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Flame´s Creed Lanshan 2 Pro y rutilla – Melon Lab

They have changed a few things And I like them Space enough at this side Basically its a lanshan There are no big differences Lets start with the differences In these few days Fist thing that grabs your attention Are these Reinforcements That looks like dyneema or xpac The material its very similar to 3f backpacks Os if it is stronger, then better it is On both sides It looks a bit longer, As an extension So its closer to the ground I think because there is a piece of mesh on each side So the the tent breathe better In strong rain, this will prevent That the rain spash wets the interior The front and the back are still high, to increase air flow Which is good There is no inner tent The top is just this layer of 20d Front and back has mesh fabric So air flows under and thru the upper window Its exactly the same fabric as in the lanshan Siliconized 20d 2000 mm water resistant on top 5000 mm on the ground But lets check the big changes Same ground fabric, its thin So I recommend to use a protection So your tent last longer 3F Thin usual zippers Good morning again Its still a bit thin 120 cm wide But im looking foward to check the length And check it with a air pad So lets start with Melon Lab The most important test Everbody is looking for Wait…. So this tent is lighter than the usual lanshan The interior is longer But consider it is because it has no inner tent I want to check, after feeling a bit claustrophobic in the lanshan 1 From what is see I feel its roomier than the normal lanshan I dont like to be touching the walls all the time This pad its a thermarest venture regular size Around 185 by 51 cm So you can get an idea of the space First sensation I did not expect this, but there is a logic to it It feels a lot higher As there is no inner tent, you got more space Im on top of the pad, and have plenty of space So first good one My head is not touching the fly Plenty of space I was worried about my feet Will extend the side cord I can see there is plenty of space How if perform in the wind No idea today I was planning a relaxing hike With no test or obligations Just a hike I was thinking… just a hike? No test? Mmmmmmm In windy conditions You have to check your stakes Be sure they are well pitched Side winds are used And as always this fabric, tend to extend after pitching it And you have to readjust it a bit And done Its a trekking pole tent Or as im using carbon fiber poles Its a great option if you are using trekking poles anyway An interesting option The interior space Its just right for 2 persons Most of your stuff will need to be outside But being longer, you could put some stuff inside The fabric Its not the strongest But its light and works well Take some time to compress and put it back in the storage bag Its a good option, because we get a 2 person tent that weight Just around 930 grs Not including the carrying bag and pegs But includes all the ropes you see So that weight for a 2 person shelter, its not bad at all If I had to choose now, I will get PRO Why? For me its simpler in many ways Faster to pitch and pack it The volume is a bit less So is more minimalist The air flow looks like its not bad Need to try out a few nights But there are some mesh windows on top, on sides, and large spaces on front and back Its not a 4 season tent, its just a light tent The best for me, the space to sleep, its long enough for me It feels roomier Feels better You dont need to be too worried about touching the walls And thats it, will to a second review in the near future Dont forget the likes, I love them…. What about the hike?

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30 thoughts on “Flame´s Creed Lanshan 2 Pro y rutilla – Melon Lab

  1. Y el avance qué tal,es? Permite dejar en el las mochilas o poner un hornillo y calentar la comida a techo? Es que para mí es una de las cosas más importantes en una tienda

  2. Nice video as usual! I still prefer the Lanshan2 with its double wall and condensation control. But I also own a similar Asta, and in my opinion it is even superior…

  3. Pero esa tienda que tiene mosquitera en los laterales en verano va a tener problemas con los mosquitos, no? Van a entrar por la parte de abajo no? En algunos puntos esta abierta, correcto?
    Otra cosa Cristian, el quilt de Ice Flame cuanto te tardo en llegar? Lo he pedido y es casi un mes esperando 😖, saludos

    El Servidor

  4. what size of carbon fiber poles do you use and do you find it a struggle sometimes not having adjustable poles due to one height?

  5. Muchas gracias por el vídeo. He leído en la descripción de la tienda en AliExpress que las costuras deben ser selladas por el usuario. ¿tú las has sellado? Algún comentario al respecto o que sellante usar?

  6. Que buena tienda y se nota que es Flame's Creed por el color y por los ojales bien como los de mi poncho. Se la ve muy buena y de gran calidad.
    Un abrazo.

  7. El vídeo, con la calidad que te caracteriza, Cristian. La tienda… de estos modelos de dos plazas que unos se copian a otros no me gusta la disposición que se le obliga a ocupar a quien duerme. No me resulta nada cómodo que no sé si los del Feng Sing tendrán o no razón eso de que la cabeza esté casi tocando el techo -y los pies-, incomodidad aparte me da yuyu en caso de condensación.

    Para tienda de dos plazas reales, no como las de la axeman o la xunshang sustentada en bastones de marcha, me resulta mucho más interesante una que acaba de sacar si no me corriges tú en ello 3F UL ( ) que también es ultraligera. Aunque no puedo hablar con autoridad, no la tengo…

    Gracias y enhorabuena por el vídeo, Cristian!

  8. Muchas gracias por el review, muy útil y completo como siempre. ¿La ruta pasaba por las Torres de la pedriza en Madrid?

  9. Hola estimado es un placer escucharte y verte desde La Nucia en Alicante…si quieres probar equipos te vienes
    en febrero a Patagonia que estaré visitando mi casa y campo por allí..sino te mandaré fotos😂😂

  10. Muchas gracias… Por fin una Lanshan en la que quepo… Qué diferencia hay con la Lanshan 2 normal una vez en la bolsa de transporte? Abulta sensiblemente menos?

  11. I spoke with the seller's on Aliexpress,they said they will sell a 4 season model of this,fo you think we can use it on winter,i was thinking about the ventilation and i thought it won't breath well

  12. Hola Melon Bites, I think you should check this video:

    Somebody used your material WTF! Love your humor & vids!

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