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Food Inflation, Libya + Liberals, EPA Exposure – New World Next Week

This is James Corbett of
and this is James Evan Pilato of and we both welcome you back to the 67th episode
of the New World Next Week which of course you can find at and you
can get high quality, low quality versions of the video, audio only and even sometimes
– some captions. And James, we were just discussing a couple moments ago how our previous episode
on the Japanese crisis is now, pretty much I think, our most watched New World Next Week
episode, it’s my most downloaded from my archive and I guess we basically want to say ‘thank
you’ to folks out there and a welcome to maybe some of the new viewers and listeners and
audience members who may be joining us. So again we’re nonpartisan here, we try and break
down the false left/right paradigm and look at the most important things going on in alternative
news and open source intelligence – so James after last week’s episode focusing exclusively
on the Japanese situation we’re going to take a little detour around the world here, but
of course with updates on the Japan situation. But we’ll begin with a story from the New
York Times, that I have posted to ‘Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags
– A Stealth Downsizing, As Shoppers Pay More for Less Food’, or as puts it:
‘Nabisco is Cheating You Out of Precious Saltines’. But taking it from the New York Times: “Chips
are disappearing from bags, candy from boxes and vegetables from cans. As an expected increase
in the cost of raw materials looms for late summer, consumers are beginning to encounter
shrinking food packages. With unemployment still high, companies in recent months have
tried to camouflage price increases by selling their products in tiny and tinier packages.
So far, the changes are most visible at the grocery store, where shoppers are paying the
same amount, but getting less… In every economic downturn in the last few decades,
companies have reduced the size of some products, disguising price increases and avoiding comparisons
on same-size packages, before and after an increase. Each time, the marketing campaigns
are coy; this time, the smaller versions are ‘greener’ (packages good for the environment)
or more ‘portable’ (little carry bags for the takeout lifestyle) or ‘healthier’ (fewer
calories). Where companies cannot change sizes — as in clothing or appliances — they
have warned that prices will be going up, as the costs of cotton, energy, grain and
other raw materials are rising. ‘Consumers are generally more sensitive to changes in
prices than to changes in quantity,’ notes John T. Gourville, a marketing professor at
Harvard Business School. ‘And companies try to do it in such a way that you don’t notice,
maybe keeping the height and width the same, but changing the depth so the silhouette of
the package on the shelf looks the same. Or sometimes they add more air to the chips bag
or a scoop in the bottom of the peanut butter jar so it looks the same size.'” We have a
few related links that I would implore folks to check out – from the Baltimore Sun on food
inflation, from CNN: ‘Crumbling Economy Will Make for Thinner Boxes of Girl Scout Thin
Mints’ and also from the Gothamist and referencing this greener packaging: ‘Sun Chips Ditches
Their Biodegradable Bag Over Noise Complaints’. So even as they’re pushing the green agenda,
the push back from the consumer says ‘Well, I don’t want a noisy chip bag!’ So James,
before I throw it back to you – you know I work at an independent grocery store here,
it’s an Oregon-only chain and this is something that I see firsthand and I’ve seen for the
last couple of years as sizes change, but the proportions of the package stay the same,
but the price stays the same – so you’re again paying more for less. And it’s almost come
to the point where I wonder James if grocery stores are not unlike banks – which are not
unlike, you know, higher education institutions – it’s those things that keep us coming back
for more and more and more when we could essentially learn how to grow or create or learn these
things for ourselves. James? Right! Well that’s an important point and one that they would
like you and I and everyone else not to think about, but uh let’s think about it because
