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Fix’n Smashed Vac Tubes & Unstable Car Lifts

what am I not doing the other side why
is this van here it is dirty oh okay well I’m gonna try to sneak around welcome back to welcome everyone it’s
cold outside like 18 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping
and all week isn’t look very warm so I guess can be inside shop work for a
while especially when leg arms returns when he is found we will wrap that up
which I’m hoping to do real soon here it’s really close it needs wrapped up
we’re gonna do it but today I’m gonna go and do some more things that I’ve been
meaning to do and in the last video one is the green back you see we got some
tubing here we got to make some new tubes for that thing they’re getting
wore out my dad’s been working on these and the vac itself has a couple issues
so it’s cold I’m gonna see if that old JD 4520 will start usually it will with
a little bit either in the cold it’s amazing the thing is just old but
it keeps kicking so if I get that warmed up enough to kind of limp it over here
get in the shop then it’ll start warming up then I can work on this afternoon I
still want to fix that lift there and make a bracket the tight end of the
ceiling so that way it’s just a little more secure and we’re lifting heavy
vehicles if someone makes a mistake of not balancing the vehicle correctly on
that to post car lift and then some other stuff so hope you guys enjoy so if
you want to watch me do a little bit of work that’s great cuz that’s what I’m
doing and the beard is still coming in not too bad it’s feeling better now I
don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this thing I’m not really a beard guy so
like I said when I got returns this might go because he’s the beard guy I’m
not I’m just filling in for him for the time being let’s be a little nicer
barber there’s the old girl batteries hooked up
I didn’t put half gas and this thing if you guys are wondering no it doesn’t
like it cracked window open just a hair we got a little teeny hole and the
intake snorkel spout that we made that I kind of wish we did and I’ll talk about
that later and you can spray the liter in there when you go crank this thing
we’ll see we can start this not enough juice I am surprised this
thing usually has enough start but I gotta get the pickup so let’s get a
pickup sorry with jumper cables hook onto this thing to charge and hopefully
get started if you’re a red paint it would have started come to think of it
one of his acts been around the area okay round two
Bowman’s gram it’s got a Cummins in it Cummins run gonna cold I’ll see you
again sorry the most I’ve ever seen that poor thing
struggle Wow reading some engine work to it it needs its wrapper and really bad
take the top cover off about maybe get some injector work done I don’t know
we’ve never really done this engine we just took out of the column I put it in
here so I’ll that’ll warm up a little bit that will lift it over the shop then
put in the warm building but it’s falling like this this lentil
Idol slowly shifting gears just let aisle there’s no reason to rabbits just
last take its time I hate even started today but should add as a shop so maybe
go oh really so in regards this vac what needs to be
done is right here there’s a bracket that holds a bearing on the sliding and
when we were back in a day something broke the bolt off and so the
brackets kind of twisted which is causing a little bit of a squealing
sound I want to check that bearing make sure the bearings good I think it’s fine
but got to take threads out of this bolt here and then putting the bolt back in
and square it up I’ve got a seal four right here this is between the fan side
and whatever this chamber is called and this seal there’s a minute gap that you
can feel the air sucking when you put your hand on it I usually just wrap tape
around it but anytime you’re sucking air in any gap or spot that’s not at the end
of the nozzle you’re losing capacity on the back
because it’s sucking air from the side so anytime you can tighten up any leaks
around she’ll have more back chassis so I have a seal it’s somewhere in the shop
I got to find I think it’s hanging on the wall somewhere I’ve had it for quite
a while and then the tractor it needs really the rack Ram needs a valve cover
taken off I don’t know if I’m to do that right now but I would like to do that
sometime it would help it run a little better start a little better this
snorkel that we built for this thing at the time when we dropped this engine in
here this engine was out of a 7700 John Deere combine the intake manifold and
the exhaust manifold we’re different than the manifolds of originally on the
engine so what that end up doing is it didn’t square up to where the original
airbox was on here and we thought you know what
