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Figure it Out: on the Hayduke Trail – Section 2

Intro music created by: John Richard Thompson, Jacob David Van Loon & Now With Real Humans It’s definitely not a regular three, that’s for sure It definitely should not I’m nice to make this row. I Can’t really fall down a canyon and potentially no one would forgive you for a while I think a lot of the gnarly stuff is like really fun. Actually, though. Oh, yes I’m so much more dense with cool stuff than I expected This whole trail has been about problem-solving. I didn’t want to have a well-worn path to follow the whole way I wanted to kind of figure this stuff out on my own Everybody can find something out here for themselves it’s just about finding the thing that you enjoy doing and Looking for the metaphors in it There are people based on pan out here it’s absolutely it’s a It’s just another thing on the list of stuff I’m never going to do We are on our way out of Moab, but now that our friends are gone, it’s just Betty and I and It’s starting to feel like a real true hike heading towards Canyonlands Candyland, yeah Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m gonna eat that Apple Who does that That’s free water I’ll just cut away the dirty parts Second day in a row of road walking This road walking is kind of just like busywork It’s faster walking, but it’s boring You just try and get it out of the way with and there’s always good parts at the end Section 1 complete Living the good life Section 1 let’s see. I Broke a pole. I Popped a ligament in my knee that’s gonna be an issue pretty much late and every day I think I just tore my pants this morning But they’re duct-taped together until I can get the ambition up to the motivation to stitch them together the road walking the dust from the road walking other than that We’re doing pretty good. Yeah, not bad Now that we have section 1 done it kind of feels like we have a little chunk of the trail knocked off Milestones are an important part of any large task this gives you something to work towards and It also gives you a place to just kind of sit down and relax and take in the view There is a place called base camp out there on the other side of Herat pass He’ll help you with water and stuff like that. He’s real friendly to Haiti travelers We are on our way out of the base camp with a stoked level of ten I am there That place is pretty awesome The guy’s a pet tortoise African horned tortoise. Okay. His name is Cole Bay Back there and we arrived at the base camp It was still early in the day and we still have a lot of miles to do left in this section But that place is just way too good to pass up. That’s the kind of experience. That only comes along Very rarely, even though it didn’t really fit into our schedules It made a lot of sense to stay there anyway But now that we’re leaving this little paradise in the desert, I think we’ve got some gnarly stuff coming up In the next couple days wait Did you think of a left or to the right I’m looking forward to it I’m just not thinking about it that much Just do don’t think pity’s in denial As we get further into the trail city and I will be more comfortable I can got our own one thing about these long-distance hikes is that I Really enjoy moving at my own pace. We’re both pretty independent and whoever’s behind always ends up catching up eventually After about three days of road walking We are finally going in cross country Just left the dirt road to drop down into Lockhart Canyon. Now, let the mindless busy work of the road is out of the way this type of hiking just changed a lot a lot more thought involved because I have to figure out a way to Get down into this Canyon The maps give us a good idea, but there’s still a lot of work that we have to figure out on our own Oh I don’t know and ease it down slowly. That seems so slippery though You’re almost there almost on the rack level Silla Rock no more Right there like an itch more Turn up there, it looks a lot worse. Yeah When you start going down, you can’t feel your foot touching anything. Yeah, exactly God should definitely be Aware of the fact that the climbing this is really easy. I Thought I read on the website This little text there right under the head you Slogan, and they say it’s only for peak physical condition People I was like, yeah, it’s the same bullshit as always, but then on trail like some of the clamps have been really challenging It’s been way too fur than we thought but it’s also like a really rewarding Trek You definitely have a lot of beautiful days on trail. It’s like even if you’re not enjoying it as much it’s only 800 miles So you’re not stuck in it forever you can get done with this You’re turning into an animal Nice a long day I didn’t Got hungry Sorry, buddy Yesterday was a long and hot day without water we got to the end of the day and I barely had any water left, but he still had a good amount left and He offered to give me some of his but I didn’t want to take any handouts if I could help it we hiked into the night and Finally found a spot where we could drop down into this wash just at the end of this wash up here. There’s a an old waterfall that must have dug a hole into the ground and there’s a good pool of water that we could pull from so As if finding water wasn’t difficult enough sometimes when we do find a good source of water, it’s really salty It’s kind of like drinking ocean water But at least this time there’s a couple more sources coming up We’re just coming off of a nice long lunch break in Preparation for another descent into the canyons. How’s your Stoke level for the canyons? For I Think this stuff is fun But it can also be super sketchy and we don’t know exactly how to get through this stuff. So it’s a lot of Figuring it out on the fly Descending down into these canyons is descent into the unknown. We just Continuously come to these places where it seems like there’s no way around And so we have to kind of fan out and explore and just look for another way down but that’s kind of the point of these whole adventures in the first place is an exploration into the unknown We just screwed up really bad After walking down this wash for basically the whole afternoon We found out that it wasn’t the right one After we left the road we got sucked down into a canyon that was completely the wrong Canyon and we basically just went backwards for I Don’t know two or three miles We’re both kind of low on water and We don’t see any water coming up for the rest of the day, basically We are