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Fallout 76: Probably getting annoyed whilst attempting to farm scrip (Livestream Playback)

that’s gone on we are alive and Allies have to
wait until my ferns Ruediger Hoxie a pit boss nights and huge Caleb Lamm was happening : Sears well the reader been Alex do if there’s a good melee bill
of lumpy VP not really
understood about the VP to be
honest a trademark but just sit with just dom exposing is fought fisher one to
see women broke at Xbox is a dead I’ve I’ve no idea what’s going
on with Xbox of the moment to Xbox and I that’s a shame
looks like ill after November to
PC now serve as a down that lips seven daffy of Xbox well
thank god I’m on PCA winning the online OK you’re
telling me the wrong Lex book
serve as a down sucks to be a
rift of actual that’s a good
thing maki I don’t know about pacifying
sloths you can you can pacify sauce but best of
a bunch of bullets and the
mednick either move anymore actually a pretty scary and it end of fox Eric just so you know it if every
type every time that my
strangers goes offline is just
’cause I’ve just lost connection
of just rip end here the problem is not
showing up in my a particular like I can’t see it on my fire
and which is annoying because I
use the have on as a second
screen its flock of peace in the
off open up one and one of the year
is a lo mein are to where the explosive Gatling
Posner yes I do a clave had Garrard Stoudamire yes he says garage who love of
garage and what you call it a,
hold restart you to that of done that
like five times already a James otter no one is people talking
to be in Spanish expecting me
actually understand it go play nuclear win to the wait
time is not some analysts flock you captain did not really
high supports that the flock of the flock is wrong when you
have automatic has a rifle explosive book I’m not a price check to a
I don’t think I see items as
actual things running on hang
’em among four and character for
this are at a menace it here in let’s
just go play nuclear winter was
see what happens nothing will happen I guarantee
you this unless they just fill the match
with Bartz which should be fun
of a reader finally its flock
and Sharon up cool and scripture Cooley down to a
lower Medicare and the triad of vampires
explosive Gatling gun Nureyev
and what’s a bests legendary melee
is phenom bloodied Falk and
instigating all wild card that column a
surprise absolutely nothing is
happening just as I thought this place an
adventure instead of as the stream from now the
natures it’s a lost but with ba bottles year lender it’s shoot and apparently all of the Xbox
serve as a down search while
it’s almost like you guys
should’ve got a PC instead will actually a lot of that a
lot of the people you are on console of guy actually
Gotta play bass said the plane
nuclear winter on serve as a
difference of Gotta play bass on console
where is people on PC and
crackpot playing different games
like full of for which they can
one do whatever they want and yet I don’t know how people
of an caught onto the unyielding
think Bruce tinker is Ron just
selling a cell rifles to every s and care, going blade, Ben- fueled a first things first was clear out
some of these reads yes other second thing is who the FA keep
blowing out my generate of Falk
and bugs get in here like not
like a game glitches but Falk
and and sad that people exploited
the fact that you can stack
multiple things so now we can’t
actually put blacks we can’t stack it these
concrete bowl odds on top of
each other because people kept
exploiting that so I can’t cover
up t that’s what happens when you get
people to play this game only to
exploit it a fox and navy ship down him and his staff to commingle it I will years if
a kid goodbye the way over 25 minutes for
nuclear and when to match during
the day at am pretty sure is
American two sewer yet to act killing yet who’s the sea go on Medicare that took twice to do that make tse Lear action redux and
there really want to flock this place is bad for my
frame rate flocking in dilates
it specially Laverty got Falk
and process it trying to uphold
the are up I’m I’m really not
married to have people flock in our round if I noticed that
follows playing a pipe and a
private server right now I would
I would be ’cause a while I do here is kill
the Supremes and that their
weapons but I’m not going to get
a full clean run here can
someone and I like that that flock and gold is kill a
suit being excuse me all its the flocking tour that
does that I’m so it’s her can get me from
their wealth of fox eight great start ends shooting still flocking
wall look is shooting pool
flocking wall can you see why have a stream
this game in ages like I’m kind
of sick of it to be honest this guy’s and my friends are
stuffing permit pick a fight
with them I could take you you and your
explosive the sole rifle can that annoys me two people people
think that explosive weapons of
the bee’s knees but you get much better DP a set of
other things flock me sideways 20 frames a
second well I guess with what
we’re keeping the console people
feeling rotten her near this is
con all I wanna when that happens A.
Knopf a committee on end vicious and vicious leave a
rifle tse 50 am really not interested
in running those things again to
be honest and it’s a good thing to get
more mis Falk and excited but one of the ’cause some people probably
still think that as it is still
the best in the care and some
flocking script that’s a three
stunned of course is not its of causes a
tough locking three start
because Bethesda still can’t
flock and make three star
enemies droppe as another thing that flocking
annoys me at college of the
getting annoyed both playing
this this game is the I’ve actually
installed what it’s called the
20 frames a second mod and it’s
working perfectly on just flocking losing not all
that’s left and right here at terrible bigger issue let something you a
faulconer five that were done
than all Max out the On this
character from the band is and
will be flocking done with this the you really can’t play melee
if you if you doing this with a flock in frame it like this you really
can’t also stop dropping the pipe guns
to pursue the flock and high
level mutants is either the end of a reason
why people don’t make content
anymore for full of 76 is
because nobody likes and all
that much they just getting sick of it and
I think I’m feeling that to where I like trash the game for
no reason but my patience for this game is
gonna stop running a suit is a
novel flocking think rippled why is it, Barings have hang on
a second a Katz red worms of burn worms
that seriously flock, missed air to ground IDs that
span of 50 frames a second or does it with this place is it
that I’m a team up in a mixture
of god raise and the sun and
also are the shatters I think it
d I’ve barely even touch the vote
of I’ve seen a very different
arrays but I think with said
mother they came out with those
like pulley not only for me but for
the people actually watching it arrive for mowbray get he’s been
a free actually go inside line: if there’s someone sitting
on flocking script machine got a hit when that happens a
enough and get full of 76 to 5 goals
and eBay fish be paying the five
bills for honestly that full at form words like the
community pudding wants together
and in that game is still going
Eric as appears flocking du and done well guess what is ready Fokker
in there and I’m not mad and all make a play explosive submachine
gun make one that some possible left away
until months what I played as besides full of
7604 for ex com to fish all or maybe even just original acts
com those games of blocking
1,000,000 so good the case me off as much as
Bethesda games there really kiss me off and all
except for when you missed easy
shots and flock in just no balls and
teal scored being killed just
kidding on it, terrible and ex
com your if you look in that
achievements is only a handful
people of actually ever finished
a mission that losing people flock and double me gun draw
boys won on this guy and two on the
table of older now they flock and
birth go 4 to 1,000,000 flock
and kill me like that show one
of a I’m not playing survival there
it and Timmy Falk and retards
lips can’t say that word like Idi sometimes which is a
viable from recording if I get
if I just can’t pull spawn from
anywhere because know you’re
there I usually have like a 9% chance
to pull spawns in the mile and
placer’s that’s pretty good Hillary is possible Vanguard -20
dams AMR are am what’s on understand tse cross. They don’t exist but don’t think they’ve ever
existed in a the only weapon that flies at
errors as far as the game’s
concerning keen get an explosive
is there railway raffle flocking kill them if I stabbed
them are expected to the damage
is that too much to ask Betty Garrett spent a actually at Falk and should,
stuff on me also Arizona scorch
piece that is a scorch peace ballots the Isa dropping scorch
peace matter and the miss me as now I’ve gotten false all so
that’s good don’t forget the cap stashes us as a swing speed knife jump serve as a bizarre the one
serve on EV all its Allies is sane people too
icy the same people that I’m
playing the survival servers possess our hard call and good
of the game and also have assessed and
sentinel guess I can’t be
flocking killed you I mean I flocked around was
survival on Los live stream of
ink and concluded was most flock
and broken pieces should ever fl it still bothers me that people
actually like PPP in this game
other than like nuclear winter
when everything’s balanced block you scorch peace to a dead
now are at your next four to five fours way that a year what a Brea go back to my word once
you get private citizen mod
support for this game maybe because I like that the combat
balance more in this game and the build diversity stuff is
kinda fun to ’cause you can’t
just plug will you’d you can’t just plug in Phan and
amounts of the points into these
different things so that’s
pretty good if they happen to you through
still give us an extra five also special points use I’d
be nice. And be very good
actually ’cause winters getting the flock
and full lock treatment the main chill of 14 and not 15
but then she can only run
gunslinger stuff means in my entire character you meant to using
pistols and be pointless oh
shoot their rats and dinner will kill why as rat that court explosive 50 tell us
some imagining it and I’m
thinking that it’s OK I guess
I’m a Foster Ling anymore don’t poke the Caza the knife
that causes an explosion they’ll lose their ability to
monetize a game apiece in a
private server is not unless
they get people to pay for
private server that’s what’ll happen the make
people pay for it on a bill do simple she like a
cow level up properly CF to play on pub service tax
that level up and farm yes the drop rate for the fix a
plans is pretty learn a lot of
people actually fun that events
to get talking nothing and manages randomly got hit
with nothing 25 that’s a good opinion And really
it’s all I got three Rivers and if there’s a rat and I just need to find a place as a
pile of weapons ready and
available like this place and -50 experian are legendary
zone private senate probably and how much cost fallout for their lesson 50 I can’t make a blade explosive
submachine gun knife to either
get it to drop for trade summing
for a title ended two me I can’t well lie, in fact if I could
just grind and pull legendary is
the out of anything well you
what I do I would just give myself a lack 607 and fox eight why is that
happen if I’m clicking on clicking it and
talking slaying of your what
I’ve got a different plan now gladiators for chumps is what you really want and
here’s what you really want to
Willie Jackson will put back
into we’re on and to the koran and systems to bigger the survive the Liane on
a rainy and their armor anyway and full and size are against
block work and are ranked one
many messages punch cut all a I
see that person and their add to what I saw something yet some Jagt that’s if I can pick a fight
with them gonna wait to get my chute all a lie your thighs on flocking pacifist
married Helen knowing I need more for yes I do I’m such a fruit build guys I’ve
got rejuvenated which is so good
pack and IE at it requires me to
eat fruit held dare I even fl : flocking down that I’m not for
can pull the shadows down the shadows is what seats the
frame rates year year blah blah stews poem
back online and eager and other clergy use all, I hang
on you can check with you after
reboot the game much obliged to the dual I have a gun us yes I’ve
got a data and it was OK I guess it’s just
like in buff to vampires thing I
did a video on its own are my
thoughts does go watch that delete cadres and Blair all ship year hang on and Blair
you set a flock off full of 76 I
take clean closing and file to
afford many can’t say anything w out of file antennas blur off
because the blurs most annoying
flocking thing I can’t believe
that brawl that back the patch
wher allege each is to delete it but
then now is gone all row that it’s back the ability of flocking get rid
of it is just go on again so
defined Blair icon flocking find it but even
the control of search what about depth of field for
that can’t find many into the care and you know which one Jan
Ellison depth of field thing
that I’m searching for debt in
my flock in eye and I folded and at the
radial blare of hang on radial
blight is when you get hit is
not , like to know what I’m being
shot at us and keep that be slash fall been able and yet I’m married to a slider that
doesn’t clocking and let the air
and that but I just explain how
it didn’t work I’ve got all th and that’s just display a radius
bias that’s just the screen
resolution play a menu music flock yes I
can delete that excellent save beck’s and offers that function
music , the CD shared distance of a
report them down next Ito’s per frame volume a
chick lighting enabled that is
god raise will keep those cousin
looked nice but the leak the mission, you know
what I’m doing and eager Chisholm doing right ear that is the scene, that from a
full of four days of depth of field zero say it’s an if depth of field
search the search function isn’t
as good as I thought it was a
cannot see what happens when
input one moment please thanks for the super chess
innocent and I appreciate it I’d turn of emergency protocols
actually the low I think if that it one place
they can to the high speed this
in the sneaker rocks and
initiate and do it again as Liz at me and
me what I’m trying to clear out
chip I’m happy if you edit that I know my
father thought they would have
the drop in the lower bowl and
the one way to find out there I
can’t m the VP assassin sentiment, Nam a yes or a I use that it was dumb flock it out even give issue if