Ravin having the airbox under the hood let’s just put it here take the one off
the columbine so we rerouted the plumbing because of time we didn’t
really have any intentions of restoring this tractor and because we just wanted
to make it functional so we quickly whip this together well we didn’t have the
green back when we did this that’s way up in the air now right in line with the
grain vac exhaust so half ply might look up in the wind changes direction or we
just forget to change and we’re blowing chaff into the intake of this thing
which is not good so I’m half tempted to take this snorkel off and drop the
intake down we just didn’t want any on this tire for dust when you’re driving
but we hardly drive this thing down the road because it’s usually just running a
green back so really the intake needs to be somewhere else she just actually suck
from inside the cab but that would help a little bit there’s two bolts that hold that
flighting in there’s two on the other side the ones broke and there’s two on
this side I’m thinking to get the threads out of X I got a pack of threads
out there the bolt broke off threads are still in the end I’m gonna take the
bolts out of this side then one on the other side should be I’ll slide the
whole flighting out the other side so then I get the threads out and slide it
back in and I put four new bolts in a cross whole thing at our work so there’s Darren holder I think the
berries okay refinish it feels like here’s thread than you come out right
there so I’ll see if I can grab some vice grips I might be able to see those
off of vice grips but i can’t i’m probably to weld a nut on the back of
that and then back it off we’ll try vice grips first i’m just looking at this
bearing think it’ll be okay just study right out looking for a bolt
I think this one will work perfect okay just need a washer let’s put it back
together there’s easy fix perfect okay Greece always out agrees Oh
blood Greece in it like I’m always one put Greece these things oh there’s not
even a Greece tube in this thing how do you get full of Dreams I didn’t even
have to be someone scoop grease and just stuff grease in it or something
oh no well I don’t how much is in there you see there’s a little left it doesn’t
completely clean them out well it wasn’t even a two minute I don’t know that’s
weird somebody must have taken it off and then
there’s always a little bit of golf oh yeah I just surprise expected out this
tube in there yeah I think this is all wrapped up it’s all greased berry and I
felt fine bolts are in flighting spins freely
we’re good there I’m gonna tackle the seal now see if I can get that off
forgot to put it on there without ruining the seal and make a bigger mess
check the belt tensioner I’ll check the team down there make sure
it’s all griefs down there and just mess with some tubing we got to do a little
work to this kind of stuff and dad’s head in the town he’s gonna get some
different two carriage bolts so we can bolt these flanges on the tubes I’m
gonna check the tractor a little bit and then this will be good we’ll check this
off the list so when we do sell some grain here I
think we’re probably gonna be marketing some grain in the next couple weeks so a
little bit of let me use this machine here quite a bit
papa let’s see we’re dealing with here I’ve been letting it thaw because it was
kind of frozen actually all good a little bit dirty in here a little bit us
from pulling off the ground that was a messy job but it seems our awesome
cleanup the seal on this rubber right around the gasket and everything and
then I’m gonna take off the one that goes to this seal here cuz that’s the
one that’s giving us the leakage let’s fix it looking at this I think it just glued on
there I looked at the package I thought I saw a little adhesive strip and peel
off so I’m guessing this just got adhesive so I can just there’s no rivets
or anything holding on so I’ll just peel that off rubbers rot and I can just
break with my hands you wonder why there’s always belts hanging here these
are extra belts we had a couple break a while back like literally when we first
bought this thing so we put all new belts on it and it’s kind of a pain to
get belts on it because you have to take this bearing holder off lift the
driveline up slip some around so we just left them wired them up and left them in
here but original ones that bird broke has spares basically so when these go
out we’ll just flip one of those and put it on there
look-the either one they’ve been holed up so I guess I’ll just leave them there well that’s a joke I know the metal is
cold but that adhesive that doesn’t stick very good
I’ll try warming it up tried a second time but maybe L hope it’s a very
similar adhesive compound like we’d used for fender flares on like a pickup or
