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First meeting with the ocean and getting the pilgrim credentials in Irún | Day 3 of Camino del Norte

Good morning! It’s our third day of Camino del Norte. Our plan for today is to cross French- Spanish
border and then to find an official route of Camino del Norte because it starts in village
Irun. And probably we’ll find a church and buy a
pilgrim passsport. It’s not very important for us but it’s kind
of interesting how it looks like and maybe it will be useful in the future who knows. So we’re going to do that. Also we want to find some shop to buy me a
T-shirt because we only bring one for me and it’s not enough. So we’ll do that as well. For the first time we see big long ocean waves,
it’s incredible. We are speechless of this beauty and it should
be a great surfing spot as well. The sand is so soft. We forgot to tell you during the night we heard owl. A lot, probably it was communicating with
the others and overall this place is full of birds and animals, so we heard a lot of
them singing, it was so nice. Now on the horizon we start to see some mountains
and the path will go there so finally the true Camino will start, the true hard Camino. It’s a question how do they get to this boats,
they are very little. They get on another boat to get to these,
because it’s like in the middle of the water or just swimming. Now we have to go around this huge bay of
water but there is a ferry that crosses the border from France to Spain so maybe there
is an option to take because there is a huge round. Actually you lose like 3 kms or so. It seems like in every hike that we do, we
have to cross the border. Cross border fans that’s who we are. That’s where the official Camino starts, we’re
at the very start of it. That’s the caos of traffic in Irun because
of the border. Got the credentials with our first stamp,
looks very fancy. Bought some fruit, grapes, plums, yougurts,
we’ll have a picnic now. While we are chilling out here in the park,
we are discussing just our impressions from the city Irun, our first Spanish city. It’s not bad, but it’s a big city, we thought
that it would be smaller. But in terms of language you can hear the
Basque language here definetely. But lots of the people are speaking Spanish
which is an international language. And if you speak Spanish you won’t have problems
here. When we were in the church we saw a lot of
paper statistics, it means there are a lot of pilgrims on the way. And it’s quite popular as well as the French
Way. We are just starting to get out of the city
which is pretty big. We lost lots of time here, in the city you
lose the track of time. But we did lots of things like visiting the
bank cause we had the problem with the bank account, printed some documents, receiving
credential and stuff. So now we can go quietly all the way as long
as we need to. And we still have 5 hours of a day to walk. Now we started to see lots of indicators of
the Camino. But they actually are a bit confusing, and
on the crossroads you don’t find any and then out of nowhere there is a direction. So we prefer to download the GPS track of
official Camino and we prefer to have the indicators to walk through cause then we’re
confused and we’re losing lots of time. So we have a great respect for people who
are not using GPS and are able to walk like this but it’s not for us. All of a sudden I started laming on the right
leg cause my knee started to hurt. That’s my old trauma from childhood, sometimes
it starts to hurt. And now it’s the wrongest time because we
still have 9 kms left and I don’t know if I am able to do that in this moment. We decided to skip the part of the Camino,
now we are going away from it. We decided to do that for the sake of the
beautiful views of the ocean cause that is what we are here for, for the stunning views. We want to walk at the edge of the ocean. By accident we are out on the GR route and
from our experience the GR routes are the hardest ones going through the mountains and
the hardest paths. But probably the most beautiful so we are
going to it. Chocolate is always great source of energy
which we really need now. Now we’ve got the dilemma whether we should
go all the way to San Sebastian to the outskirts of it to our camping site, because there is
no other campsite until the city of San Sebastian. Or whether we should be stealth camping here
at the edge of the ocean. But probably we’ll go with the second one
because we’re running out of time it’s already like 5.30 pm, the daytime is almost over. Probably all we’ll do now is to find the campground
for us. Even though there are signs of the tent crossed
so it’s prohibited here but we have no other option to opt for. For the night it’s going to be ok. They are so annoyed by the flies. Geology of these places is very interesting,
haven’t seen this before. It’s sandy ground with the rocks and the rocks
are with huge pores. We’re loaded with lots of food and water right
now so this path is kind of hard. Very abrupt cliff. What is this creature, is it a snake, lizard
of kind of worm. Do you know? We found the spring, it’s good for the cooking
water and maybe we’ll have kind of improvized shower. Because we’re very sweaty. Is it good? Perfect. Feels so much more fresh after taking a shower
in the spring. It was a new experience for us. It actually feels so good. But now we have to find the stealth camping
spot and it’s very hard here because of the unevenness of the ground. There’s no flat surface and lots of bushes
and hard strong grass, not sure where we’ll stop today. As you can see here this is the ground that
we’ve got, all full of bushes and needly plants. So this is really hard to find the spot. I think we found the spot for today’s night,
there is a slope but not as much as in the other places. And not on the road, this is a dirt road but
we are afraid that maybe some cars will come at night and we don’t want that to happen. So it was definetely hard but beautiful day. We spent lots of time on the pavement, in
the city today. Lost a lot of time as I said already. But the rest of the day we chose to spend
at the oceanside it was the best decision ever, that’s what we are here for, to capture
all of this beauty. To see all of this eternity of the ocean,
that is indescribable, so great. But definetely with this route that goes along
the ocean with its ups and downs, lots of rounds. And it’s more distance, more kms. So probably tomorrow we’ll be going back to
the official Camino del Norte. Because we want to get to San Sebastian ideally
till the midday but we’ll see how it goes. Maybe we’ll get there till the afternoon. Until tomorrow! Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed our video feel free to give
it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to always stay up to date with all our recent
hikes and adventures. Make sure to check out the detailed map of
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we’ll see you in our next video! Bye!

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1 thought on “First meeting with the ocean and getting the pilgrim credentials in Irún | Day 3 of Camino del Norte

  1. Good luck with your Camino. My son and I walked parts of the Camino del Norte in June and July 2018 (Gijon to Luarca and then Abadin to Santiago) arriving on July 7 and staying in albergues instead of camping. We used the Village to Village Map Guide Camino del Norte as our primary guide. You are at the beginning of a wonderful experience. The trails along the ocean will provide lots of views and ups and downs. I look forward to your posts and following your progress. Buen Camino!

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