they banned me for this to mercy
killing of the decline assault run head
but thanks for the fall the thing flocking a radiates
you now I was broken nose always
mental ray DI even out actually
does some deft easing, thank you James bush by
appreciate it would be doing or
at am I doing I’m kind of annoying
your wire to wire them annoying than and I’ve got a good idea as to
why I am actually annoyed the big questions are and how I
thought they usually a that much but a of those shadows the frame rate 44 DF PS now and
also are the Blair is gone she’s yes plucky Bethesda like
1/4 blurring on me Foster’s nights of Foster’s
that’s me when I drink Foster’s Foster’s it is about as a stray
lean as a Chevrolet Camaro are
Khmer Wallace Bach and wants all
good got flocking mutants here g all hunting rifle thank you for
your generosity at small act it back I forgot to press used at
Meta also they’ll forgot where I was
which is very convenient oz,
sitting there on the open did my bloodied flock and punch
speed nullify kin healthiest so much stronger than you’re in
non legendary power office and don’t be mad I am that I
needed cattle some this flock
and rage ’cause it’s here like you’d be surprised at how
much have to hold my tongue
Lotus or complain about ship
during my weapon videos and you
can see not about a blade explosive
submachine gun I don’t have one stop by asking
me for a plate explosive
something that no one I also
have highly visited flocking
triangles and are as I’ve I just I’ve got I
think of his nukes the shadows
into all that so much that
produces these flocking triangle
of shad is why you don’t flock in your
own do anything with the eye and
I files what kind is disable
them and their father just
disable I like frame rate in fact I can
just tell Grasso people can’t
hide from me a nuclear winter
because that’s something that
actual this most people don’t play by
the rules which there are many are acted and fire aid is to go
on and I send you an stem it
isn’t good enough to really make
good of explosives that if you
can while that’s when you’re less when you
too often clearly a sledgehammer soon need
an alarm actually overcapacity now
this is good news because that
means of data sheet where the
stuff I could sell you A. Moore script from the at a masai ignoring all the
hunting knife was there and self
very much and all that probably
drop the miss I want to because
pro valuable factors it up and white talk and talk to all actually I’ve got an idea of new do is just rock on bear
arms still overcapacity that what about the file is to
draw up your taking care that seems acceptable as the may matter I draw the bully other
you chewed channels on what
didn’t mention them but you know
who they are if you’ve been
paying at to what’s the best fall that
flat for and that the blade swing speed
knife was Butterfinger but the
amendments were at the actually have lops how many how many Xbox
one plays are actually in the
stream nudges grumbling about
poll says being down while it’s
wha the shadows and clack you precipice mood you’re the
dude that does your food bill
would : 10 am not impressed by the
explosive flame a I think it’s
tacky but if you’re a bite for 1000 I can probably get a better deal
than that there’s a rookie numbers you
above those numbers up an itch to go out and worms to the five K and vampire bats critical need
it and critic who made a fuss
and sent year that’s a good tears a rifle
and I haven’t tried I actually
haven’t tried vampires that as a
rifleman meeting to I’m thinkin vampires and that’s critical as flock and nick a cool and 20 Kay that’s that’s more
like it now you talking them in a very good a superior
weapon of the same costs are is
no reason not to unless they decide to fix the
thing where you can just trucks
are rated blades on the bed
again I’ve got a call to stagger
which so there’s that’s provided the disarray and
blatant least come a limb all yet gotten what is I’ll leave left coolly
this their hangers viewed near this game I had a hunting rifle and
dropped and lazy gun good that’s
valuable and also is very light
I appreciate that game banks by Gillooly new coals and yet
some rest of the bloody scene the air well originally they had it
added lack com if another play
enters the place all of enemies
is responded then plays two all
you r minnows me how I forgot where I
was despite being here the rough to complain about it
but enough to comment about it
also is another soup and dean of
the legendary variety around
here we gone might rise two start with you got for
me go sleighs cry lata th care when of use a game I thought that was going to be
the dead for a second bite it
wasn’t good to know are also
read I don’t have what a pool of
IP ol prepared a cop out out of Al stop doing
that start dates but in that stopped the same soul
Raffaele shooting me with game
but it’s one of the high value
so one of a end at dawn , I got the diffuse explosive combat
raft somewhere and the new where put it into
rounds somewhere and that is Harry get diabetes a care is another reason why
might be super overcapacity
because of got a bunch of crack
the narration of that should’ve
scrappe year that’s exactly what
happened right man that’s due some junk sorting
here aiding that soup to learn
value can pull leaguer switches that the kinder kinder search of the cool of me to be
carrying a bunch of nacelles
around their all to Cyprus but calls a sub
drop there’s who’s gonna use those not mean
man I’m pretty sure I’ve just
picked all of those up I can do
without of skitter in that skeleton riding is doing a lot for me I’ve got a plan actually I’ve got a couple of things I
can do to just reduce the weight
ever so slightly dinner cook the meat drop,
reduce weight on the thing and
then used are every bit of the script is
campbell’s full lead by Axel with happen I’ve I’ve had some people
talking to me about the state of
full of 76 on to win it and has
tagged full of 76 is nowhere to
be fo black titanium is use for some
high ET weapon once mostly calm a lot of the excavator,
Montes required like titanium
you get from death calls to end up with a surplus of the
most times list scrap and all will rather to sell it is
actually worth a cap a piece a cat was sitting under a good good good receipts are deployed, though we’re not sitting on the
house wrong while end was educating to bits are out on the edge of it
to icon even tried a few little thanks and an average at it right or just ever for the mine crafts create
a stream Nair on a plan line
craft I do it as a joke
sometimes there ’cause for some
reason it’s On to worthless you can buy
stuff with the UK the buy from
the overpriced robot band is all
the overpriced people vendors all sometimes use get bargains
which you you can’t you can’t say no to this looks very breast Esque
base hang on what alive would
see what’s here seven weapons this is guns guns
guns and and their that surratt Mr. Bennett is pretty good you actually most of these are
pretty damn good but I don’t
have to scratch may visit Falk and we saw really
a Gian Carlo union pronounces name
’cause of the corner racists and
that’s the worst thing that can
happen we can sell those assault rifles
to , recap doubt they could use leave them there
running a flock four times for a 16 died in critical lead move speed 25 tournament do with this is
sister heavy by worried Don young, yes there
is the Bowie knife was gonna put
this away Nam not alive still got a bloodied fire
eight many gun Wesley the shoes
meant picked this up she’s not on the other than the node rage needs to stay
on gunsmith that these two, and and a listener mile serendipity as working,
cinder one gun on the mariner owner Mrs. Brister and
that one that on that one and a listener to that one that one known that the loan is
one that Foster inward now with the game objects the
pudding, run am I going to be overcapacity
possibly added neither I know what end for them and I can use to run them
down there all I could just a light didn’t
crash was getting out of my, to not did not add that Fokker
is a friend shoes for king
crisis are flocking annoying
sometimes what a gym as Eunice thaler be
complaining and there’s more to
come saying this at a much only flock in using in heavy gun
outsider, what was I thinking actual stories using it for bearing killer too quickly a
server to get some damage out
Medicare that will the medium doing so much
damage was at that was me was it
also did I do enough damage an
effort to give me shoot yet that was actually almi see why start shooting at it had the A best timing of a and even use a
MAG of bullets there there this is not a vote the
raid stream I don’t think I
wanna do those things had a
unyielding as pretty good all should have shot someone run
away the air kill me actually am reformed bring it I could take an 20¢ for killing a mother flock
encrypted I want you might Yes $18.00 for
that had was waiting for someone did see at sight tests how old my
audiences of smaller people pick
up on the Metallica reference
under the old of the young to a highly of flocking saying
Bowie knife talking trade is
people are cuts all of the
flocking comments on that
flocking Polynice planned as a Gaels thinking of
his comments seeing date you
fokker’s evading better talk
about and the pronunciation of a
word that I didn’t tell flocking annoys me a lot of
people does comment on a
relevant ship like Unisys
legendary if Locke off buying
care jumping out of these Penn it and saying go for acma kit David Boies overrated shut
up and do I like the court effect
on some weapon the on some weapons if of data were
under capacity it’s when I say
yet that’s good music there now we’re Betsey Wright here is
that scored a pregame a move
that you’re about to see an amazing
piece of pregame RE your quit explosive coppery us
good bomb squad explosive double
barrel shotgun is also not bad
in a flaky Ferrell goals we get for
being the zombies and it killed and loss check that sinister mangy aft is yet to
stay right of their peers as the
pregame move right here this is what they call speeding
up the funding process nobody pinch my shoot all be
very very disappointed in you will serve as a vampire sum up
and they decided if pick a sinister many have to
stay right there stay right where you are that was the bloodied fire a
mini gun that’s what that was quickly I don’t think sister got
my message the savvy have tried to join has
crashed flock you annual
legendary farming with the tide
how would face with the with the thing to
basically what’s my favorite weapon of a
lack handmade rifles best all
round to I still haven’t got a
bloodied fire a one by one that
woul OM staff tertiary legend effect
Brea better crypts mauck Ritz
coming ’cause that means a crit
to be rolling even FA stop got the most lethal of all
weapons are just too high in Seattle fire aid course
rifles with painful paying
attention to eye not shore to be
honest I don’t think fire it works for
what master charge up a messy
spam the trio might be really
quick if you do that the only
gettin switched to Xbox of the view
that well the problem isn’t
enough to grind up a new
character and Xbox and you the
exact same shee it is tempting there somewhat you can’t knock the ante on the
part about either the ante up
art is good but see if anyone’s intercepted
my pregame and moves they
haven’t them should I don’t think of use
win two sense of use the
instigating com plasma gun is a
good one I hope to give them a bath
because they need it ’cause the
concert if they can’t compete
with suppressed weapons
unfortunately she yes it is work that even get
duct tape because random
instance loot by eagleson it’s pretty good you see a vampire sub it’s going
to die a painful most horrible
death same with a goal slays Crile and
what a jerk a case 7371 make it to 1000
today on this character also that can go away every
dahmer’s Terrell Brian instigating one yet a Hoover and ago 45 left of that paid down all guards got
another one that might now I don’t think he’s going to
object easy up a cat of ringleader of hang on a
second do I have unyielding AMA inside do and also are I forgot
to trade died in an IE think I
did weapons yet Reeve and close than I thought the good catch a signal that favored on the set unyielding it
doesn’t even matter for matches
on up his question over it the Scandinavian annoys me know
when to why have the don’t think I’ve got a regular
bloodied that do another
character type bolt action rifle rip play explosive combat a rifle which this a lie and forceful the year one will use it I don’t feel like wasting too much of my 556 is
some Opec of its unions and the and to an adjoining land and
then service kit tank killer flock it what’s the worst that could
happen and emery experts extant cheese the A339 meter run away with this copper
or that was just left for me that’s a lot of Copley on going
to do with that that is going to
be making a lot a lot of plasma
gun rounds with sub it displays are you
being cleared out better name so was a visit to
your face style was obviously I’ll shoot a goal Biddle Pillai a school with the drop an unyielding a ride um is yes it’s what they call an
upgrade slave and pocketed Eva flock yet extra strength to win to perfect
his is good which means I can get even
higher carry weight set of it all shoot them and I have a shelf two I have left two points how about I eat something that didn’t do anything and care, after cook the wider of healing factor
because I like my cams doing lot
more than they ought to also a fully cleared a bunch of
rides among their bread shell
right away spree flocking
worthless to be honest look at me I’m using an
explosive weapon I’m so good I am the best full of 76 play of
a lighting’s gone bad two runaway and sets up and an eye to really II prefer a weapon
waits to be a lie to all and
Nair and AIA just created to do pile
that’s your folder salt run no starch genes of that start
sheen’s right there, one
attention while to the moment article to me is dead
base least I’ll from Italy Air execution of bat and Mary game
neither stop doing that bombed judge an MTV and I’m
execution and the two new island Judge Ian Nam June Riyadh
nine execution and net two when a quick course rifle not
really if it’s one style given a pas flock huge I’d be that we get fed is being part of
the bee movie yet city winder perfect good
song also bigger is king goal ways you crowned keying nothing
bigger as that there’s your crown also pick of
the course is not because it’s a
horse 20 that because got
cracked and if it’s useful for
making two shots last fire it has many
good probably year if you give it a if you give it
a OM slap a barrel tax to be a
quite effective close quarters
weapon ’cause that’s one of them at
that date you loud dead to not big
surprise if the flocking kidding