visors or stuff it’s kind of putty glue stuff and I think it was just it was too
cold the metal was cold the rubber was cold heat gun got a nice and warm and
then apply a lot of pressure pinching it around it’s sealed pretty good so we’re
good I’m excited that’s awesome now that’s all tied up I’m gonna do
something a little different that Brandt really hadn’t planned on one of the
issues we have a lot with a lot of our bins is the height of this bout right
here these are too low or too high so ones that happened a lot of times when
we but the bin door with this adapter here the angle is so aggressive to get
the tube the short tubes you want the bin as close to the back as you can get
the shorter the distance is from where it’s pulling from the more volume you’re
gonna get but that tube usually does a weird curl way up curl way down and try
to meet into here and what happens with that is it hurts the flex in the tube
and I mentioned to you where the tube out
what I’ve been want to do for ages is build an adapter that’s like a 30 degree
45 degree just somewhat of a little elbow that goes in just to change the
angle so that way it’s a natural curve for the Flex tube so you don’t damage it
like we do all the time I do have to come up with a plan somewhere cuz I’m
gonna save this one so I’ll have to find one but I got to get some seven inch
tubing to do this I think we have an auger over at our graveyard call the
Quonset and I believe it’s a seven inch auger so I’m gonna take the concrete saw
right here drive over there in the blister coal blistery coal
and sawed off a chunk of that and bring it over here and then try to create an
elbow by slicing and welding see if we get it but it’s gonna be cold so let’s
go do it at least I’m talking about starting to
fire cuz there’s snow on the ground yeah torgeson truck here
just visiting keeping tabs on us making sure that we’re working they like us to
work because we work and we make money we make money we buy equipment and we
buy equipment they’re happy now that section on that works he’s just visiting
let’s go cut up to Bob Manon is that temperature yet let’s see
if we can find this tube got to grab my tape measure somewhere here
one of these tubes I think it might be right over the air will check hopefully
is a 7-inch and doesn’t have flighting in it and it’s a salvaged auger that
we’ve decided to use for this kind of stuff
where’s my measuring tape at you get tied in here pull that there perfect
all right let’s go take a look find this tube okay well that one right there that
one would work it’s got a flange on the end I really don’t want that on there
I’d probably cut that off but Hobby set augers not gonna get use any other place
so it wouldn’t be bad if I chop that one up but just in case her happens me a
chunk of an auger sitting here that’s seven inches I’d like to chop that off
instead that’s an 8 inch right there that’s not gonna work I think that might
be the candidate okay well before I freeze to death let’s fire up that demo
saw and go to town another thing does someone call for a blizzard but
it’s like almost zero degrees Fahrenheit out here well I sat down in the office looking
for some band clamps like that see who sells something similar to this so I get
one so I’m gonna need one to make this elbow and then I ended up on the
manufacturers websites for this guy and a couple other different ones and they
sell elbows that are already made nice and smooth
I’m sure they’re gonna be a lot of money because they don’t get those things away
why don’t I just buy one what am i doing and I do want some 7-inch – I’m glad I
cut this off because we usually need a little splice here and there to connect
opposite ends together as well as use them for some other tubing stuff with
you so it’s good I got that I mean what we use that but I’m just gonna order
something it was over an elbow it’s already made so got your hopes up for
nothing and I went and froze my my tush out there with the demo saw for no
reason let’s move on to the next project and that next project is these things
dad’s been working on them he had some things to do so I’m gonna take over
they rivet these clamps to the flexible tubing we don’t have a rivet that big so
what we’re doing instead is I’m gonna drill out holes and use these basic
carriage bolts put them up through from the nuts up tight grind off the thrust
of threads and that will hold it just as tight as well actually better than the
rivets so that’s my job now let’s put these together and get these tubes done
and then I think the back is good to go and then I’m gonna mess with that lift good I guess well I’ll move on to the
next one I just decided plasma off all the ends of the threads there that way
doesn’t snag your pants your hands into grab this tube this will work it’ll work
