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Family Travel – Amicalola Falls State Park 3D Archery, Georgia, USA

We’re at Amicalola Falls State Park where
a new 3D Archery course has just opened. It sounds like a lot of fun. So we’re going
to check it out! Come join us and get a first glimpse of this new park activity. But before we go, why don’t you go ahead
and subscribe to our channel….I’ll wait for you… Amicalola Falls State Park is adding a bunch
of new activities including 3D archery, zip lines, and wilderness survival. We were lucky
to be here for opening day of the 3D archery course. This course consists of a dozen foam animal-shaped
targets including a coyote, wild boar and even a jackalope (which I believe was a jack
rabbit, antelope mix). We do have a few rules. We’re working with real weapons, so we want to make sure everyone stays safe. The course begins with a safety briefing,
and safety precautions are enforced throughout the experience. Beginning participants receive archery lessons.
And both beginning and advanced participants will enjoy the realistic hunting experience
in the natural environment. To add even more challenge, participants earn points based
on the location of their hit and can keep score of their totals. There is good news for those with physical limitations in that there’s even a handicap accessible target. This activity is appropriate for ages 8 and up. I have to admit. Our archery review was cut a little short due to technical issues with Mother Nature. which happens when you’re in wildlife. At any rate, if you enjoy the outdoors, hunting or archery I think this is going to be a really fun activity for you. So come on out. Check it out. And enjoy! As we mentioned before, this park is adding all sorts of fun activities. such as wilderness survival, fire pit stories, guided tours and zip lines. We’re going to check them out, and we’re going to post videos here on our channel. We’d love for you to join us and subscribe to our channel so you can be in the know and updated.

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