs 1.6 Euros One journey 29th June, 8:58 in the morning I checked the Temperature The app showed 29 degrees But it feels like 34 degrees So It’s 9 in the morning The temperature reached 29 degrees This year is the hottest year in France The same is happing in the whole world The Scandinavian Countries Have witnessed record temperature This is the Grenoble bus I am now inside of the bus There is a display about the stoppage I have reached the bus stop Sablon I will go to The nearest tram line The name of the tram station is Grand Sablon I will go to Notre Dam Musee From Grand Sablon The car drivers Are pretty much good They will stop if you are crossing But we should be cautious This is the tram station The main transport System of Grenoble Especially for local transport So I will take the tram from here. And this is the ticket vending machine Everything is in French, but You can buy a ticket easily I will not buy the ticket today There is a special reason Keep watching the video And you will know the cause First, we have to select From the options on the screen We have to select a ticket Then put the money here Or Card In the bottom, you will get The ticket and the change After you buy the ticket, You have to validate the ticket here You have to insert the ticket below And the ticket will be validated The date and time will be printed on the ticket I have now reached Destination tram stop Notre Dam Musee Now, I have to check About the 62 number Bus stop I have now finally reached and I have to ask somebody About the bus stop But before that, I am a little hungry right now. Let me find a place To eat I can see a beautiful picture of Taco and now I have to eat something There are plenty of options and I am confused No chicken Then Any problem with the camera? No? Only cheese? No meat? Finally got my Sandwich It took a while to Make her understand about the meat Now let’s check about the bus There are a lot of buses Bus number 16 The monument on the top We saw in the previous video series Bastille The part of the fort Which we missed in the previous videos Can be seen from here My bus will depart From here Bus 62 As we have A little time here Let’s talk about the tickets Of bus 62 and Other buses and trams I will tell the secret The main thing is the heat And with that There is increasing pollution In the Grenoble city Yesterday, there was a peak pollution With high Nitrogen and High level of other harmful gases And this was very high compared to the natural level So, Today All the public transport is free The tram, bus The systems which belong to TAG Is free This 62 bus is also maintained By the TAG So, I asked A group who were waiting for the bus And they told that this is also free This free is for today And tomorrow for two days So, within a certain time of the day For today and tomorrow If I opt for the bus Tor transport Then it will be free If I opt for TAG Service Then, it will be free I am now on the bus 62 It will take around 25 minutes The scheduled time was 10 am It departed at 10:01 The driver was waiting for a passenger As soon as they boarded The bus started I am now at my Destination bus stop The bus stop is Col de Porte This is almost 1300 m above Sea level. So the temperature Is a little less I feel a little warm due to the sunlight There is a restaurant behind You can have food here The bus you see behind Is my ride for home I will go to this top By this road in the front I will now start my journey I have dressed up properly

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