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FPV TOYSLAND | FPV dei BALOCCHI | ImmersionRC RapidFire Test | Drone FPV FreeStyle (ENG Subs)

There is a DOOR here…WTF DUDEEEEEE!!!!!! MAN…what have I found?!?!?! DAMN!!! …thhe ladder!!!! there is a ladder!!!!! …a ladder…. Hey GUYS here is Davide and welcome to another FPV adventure! Everytime I start my vlog…there is a tunnel…but who cares I’m going to discover a new spot let’s see if I’ll be lucky but this is a part of the FPV FreeStyle F#@K…it’s not connected…. YES, YEEEEES…IT IS CONNECTED…COME HERE guys, I’m excited…when you travel a lot, you reach a new spot and you can go inside… if I’m able to open this door…I WIN! GUYS…I CAN OPEN THE DOOR …it’s impossible… dude…I can’t believe it…it’s so huge…SO HUGE We start from here “TEST CENTER” Dudeeeeee…’s so HUGE…check up there see…it never ends…it’s a city my heart is about to explode is anybody in? it never ends…we have been walking for 10 minutes come on….come on….IT NEVER ENDS!!!! it never ends!!! we can go out! look man… …guys, this bando deserve the “necktie” let’s wear my sweet necktie I love this structure I’m going to enjoy it there are bastard wires This is a bastard place…I love it…and I know I’ll go on fire, at full throttle and I’ll crash for sure This is mainly an INDOOR bando…but hey…they are so FUN to rip This kind of bandos…look… where we have tight spaces…with different heights they are perfect to train your throttle…and your altitude control… if you push too much, you risk to crash on the ceiling Awesome here…I LOVE IT AMAZING Here…here I’ll go on fire SPLIT-S nd POWERLOOP like a boss…let’s try! usually, this kind of bandos…where we have concrete, iron and sheet metal ruin your video signal, you see lot of noises/static in your video feed because signal bounces from side to side but today I got my RAPIDFIRE so let’s see how it goes I ended my first RapidFire test and I’m speechless because I can reach the entire building We got ladders everywhere…so If we crash on the top we can easily recover our drone This bando is HUGE…so we have our chairs where we can rest WATER…be careful another chair we MUST respect the BANDO RULES “RULES AND PROHIBITIONS FOR CIRCULATION” BE CAREFUL! “TESTING AREA” you can TEST your drones look there…the WALL of PIGEONS SHIT WTF This is lot of pigeons shit…that formed a WALL… They shit from there Guys I’m going back home I love days like these, when you travel a lot and you find a super cool place hey…wait…close the door…it’s cold outside ok, the other one now please… “there is no door man” shit…no door… Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video Please press the “like”button, subscribe to my channel and join me in the war against BANDOS all over the world!

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25 thoughts on “FPV TOYSLAND | FPV dei BALOCCHI | ImmersionRC RapidFire Test | Drone FPV FreeStyle (ENG Subs)

  1. Se avessi intuito la grandezza del bando…… ti avrei consigliato ROCCO come titolo….. 😬😬
    Grande Davide!!! È un piacere vedere come piloti. 👍

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