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Follow this ONE Rule to Date Your Dream Girl

You’re a young thirsty guy who wants to
pimp it up with the highest-quality girls. Those 9s and 10s that you fantasize about
when you’re alone in the bathroom and your mom is knocking on the door asking what’s
taking so long. Yeah I know you know what I’m talking about…
beating your meat in the bathroom.. We’ve all been there! But that’s not gonna get you any closer
to dating your dream girl, now is it? HELL NO! That’s why you clicked on here to begin
with. So today, I’m here to show you the ONE rule
you need to follow in order to date your dream girl, I’m talking those 9s and 10s, girls
who look like literal models… So pay close attention, you hear me? This one rule I’m about to tell you is actually
a psychological tactic that’s widely used in sales. It’s known as The Buyer’s Mentality, and
it’s resulted in pussy practically falling from the sky for me. The Buyer’s mentality is when you position
the conversation and frame with the girl as if you’re the buyer and she has to sell
herself to you in order for you to be interested in dating her. When you establish the frame of an interaction
with a girl in the Buyer’s Mentality, you come to the table as an equal, not someone
who’s beneath her. Most guys treat the girl like she’s some
sort of prize to be won, someone who needs to be impressed, instead of just another normal
human being. This is silly because you’re coming into
an interaction placing her value above your own before you even get to know her or mutter
a word… for all you know she could be the worst person on Earth, a serial killer, or
any other host of ridiculous things… Therefore, every time you start an interaction
with a woman, there’s no need to feel nervous. The nerves are made up by your imagination,
you don’t know her yet, you don’t even know if you guys would be a good fit, the
goal of the interaction is to find out if you’re a good romantic match… not impress
somebody who you barely know. Besides, what does that say about you? Are you really that unconfident and insecure
in yourself that you just assume somebody is better than you before you even get to
know them? If that’s the case, then click off this
video because you have bigger problems to worry about than girls… you gotta get your
own life together because if you don’t, you won’t be able to offer her any value…
she’ll just see you as another chump who sits home all day jerking off and binge watching
every show on Netflix. Some guys watching this care more about the
new season of Black Mirror than they do their own life.. How’s a guy like that supposed to date his
dream girl? Listen here bro, I want you to succeed. I want you to become the best possible version
of yourself because only then will you be able to date that dream girl. But if you waste your life away doing a whole
lot of nothing, of course you’re gonna value random girls who you’ve only stared at from
across the room more than yourself. This is why this psychological tactic of The
Buyer’s Mentality is so fucking crucial, my friend. It reprograms your mind. You start to value yourself and your time
more. You start to become the kind of guy who’s
OK with saying no to a hot girl because you know there’s plenty more out there for you
who you’d be better off with. You become the prize to be won. This mentality is the first step into your
new life as mothafucking Baller. A boss. But if you don’t adopt this mentality, your
life will slowly start to waste away, you’ll have nothing to show for yourself, and you
certainly won’t be dating those playboy model type girls. You’ll be lucky if the fatties on Tinder
even bother responding to you. This is the unfortunate reality for most guys
in what’s known as “The Seller’s Mentality.” The Seller’s Mentality is when you’re
in a convincing mode, where you are trying to talk people into doing something with you. Typically, when people approach they are in
the Seller’s Mentality, they take a subservient or submissive position, where the person they’re
trying to sell to makes them feel like they are doing them a favour to have the chance
to pitch their stuff. If you approach a girl or talk to a girl from
a Seller’s Mentality, she doesn’t feel like she’s talking to a boss… she feels
more like she’s doing charity… she’s being “nice” by entertaining a conversation
to you… she’s letting you speak your piece. You come off as incredibly desperate… like
you NEED this to work . Does that sound like a powerful or dominant
position to be in for an interaction? Hell no! It’s the polar opposite of abundance, it’s
low value, it’s desperation… it just feels icky This is why the Buyer’s Mentality is SO
good at getting you results with the hottest and highest quality of girls. It convey EXTREME abundance. It flips the script on her and makes her vie
for your attention and validation instead of you competing for her. But there’s a caveat here. You have to believe you are valuable to her. You have to actually believe she is better