I think that is ultimately one of the ways that we’re going to really derail this whole
system that is being constructed around us, because as you say – it relies on us being
reliant on them. When we are not. We can be self-reliant and we do not need these big
box stores, supermarkets to go to and get these packages of increasingly smaller size,
but the same price. But I think paying more for less is pretty much the slogan that we
could use to describe the current economic meltdown. I mean this is what an economic
meltdown looks like on the ground. It’s not necessarily going to be runs on the bank and
people screaming in panic, but it’s going to be a little bit more, a little bit more
and a little bit more gouging out of people’s pockets every single week and it just gets
to the point where people really start to notice it. But, once you notice it, what are
you going to do about? I mean there’s not much you can do if you are reliant on their
sources of ‘food’ and I’ll put that in quotation marks because a lot of it is of questionable
nutritional value, as you know. But I think this is probably nothing new, the fiddling
with packaging; but the fact that it’s going on it such at such a wide array of products
at the same time shows there is something going on. And I don’t know how the food price
index and the CPI and all of that works but I’m assuming that they’ll say that there isn’t
that much inflation because, one box of crackers or whatever cost the same as it did last week,
it’s just the one box is smaller, so there’s all sorts of fiddling going on into this type
of calculation. But we have to realize the economic meltdown is happening and just don’t
listen to the shills and mouthpieces from the establishment who tell us that there are
‘green shoots’ or whatever stupid slogans they come up with to try to tell us that there’s
no economic problem. Now James for our second story, it’ill be
the first of two amazing pieces from and we’ll turn from here in the ‘North American
Union’ to the world abroad: ‘Liberals Willing to Trade Blood & Treasure for Oil Profits
Under Obama’ – “It’s perplexing to see a high level of support for the unprovoked bombing
of Libya on so-called “progressive” websites. There has been an endless stream of humanitarian
propaganda flowing from these sites trying to convince average liberals that the “human
thing to do” is to rain down Tomahawk missiles with depleted uranium to bring freedom and
democracy to an oppressed people. Huffington Post” of course now gobbled up by AOL and
all the others “ran a piece by Ed Schultz titled: ‘Why I Support President Obama’s Decision
to Invade Libya’ where he described his reasoning as follows: ‘President Obama explained this
won’t be a long-term operation… Matter of days, not a matter of weeks. Not even months…
He’s trying to give the rebels, those who want democracy, a fighting chance at just
that and trying to stop Gaddafi – from slaughtering his own people – this is the human thing to
do.’ By the very use of the word “invade” in the title, Schultz would seem to understand
that the continued military support is likely to last for quite some time. Indeed, this
was confirmed on Sunday morning when Defense Secretary Gates and Shillary hinted that the
operation could indeed last for months, which seems to debunk Schultz’s main argument that
it’s only a days-long conflict.” Need we mention the, of course, ‘cakewalk’ and ‘greeted as
liberators’ in Iraq story. “Establishment progressives can no longer hide behind phony
labels. They have officially joined the ranks of the War Party serving up American blood
and treasure to support profits for the military-industrial complex and Big Oil, while compromising on
austerity cuts at home.” James, I’ll throw in a couple of related updates that we have,
from they note that the ‘Central Bank of Libya is 100% State-Owned’
and that may give you a little angle to look at this story and an update from just a few
hours ago, and it’s March 30th to me here in the States – from Reuters: “President Barack
Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert US military support for rebel forces
seeking to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gaddaffi. James? Oh and the ‘covert rebel forces’ just
happen to be tied in with Al Qaeda, but it’s all right if they’re on our side, I guess.