me all this bug hang on a sinister
Hansel around fifth year of Boise flocking at flaky bugs at defeating with the
help of sinister hand , should have been split a run
on UPS Ohlmeyer don’t put a beam splitter need
guns and dom it’s a stupid idea
must so explosive vendor fee
life of tell you why the cards and
lend listen up people who are
flocking screaming at me for not
playing a beam splitter on my bloodied flocking crit damage
all to cite laser gun CL Exe as
you you get a tie a little bit
more damage out of nothing pops
and for their rifle of the AMA ultrasound writable what happens
is you get the same base average
awesome lot and it it spreads
the damage evenly between a couple projectiles and reduce
its the range so basically you
trading all of those extra a
bomb degradation of the weapon
set t forgiving of missed shots in
close range and also are making a tie a little bit OM
lesson good at range because of
volatile spread out and missy
target servers are flocking
Point I l that we meet again Ferrell goal
actually I think the trade kill
them almost loss might talking toy
horse to actually it would’ve been split
on Nair that your know this game
you’d know this can while she was studying that
flocking weapon cards in the
weapon I was actually in the
creation kit doing shoot and
think in whil you ever notice how to every
single one of the shotgun
pellets hits for the same damage it’s like it spreads to damage
evenly along the flocking
pallets of feral goal with work with small scary is
the terrible flocking frame rate but that’s OK will claim one troubles anymore and another thing since you
can’t penetrate through a mob
with any I’m plasma by using guns a plasma
guns you can with the ballistic
damage done to any damaged OM
you be hitting the enemies for
such I’ll ship their angry come a two slur of mega Corp all flock
he’s got a flocking to as of
right flock you if the attacks me use flocking
done for he’s done format old of see it
helped me end of the end of the
mightily Wallace end might still
any laws is dead away use of my friends list well as healthful where was he doing is is sitting
there might swing all small flock a am
I’d tin cans you can’t take
those away from me what you do to billions where blot the
entire atoll she it bits and
flocking goal and bobbin type parking lot you’ll see that that as the angered every
old ship all of the coz
exploding it’s really hard to tell was
going on one of got a frame rate
of bucking 12 stay away from AAA cast this
flocking by faddy 38 30 and the MAG scenes one is that been a thing? No sinister hand I will avenge
you flock ether of Shiite he’s standing up these fly in this too much going on right now , they’ll tending to sleep is
the GC that they’ll tending to sleep is a as
I died their beats is fine there went back to sleep that is
dropped where they weren’t just
went to sleep have thank you Phillip I
appreciate that thanks for
that’s super chat during OM the two decide to have a big
old notification for super chat
now available in more countries
site Care Care more and unity and crop of
strength pain with mom left leg
now upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade as to upgrades Berth in strength
two shots even more carry weight
for me ship wed my flocking corps Gahr
honey to loot my flocking things
back that you don’t take my twenties
or small flock to my two in Las I got it again everything’s fine and the PS for service still
going as full consoles the worst system and added me of the new
than a always a bad do that I
accidentally added their old commander of Peavey I
think you got mad he got upset a coordinated call someone’s attacking me had day you are attacked can’t
see it with this at us free script thanks in this
to now add there was a flock in
three style and I killed and
here the suit the goals are still
around the goals is still around the
frame rate still talking bad I miss shadow play all while really on this one
showing more of must be the best
full of 76 player in the world as some supposed to happen sparse shoot them explosive
damage would eat the AR ship is a goal all she it a goal of cirrus Enola magazine is this
wise magazine he than to put
that on all full terrible of full of full hair pick a everyone can now
migrating to Xbox ones and stop
playing full of 76 again see
there was a have there was a
happy ending i which is really the sad ending on airy which a person put these
mobs on the bear was solely
solely mistaken bid will kill while some cool goodwill pill while us didn’t is Aussie Chica accent watched the doors were opened that they
looked like they were closed at Yukon camper of my staff it’s a second time that Faulk is
got me they would like to a war scare
to still have that the areas as my horse warhorses better than yours also when all the clothes guy
for think I’d toss them across
the room ’cause explosive
bullets year but did mother was to sitting are right and they also to grab
them a mind of mark more more For me he will come of lost by horses
amazing given a lake to take
just like reasons with the stroke of its main it
turned into a plane and it turns
back and game when you tie the
nets winky all that steered you
o sweet lemon needle sweet lemon
made sweet lemon ad as we’ve
lemonade than the Denton and
dented the dead than did that
and then that loops copyright claims probably flock and if they’ll if they
would be greedy all souls they
can be greedy all souls the washings done what you’re about to see is on presented dead goal instead of dead ports did goal who’s using a Gatling plasma nodded and Matt town you build majesty got admin palace just
abandon if you wanted all it’s
not a nuclear winter cross Perot
I can’t shoot ’em like three
times success as we get high strength still I
have, how much how much I’ve got
the hundreds of got nine enticed
ranks and I’d gotten too short and back away I’ll get you winces got alike are flocking
massive two speak fist and the
thing is that an oven clean adding
that some of the queen yet the
same guy did goal of quad crespo was fun
at Dai use one I think that did
that that the aris other things
just Teleport off the fire it me after either
one by one like to some set a
shotgun me sir good if you really
related before once I would say
that those kind of media, I am wolverine of miss am I
missing my third quarter this is what gives you healing
facts yet to see and flocking
swing and thing and nothing fact
I could take a scorch peace
clean one stock currently under level
and got but with a completely
optimize build two you’ll see and also are legit board of the thing object to
meet I’m sorry say enough to
move its right and get intimidated
nights on pretty stoked with that two extra strength and flocking
nothing behind wonder what’s for dinner
because people down there any
powerful in this time old
actually make it I need to
adjust a few garnish each PPP 5,000,000,001
of what spins earlier and by
huge me and one before that school it’s nice and could you man that I’m pretty sure I’ve got
deep pocketed fairly some of
these things are many dumb
rather than just chalk line on the other end flocking to see connect to make
it shattered which does
absolutely nothing to it robot arm raised good? Ails the stats of it @even that babbled a standard
stent is so terrible what the
hell so once you get upgrade that’s
when he gets going show one of a
all except that and how much how much is that now game how much how much power of Cary
capacity do we have 295 when an event Ned Ritchie at all so I’m gonna be late to the
party again it’s that’s the joke are a need to make some quick
adjustments to my combat rifle
because the gumby you set up did
nothing about actual performance
T I think of a hard time believing
anyone he boasts about how good
down PPP it’s like a run that let me guess you’ve got you self
A you’ve got yourself a flock in St. Louis please pass for eating that shall do you’ve got his self the flock in
invincible set of commerce you
can’t be killed anyway and use
spam steam packs when you
getting walking carry weight now where
is all my friends it’s not add renton’s this time get a
sinister if you for real are we doing this all could possibly be around
minutes up in the from Foss
traveling at its are flocking cave creek
at the pentagon placid me die
now whittled the flock and dog delays are flocking cave creek
it is so good. The pivot beat as a
rifle at the end Brian Knotts like you’ve got all these
explosive OM Gatling plasma say
if you put a fluff of beams that
are just flocking to read
explosions all I found that the months to up by white , all I guess we’re done OK IE I completed the event I was too late I was to the AI got nine script
for those so I’m not really that
mad all I can live with that they relayed speed now boys it’s
all about have a cow that clean just
flocked offensive and next to
mention their it isn’t sitting all the
way over there ought not again all the ones in
a kill me to actually do enough
for 19 flock you scorch peace clean you
got have you ever do have is
doing their clean killing here
is just flocking isn’t ruining
ever ole Yancey amateurs would be
good for some reason my volume mixing
makes it flocking impossible
would hit anyone speaking to me get out of my face this is my
script clock and thing what’s that it’s just to be a better be a cat I am not one staff weapon
away from being done with script
so what I’m going to do is go
over here and catch up on going to do with review and that
combo raffle from the white and the very best seen combat
rifles except for blade Foster
fire eight by ethos funded prime receive a
full year had flock industry to
clean it would probably destroy
people to that weren’t ceasing s assassin sentinel, I’m glad they
fix up there because you can get you debase a DB invincible feast
and still serve as cool as the effect was to be
completely and its pool against a specific thing if you’ve got
enough, to do it from problem is it plays explained
that to the point when I had to
NAFTA because it was flocking
ruining shoot search as another
exam like inert of the games is there
a moment weight of play is
completely invincible do like normal circumstances is and is like a dumb sheet like
spawn protection battlefield and
games like that that should mean
to steer them but still neither one goals I won super
mutants please you see the game stock and
saying they will legendary steam
at all for 20 damage a funny primes tse your it I was I come
across a bunch of Juppe is once
and they had like 46,000 Alta
site fifties and I was this
close but then they saw me just
watching them may quit the
sandwich, socks I could’ve had
like an extra 50,000 prime
fifties also breed of Perot of gotten
banned for handling that kind of Dea but still very satisfying corpse explosion
yes 1:00 AM really looking for game
is a soul rifles and the kid was happening was my
favorite weapon few mom Iraq and the best is probably
bloodied fire 850 Cal that was
the most fun weapon to use as good as blood explosive ones
of all the not the same I’ll shoot someone citing
encrypted on a time to waste away on 23 hits for king summer
voluble and all I’d I can come back for those
laid on its fine that obliged this a Levee banks watching
appreciate it bloodied fire a torch aside
l.a.’s that’s pretty good all I could shred but it it’s
gonna take longer than 30
seconds because people don’t
know what they’re doing , take a drink for every time every time they shoot at the
impostor sheep’s clutch which is
why it is cloaked it’s gonna
happen until it made is all I know what
everyone’s being fairly flocking
disciplined maybe any to break the ice on on shooting at it than after drink now not merely goes this shooting at
it I saw three blacks one to the right though I am going to rule and
Heidi Zeile said the NEA is not
usable 70 easy act as Roland hadi survive that that’s insane IC and also as a whole lot of sound
that I can’t hear a summons shooting at me as a
whole lot of explosions that
happening front of run the explode how he plays about takeout of the back of flock all know are all of that led the
dow was carrying that’s it an issue them I kinda wish they
would it would bomb corps aggr
if you if you witness to play
stealing you shoot so you can just come down if you
saw them reaching into your bag
he clear it is my lead 38 lead that enough and now if you’ll excuse me I just need to go down to their time to go for a war units of fast on actually notice
how bad the sound is for that
that usually doesn’t happen
easily comes in crystal clear that not today that scored Wells and actually paying
attention to those getting sneak
Ritz on a bigger matter all that
much ’cause I’m pretty sure all
he w on clean when she is yelling it
something else which is doing that sonic and am
a gun rate from a face hang on a chip report with the
gas mosque on target for can
prolong the long that this all it doesn’t match until the NAFTA taken off now also might back that’s that’s a
very good month the actor it’s very much is what a full week of sheeting does to hopefully I can
recover during the week and I don’t have a backpack skin or
not I don’t I’m running the basic beach
backpack here I could probably
get something actually I’ve got
1200 items but I’m thinking of
just s ’cause I saw something like gold
and skinned 50 cals are, there’s you’re on the game at your it is a lot of the lot less
com traffic in the comments
section now now that all of the experts
plays of got off the stream and
started playing full of 76 again
as a like it here for fast like
10 arm plan Xbox give me and project paradise and get off
to us from a backpack skin are
really is that they just an do I know who can’t do it is
year I’m guessing my con if you watch
scantlin are subscribed him a lot of his vu the Peruvian
like that if your suggestions ba
off the watch it’s Gotta be absolutely annihilating shoot which that then it said nothing I’m pretty sure
those are the things that I
dropped before and every time we get always a
gunman approached as picking
that up in a frame rates so much better
during the day and night times
are you can’t see me no one can see
me I’m in the ad of carrier wait
for even get out of this place and yet and care later 80 enough to make the long journey
to a vendor afterword on here and in some of the mother people and
discord started bring me up
during one of candlelit streams
and honestly I don’t think you
can the maid and makes me look like
I’ve got some sort of alternate
account and I’m just promoting
myself Mitchell content E it there
thanks and rather not do that also the triangles of
death and back again so I’m glad
that they’ve made an appearance Yeager Sukhumi and three
missiles on the house the ice and three daily care -for 40 hunting rifle you
missing and a lot of damage and
that’s not good for hunting