not March Kind of seems like everything’s going wrong. So it’s really easy to go down a negative path and then you kind of spiral downward all that does is make It more likely that you’re going to make bad decisions and make the situation even worse So I find it helps to at least try and focus on whatever a little positive things that you can find So, this is our route out of the canyon that we shouldn’t have been in in the first place Once we get to the top Then we’ll take a road Back to About where that mountain is, which is where we took our lunch break at about noon. So this is where it all went wrong This is a poll that marks where we were supposed to leave the road to drop down into the canyon And that was about six hours ago Give me a Stoke level Hilarious and my stuff is in the negative territory It wouldn’t be a great story if something didn’t get fucked up along the way Now the next step is to figure out what to do See if we’re gonna actually find some water for tonight or if we’re gonna be camping dry We made it to this big drop-off last night we had no water left and we camped just Saw this morning that the water is right down there It’s so cold this morning Yeah, it is freezing. Oh It’s down into like the low 30s and it’s windy And we’re very thirsty Let’s do it Just a couple edge drops and then we get to drink water these are good steps Yeah You gonna goggle Yes, there’s water Toder yeah Stilt level is back up at about an eighth again. We actually know where we are We’re going the right way and we’re walking through some really cool stuff right now Traveling through the wilderness. There is so much more that can happen in a day. I Like to think that I Experienced about as much in a day of through hiking as I do and maybe a week in regular life There are a lot more extreme highs and lows and emotion and if it’s something that you’re aware of You can learn how to Extend the extreme highs and kind of mitigate the extreme lows I’m gonna roll my pack down and then I can do it. Okay now he’s pack list. I Still don’t love it Okay, use the tools yep The wilderness is a tool for teaching us how to problem-solve We just don’t have very many resources at our disposal That’s what makes experience. So important no matter what we’re doing because Out here the physical toolkit pretty much always stays the same You could never carry more than what you can put in your backpack but experience is basically limitless and the more experience one has the bigger their toolkit actually is It’s just going to be a short day of road walking today just have about four miles till we get to the needles outpost and That’ll be our next resupply point. It’s not quite a town stop all I have is like a restaurant and a little store and Maybe some campsites But that’s all we really need. They’ll give us a chance to rest up charge everything and Maybe even take a shower Okay, well Here’s the situation We’ve been pretty stoked about getting in for a resupply and once we got to the outpost I Started just kind of thinking about what lies ahead Anybody who watches my blooper reel is gonna know that I’m just not comfortable with a lot of these descents and a sense When we screwed up a couple of days ago and went down the wrong Canyon it Really made me realize that when we’re out here in these elements even the smallest mistake can be Magnet magnified a hundred times and It made me see how people can really get in to a bad dangerous situation we hung out here at the outpost and Chelsea the young lady who works here Has graciously offered to take me back to Moab. I turn 55 next week It’s my official retirement. And so I can go do whatever I want wherever I want and the cool thing is There’s just an uncertainty about that and that’s fine. It’s gonna be fun to see where I land the biggest lesson that I take away is if If we’re doing something that is not fun, then there’s no point enjoying it go do something. That’s fun Well just like that, I’m on my own now We didn’t see this coming not even fit II saw this coming this morning Once vide and I started looking over the maps for this next section it was starting to look pretty rough and the past few days have already been pretty hard with the exposure that we’ve been dealing with and lack of water and all that and I mean I find it kind of exciting but that’s not that kind of hiking that videos out here for So it’s definitely a bummer that he’s not continuing on from here, but I totally understand there’s a popular saying among through hikers and it’s hike your own hike and if this isn’t your kind of hike then it would be stupid to continue on Back in the bad times, it’s nice to have a buddy – hi cliff. Yeah yeah, I remembered some hikes in New Zealand where I was pretty down and then you just keep thinking about all the bad stuff and Then you go lower lower. Yeah To be honest, it wouldn’t like to hike it alone If you like alone just to know that if something happens and you just lie there for days even just twisting your ankle And you’re in a 20-mile Drive stretch. It’s like You could be in it’s 100 degrees 90 degrees hundred degrees out You’d be in a pickle pretty quickly One of the things I like the best about the Hayduke is I feel like I’m in the wilderness Sometimes and you’re on your own and if you screw up you screw up, but no one’s there And that’s it’s hard to find So unless anybody Or some whatever reason actually watches this and life don’t come do it because the best part is that you’re not out here I Kind of like the solitude out here. There are definitely times when I feel lonely in camp or when I get into town But I actually enjoy hiking alone Out here. There is plenty of time and no distractions the only thing you have to keep you company is your own thoughts and That’s something that has become increasingly hard to find in regular life a lot of people use distractions to keep from thinking about those negative thoughts in the back of their mind and if they aren’t dealt with I think it’s a lot, like you’re walking towards a cliff and Just ignoring that the cliff is there you don’t want to fall off a cliff So you would rather just ignore it, but that cliff is coming up either way and if you deal with those negative thoughts early enough Then maybe you can find a safe way down the cliff but if you ignore them Then you’re just gonna fall off a cliff I’ve come to one of those places where there is only one way out of this canyon and it’s up there They said there’s some sort of chimney climb Once it actually looks a little bit more doable up close

