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FOCUS RS – Preparing for BOOST! (Stage 1,000,000 MODS)

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods were up to stage 5 of the Focus RS Let’s call it stage 8 We’re at stage 8 of the Focus RS and we’ve got some very exciting mods to bump onto this mofo space a little bit Welcome to another Focus where you don’t get dirty when you do work on it, this is done, I’m loving that is true our today We’re doing a front mount. We’re doing an exhaust. Yep. We got some other stuff over there. We got some other stuff over there There’s little bits and pieces all over the place and they make stuff for cars didn’t you? Sorry this you can get parts for cars it and you don’t have to go to a wrecking yard you go Hey look at this cool part. It’s strange and then someone brings it to way back to the making yard very soon Oh, I like both these things. I’m coming around to their work on the new car thing. Oh. Yeah, yeah It’s a nice experience. You don’t get much who’s following your face Yes, and it’s like the this bolts aren’t wrecked those five other people haven’t been there before you that’s true There’s nothing I can say that’s appropriate. That’s a lead on to that but anyway, but what I will say is um today We’ve got the exhaust we got a front now, and then we’re gonna boost it Stage seven more boost no for its age eight So more beige nine, maybe the lauric goes the better where it’s stage eight, and then we’ll boost up That’ll take us down to stage 5 and then our boost will land back on landing pads So there it is now Martin over here This is it. This is see. This is one of these things. I told you about that I bought a bunch of stuff from the unturned and On this year, I didn’t buy it they got a center. Yeah, they’re like here’s a thing so let’s have a look Alright, so let’s see. We’ve got here. There are people everywhere Who are modifying their cars and their cars aren’t old and crap well? Look at that they give you a cardboard thing if you want to paint a logo on No, this is kind of big drawing it on there That’s a big cooler, man huge That is big and black we should leave the cardboard on we should cuz it’ll get damaged, otherwise, but how do I? We’ll do a harmonic if I do this guy Whoa that’s pretty cool. So um there it is It’s big And it’s black and as we all know black intercoolers make your car go Faster to upgrade the intercooler we need to remove a lot of stuff from the front of the Yaris including the lights bumper undertray and brake ducts Notice you’re not using the ventilation tubes no didn’t need them today But I would like to know where the um Like where all the stuff that you pull off. Where do they go? Oh, you magnets do That are they really gonna sell these in super cheap water yeah, they’re not all that well. I’ve got submitted for approval And seriously if they sold this I would I Buy a Yaris immediately just as a challenge if they’re I would just buy it. That’s and I would drive it That would be my challenge to you if they actually sold it and agreed to it. I would just go okay then uh Where are you gonna get all your new friends from friends exactly what? All right party time coming down whoa look at engine Very handy when they make them all the same it was good every single through. There is a science awesome With everything undone we can now start unclipping the edges of the bumper Unplug the lighting loom and then get the whole thing ready for removal So everything’s I’m done. We just have to pop it off. Now is that click done on the right sir yeah, that’s undone Moorings out on this side there. It is dad. Oh look. He’s out stick up That’s awesome So as you guys might have seen we built this ourselves in Germany which was pretty cool And that was our little signature to make sure that um Well that it was authentic And there it is It’s gone on are over here mate mr.. Factory cooler, so this is the blanking plate they put on you can actually just Look you improved your intercooler efficiency. It’s a blocking plate because I think in Europe where it gets really freakin cold I think there are actually two efficient. Well. They need to change up the thermal efficiency of it somehow Yeah, I’ve been in Australia You could probably just pull that off and you’d have an improvement the one we’re putting in is much bigger though. Yeah Yeah, which for high boost applications and later on big turbo stuff like that Little plate there’s off a transit none Ford Transit action onto the focus okay, well I mean the other thing is you’ve also got plastic in tanks Which you know under mega boost is not going to be quite as as durable But I mean factory cars have gotten so much better since the early days of intercooled stuff like it’s come so far in 30 years almost When was a Silvia 89 we’re at 18 like it’s close to 30 years? Let’s put it in cool the other side of these brake ducts Inside okay, I’ll talk you this 25 top second Down should come out somehow. Oh there we go Yeah, it’s coming out now if you pull it Nice well still got a kind of map sensor disconnected something no not yet in one second You already got bugs up in the radiator That off so there it is that is the Factory Ford intercooler painted black of course for extra performance and stealth Martin the factory won’t defend a black sir they did So here’s the new color couple of things to note firstly It’s black man’s black for extra performance and stealth we’ve got n tanks Instead of plastic ones probably the biggest difference Dimensionally is that it’s a lot thicker it is isn’t it? There’s a couple of things to keep in mind in two colors, and one is that they flow differently internally