rifle because there aren’t a lot
of damage exum and damage that has been a
stock blade flier eight lays a Gatling with 33% more
critical damage 33% more critical damage really say and pull the 51 did Ya year at that’s a soup mean wall and
stocking like a legendary but buys ones to weapon weapon weapon and Nair
bad Eli that a fedora and also an
ultra site jet pack the care what’s new I guess I’m in a cell that you want your
notes that jet pack of got we’ll give you the planned to
cost a lack 10,000 there should be wand a guardrail of the protect runs
out again who left the project runs out
who who build a lonely three star mutable and three
star mutant warlord that is not what I wondered all
game how about you get the police a
Matty Ross and his drop me a
bloodied fire eight thing why much minute also shots
because I’m in elites not that I
know that’s going to set a mass
is the best also there needs to head shots
and am getting this much damage
so you can shut up C almost 900 damage may be bit
more wasn’t paying attention to
the explosion damage the whole lot less damage on
that guy is still killed him end I really struggle for damage so
I always go for a head shots for high shot that double in the
bomb through it all I’ll have you know that I’ve
done 202 was of Judy in Iraq and I’m
a sniper with over 6000
confirmed skills 6000 you better believe me to these dumb protect runs and
died then he died kazoo and dom that’s why they died all shoot Irish a Kane said of wasting that was that all that said of just
scripting that unyielding stuff that I had
broken up early edition of that
gave it two my E of level where level character a instead yes is true I should’ve
done it will I am very scared already soup
mutant more than Chris Connell, no
decrease, Lizzie the guy from
American slap a Ide don’t I’ve I’ve seen that
film of which like 15 minutes of
it and it was just on around didn’t really like it
to be honest new skills is really bored Riordan it’s fun when you knock the
heads of prisoner and scream
’cause the dead will shoot bear full water their full auto one tie firing
anymore why not for by a anymore by you and all short done when mayor can snipe a I must be the best Mac are in
the well and not not not even
that the cruise of of the tse as
guru clans can pull that kind of
st a leash it to not clear of this I guess I
didn’t he could hear the base when the
war tickets turn , like a pearly can’t do that
anymore we’ll see about that game the base big splashes which and the best there is the best place to farm
legendary is WestAir stealth of which is better to
merely unyielding chameleon you
can get away with unyielding
know if you’ve got the agility
and se which means being alike 20%
health and sir begins the grand journey where I’m going to walk all the
way all the way from from this place all of got two
for doors you wanna have that
much bigger than ready for a night out on
the town now I’m so sick of the vanilla body
their Pleas and this make it stop and not to worry we’re running
at a speed that is 50% Forst of
the 20% Fawcett Regula walking
so work I like Cal walking
through and is aware scrapping radium
ruffle some of the asp and good
luck getting epoch data that while I need amounts of dairymen
touts the model do odd 1,000,000,000 to take cams
in this game scrabble I’d do that ever and
for that are still down the
other up that he has been as their Camp
I’m going to kill them all and
see what happens she sent me know the angry gift
of Kim Kardashian : someone of beach itinerary leafy hauler I don’t
know are greed is seen some going to take
their weapons and sell them I know that you got was the most
amazing display of rag doll
physics I’ve ever seen in my
entire life again I’m gonna make them die
with dignity to research what
I’ll do is all as with the Iva delivery for actually not on
this character there and a
runaway citric I just can’t I be
down as it does get a killer beavers
run attack of sprint 5 hours into Martin Schram and
getting him of their tour to end
the service went down all I can eat song about
textbooks live in its entirety I thought that if in a caddie
realize the textbooks live
completely crashed a chic and spread of gotten a
mime issue that I’m not a
mission to pillage the Of that
type flocking that Titus protect
run in t and that was the screen shake of
the death call Dino Wyatt and
your wine or to death claw in the play flocking game for
too long a way it’s a sheep’s watch my goal in this list was shipped
on killing everything I’m too
strong absolutely destroyed him is a
bit of his face yes sat the one style weapon and
a broadside a I’m not gonna pick
that up to you in kin why quibble with his lot of the
tile going on here I don’t like
it makes you feel very
uncomfortable to back seven examine these things
up close before also does anyone actually know
where these things came from their not adding libby’s cracked the
sheets with me a catch is that the hunt be down
Chesebrough breading and beavers
and SH cages away from the mini nukes how much the thing to play jew
would care for zero ’cause they don’t exist yes game I am in Marin ridge and played explosive the envoy
you could probably sell that for
the big study can if you wanted
to let have increased aid the cap
limit have met my goal Willis
people is everyone’s around here was
six and what’s happening wiser
so many people congregating yet
also can I nuke them an aesthetic air there are I would not I would
not bombed describe myself as
beak in the snow would use to
describe myself a bad it had
been the adjective would be
clean no doubt not entirely stick more
to some more toward stick than
fiction but I’ve got I’ve got a bit of
muscle tone about me and yen
flock in your gets you ring keep
some skinny and not muscular
when you b you need you need to develop
some muscle otherwise you you
can’t carry Shootaround that’s why I find a surf locking
whole area some people think
that you cheat is the only thing
I do Marius that’s kind of aside is just kinda something that I
do off to work as how to wind
down the day again haram buck in buried up
full of 76 figure out what
weapon I’m going to use it gets
stuck on scenery icon fox travel
out and the only way out a suicide helped help the sick and helped myself nor are
you can’t do this to me who old yeah you can get wide web plays females all it’s really quite simple because fallout is full of is a
magical land that is flat is a magical wonderful land
and as a made a place I do what
I want all sirri make full Lamont said
of my full of four characters
and that’s kind of it really you once arraigned and dudes
fallen roundness gays flock to
the end a case of highly I was there
when I die do show one of a pro list book and gays flock which is better melee a stealth
guerrilla interesting question
while you’ve got no range of
melee and stealth to rely you be
mis for big damage it go in melee
there’s there’s no are is no secret about how strong
that is that if you wanted do a little
bit more in terms of range a shot a place to live in
stealth guerrillas find the
problem is the stealth grill of
people walk up and start bomb with some are before the
scary blown up if people just rock up and many
can’t get a sneak Rickles
anywhere be ever do a lot of
damage compared to other weapon
types ASCII sell for this to honor out
to you would you rather run
around the wasteland with a big
sweaty guy all would you rather run around
with a DOS chicken the wasteland that I think that I think the answer is pretty
flock in easy to come with IE would advise not to hybrid
those builds together because
annual just the wheel of a lot of strength and
agility but then you have no
lock which you really need is a
gunslinger because you just use
crit what really artificially but you damage potential I guess he
pursued damage potential quite a
lot with commander rifles that’s not
nearly as necessary because
you’ve got the damage as you can
tell if these are hundred damage
h I’m good ’cause I compress the
back button and click the mouse
button one have that’s basically a play this
game span and ESP on one lips I just took every single
thing that should mean hat on an get into node rage also if you pick up lots of
daddy what alike is turn to
drink it because you will crash there’s no and rage up I’d die drank one I didn’t crash
a camp early have to eat those
words that’s lucky and if I
added to the five at eight and
anoth the AL self inset that’s how
people make merry sues as hell
ray was created they they do a
self insert a character that’s
perfec I’m kidding am I going to play Jews of all
five bomb on three shots and Xbox
exclusive which means an
immediate new light goalies flock and mine
cross shatters its great flock and pixilated
mine crop shatters high you can’t a positive
experience take that headstrong all taken on any one du and done all should I’m being
shot back take of a help the account shopping this is like
you can’t kill a person will say
shopping the robot say not to what was asked a sinister a cat died in shoot
him some wasn’t a team with a Mrs. On a te him with Thom
live the I think I’m fine you can’t shoot be um shopping on making bank you’re mad bank you which is jealous ’cause I’m
making mad bank your palms to 123 Your that pile of the soul rifles he
has went to all of them much of that sits in a staff I think that fight went pretty
well have the key to help end the
dagger back here and if I’m such dumps the PPP I
certainly wasn’t ready for me I
am the best yet I’m so good this
game so are flocking the time such a
win a play which one was mime which one was your baggy by on the design was mind I
remember ’cause I draw the
circuitry that’s a good weapon but had good idea but the men need these bit later a how much chief in new debt feast
reselling the three cell site
ways and outlying pens with site to be honest old summaries in multiple stars
that’s of hair of money and all mind th gnats make my speedy getaway am going to the getaway, bring it Santa Claus my skins already why white paint dozen work on me know this is a grudge match
between me and sister hand I think I1 bigger deal that my get a shot with the instead saw
relive the dog act are at everybody everybody know it
nights on he’s a scum bag shoot
him and tackle the kill this guy we think any better on flock Ed what is my job on the roof of snide you this camp is this that sun’s can’t sit as the the the the end of the the
the the end does dry massive pianist wold uses Azinger require nation pick a law can get wanted , let’s see an issue to store it matter is that walks to pick up excellent off let’s suppose to Agri them
if you’re on a supposed to Agri them there like if this if they would miss
you do a sow’s to agro them hang on a disguise Chinese and got an idea April 15, 1989 to the 4th of
June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre a eyes brush and a case err he’s a comedy is a comedy to survey the
Chinese tactic teamwork heck of a possibly kill this
flock of could make the base just a thought commits a two to smite that delete kiln the O nice how could you get the sandman flock that flock
and well and I want bad guy
withstand muni’s flocking Regina
no thanks funny to put bull to Sr. put the
scarred on flock in expires proof these have been flocking that
can have good and is put this in the LSU
Harvey Mackay OK we’d really solve my prob by
hide behind way to catch that’s
doable I use the two get rides
lots of Reds and get some by eating some of
this will not really that bought and
send the word two and one of how many vote great plains VE
got just the one honestly am not really
interested in doing the vote
grades are for nova IC with a
pair of looks like it above the door like it and give it a sinister handed
and join the group I guess he
missed the bill at outdoor bees that there are no amenities selected out a minute and a get people to take in
amending get people to grief
them and I’ll give that I’ll
give them their that’s a meek and the
right does is like a rainy
claims in this game like they make mailed discord
Brady plans and and they just
pass people also I think the server might be
lagging little bit the acid various as in like error if affects
around the acid I guess was that so they meant
by legendary, because legendary unyielding,
would just be two groups
overpowered by no one ever use
anything else have talent go gray from flock
there while they what well and they
call themselves talent Eleanor
Bunn it’s just a sausage fest of
dudes flock that at least the
gunn why when you wanna be like the
commonwealth gunners said the
sausage fest of his talent
company at the end I am at a script that’s right leg to load all ye gods my roast Israel and
the white if I was approaching fast fold in
disguise it is my uncle king
book or old delightful eat
devilish Seymour a cave please stay where you a I’d need to switch characters I’m gonna get in trouble ’cause
me you two via if you like sausage fest and are
few life have don’t stop which Hans always
happen to me they flocking mobilized on me I imagine this this ship talking
will eventually get back to
embargoed for with the year due to mobilize the gang again ’cause it takes a whole less
time keep the ban button that it
does to actually make an account and double banned them without
mercy fight them and my if you get a acts like a
guy can add a nonaligned deal of
it is saw just see you out manages
the black sea also have gotten the Tolly for my guns and actually like addenda today was the worst
thing that could happen daily
the bunch of dislike some of the
year with Selina linux all you two was looking out for is the route that is when the year traffic if the video
gets like super disliked bombed
that’s when we’ll start to
suppress it benefits only lack of the evidence it is still in
the high 80 easy we’re at citadel see the mill see the people like the
video are interactive your people interacting that
commenting lacking shoot that
well as more feet this winter armor
and a they both have been nobody
thickness I think went as a bit skinnier
there and seed she does that a lot of
muscle tear in pitches only got
two but his strength my weak videos keep you alive is that all I might give them my
videos like life support few
’cause that’s kind of it that’s
you put the pressure on me know
I is to shooting pretty quick watts and EPS and get through
the thing you’d smash both of them cool I guess you should see what their full
of fort granddaughters look like their
of actually got mugs and he
could look than a ’cause I in
use and if some near the bodies in full at four anymore to worth as old as a
remove their but so much
superior thing whether it’s back in the comic body all the
caliente enhance a CBBE script arm script on as with the play’s full of 761
handed at he’s got the skills