Um Yeah. No, it’s uh very uh, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising in any way to see
what’s happening playing out right now, but it is surprising still, nonetheless, that
uh there are so many people on the left side of the phony left/right paradigm who are going
along with this, because it’s their team, it’s their side, it’s their war, it’s their
‘Dear Leader’ who’s doing it – and I just, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am,
I’m still shocked to be reading these left-leaning online sites and seeing all these people justifying
what’s going on right now. And it’s just, I’d like people to really think about how
truly mentally liberating it is to decide that you’re not left, you are not right, you
are not red, your are not blue, you cannot be pigeonholed into one of their little pigeonholes
so that you can be led along by the nose to support whatever type of military adventurism
comes along, because ultimately the most liberating thing I think I’ve ever done in my life is
to decide that I am not on either side of that phony paradigm and I will absolutely
oppose Bush’s military adventurism as equally as much as I’ll oppose Obama’s. And what’s
going on in Libya right now is a perfect example of a time when people can make the choice
to not go along with the propaganda and to stop supporting a team which has nothing to
do with them and isn’t about their interests, it’s only about getting you to corral your
mind into their little pigeonholes so that you’ll go along with things that do not benefit
you in any way. And I’ve unfortunately heard it from, you know, smart friends of my own
– I’ve heard “Y’know I guess I kinda do support y’know the Libya operation.” And I just kinda
smack my forehead and didn’t get into it at the moment. Right, because it’s exactly the
same as the argument that was used for Saddam. “Well, Saddam’s a horrible dictator, he’s
being horrible to his people. Therefore we have to go and bomb the country all to hell
and invade and take it over.” But the key to this story, I think, is the central bank
issue. Because, as was pointed out during Bush’s military adventurism, the ‘Axis of
Evil’ has a stunning similarity to the list of countries that don’t have a privately-owned
central bank. Hmm, I wonder why? James, lets move to our third and final story
this week with our second piece from ‘EPA Helps Mainstream Media Obscure Truth
About Radiation Exposure’ – “As Americans focus on ‘March Madness’ and ‘Dancing With
the Stars’ instead of the radioactive plume spreading all across the country, the United
States Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to make the mainstream media cover-up
of the Fukushima cloud a bit easier. The agency, now notorious for its infamous claim that
the air was safe to breathe after 9/11,” seven days after 9/11 I may add, “is now seeking
to raise the PAGs (that’s Protective Action Guides) to levels vastly higher than those
at which they are currently set allowing for more radioactive contamination of the environment
and the general public in the event of a radioactive disaster… According to PEER (Public Employees
for Environmental Responsibility), the new standards would drastically raise the levels
of radiation allowed in food, water, air and the general environment. PEER, a national
organization of local, state and federal employees who had access to internal EPA emails, claims
that the new standards will result in a ‘nearly 1000-fold increase for exposure to strontium-90,
a 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for exposure to iodine-131; and an almost 25,000 rise for
exposure to radioactive nickel-63’ in drinking water. This information, as well as the emails
themselves were published by Michael Ruppert’s on March 24… As of the time
of this writing, a toxic cloud of radiation has not only reached the US West Coast, (here
where I am in Portland, Oregon) but has spread all the way across the country to states like
South and North Carolina, Florida and Massachussetts. Both the US government and the mainstream
media have largely denied any risk associated with the radiation and have actively engaged
in covering up the extent to which it has spread across the country.” James? Right,
well I would wonder if I was American if there was some would be some way to bring legal
action against the EPA for this, because once again, unless they can prove that there is
some pressing reason for them raising these PAGs, unless there’s some way for them to
say that somehow ‘human biology has fundamentally changed’ or they forgot to carry a zero when
they were making their calculations or something. The only possible explanation for why their
raising these levels right now is because radiation levels are going to rise and they
just don’t want to have to deal with what that means. So it’s exactly the same way the
Japanese government has been raising maximum exposure levels on a bunch of different things
and I went over that on my last ‘Sunday Update’ so it’s exactly the same thing. And we can
look to this probably happening in numerous countries around the world over the next several
months as Fukushima continues to spew out its toxic radiation. And unfortunately there’s
no sign of it coming to any sort of resolution anytime soon and unfortunately there’s just
no good source of information on it, because the people who could be what reporting what’s
truthfully coming out of there, including the U.S. Navy who obviously has ships in the
area that obviously would be able to use sophisticated monitoring devices are not giving the type
of information that we would need to come to any sort of meaningful assessment of what’s
going on, so unfortunately we’re just relying on the drip-drop of information coming out
of these agencies that are there to lie to you and to placate you and to make you feel
good. And all of the George Monbiot’s and Lewis Page’s and Ann Coulter’s and other defenders
of the radiation out there. Um, I notice they’re getting a lot quieter now that Fukushima is
continuing to meltdown. So James, as we now begin to wrap it up quickly here, just I’ll
throw out the idea that really struck me that seems as though in the era of Obama that most
of our biggest events have all been environmental in nature, whether that’s swine flu or the
Gulf oil spill or mining disasters or this nuclear situation. Just kind of an interesting
thing that I think ties in with the overarching eugenics agenda. It is interesting but we’re
running out of time so, James Evan Pilato, thanks once again for providing these stories
together and I hope everyone will tune in to – Thank you so much,
take care.

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