And two is that thickness we never liked the dimensions in every single way so With – and thickness all makes a difference to how they perform You basically want the maximum amount of air to get through there to call the charge air which is inside it, but this should Just fit straight in place which is pretty cool actually Bolton well in this case. It’s like a snapping snapping intercooler Yeah, it should just go straight in the front of the castle. It’s in the box There was like another little bit of hardware in here somewhere And that make me believe that There’s just these they put the map sensor on the Intercooler that’s different. I’ve never seen that before Yeah, so I guess we’ve got to transplant that one there over to here. Oh, yeah, that’s right. Yeah Cool, let’s do it All we have to do is transplant the map sensor from the factory into core onto the mountain intercooler And then we’ve got to try and wrangle this monster into the same location Did you grab if you grab right around the outside of it and sort of jam it I’m gonna plug this one first hung up like this the front holes plugged Sort of thick flange if it’s just gotta go over I don’t have just gotta tighten that thing around as tight as I can after a bit of an intercooler dance We have got it in so we can attach it with the factory bolts and then connect the hoses Martin I’m just gonna put it out there that looks tough as all balls. It’s really good It’s big, but can you maneuver in there? It’s pretty tricky because it’s huge. Yeah, it looks mad It doesn’t even know it looks you’re hardly gonna. See it. Are you behind the bumper bar? Yeah, exactly, that’s full stealth mode but you know what we did this video a few years ago called turbo supporting mods and Depending on what stage your car is that you might need a big front mount you might not sometimes the front now It’s too big Martin You got to do a smaller one and be but the point is is that this here gives you options that otherwise you? May not have and the factory in the core exactly is fine for doing what it was meant to do But it isn’t necessarily designed to do the stuff it wasn’t meant to do Please tell me gonna put a big turbo on it. Please do me Maybe you will mom maybe you should maybe you should bags not you do it. It’s at the back of the engine bag Can you do it? All right, let’s put the bumper back on man. All right go get ourselves some Nibbles, I want Gilly If this bit that I’m doing right now. It was a movie. Do you know what it would be called? The bumper Point Break why Point great because it’s blowing air on a break. Yeah I’ll just be in the wheel well if you need me Did you remember more making this and that girl was just laughing at us because it took us 45 minutes And she can do it in like 20 minutes. I mean her she’s one person and we’re two people I remember mr. Schmuck I think so Mike this is my new favorite German word I’m pretty sure it just means smash it mate Smacking lucky who’s cool? How does this go on alright? We’ve already done it we did it in Germany We should be able to do it here that bit goes up there this bit goes in here think these It’ll slide in and these clips go under the radio to support which will kind of hold it on like that Yeah, and that With the bumper reattached we can connect up the lighting loom and then put everything back together It’s crazy to think that just a little while ago We were going through the exact same process with the same bumper, but we were in Germany in the factory assembling a brand new car With everything reattached and double-checked our intercooler upgrade is done. That’s so subtle man. Yeah It’s just so You can see it’s like huge and fat and on the end tanks here You can see a bit of like a logo that maybe hinted at being something else but It’s just like Look at that you just can’t tell it’s awesome One of the interesting things that the designer of this bar said is that like this? Bar and in fact a lot of the car is completely functional like every vent Everything on there rather than just being something that’s meant to look cool Actually has some purpose and it’s kind of cool because a lot of cars doing stuff That’s not actually functional and that’s all functional and that’s pretty cool. Yeah, speaking of function check into motorbikes. Oh know that So there it is the front mount is in it was a little bit of a trickier install then on a Japanese car But that’s probably because on a Japanese car you just get an angle grinder? Different way of thinking like all the plastics and all the kind of stuff and the bolts they use everything’s talks like it’s totally Different but once you get your head in that space. It’s the same as when you’re working on golf for a yeah How do you or something like that it’s kind of similar in? Principle, there’s a lot more parts here because if you think about like you got a silver you take the bad profits Just like you just got this piece. This is like hundreds of pieces that make up the bump I what I find interesting is that old mate who runs the plastic company who specializes in any cooler shrouds He doesn’t just go to the Audi Factory you guys down the road to the Ford factory and up the road to the Porsche factory And goes I have this nice plastic and then they put it in the car, and it’s of course It’s the same and then they’re like smacking Schmucker anyway That was a very enjoyable time doing that mad install man, so now it is time to Continue the adventure Have a good flight awesome air all right. We are down here at Castle Hill exhaust and today We’re putting an exhaust on the RS Which is going to be? Exciting because we’re going to look get a little bit more of that