Free Fire in real life WW3 Film [ENG][AR] -1- فيلم الحرب العالمية الثالثة

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from the writing cell RIM Village is considered one of the pillars of Bermuda world This area is strategically located Overlooks two interfaces Of the huge river network surrounding it In addition to excellent infrastructure It has most of the necessary needs In order to leave its mark And perpetuated its presence in various parts of the world, It has very sophisticated weapons, And the protections inherent in the armor and helmets Also military vehicles designed for all terrain It is led by a strong president His word transcends And run out of his demands without hesitation As the soldiers respond to all instructions given by the leader This is the leader’s right armor Ramses’ name is mentioned, as he relays every new news that benefits the castle Around PEAK There are military tents Of RIM Village Armed Forces That was circumventing the PEAK District In order to expand its empire into the world of Bermuda This base has a large number of recruits Highly qualified and awesome martial arts skills And also the appropriate use of weapons And do not forget that most soldiers train every day In order to build physical strength. And this is SANTOSA It is a secluded large island And this island has lived a group of events Including the outbreak of several wars in ancient times This made her wound recover over time She managed to impose her presence by forming a president known for his diabolical plans And the harshness of his decisions So this leader lives with his girlfriend called LAWRA And do not forget the general who is considered a strength of SANTOSA And a major obstacle for all countries of the world Where he has high qualifications to train his soldiers And high strategies to destroy his enemies General SANTOSA decided To board his plane in order to discover other places to draw new plans Head towards HANGAR, that consired Bermuda’s largest airport And it receives hundreds of planes daily So, this airport tops the list of the best airports in the world Whether in terms of services or the quality of the place. After the general got off his plane, he headed towards the car That was waiting next to the runway But what happened was not taken into account. Hello General, Have you arrived in perfect health and wellness? Thank God it was a pleasant and relaxing trip I hope you are at your best Go upstairs, sir The stalking fighter ninja of RIM Village He is known to be proficient in using sniping weapons And ruthless enemies AH! WHAT! I must leave Sir, the operation was a success that was assassinated Well done We got rid of our biggest obstacle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA S S SIR! I have a bad news for you General was killed By Rim village F*ck Go away! Come, soldiers General was killed By Rim village It is not in these plains that we forget the matter We will destroy their base with bombs Come on, spread! Baby, this is not a right decision. You will go to war with your decision Shut up, you are not offended in this matter Early in the morning, I felt the military base of RIM Village located in PEAK With a strange feeling and knew that the danger is imminent And they decided to meet to have a discussion on the topic But… Suddenly, they were bombed by enemy bombs, and they were all killed Sir, sir. The base in PEAK has been bombed WHAT? When we attacks their base , they gonna come for us HAHAHA OKEY, OKEY My darling, you will destroy the bridge with this idea And there will be no communication with the neighboring countries Soldiers, THE WORLD WAR 3 has erupted, we will destroy the whole SANTOSA WHAT? They make a land mine in the bridge I must go fast No mercy after today attack!!!!! Sir, sir Woe to us, dozens of mines have been erected in the bridge WHAT! STOP THE ATTACK To be continued STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE

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