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French Alps | Chamechaude Peak | Part 2 | A nice road for hike

Today’s trip is a solo hike This is Grenoble Bus service Finally, I have got a sandwich. My sandwich I have now reached my Destination bus stop The name of the bus stop is Col de Porte I will go to That top By taking the road in the front Now I have started my journey And I have dressed up Now I will walk Up to a peak Then I will return By taking another path To Le Sappey Another location For the hikers, that means I will take a path to the top And will take another path to return There are So many cars parked here Then people start their journey You can see some cars there This is an important And a good hike But this is an intermediate hike Anyone cannot come to this hike Those who do not have experience In the sun That will be a little Difficult, because, this path is steep I will walk Almost 2 km (actually 3.4 km) The whole path is this steep The difference in elevation is 700 m So it is clear that How steep the road will be Now we have to Take this road The board says this road is 3.4 km And it will take 2 hours 45 minutes What I can see The path is very steep Directly to the top That means within this 3.4 km We’ll climb Almost 700 m I can see Jungle all around If the whole path is like this one Then the hike will be easy Cause there is the shade It will save me from the sun In the path And then After seeing the beauty of this jungle I think that we are destroying our jungle and environment At a very large scale If most of the places have such beautiful jungle Then it would have been more beautiful I have proper shoes today These shoes are needed for this road You need a Good grip You don’t hurt your ankle Especially, you don’t twist it You need to take care of these things Cause if your ankle is twisted Then you do not have other options One important thing is that The people who are hiking these mountains Have not age group In particular We can not guess their age In India, it is common that If you want to travel mountains We should plan before the 50s Because of all sorts of pains But in France There are 50 or 60 years aged people Are hiking these mountains Quite easily on these steep paths I will show you If I see some of these people Very Old people Some of them are more than 60 years of age They are also coming to these treks This is another difference between The people of France and India When I was hiking in Bastille I found old people are walking towards Bastille Bonjour !! Bonjour !! Another interesting thing is You can greet to unknown persons And they reply This is different in our country This aspect It seems That I have Not crossed 20 percent of the total distance The path is very steep The person behind me I have talked to That person. He insisted me not to take videos I just asked him About his age It was difficult to make him understand In English, as he was a French And speaking in French I was not getting his words Then I realized that He is 68 years old And his friend Was about 80 years These people are roaming around these mountains With that age He told me that he went to Nepal 5 years ago Then Madagascar, Mauritius He traveled all these places I think they have a group Their wives were coming So You can see the difference In our country (India) The old people are only interested to The religious places, temples No one is interested to visit such places Most of you are thinking that Why should I watch This long video Of hiking It’s true Many of you are thinking that We will never travel such places At least we will not walk Then what is the meaning of listing to all the equipment and necessary things I know that you will not hike But, this is French Alps In Bengali You will never have these together At least keep watching this video You can discover something new This is my first time So, I am not aware of the path and the scenic view from the top But I have heard that it is beautiful You can see the whole town As this is a Mountain top Almost at 2000 m So, this must be good from the top Keep watching Don’t be impatient There are lots of nice things ahead What a life Still waiting for their wives You should keep yourself hydrated in the mountains Not only in the mountains But if I am hiking in the desert I should keep my body hydrated So, you should keep plenty of water with you I brought 2 liters The bag is heavy due to the weight of water But water is important And some food These are necessary. Although this path is Straight and there are people hiking along this road So there is a little chance of getting lost Or any other problem But, water and food Is necessary We are now at a junction But this is really not a junction A path is going this way Another is going that way I followed this path I found jungle And a narrow path I am not sure about the path so I will not go further And The peak is that way, 1.9 km It seems that the path is Getting steeper and steeper It will be hard to hike 2 km in this road But I will follow If I find something New to explore We are now at another junction This is a path But we will take This path It’s indicated on the board 2 km more 2 hours And 2 hours and 45 minutes written at the base Must be for the French people This might be double for us I have now reached another junction La-Sappy is written here I think that I have to go This side at the time of descending But, I will go this way 1 hour and 40 minutes 1.7 km The old people are coming behind The person, whom I asked the age They were far behind and now getting close People are so fit here Extremely fit The peak is visible from here I will go there 1.7 km is long 1 hour and 40 minutes I think it will take 2 hours for me Now it is 12 So It will be 2 pm to reach the top This is the last part You can see how deep is that The oldest person is right behind me This fellow is 80 years old 1.7 km in this road Is a little difficult

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