off with you than without you… that NOT being with you is a HUGE mistake. And the only way to truly believe this is
to become a valuable, high status guy. Anytime you’re trying to convince a girl
a guy worth dating, she’ll immediately know that you’re not! Because if you were, you wouldn’t be bowing
down at her feet to try and impress her, and prove that you are. You would just BE that guy, and let your actions
speak for themselves. You need to be the one considering whether
or not you’re going to reject her, not the other way around. Think about how you feel when a salesman knocks
on your door and aggressively tries to sell you something, it feels slimy, it makes you
uncomfortable, it’s an off-putting and high-pressure situation that makes you want to just eject
and evacuate. That’s EXACTLY how you make her feel when
you try convincing her that you’re a cool guy, instead of just being one. You have to be willing to walk away.If you’re
not willing to lose her, then you won’t do what it takes to win her over. Most guys think putting a woman on a pedestal
is the best way to get her to like you. Guys don’t want friction, they don’t want
any conflict, or anything that might make the interaction bumpy. This takes all the life out of your interactions…
it makes things feel less human, and they start to feel robotic… interactions don’t
flow perfectly because people aren’t perfect. Not to mention, it comes off as INSANELY desperate If you can’t stand a little bit of social
pressure or a slightly uncomfortable situation, she’s going to think that you have a weak
personality and she won’t feel comfortable with you in day-to-day situation. Besides, would you want to date a girl you
don’t actually get along with or respect? Do you want to spend tons of time with a girl,
you’re constantly pretending and walking on eggshells around? At the End of the day, time is your most important
asset.. You really willing to waste time on a girl
you don’t like…. You really wanna waste your time like that
dude? You’re better than that. You’re one of my disciples. And I refuse to let my disciples live this
way. It’s time to break free from the “norms”
around dating, and start dating your dream girl. Isn’t it time you start living the life
you want, and dating the highest quality of women… the type of women that you deserve. 99% of guys struggle with women, and end up
settling for girls and a dating life that doesn’t excite them. Don’t be one of them. Take the first step, and choose to live your
life differently. This is why I dedicated months of my time,
work, and personal money to creating my course, The God Approach, where I talk about dozens
of techniques just like the Buyer’s Mentality in super long depth. Inside the course you’ll learn how to master
Buyer’s Mentality and other techniques so you can learn exactly how to subconsciously
turn women on through conversation and become MAGNETIC around the hottest girls. In the course, I break down concepts like
the Buyer’s Mentality and show you real-life infield footage from my manager Benjamin,
going out and using tactics like the Buyer’s Mentality to get insane results like, phone
numbers, and even instant dates right on the spot. In the course I literally hand you my entire
warchest of techniques that have enabled me to date Playboy models, sorority girls, MILFS,
and everything in between. Imagine knowing you could see a hot girl on
the street, or at a party, and IMMEDIATELY be able to approach her and know exactly what
to say to get her HOOKED. By the end of The God Approach, you’ll master
attraction so well, that you’ll make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to friendzone you… and
no, you don’t need to be good looking for this to work. Inside the course I’m going to hold your
hand through the entire process of building attraction and take you from no girls in your
life, to having too many girls and too little time to date all of them. By the end you’ll learn exactly how to convey
your value to women so strongly, that you’ll become the guy that ALL women want. Just like it’s worked for the hundreds of
Basedlympians whom have already taken it But the course is only available for a limited
time. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t want procrastinators
or losers who aren’t serious about taking action on the inside. I only want my strongest and most committed
Basedlympians with me who are prepared to go into battle…. And right now the price of the course is the
lowest it’s going to be because I’m currently revamping it and adding more content, meaning
I’m going to raise the price by more than double in the next 2 months. So if you buy it now, you’ll have access
to all the new content without having to pay any extra, yeah I know i’m really hooking
you up. So don’t hesitate. Don’t pussyfoot around the decision. Click the link below and I’ll see you in
there. And don’t forget to subscribe on your way
over.. I’ll see ya there. ‘Zeus out!