so we’re gonna make one long tube because we always be in a longer one I’m
probably gonna just turn this whole thing into one really long back tube the
only downside with doing that is I don’t know how we’re gonna hit it on the back
of this vac very well we might just kind of loop it around somewhere but there’s
always a time when we need a little bit longer a flex tube well I brought it
over this stuff flexes a lot easier than the other old stuff which could be two
things one the other stuff has been rained on and sat outside on off and so
it’s just stiffer because of time and rust and age and not or it could be that
this stuff’s a lot lighter and won’t last as long but we’re gonna find out
one way or another it wasn’t cheap I think this is more exhaust flex to mean
it’s smooth on the inside which is what we want because anytime you have a flex
tube you reduce some of your path to your vac it creates friction so we don’t
want that turbulence all that kind of stuff I’m just gonna make it as long as
the whole thing I think we’re gonna find use for being that long we’re always are
so got the ends right here dad kind of worked them back into shape or they
should be let’s uh pop this inside there and make this work done I’m a little
skeptical on this too just handling it’s it’s pretty light it’s really just
exhaust tube mean I think it’s all it is it’s a lot lighter than say this stuff
this stuff it’s designed what’s this a hos master t-rex yeah that stuff’s
expensive to give you guys perspective of why we’re making our own besides the
fact that those got ruined last I heard one of these tubes it’s
like a thousand bucks for just one or at least in that ballpark you’re looking at
like three four thousand dollars and tubes for this thing that’s just insane
so much money but like that’s dinner right here it’s just a lot lighter wall
I’m pretty sure the lights fence is not gonna be anywhere near what those are
because we reason those cost a lot depends how much we use this thing it’s
really flexible which is really awesome because it sure makes for nice
management inside the bin moving around but I’m skeptical we’ll see if it stays
together I’m kind of thinking it’s probably an open up they have opens
minore probably shorten it shorten it and get
rid of it but you know what maybe it’ll surprise listen it will look great but
it’s done and it’s like probably 10 feet long that’s pretty cool
so I’ll widen stuff put it on there and we’re done I’m still really skeptical about this
pipe miss tubing I’m wondering I thought we were told we bought this that guys
have used it for suction tube but I just got a feeling it might suck air through
all these seams hopefully not oh noes we’ll try it but this together I got to
order some more of these since I found a place where I can get them hopefully get
some more clamps ordered get some more in order to get that elbow ordered and
if this doesn’t work we’re just got to pony up and buy us up all the big tubes
for a couple grand which are expensive but you just got to do it oh all right
jack is good to go now regarding that originally I thought I would just take a
piece of flat iron and weld it to the frame of the shop and weld it to that
post up there but that’s really not a great way to do things especially
because it’s me some flexing and stuff it really should be bolted so I’m
thinking instead if I make a bracket to attach it I probably should drill holes
in this as well as the i-beam that runs across the top of the shop to bolt it to
as that way you can always take it apart instead of cutting it if you want to
move this post wherever reason or if some happens and someone runs into this
thing and bends it or whatever we have to take it down but I don’t know what to
do if I want to do two or one probably have this fan right here that was here
before we put this to post lift in it’s right on the edge I could probably put a
strap on the corner of it over and I should probably do two on this thing cuz
two would probably be a lot safer than one though it just needs something just
to kind of keep it so it doesn’t shake it all really all I want so I gotta take
much let’s get the lip to look at it closer see your watch
I can shake that thing just by hand it’s gonna be lifting a 10,000 pound vehicle
I think it should be a little more secure than math this is what we’re
talking about that’s a solid i-beam that holds up the roof the shop it’s not
going anywhere so I was thinking that’s pretty thin now all right there that
really doesn’t have a whole lot of structure that we’re really needs
anchored is into this I said I got two bolts on the top of that end and that
end over there and this fan is gonna chop my fingers off and alternately
I should probably you’re thinking about it there’s plenty of threads on there
take the nuts off build a flat iron bracket that comes over angles up ties
