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Fluffy Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice)

Mince the onion. Slice the skin off. We’ll use it later. Slice the chicken about a centimeter thick. Get the chicken oil out of the skin by frying it. This will make a big difference in the flavor. Fry the chicken onion butter cooked rice and sauce. Shape the rice. You can use a rice scooper to shape it as well. Beat the eggs. Strain it. Coat the pan with oil. Stir the egg. Carefully fold both sides into the center and flip it. Slice through the egg and pour the sauce on top. Sprinkle some parsley and done.

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100 thoughts on “Fluffy Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice)

  1. I try to make omurice so many time but failed every time ;-;
    The egg is what stuck me the most and only the rice is good ;000

  2. Something I noticed about Japanese recipes, is the absolute lack of salt and pepper. Are they just not mentioned because they're obvious ?

  3. Me: slices onions
    My parents: Are you ok? Why are you crying?
    Me: oh I’m just cutting up onions
    My parents: ok

  4. Are those duck eggs? Chicken eggs do not come that large in America. Not even the jumbo eggs. I have seen duck eggs and those look about the same size but with chicken colored yolks.

  5. What is the best fast food for azn food?? I personally love fried rice but doubt i could cook it is it hard? No pork, just chicken

  6. just want to warn everyone. dont use wood boards to cut raw meat. the wood soaks up juices and can get you sick in the future that way, or when you deep wash it by soaking in hot watter and scrubbing hard, or the dishwasher, the wood glue weakens.

  7. How is nobody asking how tf he gets this much views on EVERY SINGLE video???? Does he buy his views and subscribers or what? Cuz this ain’t possible? And definitely not a coincidence…

  8. Does the onions affect cat eyes too or I’m just bad at cutting onions and alway crying?😅🤣 anyway i love you’re videos!♥️♥️♥️🥀

  9. Hey Jun I was wondering if you can make more Japanese meals but tell us what you are using and the measurements pretty please.

  10. i seriously want jun to feed me everyday (not in a proposal way lmao)

    jun, do you accept adoption requests? pls adopt me.

  11. ビデオがどれほど古くても、ビデオは同じに見えます。一貫性が好きです。素晴らしいビデオ!

  12. だけどねだよなぁと思うけどだからこそできることがっっ火へおhぢbぢhは!ぽ絵よと思うふにふにふと思うけどだからこそできるからいいけどだからこそれん練の時もあるんだけどだからこそできることはなかったのである意味するけどだからこそできるからいいんじゃないかと思

  13. My stomach after seeing every jun meal:no u should eat that not this
    Also my stomach:No dont eat that make it yourself

  14. 2:50 I wonder what would happen if haku failed that jump and landed on the pan…

    I call this dish fried kitten

  15. So jun, i tried this with my very little cooking skills, i did all of the parts and i messed up when i fliped the omelete, yea i need more practice

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