and he’s got the skills to play
the game one hand and that any
part by a sinister actually to nuke
Siler right now with happening over here is
that’s is a still going the
Connie to get over and I think by the time you’ve done flocking
around with them you would’ve a
Sid the materials and AMR and
shoot the shooting item that I need to Leger Como FA could move on with the
debris much on second night yet the script machine is all
yours say the data communication that
way you have to wait ages for
some old I can hear in the east, sold mix and match vial scorch based in their year there actually sued be easy to
get use kill scorch peace and um
grab it from the press to space
pockets different prompt build your IE go down to the
cranberry ball Daniel see that
the middle class show up the
slack on another room Ritz
called by an depressed space on and you can
pick up the viable DNA and you
Gotta take it to another place
and then redeem that an EXP I think that events broken right
now that activates a longtime
flock up my son to fifth old at savage you can feel the sting on that have he’s the savages most thing of
all a case earned see Lady Gayle you got a legend hurt from a
firefly all congratulations if Honda
level one’s store his hat suit
for the aiding guess you’re on your Xbox
updated through the Exe be Al is
down like as in dead in the ground also need to go we ways I get
back in online and the experts is running cool that with a thick dad D 369 guzzler drink lie and tell
them and not to place to a times
the man broke the man he jokes
are gonna get loose with banyan
t and they can to get a call for
rom forget the less the ricks hit us is a terrific tax than a
cough end of note actually
growing much bigger ’cause I
need testosterone and said make
my muscl defiant interesting how they
don’t sell testosterone
supplements but the I bit the
galley cormorants of supplements its not control what a file is to tell you that
I’m actually a woman with a
really really deep mainly voice you can’t say anything you
couldn’t tell me that I’m fully
shipped because I can just say
all your ex verdict for beak of this
particular variety of people so basically check your
privilege will IDs and the script and a five big tent CBO cannot
marry sinus you are getting my
nudes actually after you have to pay
how my pager on their leader I
can be like every other E
thought and say it’s up on my patron you have to
put $20.00 and their enough to
be enough for three months so
basically give me sixes and many gun that is totally many gun yet that’s me on Al the frame rate and some bad
it’s heading my head but the flock to not blind not
have a way what all year by someone started this and they
didn’t finish it by what’s had can a man and I sat in a leg got set tired of death yield dying null it’s not even to be there to do that at you can’t steal my kills to why you hate two for why you
have numbers in your name what a
sparse to call you number man number man captured the four to ham selling winters bath water
world do is all does bottle
might tap water and you can
drink it and you’ll be healthy
I’ll make of that don’t really know why
it’s cheaper than more to have the end had to chided
legacy item is is what’s in a whiz at bell
daffy nor devise that who sells
that she still going that’s best a feel at am an
unimaginable amounts than Barra
spent for your fellow two Males when you see
them buying flocking bath for
intrigued me getting ill to Faulk is wrong with these
people you’re bloodied F2 F was asked all the Bis got herpes bowl what’s the point of them
getting herpes of Arif lucking
sold bid dignity I guess you can see it better
serve got herpes marital flare
up and spree may cope with
freaks I’ll write juvenile freaks will drop but a sword will drop
the Ta soared beta Males with another I’ve never understood the
concept of giving money to an
Internet model on teacher on to see
photos with Achenbach and post
the macos rescission and read
anywhere like I’ve idea of a few some great it’s
when there is a play any of
these Internet and models
dispersing fares them selves you
have to pay fully repaid 20 bucks to see it
states have that use FA can go
on port hobby and see if a free
to bind the donation thank you thank you doing this Q pa four to flocking how the two little work to do here
yes yes I do you have that there’s an extra
six And away and and and and and and and connect with a can pull off
the zit 56 good demand a capsule
there have have thanks Tia he says
other few boxy the thought like a what it’s all the same thing
they could you imagine if I
started OM if I made a full hour character
and started posting freighters
and hair on the Internet but
here he is that he is that $20.00 payroll deceit
abreast of these and guess what
you get to see some three D
model TDS you too can download
CB b man since early different thing
but it’s all on the same lines
are at such a system does a phenomenon
don’t know how did I know how
blacks house apart profitable
how pathetic the people of a
flock a also read to why not have drill of cards
on I don’t I don’t have to relive cards
would you believe and despite that actually wasn’t
going too bad I did notice to
damage was lacking there are
certain is that also can I get the one and sneak due to a skittish up and trolley
is allotted how much is that now 129 let’s pick a as good a brief glimpse of six
EFPS for a second man was so
good selling he used peanuts of pre surety kill that guy the candles and overload that could’ve invalid because I
need to know him for a least 700
before a drops also to tell offerings have
fiberglass back I love these double it a
bit too much to be honest that a cell on to the two big
nope actually shoot year gamma guns a
good I need to scrap some of
those things and we’ve begun leave the guns of very valuable
actually the blaze your captain the bath
water hits in the mail you a
seat within 2 to 3 business days that’s the power missed rarely
posts reliable fussed and also
Olmos drowning because instant
messages killed it poorest really post the half to privatize CNN
posting mail would be even more even more expensive charlie’s angels beach
volleyball I don’t think you’re quite ready
for that yet I gets a little bit too hot
featured a bit too much on the short circuitry if you
really struggling for that just
go around slow the robots at
white springs censured was dropped five a six
year to sect repair kill I think
which adds up is like 5 to 8 century bots around the
grounds if you run around for a
bit and your 0:47 a and you type in
tight seeing as he typed what
you typed your parents chipper Ramada to
your Internet Data that made a noise enclave bunkers and year than there also are screws
screws are good things said
about a bunch of screws to get
from Falk and sugar is sugar of you should improve all these mutants of dead move
to the east murder use of talk on the mouth
like a bigger the run 150 screws them as your
Mage died they are Foss they don’t stop to anything also they always look
perpetually grumpy to Z not pay them well as at why
did this so in the high real
time was if they get paid by the
flock in Dewey get paid by a lack the
delivery they make that sounds pretty bad easels and things these mill 11 of launch of nice
that’s rift actually the gene are that IE com got the
radium rifle plans on all of
characters that have excess my fifth when he was a
great as of right did that all
she did bad verge gonna be as a DB budworms by apple with happening deal younger than expected
usually 13 year olds on tin mine
comment sections are you doing I think my content security
peerless that because I’m I’m
not like a super high energy
output cant and create a button flock and scream into the
mike kids love that the nattering Dudack circus
state life like if I’m talking to you
like Allied usually talk that seems a lot more realistic
does not when did I make a guerrilla care
to OM sizzle ages ago really if you go
into my play list of my various
fallout Y’s straightens it was cold attempting to build
a dunce and which I did over a
couple of weeks marianas as a Mars for all the
people is not its said it but
basically it’s full leaders play we are as much as a mine
and get it as quite a drop a guess I don’t call the savage
divide to nothing and firecracker berries do if
you eat them raw flocking nothing adding that the
juice gives you extra crit
damage I think I think are the subjects matter
for full out for is a little bit
too much for a 10 yield to grasp
the game play not so much you and you own work out in time
like you you notice things when
your old are you a bit more switched on Zev there’s little bit more than
just shoot are running around
shooting stuff going on at least
in terms of the story for the hitting shots probably like even if you decide to run
over the berries in the kills
you in Tuzla damage not action a whole lot of damage
but possibly could be dangerous if
you doing the bloodied build at the
serendipity perks of women do a dad where to apply all the
disease in the game the captain nude spin hike and bake some joke about
how people act to flock bomb and
golds in fallout for a flocking
hate of blocking hate so much
flo basically goals of corpses and
this to walk around like their
ally of that smell like a corpse that Beal warm and can race in
Whaley if bits of them and flocking
full off is Dick would fall off I know what six is so into
Hancock ease so disgusting is also a drug addict which
makes me more to prick a series of fisheries class AA
issue them yet also are a lot of the guys
it’d been conceived of at least
for the really basic stuff and
routing done ceo of survivalists she does all the guys you’ll
ever need to see any can tell what she puts Time
&Energy into editing their
videos because everything’s the
production quality is a lot
higher th riders press a record button
talks should and use guns she
actually Scripps if the year is the DS at the best way to convey
the information in a concise man
a one day mark my words one day
issue of more subscribers in may the reason that she doesn’t have
more subscribers right now is
because she starred not later
than I did that she’s arty up to 10,000 has
only been going for about a year
of seven marry a year or two I
think so she’s going to be flocking
massive huge all she needs to do is just to
produce content and the people
acts and she’s found in Asia is
no one else that is doing the
guid like a lot of the big EU team is
Ramona JV he did a whole issue
of full of four and guides and
the companionship are issued a
cr that basically though the way he
grounded that if affinity was
shooting dog mean reviving him
as flocking barbaric out how
could that year since he decide to pull the plug
on full of 76 because he thought
the game was bad along with a lot of the other
huge shooters of that sort of
realm on the ball out of the big
ones that survive a juice had ox
on those two best all around
although are on juice had
basically is a news rate of it
hasn’t really off a whole lot
other than his and a lot of people are the kind
of actually bothered reading the
inside the vote soared to
falling the news themselves some
get all relates to talks on slowdown
he must be I maybe is a bit of fatigue
going on because if fox ones
getting flocking sick of this
game I know I am I just some ideas than my
frustrations and complain what
time and that speaking of
complaining of ESA get dropped
from the Sava morning by a candle and rifle gaming baffle Gaming’s good is a good
stuff and it’s working for him
even if you don’t pass the like
the content that they’re
producing you know it’s good because got
huge following obviously nuking rendon areas is
a good Mage because there was
getting the Kimball that do that
is nothing really to be discover them of the few notable things
here in bed that there’s not
there’s getting nothing like
what springs a lot of the
disciple I’m a camera bailing the service
flocked routed host its snob can do it a little
bit about he’s builds and how is
Opie bills take neighbor’s barn
really use anymore he’s main thing is basically you
know of any yet sees the year is to an extent where it’s actually
a lot more entertaining than a
game play itself as a people
like it that I’ve never played them and play with them I think rifle
gaining you use on Xbox I think yet it’s a joke obviously as Creole of better than before they’ll be a lot of Tom Baca
mall lackey now it’s annoying no they’ll be a lot of a full of
76 content coming out when
wasteland as drops because for some reason people think
that an PCs being in the game
will just be a magical
experience all fix all of the
games problems b the game as it as a whole was
still be plenty buggy and
annoying to play that’s why I was so curious of
all I wonder what the plea
actually play the game think and
I found out the most of the
people 76 sewer line the loss for a little
bit long guy and chains are fits
Bethesda doing this stuff that’s
if it’s the full of four team well I’m gagged wager that it’s
gonna have some things you with
quests of the OM quest of the Aunt Brady and variety Gary here
until these guys and come back
basically well I have think I’m not sure
about how when the last patch landed
with about a full month between
Pat’s 12 and 13 search and they mentioned how the going
to fix some right and what’s a cold AG guns
and other penetration sir not
something bill G’s is all III saw that as
a couple a new weapons of adding my eye and I are I’ve got a feeling that is going
to be garbage to be honest absolute trash the mighty goals can take out
super means very easily I find it kind of weird how the
goals aside to stop hitting the
soup mutants as soon as I was
around despite them being
detected this and kited forgot about them
I guess I also wish to stop doing this
loss analyses a bunch of Bach
and super meatballs the care if them out of shape
than I have one me whoops and doesn’t fill out my The
maximum going to be very
surprised the DOS a poster roll back some of
that as a shock them estimate
that an mass them found a buy what I’m getting this also on that
that’s hard to leave that that’s my blade explosive
shotgun sinus to have a date you
forget it young man do sell the guns error if you
sometimes no one really us for their and a lot of the really good
staff writer wanna sell anywhere
is so are , the game is just to be permits
misery is beyond palliative wife
supports the ages the problem is their fight try
to go back and do full of four
content people seem to have more interest in
this game because full of 76 top
it’s way more views at tried doing Exe, only that I got less than 20 for the most
part in views for those streams
which, sock that’s what happens we tried it and dirt out of the of the game series and you
originally built to self on
Maryland’s begin to shoot why play the vote will answer a
