Fern Canyon California Hike – Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Today we are going to explore Fern
Canyon Fern Canyon is located in northern
California about two miles outside the small town of Orick. The hike into the
canyon is very easy but you do have to drive about eight miles down a narrow
gravel road that winds through the redwoods to get to the trailhead. Fern
Canyon is a popular destination and it’s easy to see why. Even Steven Spielberg
described Fern Canyon as an unforgettable natural wonder and scenes
from Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World were filmed here. Fern Canyon is part of
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. If you’re driving north from Orick on
highway 101 you will turn left onto Davidson Road about two miles after you
pass through Orick you will turn left. Then you will drive through what is called elk meadow. It is a big meadow where wild elk hang out. So make sure you stop and see
if you can see some. Then you will continue straight and start up the
gravel road. There are no trailers or RVs allowed on the road since it’s very
narrow. The road is narrow and winding but it’s very pretty because you’re
driving right through the redwoods. You will continue about six miles up the
gravel road until you reach the pay station. When we went it costs eight
dollars for a day pass for parking. Make sure you bring cash or checks since they don’t take credit cards. After the pay station the road opens up and you can even see the ocean. You will continue for three more miles on the gravel road. You will see pull out areas where you can park and go to the beach and even a
camping section along the side of the road that leads to the trailhead. There
are spots on the road that have really large potholes that might be hard for
smaller cars, but we did see small cars that were able to make it. Also it does
say on the website that you should check with road conditions during the rainy
months because they sometimes have to shut down the road when it’s bad weather due to downed trees and flooding. Hi guys, we just made it to Fern Canyon and the parking lot is super full so we had to park a little bit down this gravel road
and we’re gonna walk down to the trail head. Yhe gravel road will eventually dead in
into the parking lot where there’s a bathroom and a trailhead for
the Fern Canyon. The trailhead is clearly marked and even has some
information about Fern Canyon. From the parking area to the start of the canyon it’s only about a quarter mile of easy trail and it only took us a couple of
minutes before arriving at the canyon. When you reach the start of Fern Canyon
you will see a little trail off to your left. That trail will take you up above
the canyon so you can walk along the top. We chose to just walk or straight down
the canyon floor instead of going on the trail. We just made it into fern canyon
and it is so beautiful there’s literally ferns covering the entire walls. When you
enter Fern Canyon you will see that there is a small stream that runs through the
canyon. This stream is called Home Creek. This Creek flows the entire canyon floor
so you’ll just be walking through it as you explore. There’s lots of little
stream crossings, but they have little boards so that you don’t get your feet
wet but it’s still pretty muddy so I would recommend rubber boots or
waterproof hiking shoes. It also gets a bit muddy near the end of the canyon. We
wore rubber boots and we were so glad that we did. I saw a ton of people
carrying their wet shoes and trying their best to stay dry. It was nice to
just be able to walk right through the creek and enjoy the beauty of the canyon
without having to worry about getting our feet wet. Once you get into the
canyon you will be amazed you’re literally surrounded by ancient ferns
fifty feet up the walls of the canyon. I grew up in the redwoods and I have seen
a ton of ferns, but I’ve never seen anything like this. About halfway into
the canyon you will notice that there are places where there’s water dripping
down the canyon walls. Almost like a small waterfall but it was a constant
drip down the ferns into the creek below. As you go deeper into the canyon there
are some downed trees that add to the beauty of the hike. You will weave around
and under the trees to see them in more of the canyon. This part of the trail
does start to get a little bit muddy. There were also some moss covered trees off to the right that were so pretty. Okay so we just walked through Fern Canyon
and then it opens up to this trail here, and I think it loops around, but we’re
gonna walk back through the canyon once more and go back to the parking lot. You
can see in my pictures that I’m wearing a tank top since it was pretty warm the
weekend that we visited. Normally in this area even during the summer the weather
is very unpredictable and it’s often rainy and foggy, so you might want to
bring a sweatshirt or a jacket just in case.
Thank you for exploring Fern Canyon with us today. It really is worth the trip and
make sure you watch the next video so that you can see where we go next.

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