bubble snap crackle and pop the idea is to make a it’s A very quiet exhaust isn’t it factory it’s a very quiet exhaust because it’s got the factory flap around a black bar so we can open the flapper and put a Nice meaty and big exhaust yeah, there’s also I mean it is a big exhaust that Israel is a two and a half inch flip back to you one Yeah, yeah between two and three It does have some flatmates it kind of really pancakes down so We have another exhaust to put on which we will show you all now So this is our exhaust that’s going on the car as you can see this has been on a car before This is the best exhaust you can get for a focus man, this is like the best This is the creme de la creme. Why why is it the best? It’s the best because that’s what we have Mun And that’s what we could get our hands on now even though it is secondhand. It hasn’t seen a lot of life It’s got a little bit of a hit. They’re a little bit dirty over here. There’s some more of it over here It’s a bit fat up more free-flowing. This is a Mill Tech sport exhaust that is going on the car it also has that htl Adapter here where we’re going to transplant the little motor from the factory under here, which gives us our little flat ability here Which we you can adjust using the different driving modes? But then you can also do some adjustment with some aftermarket things or you can delete it with a plug We’ll talk about those things afterwards so This should be a fairly bolt on affair except for the use of an angle grinder mum So we can’t just unbolt that one so the one that’s on the car gets sharp And then this one here gets bolted on and then once that’s done man We’re ready for what you know what not yeah, okay? We’ve got an exhaust. We’ve got a front now. We got our intake We’ve got a suspension turn it up wheels page up tires page up burn page up I mean not burn, but well actually we’ll see we’ll see so today’s the day exhaust tower It’s gonna be rad. Let’s get to a night. This is a really easy upgrade on the RS Especially when your mates are learning you their hoist We need to make just one cut and then we can under the V bends and remove the factory system We’ve got our two exhaust side-by-side the factory one on this side and our new one on this side now There’s a couple of small differences the factory one is actually pretty good for a stock car. We’ve got about 17, mil It is a European car which is often metric, but that’s about two and three-quarters Which is a fairly uncommon size and only two and a half three inch three and a half two inch stuff like that This one is 76 now that is three inches you’ve got an extra resonator in here Which stops it from mooing and droning on the highway? But you’ve also got a smaller rear muffler so the rear mufflers not gonna be quite as effective as The factory one which is absolutely huge what you also don’t have on the upgraded one if you don’t have these flat spots The factory one you can see to get in and around things they flatten it down Whether that makes a huge difference or not some exhaust scientists will probably be able to tell us But generally if you’re changing the size of the pipe. It’s not great for performance You’ve also got it where it squashes down as you go through a few bends This is a mandrel bent exhaust so it’s the same size the whole way through otherwise. It’s pretty much the same deal You’ve also got the facility did put the motor on the same thing on this side so that you can turn it on and off As the factory one does as well so it fits it’s one of the easiest exhausts to install I’ve ever seen in my life This is a really quick upgrade that can be done in around half an hour But later down the track if we go for a bigger turbo That’s when we’ll spend the time installing a suitable dump pipe to make sure we get maximum gains for our stage 52 focus So what I’m doing now is just swapping over the little motor that runs the valve from the factory exhaust over onto the Aftermarket exhaust it looks like it’s the exact same manufacturer if you look at this component here And then you look at this component over here It looks like they’ve sourced exactly the same thing which is good because it means we know that our fitment is going to be perfect There’s going to be a little spring inside this and the spring is what keeps tension against the mechanism of the motor and The spring so when I pop this out You’ll see the little spring and that lines up with an indent on the inside of the valve Like that so that little spring Goes in that little valve there, and that’s what operates, and I don’t know if you can see down there But that’s what’s going to control oh That little flap is so we’re simply going to line up this spring again with that little valve put this on You feel when that seats and hear a little click like that Sorry 8 mils and then this one here is are ready to go back on the car This valve operates differently depending on which drive mode you’re in so it can adjust the exhaust noise you can delete the valve completely But you need to buy a valve delete plug or the car will lock you out of some of the driving modes For our stealthy objectives. It’s actually a welcome addition in the past We’ve installed aftermarket systems on our Subarus and missins that do a similar thing which keeps them under the radar So getting a system like this from the factory is a real bonus To make sure the exhaust tips are sitting in the perfect position we’re using the Sherrill technique And that’s it how exhaust is done? With our supporting mods done next time on Mighty Car Mods. We load the RS up onto the dyno and bring on the boost

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