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FBEML-SD Speaker Highlights

(upbeat music) – I’m gonna show you how
to stop creating incomes and build long term wealth, by building brands that
dominate their industry. So, the way I look at
influencer marketing, is I think about a lake, and every time you get
someone to post about your product or service, it’s dropping a rock in that lake and creating a ripple effect. So, if you get a Kardashian
to post about your product, that’s like dropping a
boulder into the lake. Where we had a lot of success
is in dropping the pebbles, because if you drop a million
pebbles into that lake, you create a similar ripple effect, except that people are
closer to the ripple. – I’m going to be pulling back the curtain revealing all these strategies that we implement into our agency and taking you through step by step, so that you can swap them
straight into your business and use them for yourself, so
you can scale your company. We’re looking at two functions when we’re using the viral video. One, insane reach, because
everyone’s sharing it, tagging their friends, doing
all that sort of stuff, and two, we’re segmenting our audiences. – We take our own brand
at drop shipping stores and scale them from zero to
seven figures in just 30 days, and I’m going to be telling
you about our exact blueprint about how we do that. Don’t go in too bullishly, don’t set up rules too early, okay? I’m looking, is my campaign getting three days of consistent results? It’s impossible to set
up rules for something, where one day your cost
for add-to-cart is $5, and then the next day, your
cost for add-to-cart is $25. Okay, you need consistency. – I knew I’d do better this year, grow your business this year, do better with Facebook ads this year. Those are the things that you guys are spending hours a day, when you spent hours a day trying to get an extra
5% reduction or CPA, we can spend the same amount
of time and double our AOV. We can spend the same amount of time and find actual lifetime value. That’s what’s gonna be a game changer. – We’re gonna look at leadership, we’re gonna look at business gross, we’re gonna look at different ways that you can start creating
leverage in your business, using venture capital. We’re kind of in this little rat wheel, where we’re churning along,
looking at our daily profit, looking at our weekly profit, but we’re not really looking
about where we want to go and if you can enable to
set that for yourself, then you’re able to move a lot further. – You wanna make sure that your customer service team is consistent, because when you have customers
e-mailing about the offer, or about the product, you’re gonna need to make sure that it’s very consistent across the board and they’re pushing the urgency behind it. – I’m gonna teach you how to
scale Facebook ad campaigns, using campaign budget optimization
quickly and effectively. At this point in the day, six or 8am, you wanna get rid of
anything that has no sales. – Well, I’m gonna spit fire all about how to generate more leads, more clients, and more customers for
whatever program, or service, or a product that you’re
essentially offering. There’s only four forces that causes a human being to take action. A fear, a frustration, a
want, or an aspiration. – I’m gonna be showing you guys some of my latest Snapchat tactics that are driving massive conversions. You’ll know if you got it set correctly. All of the events will start popping up. Basically, you need 100 pixel fires for it to open up different
parts of your funnel.

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