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Fjelltur til Mellomvasshytta, Nordfjella, Aurland

“Tough, old women” in the wild It´s snowing in August ! Our backpacks are ready. Come on! You fix this! That´s good! GOOD girl !! GOOD girl !! Then it´s Kajas turn. Some places it is deep. She is halfway. It´s good Kaja ! It is really one step at a time ! Yes! To me ! Yes ! I make it ! You do ! Here we comes 🙂 On snow in rainy weather ! Now we have reaced the cabin where we will seek shelter. Yay !! Mellomvasshytta ! Tove goes to fetch some water. To the left you can see a boat. It´s to our use. This is a nice place ! Here you can see the cabin from the other side. We have already stayed for two days – in bad weather. We are going a hike up to the lakes nearby today. Lower, middle and upper Mellomvatn. A landscape with stones and snow! We are going in this direction. It is not many insects yet. I want to try this lure today – gonna catch some fish! Kiro is inside and Tove is outside, trying to get a weather forecast. Get some mobile contact. Here she comes ! The dogs are so happy! Is it possible to use the mobile outside? No! It isn´t possible to get any weather forecast at this place. It is foggy and a bit rain, we try to make some plans. Tove fillets the nice red trout. Fished by us – today! In this cabin it is possible to survive on fish and good mood 🙂 It´s only 16-17 sunny days every year at this place. We have got a lot of food from two fishermen who left earlier than planned, that´s why we can make delicious dinner with sour cream and leeks today. This is not what we normaly use on our hikes. Fresh trout – with sour cream and leeks ! A enjoyable meal in the cabin, with foggy wether outside. Delicious ! We start the day waiting for the fog to ease. We want to go up on a top today, to try to get the wether forecast. It´s necessary to plan the next days. While we waiting, it´s ok playing solitaire 🙂 I want to show you something interesting, hanging on the wall…. Here it is guestbooks telling the history of the cabin all the time from 1987. We use time reading the stories from people who have stayed here in August the different years. On the wall it is some pictures… This is from a “cave” (small stone cabin), look at our video from it. Lordahytta (” the cabin of the lord “) – this we have visited. This one we think is Alvshelleren – a “cave” we have tried to find. Soon we reach 1600 meter above sea level. All the time we hope to find some internet contact. The fog has eased – now it is blue sky 🙂 Steep uphill !! Even thoug it is a bit tiring uphill, it is more difficult to go downhill with the sleddogs. Today is the main focus “internet” 🙂 and the wether the next days. On our way to the top – we reached the snow! It´s easier to walk on the glacier, it feels good! Much better than the rockery! “Here up in the mountain is freedom and God, down in the lowland stumble the others!” (from the autor Ibsen) All of us love the snow. “There lies a fair land near eternal snow” (from the autor Bjørnson) I think there ‘s been a lot of reindeer at this location. Yes! This is how it is to get in love with snow! It´s great to visit snow in summertime. Maybe we have to leave the snow? Guess we have to do! Now we know that it will be shiny, sunny days – it is great! Icecold water, and we don´t need filter! This is real “Mountain Stream”! Here you see the cabin in the magnificent landscapes – in sunshine! We try to find the way downhill – it´s easiest to walk on small stones and plants. The huge rocks are difficult. At the yard outside the cabin – in sunshine. Today we prepare for some days trip with a tent, in the sunny weather. Tomorrow we will arrive the upper Mellomvatn, and go fishing. This is great! Here nearby you see the outhouse. I think this is one of the best views possible from a outhouse. You forget all about the smell when this is what you see. It´s evening, and we are out the last time for the day with the dogs. It´s sunset time. Here the sun has gone, but in the mountains it still shines. It’s classy 🙂 Look at the glacier over there! Let´s take a look around. We have been on that mountaintop today! It was a nice trip. The sun just left us – right here. Awesome! The little glacier – and the big one. At that place the sun still shines. Hi – it is evening, and Tove has pain in her back. We get a little hurt different places in the body 😉 Yes, we are a bit old, you know 😉 The legs up along the wall, and the head under the table – you have the solution! I have to be a bit careful with my head 🙂 This is an incredible night! The full moon reflecting on the water ! It´s no wind at all ! Awesome ! A rare day ! Video from the hike with tent, fishing and playing will come! Now we want to give our thanks to those who make it possible with this open cabin. Thank you !! to Aurland Fjellstyre, the warden in the mountains of Aurland. We recommend the surroundings here in Nordfjella. Think we have lost our hearts to this place, with wild, beautiful and rocky nature! After some days it is easier to walk in the rocky areas. Here is wild, lonely and beautiful! See you next time – bye bye!

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23 thoughts on “Fjelltur til Mellomvasshytta, Nordfjella, Aurland

  1. +1 Veldig bra !! Det ser appetittvekkende middag – laks med rømme. Det er som et hus. Jeg bruker en drømmeferie i dette huset, fiske, fjell, snø. Veldig veldig fint !!

  2. It is nice to see you again! :))) You make a very satisfied and happy impression in your life, so there is at least over :)) There is a harsh climate, but when the clouds open up and sparkles in the sun on the water – there are grandiose images in the Evening and a fantastic sunset. Another great piece of LIFE, what you have shared with us. Regards Angela from Germany :)))

  3. What an amazing spot! Love your adventures. Such a profoundly beautiful experience. The full moon was the icing on the cake. My puppy always love watching your puppies. Be well.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I watched all the way through and enjoyed it very much.
    "You can take the Viking from his home-land but you can't take the home-land out of the Viking"
    Your videos help to keep me connected to our Viking home-land.

  5. Fin film! 🙂 Kjørte over Aurlandsfjellet i sommer. Fin opplevelse det også. Men absolutt et sted jeg vil pakke sekken og utforske mer. 🙂 Håkon & Ulf

  6. from the moment I began watching your channel I was inspired, so real, so wonderful, once again another beautiful adventure, thanks so much for sharing your trips with us.

  7. Takker nok en gang for at dere tar oss med til fjells og ut på en fantastisk tur. Bare så synd med den tragiske avsluttningen på turen. Håper det går bra med damen. Ellers kan jeg melde om at kniven jeg bestilte kom fram i tide og ble med til fjells og på reinsjakt. Den ble flittig brukt og virket upåklagelig👍

  8. I love these cabins, if only to warm up and have a tea. I'd still rather sleep in m tent. I'm a a bit weird about that.
    Fish fresh from a mountain lake or creek are the best!!
    Well, there is a outhouse that rivals this view, I've been sitting on it just a few day ago 😉
    Thanks for taking us allong to this amazing place!

  9. Flott video jenter,men er det mulig og få litt mer info om turen.Hvor parkerte dere bilen og startet turen innover ?Hvor lang tid brukte dere til fots inn til hytta ?

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