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Father Hikes Mountains & Runs Marathons While Carrying His 50kg (110lbs) Son in His Back

A man carries his son in his back And goes up the mountain stairs The thing that motivates him to move Is the promise he made as a father Production Crew/ Does your son have trouble moving? Yes, my son has a muscle disease Son has muscular dystrophy that causes his muscles to stiffen, and moderate intellectual disability Production Crew/ How much does he weigh? Around 50kg (110lbs) 50kg (110lbs)? / Yes It takes 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain “Dad, you can do it!”
But if his son cheers him up, “Jaeguk, you too!” “Jaeguk, who do you belong to?” “Dad!” “And who do I belong to?” “Me.” “Me and you are…?” “Duo Team” “You and me are..?” “One” ‘50kg (110lbs)’, ‘2 hours’ These are just numbers to him It’s not easy, but he always reaches the top of the mountain with his son Because his son smiles I can see the whole Daejeon city, it’s amazing When Jaeguk was 6, he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy He has 2 disabilities Muscle disease and intellectual disability So he lacks expression skills When he was in grade 1, there was a sports event going on in the schoolyard All of his peers were either running, Playing games, or hanging out in the playground My son was the only kid who was sitting on a mat, under the tree shade with his bag When I saw that, I made a promise with myself & my son “My son, I promise I’ll show you a bigger world” And has been keeping that promise for 12 years 6 cross-country trips & 38 marathons Jaeguk marches the world with his dad It was nice to walk slowly with my son It was hot and tiresome, but my dad was beside me, so I could do it Jaeguk gained confidence, and now has a bigger dream And until his dreams comes true, father & son will continue to march together Production Crew/ What’s on your mind when you run? I hope that Jaeguk gets up soon And runs with me He always runs with the same wish He’s out of breath But Son cheers him up And he speeds up again 21km distance For 1 hour and 55 minutes, he pushed his son that weighs 50kg (110lbs) and took one step closer to their dream It feels great to finish the race Dad, thank you Today, in Jaeguk’s heart, Courage and confidence was engraved once again Dad carries son again today “I want to show Jaeguk the Baengnokdam Crater Lake of Mt. Hallasan” Before hiking the high mountain, I’m gonna hike Mt. Daedunsan as practice Mountain’s known for its height and roughness He calls his son’s name as he goes up step by step As he breathes heavily, son feels sorry for his father Are you alright? It’s tough, right? The stairs are so high… Production Crew/ Are you worried about your dad? I’m worried that he’s struggling The stairs are two times higher than Mt. Bomunsan, where we practiced It’s harder than he thought, which worries him… Production Crew/ Can you make it to the top? I came all the way here; I can’t give up now I have to go up. I can do it. He has to climb “Because I’m a father” I want to provide more for my son, But at the moment, I can’t So I always feel sorry… But I’ll try my best That’s how I feel At last, Father and son reached the top of the mountain in 5 hours Jaeguk, this is it. It’s the top of the mountain. Jaeguk, did you see? I didn’t give up So… You shouldn’t either Dad gave his son the world today, once again I love how I can see everything from the top And it feels great to be at the top of the mountain Thanks for bringing me to the top of the mountain Thanks for hanging in there, my son Son’s walking towards his dream & dad’s making dreams come true with all his might Father, we respect the grand steps you take for your son.

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