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9 thoughts on “Figure it Out: on the Hayduke Trail – Section 2

  1. Hey Alex, I had a brief chat with you near Hite. I am enjoying these videos and they answer a lot of questions I had. I think you've done an outstanding job and deserve millions of views. Anyways I can't wait to see the rest… The footage you captured is incredible. Makes me wish I was back in Utah!

  2. Another interesting chapter here Alex; you again captured the difficult and imposing terrain well. Bummer about the long backtrack. I remember something about your plan to carry an InReach. Did you bring an off-line GPS as well?
    This video comes well timed as I prepare for a multi night (loop) trip in to the Needles District this coming week…

  3. Reminds me of Jamal Green’s epic Utah adventures. I love that area of America! Gutsy to handle it solo, that’s for sure. Carpe Diem!

  4. Do these guys even have a compass? The canyon they got lost in was going an entirely different direction. Too bad they don't say ANYTHING in this video about how to route-find (or how not to), how to Leave No Trace in the sensitive desert habitat, or how to be a good hiker. Of course they don't say anything about the geology and plant life and wildlife all around them, because they don't know anything about it, unfortunately. They don't explain how to travel in the desert without crushing living things, without polluting water sources, or without hurting yourself. They briefly show some ancient indigenous rock art panel of some kind, and don't say anything about that, probably because they don't know anything about it. But they might have at least mentioned proper respect for such things, not vandalizing them, etc. They show a snakeskin, with a soundtrack of generic electronic music. Woooooooo.

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