into here somewhere if I don’t cut our airline also to lift this up poke a hole
through put it up through bolt it to both sides
I think that’s the best way to do it this is gonna take a little while to get
this figured out let’s get some flat iron well what it’s some nice flat iron
heavy enough gauge steel I gotta do some diggin here in Sierra pickup something
that’ll work I think I found a candidate this one looks to be heavy enough and
there’s plenty of it so I can make two pieces one for each side it’ll work good
it’s not gonna take much this is gonna be plenty all right let’s measure let’s
chop some of this up figure out the bolt holes drill those out and then go up
there with a drill drill into that beam put both them up there then get a brush
some blue paint make it look nice the leg arms isn’t upset when it comes back
is he coming back I think he is drilling against gravity is not easy you
can’t put any body weight into it get that drip lid in there but I did manage
to get him drilled out I had to use a smaller bit the pre drill hole the way
we put this paneling up here put insulation we insulated it sealian while
back I just had no room to slip that bolt in from the top so I had to put it
in backwards but my lock washers are a little oversized we’re out of the size
for these bolts so I’d use those but that’s on and that is secure and there
is no no flex at all in anymore awesome oh that’s been a lot of years we
would need him to do this that is great I’ll feel way better now way better when
we put a heavy vehicle on there because there’s been times I’ve had like the
foam ones on there and I was working on the back of it and I was trying to pull
down something on the bumper or something and the whole thing was just
like doing this I’m like oh this is gonna rip out of the floor and crush
somebody maybe they don’t but it just made me nervous and I thought you know
what tired of being nervous I’m gonna be safe so I think it’ll work
cool well I suppose it’s probably about that time to get off my feet because
they hurt and get home see the kids eat some grub get ready for lag arms to come
back because he’s coming back he’s definitely coming back he had a good
time where he’s at but it’s time for him to come back and we’re gonna get to work
on this girl finish that thing up it’s happening don’t worry guys it’s
happening and then we have some things to discuss of what our next project is
gonna be after this thing’s running there’s a couple secrets we have with
this girl once she gets going now we’re gonna do hopefully if the ground is not
frozen after that we got to do something fun this winter there’s a few things
that are kind of in the works guys and it’s gonna be completely different than
what you expect and then we’ve got the Wagner there’s a pickup that we’d like
to work on to kind of a hot rod pretty cool deal so we’ve got options but
there’s another one that could very well present itself and if it does just
expect it to be a little bit different than what you have seen so far on this
channel that’s okay cuz it’s winter months and
this is the months where we do things that aren’t typical that’s what makes
Walker farms kind of interesting to watch so guys thanks for watching I made
a quickie this is quickie our wheelchair yes we’ve got a wheelchair it’s fun to
ride around in I am going to sign off here and go do what I need to do so
thanks for watching god bless take care guys and we’ll see on the next video
coming soon later

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  5. You folks are very blessed to have such a well equipped shop. There is a lot of wisdom in maintaining your own bone yard of dead vehicles and equipment. Dead doesn't necessarily mean useless. The whole unit may be useless but parts can potentially nearly live forever. I know a master automotive machinist that built a desert racing monster out of an AMC 396cid engine using some internal components from Pontiac, Ford, Chevy and Mopar. Then he and his buddy put that 600+ HP stroker in an old CJ7 and desert raced it with great success.

    Thanks for showing DIY projects. This kind of sharing can inspire others to think for themselves so as to turn away from the disposable mentality that the fast food lifestyle has sadly promoted.

  6. Mr. Welker, I have a roll-around shop charger made by Sun. One of the manufacturer warnings is this: Do not hook the negative clamp onto the negative post of the battery. Hook it to the frame of the vehicle. If the battery is not in a vehicle then hook it up to a jumper cable and then hook the jumper cable up to the battery. I believe that this rule applies to all chargers as I've seen it elsewhere. This prevents the battery from boiling during charging. Just a suggestion, bro.

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