bomb year maybe I’ve been hearing a lot issued
about either salon Dore Dusan
that’s happened like I wasn’t particularly happy
about the Coughlin their brain wasn’t happy and how they traded
on that you chew the guy who got
stuck in the tot harassed by dudes and
suits even they probably was doing
something pretty flocking
serious for them to actually respond with that kind of them day via IDs bullets and cost
rifle to that’s actually worth
tons 583 year and a gimmick us one year of Colson brings the ad of loan
that alone to scan the good it depends how easy the game is
to gather stuff or because if I
wanna keep my daily full of 76
videos going I can’t be playing them for
extended periods of time soft
base mobs it actually is give
your stuff that you need now that would be interesting are not even know what’s going
to be lack to be honest way that, interesting gunplay
mechanics again be part of it
not show a modern to die Fi drink this Nam
not good until I have friends inside to that giant when you’re looking
creature a year maybe that summons angry at me off is just a rat their care tank Ya small flock in rats that add a aliens of just a flat
woods months to that avant as
have mute ons in this game see them in every skin mute ons that float is now be fun flying
enemies that don’t suck actually
bridges be flocking the parties be I bought a I
controlling them actually you’d
expect that when you’re 30 hull damage dunes and karen’s comradeship me
down to Koreans on know somebody opened the
plant if they ever close like that
season because an enemy walks
possum which they open up and
then close their again you Gotta find the plants and
actually outside of the downs of
where an eyes room where in the money keeps the rifle and the Camby after farm guess
he even more even more soup means to earn 54
at too far away 245 and getting close to the need that all that I can’t believe they’ve taken
there is glues eliciting their how could
there how to fix full of 76 and the
easy steps number one private servers number two
morning number three probably wasteland as I guess
Guinness up into the other than
to shoot things ’cause people carry a border
that I got some math think what’s this from the gamma gun free AMR that goodbye leafy at IE I’d like eBay cams around
so if I ever do a junkie’s
weapon I can just and jamil the
cams and in the do with and do what basically
treats this red storm of a year meetings going green and in the rain goes away as an
acid rain and might be acid rain you never
know I it was baffles me was a level
one crime Falk and around the that deep yes there how many fusion causes too many
west of swaying you down probably five is good enough if
you don’t have batteries
included back to make your neck character
skinned and look like me sir is a tank top shorts and a
mob volleys you’re the only at
the only time I ever weighed a
mob always aware it’s raining on
th it just works so the only time arrived aboard
a pair of all is is for working
I’m really glad because of fire
a day like wearing volleys they make me look tacky have have a case search if I was if I was OM at sea that’s the snake at mod version
of me ’cause will lots to see
what I’m wearing now let’s see
socks and sandals check cargo shorts check fedora jack trench coat check yet we goes to come into full of 76
so I can look like me so I can seat Pham Edens as
female characters and tipped my
fedora I’ll also tied at sipping
for Dora emerge it goes on the hell are perfect a brown surfer with happen in a fast streams of full of 76
of them awhile ’cause I kinda
crack the sheets with this game still am still mad it but one of a recon expect a $60.00 experience
and a $300 game now can we just kidding my you two revenues
cover the game sevenfold and I actually make you sad of
the bomb and weapons and I got
liked the replicas on you do
something I Automation by the show myself
on camera there is not unless I reach an obscenely high
EU chewed milestone which I’ll
use people debate for
subscribers are they all may
unsubscribed I deserve and the laptop I could
buy one I’ve got I’ve got enough GS in
the bank your it’s nice in here ’cause I’m not
getting 60 in here that’s good the problem is a readings airy dead sewer law
does not one of just reset the timer
is well are one and all flock novel by the desktop I was benefit upgrades that I am
the future of came out with 300 DEF TS a care as pretty cool I guess the right knee without breaking
and knee joints are in vanilla
body to slide get a slight
change that looks horrible also are you can see that he
posing that the vanilla and bomb
body models Isa post put that
alms up above they had so
whenever t by one of them doing there are
need that butter one and build computer
ever to got the best computer in
the world I interviewed one person which
was me and I concluded that it
was indeed the best computer in
the world a case are ramos’ done with this
particular character of the Mac
status rip and will win plume be moving on to
my support act and Ecker child
dump all of that stuff I really have on me in the been in this special pregame
remove spot and me can move on bomb the
schools and Ed Davis are the exactly where else to it
gets toughening everything’s,
cleared out for now that forklift guys left the suit of Exor and fork in mind craft just sitting
there and level was he can pick
up the free screws of duct tape
which looks and makes feast think that
they might be little bit on the
scrub beside all that’s all that Israel prime losing you miss
them I can hear ’em there now and a sketchy Adam Friesz FBI a four ex a 67 XL six he’s afford organ and heads and over clocking if
you could see with the Dallas
with PC flock year of the sick up frame rates bad that a
putdown exonerate a ratty
matting buying it should be a
script sale soon good design but this doubt on
the two surf all it needs a man like if the owl,
to win the rev it up on a get 3600 DEF TS server game
can be as crystals mood acts
that I think my Mana supports
that I think the highest my mother
supports his 144 all ship goals but with those cams of that goal
just rocked I think I can fill
out the rest of my things up, leg of this bloodied Foster
fire eight pistol from us know
was from she is she gave it to
me I paid a 10,100 For it and
also horrible an those Mckenna frame raids bad in
here all 80 all white died that’s a really annoying
actually end that Speight some PPP
Shelley don’t mind me out of luck in getting killed
instantly a flocking shooting me
howl of getting killed instantly utz ’cause red worms and make
sense of ease flocking do piles he tried taking my chute
nominees is looking a dead goal , two slower owners you’ve chosen a weapon
with which has a slow relearn
are you also don’t have an
automatic Secom make use of
ground pound solid debate in the schools today they
did not base did not I think I just got killed, got
hit multiple times but I
couldn’t perceive it because my
frame rate was two where inmates a few it’s cheap and now
some fokker’s rule and some
spawns there in that a gentle
flocking that eder th running off five Ellison and
getting a full seven tonight at least not as dumb as gentle
flock into mater it’s easy to see it again
schools that just of my friend
Ron Shipp one dale flock and figure out
how to put Captain Bridget face
on this character so much
trouble on disk it might just update all
of the faces of forget months
polkas under the faced actions
are used replace them mariner worry been here hang on a second set pickup of
golf and a few as 24 as to sell one more thing for
four he were known those berries and
become useful that are no fleet is watching dish
and use to stay right where she
is otherwise this plan will go
bad very bad indeed for the code of man, and Daigle died in a day actually I need you to guard the
school actually can open doors
anyway, a OK if if levy isn’t staying on
the server a week and kill
enough and split all of their useless
pieces of crack in their foe
selling just scrap the share tour to tools can open doors meant boston’s don’t think anyone’s around the other that say and then the game
crashed it did not you’re up highly three of 2 hours of sleep a
night of god is fooled OM the enough to make some
underage quit when this was sitting in this
menu for a bit and Mckay and images tell you the script
by would’ve got ice or 22 stop
bits of ominous 18 at three
stubby as 24 of those together
let’s s a Buddy Jackson asked idea he is a shadow at the ad died in jointly of a joy
and Knopf he was in the same
serve all within live sea same ship difference now rejects hang on Jackson is at an Adam a
thing I see you slept through
the artillery and mortar fire
that smells flock be chewed the vs. invent a ham
money you chew but on the roof
of bidding of a single action
revolves a head of the love doing it for well love would not be a thing that I
decided to decide to discredit with I’m kidding Jacques I’ve got a very strong anti Anna
Mae stance on discord and sewer have just beware if you decide to
join Mayan muni weren’t we don’t
allow to animate and guess what my admin is back me up on that
to the battered sase quit being a
baby this ad yet you’re at night that was gonna be a thumbnail
for the stream by choose I chose
loss instead Gary two fulltime
flock Nair tse leaving a single action of
vanity seas well that breaks the
law for speaker of their marriage of
this year’s day of the cats on
fire had decent people to the naughty
corner fare bad you wander there to fly when you’d use two
fulltime I’d lose my current
income but my dignity to your dignity you’re all being not I saw I replied to your
comments before surely I did I know I did I could’ve sworn there was more maybe wasn’t a DOS than a near the street is not broke in
likely hang on a second likely what’s happened is my
Internet is just gone down of I’d gotten my hands right now
lots medics leave a gun Knopf has some good all asp, at that, very nice thanks Bras I haven’t short but come back to me when
I’m on a different tact I think
I’m really overcapacity on this
one shot up Falk and robot Jarvis the door of a year with some were swept in a
showcase probably a probably the broadside is not a
pretty bad to speak in a broadside is their minds the I’ve got so many did it send five this time almost died when you died of
hypothermia doing it for so your
it’s a scary thank you for the super chat
Dingus Dingus pulling this Arab League
death timbre has pretty cool office of the one there is but
one of the area’s and a bunch of sheet and he
actually cleaned that which are probably
don’t want that is destiny to be for
gunslinger instigating swing speed assault
run blade hell year instigating explosive thing lots of things and exciting mom
things in here the calf thing we can afford to
lose a few year search Foster
relearned yet and care that’s a lot of medic subs I’ve
got was makes handmaid’s of that as
well also having its medics explosive
thing men also it as a rifle that shots doing more damage vs. 50% Foster reload vs. the
measures installs an inning away
the reload speed that Stephen five thing makes colas rifle and other
medics handmade now the medics
handmade and the and neither can the
Knicks explosive shotgun monies
that on my strength build some
time dunes plus 10% more damage yen their
act together to suppress is explosive thing year when a weapon will vampires laser gun with fire eight another one
shining laws a lot of stuff on
this character, well then you’re
that and was another thing im at one which I currently
can’t sell now there at this time she cute you can remain here for
an hour at all so that ball camera scrap
and I’ve got a basics of that and also six votes deal was
pretty cool as that’s a good half now I’m pretty sure of data
makes handmade Foster fire in
him down a notch that one that’s the one I Care attack and probably use some 40
fives of what a fix of their
knife inserted I might just use a fix of
service because some kind of
running a space after that that this is been sitting in my
inventories to ages now ideally I’d like along the
barrel on this but when of a axiom IBM to make one will see go back to camp first also Riyadh I’m gonna give that that OM bloodied fire in the gun
back to live each just knocked
up with them that the character style snap to build some good
but the two slower solution and allow many muds back see
unlocked for this a cake cool line and perforating
destabilized manner forceful in this hungry of my not to worry I just received a
mission which to me a little
kick the matter is that another role play a in
my thread so he was gonna happen bombed one night only if Cooley if I never gets any blood
of explosive their bloody and flattening yet
played fire a handmade umbra
beginning of the blade could
damage over this character
search it s perfect the cook things to Mr. Of its I do good to see hand may from the
vet that’s this isn’t this tire of that
spent a season a stop I don’t know what to do with
these chicken thighs either some
of his drop them I’m guessing and make chicken
noodle soup button of the rest
of the increase actually do
anything with that and Liam down the lip purified
border as well dedicated fruit build character
named Dave Hein is a stock green as well as
slightly did legendary is is in what is it like Dave
mustang Dave is at where it is a cat yet I know why they didn’t give
in to suppress a Allred help
fixes the optics for Eva berry muzzles and optics feels
unfinished you can’t we’d balance by why
you see injured I’m not a mother shot in the
form and forgot about the
minimum Reese than a buck and
goldfish dead that have end of scattered laser I
fly a trails in chainsaw was added to
the Lou Rawls many to be pulled from the
legendary of the roles that’s
for sure and they need some added to fight
defying stuff to actually make
it worth make a little bit more
interesting because blade played
fire and played explosives in
place since the bloody parrot
act damage i there the rides a and now we wait ram damage of
boring watch the strength goal of swing speed mutants agility burn
club and Butterworth taken a look you up yes I’m out of this flocking ballistic got sees
that’s what they lack the so
strong and bloody Tara tech burn club
all us going to be strong really strong who’s down there with some cool I miss so badly that hit the
Scots going to explode great to blooms their careers and you cannot hide from EU
timing that it got me more excited for patch 13
than wasteland is hence, para Tak bearing club can’t believe that I made some
good jokes in the combat with none legendary brink
of the the one over people’s
heads to fetch high health builds year
will not being killed just
because a listing gutsy side
shooting a and hit two twice,
once and actually I think the the chain
saws of the weapons to have vs.