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100 thoughts on “Follow this ONE Rule to Date Your Dream Girl

  1. That was one of the best advice on YouTube! I watched a lot obvious crap that everyone knows with boring explanations. This is the bad ass true improving stuff!

  2. I feel I already fucked it up. I saw this girl at a grocery store I go to at least once a week. Notice her staring. I ask her something she replied and I didn’t know what to say but she kept looking at me as if she wanted to continue talking. A week later I go back to get something I see her again she sees me and walks behind me and I ignore her lol.

  3. It can’t be a coincidence that she’s coming over on the same day this is posted… she’s a 10/10 maybe even a 11/10

  4. Guys for real, work on yourself and girls will come. I was obese, got fit and still working on my other goals. U dont neet to be shredded, just dont be a fat fuck. After that, dont chase them, stay true to yourself but the the most important: dont be a fucking simp, not because that doesnt attract the ladies, but because you are more worth than that. Futthermore women are crazy creatures. An example: when a woman sees you talking with another woman, she gets more intrested. This bitch was acring high class, so tought ok gues not. Week later a new girl joined at work, just tried to welcome her, being nice, not making a move or something. Gues what that high class hoe starts giving attention. Moral of the story: work on yourself and they will show atrention.

  5. Have been applying your techniques. Some 9/10 girl just told me this the other day. "Can I take you to a party as my +1? You are the most confident guy around. I won't be embarrassed with you."

  6. except when you're ugly, all of this shit is pointless, she's still gonna reject you. Harsh truth but truth nonetheless.

  7. Ngl zeus’s product is kinda a test, he is using the buyers mentality all thought this video just so you will use money on him, he makes you feel like an equal, and if you listen to what he says. You’ll know that you don’t need that because your akready good enought. It’s all psycology

  8. Buyer's mentality? Hoo I still remember that blonde from Joe vs. Joe. That guy isn't even phased about a girl who looks like a super model.

  9. Yeah but I’m never getting what I want. Even pursuing my best self for 4 years, I’ve never been able to land anyone.

  10. You’re doing God’s job! As supposed to of course. But your videos changed the whole game for me. I already had interesting shit going on in my life, but didn’t know the psychology of dating. Just wanted to say thanks bro🙌🏻👊🏼

  11. you have to be willing to say no to a girl. If you cant say no, it means you don't have options, which make you a slave.

  12. It's funny though that on every film you make, you put handsome dude on thumbnail.

    Is that a coincidence? Do you all really believe that all these tips will apply to a guy who looks like the one from the picture with Black Ops t-shirt and messy haircut??

  13. Thanks but no thanks, I'll just watch Todd Valentine. Talk about being desperate, when you're the one who's clearly in that state lol. Ironic.

  14. thing is, i want that one girl, i could not care less about any other girl, there’s just something about that one girl that i can’t seem to get past.

  15. This video solved my problem with one girl. I just found her attractive and my behavior changed in a bad way.

    I become a man who tries to sell himself to the girl.

    Fucking thank you
    Kiss you in a dick 😙

  16. Yo, this is pure appreciation comment.
    I just wanted to say thank you. I started watching Based Zeus about a year ago. I’m 15. But 6’2, built like a chad, girls even approach me first a lot of the times, but I always had some issues with actual game, up until I discovered this channel. I lost my vcard last week, and now date a 10/10.
    I know this comment has no actual value, but I just wanted to give some appreciation to this man.

    Thank you.

  17. I think the best way is to try to be the best version of your self and wait until a girl make her move on you than go and talk to her as if show me that you're worth my time

  18. If you understood what he wanted to say in his video then you don't need the course Zeus is offering. 👌👌 Well done Based Zeus.

  19. And if you step this game even more up you get into the "Manager Mentality" where you have actually staff to approach them bitches for you. muahahhaa

  20. Yo I just can't afford it Im living at Turkey and least wage is like 2000 lira and 1 dollar is like 6 Turkish liras so I cant give 100.6=600 lira my home is 1500 lira I don't wanna be homeless damn I was so excited

  21. This guy has overrated commentary and underrated copy writing skills.

    This guy probs makes a lot of fucking money. Best copy writer on YouTube

  22. I dont have many problems on dating i could figuire this things out but i just want support from you bro please man or bro make a short video on that we all gonna get marry some day make us prepare from now

  23. "Follow this one rule to get your dream girl"

    #1. This video is just an excuse for Benjamin to sell you his course.

    #2. Don't waste your time because today's girls reward bad behavior and punish you when you treat them like a lady.
    Here comes the real important stuff so listen up, take notes if have to.


  24. Based on true facts this is working =)))) small scale at the moment, but big improvements in personal social life 🙂

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