goals ’cause I am block the seas again
at me to pluck seat, flock SCSI
chain sold ounces right offer
some reason I use of much the case with some
rope is all that Mr. Haney buzz plays but
some reason chain saws off to
block there’s I’m guessing is because I
married a disk tide added these
weapons and didn’t do a lot with
am not really flushed out to be
hones and if you just for a goal and that Ms. Tracy was she is
the plan console their own PC City and the
weakening get around their you need to convince and again
on PC jump on the mas to race are compa leave these of
legendary scams so broke these give me
know if legendary spawns hang onto the drop them I’d bought demo script why didn’t
that’s good all acts box rule and no good can’t possibly call lab with
their issues on Xbox actually Tia tick can probably do something batting you’re dead by shooters and inter stream fair enough always act I do with the plasma
grenade between his legs you have had people about the
inventories wipes jew to their
raids going bad so that’s another reason why
I’ve sort of steered clear from
it is even if it is people
making up these bugs that some
corps whi is a lot of stuff that I stand
to lose my going to launch a nuke,
probably could to be honest
might I don’t think I’d nuked
white springs there are we do actually hang on how far is my am I can tear level up my OM my fifth character a and
reminded new cuff of that
particular one seat and nick Leakey can’t
actually ’cause I can just go on the red
it’s to find out what’s actually
there to you wanna see group I’ll not
really it’s what sucks about nuking
white springs are you get all
these guys with these Falk and
legacy energy weapons Falk and to pile of reading
cycle was a flocking Point I am
not I nuked white springs as one
time it flocking nothing from a
bla insight not not doing this to
buy that I did and just to play magnet people
come in and steal all of the
spawns you work so hard to
obtain that seal in a cell shock you can call from the two
whole lot of efforts to know a
lot of reward is not a whole lot of flux and
offer Eva stop tell me what to dial back I still and they must be
struggling all server and ago for you and
space a cat a need to do something about
this actually is alike alleys had just flows
down like nothing a calf liking clear some led out
and the clear the lead out of
the thing a beer at that seal NSC store my junk listening to shotguns get very very little
use and if anything that might even
nuclear Wednesday atop the pump
actions fired a circuit compete
but even many are really engagin this is the wrong thing that led to his head a pile of its IQ one
is a year can then both there
was it’s a lot of old site perfusion
cells did really do much actually did
a little bit question is to open up those things where can I might’ve basically a whole lot of steel
is holding it back to having a
proper that waits thing that has scared jump serve as a
ring that has been there for way too
long whenever he’s actually
trying to do disconnected from the server
shore show and there they didn’t Nerf
explosive places a wise and tse pump action of
that accuracy because it adds
all of the base spread onto the
spreads to repair see end up having pat if the
bullets spread widely sir you
get aid skeet shooting and along
that also helps to true long
barrel ski shooters well that’s a
definite need you need that maddox’s that’s damage dragon
for a bubbly would descriptor
any way you’d be dragon is not a
good weapon from medics play
style I mean for a one shot kill
that’s fine be a Decree to get
their front door to cricket bat
weapon as can take you still
flock and another instance of free range give the lower level mute and
solely a bomb must support serendipity
know why didn’t a a cat well I must’ve not chucked
on super duper a witch’s bad ’cause I bring a
senate bid of AMR that are low manic panic than it can call probably pulled bodyguards to be
honest and learn right now suppress a new event sponge
don’t need that, use that can’t
use that it’s figure we can use tenderizer at Tennessee my agenda please steering me through the
wall like some sort of brain
dead some be expected of a goal
not a super mutant a suppressed snappy pump action and see what we get them moving AMR Smith held
wonderful kiss way exactly cannot possibly pull
it in this hard bargain as not playing melee that’s OK I guess one sake and roll plays a vampire’s it could the item will friend
but not a it’s a point amid ad and try to
before so maybe the city and an insect one on a red
scorpion my house sits my combat medic build CF to any matters are a prompt that he’s friendly now the guest is funded and work all
union try that one at he’s friendly to you didn’t get past a fights you
can die was at main with your deal now you to go to
my base what does that put my weapon
away he does that Acme while the big air and I’ve got a drill flock and
months to what he also does
indeed be passive rads anymore good for him in Tamil pets have to be from
Rand events Willie little Boston Hopi and say that have if all he lives to fly
another day TK as a new white springs down
there always mad again which are about to see is going
to make the game crash they can’t you can’t Foster
months putting on, a cable ace a
thought about that and I’m not overcapacity day for me a lot of people have the escape
artist thing now offering refunds of 4 to 76 and 15,000 items to you to his and the fewest what’s always just a role play a bomb noticed as eating their
guests locked also you can do better than that that’s pathetic tips for leveling up Foster it
kill everything all things the
UC shootout go to high level places clear
amount Brinson repeat so some rocket science is see these goals they offer a
fairly decent man and ex pee
west and I thought free because of the Maya get red worms there in the
glowing hostels that annoying that Stephanie a must for this
area end shot 20 times hit five
bullets like and pacify them are tried to add really don’t know whether
worked on a im and there was a glitch that
made bad worms key view heaps
more damage with tse on the the adrenaline
Seagate like plus 9% damage that was fun I’m too quick fee use super
mutants wait a second Bezos and
means not really looking for levels
I’m looking for legendary is
game please provide many reason why I came in here
is the is one that legendary their he got to valid by the stairs I would question that you else is around here is a
lot: I hope he hasn’t gone
through the tennis club of golf
club absolutely nothing going on
there as a going not too bad on up to specify that works
against goals that fokker’s
eating of a toilet, pacify it
clear that I should he and goal in mind of work to their seeing
is that thing came up a leash and I’m going to die it so happens when you lose your
ability to when you lose your odd thing
will assert I read fluency a
that’s actually worth a tiny bit jack in the game’s figured out
that I’ve already got flocking
shiploads of legendary size and
given me a name or at you can’t farm 150 skip
across five characters as too
fussed married in mind is one it’ll be a one staff and you
mark my words , to stop well better than Sharon to stick with
pumpkin end and chief AC and a magnet lance is going to Gere Welch it
than a Sr. hard to track when it is
Teleport Ing and jumping around
like that have mercy of god no AP left of rat for this game makes the flocking
mad testified on you pacify doesn’t work if only I was using win two
right now that would be good if they chasing that die around as good of flocking port of
goals following him acted not flocking press the jet
pack button game flock you add not preside is jumping it’s
immediately activating the jet
pack of flocking losing all of
my AP what the flock of flock this
game but this flocking game and now since I can’t are can’t
spawn and nuke tears anyway but
since I was over capacity will
flock my back here to all that kisses me off mills pretty worthless anyway I fly jump now what happens a
case are now I’m not activating
my jet pack but for some reason before I die
I was then as I shouldn’t be art
I should be activating my jet
pack like that unless this was a person to pick
them just floating this is
flocking broken I can’t believe
they shoot us are flocking annoying the Cedras flocking job is it’s
every talking nuke and maybe doesn’t happen in fast pass and this might be a
new bug that’s been seeing their
dormant the ages Mary still
going I know why it’s happening
because the game doesn’t begin
actually on the ground when I
jump again see what I do a good jump again
it just takes all my AP and says
flock you you’ve got known Falk and weight
issue these goals IBM is a lot on the serve all
the problem is the several is on
before was running flocking fine and then I just completely
disconnected from that are just came up there flocking
nowhere certain that’s how I’ve lost all
of these spawns are still around other is still
there will the farc and pick them off, one in Ely in danger because why not grim reapers sprint save me to talk at Asher known something was up
when I saw Ron nuked white
springs and nobody was around it
that Stephanie dodgy also heads very much sir knott’s
have concentrated five of these
ranges Mrs. Wed without a doubt one of
the most in Ji serves of being
on for a while and getting nothing to this I mean and goals and arrange to
like which is the ad of range of
the weapon what happened with the press the
space bar the jet pack goes up on a mat uncommon now I Gotta go from the server
its garbage and that of getaway to beating case a
decisive drop into that person
server again that should be enough can’t believe the stinginess and
was there how many flock and
things that I kill for nothing as gammage Gerald Magid of the 142 people watching you
right now my goodness if anyone from Bethesda is
watching I’d like these bugs to
be fixed please like to Moorer
get to what the consumer is
always rig in getting millions of users the shooting me a sheet here ago game flock to the well and were hit and
miss my even be the only
Strachan said the left of the
entire world actually see if the power of a
single I’m invisible will be can jump out there it is again I know it’s the same server
chill out but if I’ve left the serve all I
got a feeling I’m up please don’t do that Bethesda may lease to since born right
outside the place and something’s annoyed at the
least hell year you get that Falk and
20 around MAG dump hell year fusion court time will goals even doing with
fusion cause any way that are in need them also are more remarrying is
fosse’s I should maybe I was ever play battlefront to as in
like the original on nine with my flocking fusion
Causey the game is wasteful of
my pal and greasing I will never
stop boosting now is wait for the glowing
hostels to go away and eager goodbye should serve all nope never played it actually have played it been
split screen and MPS forwarded split screen
months to see what it was like
it’s kind of bad that they
really like it was the nuke worth it was in my
nuke and women nuked as for long
flock England and should serve a completely Boston the place got an idea that’s the time right now for 23 and a red card called bill now and then basically going to get
one share and if we see anybody
certainly E the only thing I hear and he is
actually when digger all all
white men just block flock flocking backing how
as bad they were invisible I learned
into flocking quick Jesus Christ how about a bill with most of
the no good end OM if you’re in the serve on
like a free ride over there neither a kaminer unedited
freight flocking wrecked up O will lease divides do start
getting shot at undertaken chances no chances and all flocking regular feral goals
ravens stock is in women’s that’s not won a one and all what am I using its ethics a it’s that bomb it’s that unique
combat rifle we get also concentrate concentrate
flak and come back now up to kill that die quicker if I
had the right perks on by the garden you can see why of the that is a good weapon because
phone use flocking annihilator
even if you sneaking a waste of
red worms anymore and no one’s
take the need to be quick and it’s
the real quick up everything in here is a lower
level to that 180 DVD please be three stuff block you away sexual the thing that I
sought out to kill from the
wrecked myself the sheets wants to be offered to be
honest cattle I feel about the chameleon mutation
pref a king worthless to be
honest nobody wants to see that shoot a get and see that shoot that could have probably looted
to do the type that I killed
supplies but went off Is enough
self Is a little bit the toolkit Wednesday with community Nam a sometimes I mean a nuclear winter if you
got to be lenient a sheet
because unions that I sit there
and is infant stealthy on
display for w here we get are through piles
all around Morgan piles the Marco of this scrub Killian I guess nuclear winter is a very
fun because no one flocking
plays it anymore at least in my
region they must think it’s pretty bad suddenly goals flock off Mr. Prize bought if
you block me a man beef surf
locking mad our look of the red worms again spruced up give me something good it’s
exterminators had two staff that the little except that fun gonna be below me than could be another when digger
perhaps not just at us could a bunch you already might I wouldn’t be surprising that
actually was Bethesda seeing as
how incompetent they are
actually making the game at a O dad nice pile of rubbish that’s
where Mr. Prize but died heat the occasion is a spell since see a si and CIIII I mean it’s see as in C but it’s obviously as Ins E of
like that guy you get struggle a
time I think it’s sincere aside and
SCR the date after the SBA of since it flock it and Lavin
there probably not I feel like I had no often write
it down cousin of god the visual
reminder sheet yard bri back and rainy in
fever where’s that sincere that Seattle is CE
Barney two member since a a a guy who gets troll a time and
reports all of these plays for
harassment the band someone who thinks it is that what’s it called good luck on the scale of the
indy he thinks he’s in that clip
Iraqis can the bad can use the
can whistle blows a one time that what the thing is we just
accuse people adopt doing shoot the like and people seem just set piece
enough because and they’ll know
they’ll get on sucking you
cheaply records people are icing
images po like a will to me I’m famous
time when you chewed when ducky got bored of
caressing that Russian guy some say they’re still going to
their bid to prick their skin like him
very much and then the game crashed hard crash to really big crash to blames shot up menu you and landings a really flocking
hay in this game is that people
flocking role play they’ve roll plays things like
people act on hallowed and then
they break character insight
acting like a flocking idiot and
alw hopefully on sense of repeated
the game the game would keep
track of how many legendary
zevon scripting taught how it scorched mod list of wanting my game and then
d’affaires would ban me the best out replacing time how
would know the score that on
Howard that means I’m obviously
hacking and giving myself an
unfair with some odds to us a duck is fine duck ease the unit discourse if
the ages is always put me in his Allies interacting keeping an active is
a good work is also got a fierce temper and
into lexis lingers insults after hold my tongue debate
because of Gotti Eugene falling
and I can’t start doing I can’t
start doing that ’cause my bad
behav became a bunch of crack to scrap I will not ever go to America and get shot in the tussle
happen or get shot instead of getting into a good
ol’ fashion fistfight bell flock
in storm away come back to Dan
and Chiu instead everybody that’s the looping many gun bug is still here still in the game off the fix it and ad that all the censure bust
pulling up the African drum
solar also you can’t say anything to
Americans to get offended they can’t take the ban to a cat search wasteland the
sprees doing FA call so check that instead and that one T media that have a cake cool now lacking Falk and put some
shimmer all these and I’ve been playing for that
for that the couple left in the
years didn’t you see them all at two mall one stop, bits
will get a serve the line for
this character and a few more hundred speaking of Tiny bears sewer 90 have construction worker ban to the
best and the notable full of 76
streamers and you shiver their
own Exe books and PC R Pierce
fools and we think I don’t think there’s much a lot of people seem to go to
the Xbox side of things if
they’re playing on console which
is strange to name any true that has an
Xbox he played them full of 76
and Xbox troupe is a weed and
relax the Expos’ control data
that asy no thanks of actually got
flocking taste all yen bucking sand man race
Chronicles to cover the forgot about those
guys year they do it and that
focused on PPP mostly so if you like that, game play
than flock in the feeder that’s not what I wandered all
game bang on is leader of the pack on
notes not I’m just worth to the wiser and
don’t call out sandman freeze pathetic PPP
etiquette because you will come
down on you he will absolutely
try to flocking destroy you sick I just smile and on every
the center’s annual be fine too scary at a high of eight is
gonna track of the legendary now
that’s interesting so much for a bucking for those
like two dudes there hats too much too many to start
is the one who’s over there is some level Falk and were
leveled dudes whose any cat the sounds better
already actually hold off milk and not ad I’ll hang on as my browse is
doing a thing where it’s not gonna flocking
learned god damn thing or a
character over the Internet explorer the flock in sport of Satan
Disney MSN flock off honoring him what
using this thing of all 80
capped bullets and six Nummi cookies
and he asserts abandon the
yearly give me the I can’t find in if he’s not on the first page of
the ducal sets a dozen exists edict all edict I thought it was a person
like a plan was like a ticket busy day to care when you try that one a a vote at the should probably
figure out that it had just kill the soup
means fast as prevent a plan of
attack at all of that when they resist
sneak Ritz can’t that’s right while some looting
in the NL for concerts and up edicts for it up are that still can’t find in any case buck and we just make
sure all before you start
sending me just just like kinder
on the Internet makes you that
the spe you got you browse a arm to remove off generic Supreme Court number 37 Teleport in soup mutant even
data year I can still hit one talking
there and initiate a surface to and no thanks astray into more friendly if you
don’t try to push your culture on
allah’s that’s why I’m not a lot
of the slack when was some scum around here
because they started flocking
bowl she’d like Mary Kahn this
this is how we do things around
here that Elders the been as a whole lot of
pulse’s they live in Melbourne
alike and then we should let
them take a surfer and change a
cold if I lettuce be biz swilling guilders
and peace have made times you causes
guests are tough and saying
can’t every sentence and
accurate amount all she encrypted zone was the
better pick up the affix a plans by wide going into matter either
need to the weapons damage is not
dependent on such a ba can weaken two of the bug
is to know what I’m really running
low on angles I can possibly do
for thumbnail for years I bombs a July sales guys take a drink
every time I saw someone shooting and have shooting of
invincible flocking once to let
go of why my god is good you you’re in a
debt Bliley shooting at him spoilers go to the dicta of as tempting bucket of the end of the end I’m stick close to me DOS pain stick close to me I can hear you all of all figures in the space a cape highly have to do it fine except that I really can’t suite mother of frame rate
breaking goodness who died if you do to get on
that if you get again on the thing like you do you keep itself
alive I got you browse now your cue and of all rads ships ships yet stick close to made of stick
close to me and I’ll he’ll you instigating lever action and its its content had you can’t shoot off the aim
of the flock a news annual art is dead easy but I think he’s dead if lyceum issued in on that I don’t know where you went that makes me sad also someone
died up here flock year that’s my glue now
will flock to have also I’m sorry Souljah Steele
that’ll be put to good use the fuss traveled away that slam on until it’s happening here and new level 50 fix a I even know what’s happening
everyone’s just frozen old kid
bailing out binging bad luck with for all it is something is he looking for the robot
’cause right there sorry I think it was deep a
fifth of the explosive Gatling
plasma as looking forward to killing
that guy can be shoved off data
you can’t get away with that mix now you will have as Mcbain Mcbain tool based on the attack
by call me Nazis Mary got the instigating thing he is in a that is another sub
rate feet again on close play
deals and that’s a good sub rate it it’s a lack it’s basically like for seeing
Bruce base but without all of
the cringe the beta male
surrounding you added stock in the arm talking about GE
Monday’s game conventions to goodly begun actually a weapons to end of this
concoction Volvo level 10 I’ve
got some these few for bought I’m indicted the lack of events
it allows me to get something
that’s cheap if I had I just made bombed the wolf event the killed
once a wolves yes to need 21 stop, bits to see get the Mac
script a record trade in that one of my one style weapons
and get the same will get rather one less for
check Brea live with and got one in is in garbage on trade the
instigating the can leave a gun
for it it’s a pretty good deal
instigating a seat in much the united has picked up off to the
event for the once our instigating
their actually I think that’s a fair
since the gating the direction
of the same also are wearing wonder comes off
inspiration for his own Salvador guns there, really want from you to cut
other and expressions team Tams when eating yield on exterminators fat man while it’s actually th two stars
as well trouble is is, use any of it at least not redeem it today can you weekly earn only for
rifle and a stress you live in
rancher from as long as its
capacity is five and under a
menu fine double legendary muti a wrap the Spain have flocking partisan to jump
over some train carriages might
come on GM gallon yes the one man we won it said Falk
and drop you shoot all mutants of fox and can cost
of three startups one stock
that’s like the biggest annoyance Ava smelly later please don’t blow up the van but they’re trying to you’d think this character would
be really Fawcett clicked in all
the Because I’ve got so much
charisma but it’s really haven’t been working as a
nanny huge holes from swans around here we are in something so that guise of EC doing some
so the stealth rifleman thing
when it is flocking killer
inning high level dudes it was a bowl
51 assists or am I to skylight dagger all of them
on Sicily can’t do any damage to
be funny all know it’s a plasma grenade
of badgering super means that probably ready dead but now I get a flocking three
staff sure that the flocking thing
Shannon Jan don’t stop of Artie shaw
name bigger ought now I get a flocking three
style weapon when I’m flocking flying in for
the ones the shoot as rad game give me all one star
shoot case of Florida man is the best has my basic lack full I don’t
think anyone site and destroying
my base so I don’t think it’s a
flaming pile of rubble yet is just a basic us two story
house also Salvador guns echo what it while a joy to be associated
with that character a half locking soup it is that thanks for small gains flock and should be I am but three Away from doing a thing to the two that feel when your Christmas
too high and salvador’s shoot fox Elwood bill and who cares about DDS is you
flock and he is how you play
Salvador graves nozzle in one
hand on cam talent and the other
a you win the game is bad zeroes much cool a zero is the
coolest Salvador is completely
overpowered I will not hear a
word of an otherwise how hilarious and gauges we did you stack Kentucky and the guns
and become more you’re either of the reason made
design that character is certain
you flock in if you’ve got if
you’re in the borderland the we she gets to flocking followers
choose pull out of the ground
whenever she once in their guns
server quite accuracy use all
that is stacking an Iraqi ID one if you a good flock in
bought a lens content look it
bombed man of lamb or five a use the best like he’s flocking good is that
good loser in Mainz on zero by the
complaint axton Myers well also can we talk about cloud
kill germ they have bid that the cat
the crowd kill a bundle of they’ll break with
shoes days patch I’d read II feel a sense of just
to read whenever I think about
the fares is patching stuff
’cause I’m married just and the track record for
the last couple of patches of
been just destroying shoot my ministry many bottle and save
probably a problem plays the check the
looks like Captain Bridget
actually a teammate at least they to
relieve Richter off that that
was my character mother flock is like I’ll wait until someone and
say is honored as copper in the
borderlands two carrot to a boil
and say cacti me to be attacke and flock and kissed off and
acton’s and surf locking mad what is here anyway nothing absolutely nothing wise then I guess that’s to keep
out the monsters and outsource their coating to
indy like Boeing I did hear bad
Indio they’d bombed tried to
launch a budget rocket to the
Moon a use
good few heat with discord in doing it so
to ease the awkwardness is um
doing the way the merit cheese, you might just got something
really good and even there’s end well as taking views of development
time in this as long as there’s
the two c’est Raley and actually I don’t think we can blame the PRI see quill been lacking on
two cannistraro to honor has just wasn’t as good Marin people are astray Liane
that’s all I learned from from that also the combat teen lackey
unlike flying around a thought
that was dumb his new king still relevance
that I’d guess any what anyone actually knows
what they do where the avenue to
decide prime ball Ferrell goals by uranium
one spawn basically when you do
the nukes this are not the most appealing with a
flock it looks like a force field nice who dares disturbed me last obscure list days are the flock is that also trigger a
Exe axe you can tell their real as lord
different got X’s owls Edson
their names and mayhem and handmade yes
Stephen scoped and yet they knew everybody liked and
some Jackson aide to Milken walk
as a kill them off with end of
two so they’d made a pre see cool
dish given bit more character
depth and blah blah blah and a
neighbor to back again in tales
from its fall guy as far I’m hearing soup newton’s I’m
seeing soup mutants I’m killing
soup mutants I got Sanofi ink that thanks for joining the
fight preset that the LC lata fly him so much higher the
second shot on the fair shot city get soup mutant Baggott one shouted she is bars who’s in here must all of them will and a few cap and a few
shots away from 20 which are promptly taken and
then leave this place and never
return seeing a plasma grenade
explosion makes one play ex com me to all our full right now and
stop playing ex com thanks for
watching the Strachan of your get the For clearing out
anymore as Boston now must pursue do with all of
these Dentsu communes I can’t
raise an army of the dead and some book I dropped each
trip something I’ll do drop there’s priest ropes and energy Amar
that don’t really need I’ve got no clear end of the
Notre site crossbow bolt from people are trying to add me yeah I’m using the fix a plate borland’s to on-stream and
may be hiding their lease new
content for that to build hype
than it did death blossoms we’ll need no death lawson’s been stuck on this flocking
three script for an aid for EL
is what’s that if eczema fix a intrude stealth Foster sneaking
movement speed good are rained a rarity I won my weapons to be gay prints of a fair one associate
themselves arraigned there is
everything that’s gone ramos
eyes can it be gay with steel weapon thinking about
killing stuff what’s your weapon
thing about flocking other
weapons in the butt not, where would you flock the weapon
anyway also doing a call of the
fortnight of what lends flock will they know when it’s
getting their play bass from command of the list and the
fight the century whites in a
well gee to fight for it is
Teleport away sup and the nozzle us think I guess year ’cause like the mouth is
like the magazine us for its
themes from sewer height if you are very
sticky Dick down a barrel of a
gun be my guess the tying down
do that must loot everything that they pudding fuel and then
moonshine naughty naughty people as wetherell skeletons price range on a piece of army
have a cat one not a price checker
but are given eager could I make a blade PPP build
probably honestly play and peavy Peter
mixer well because people end up
in securing year and Der up to the top of the
Tele and our diets I’m kinda like must lead
everything that in states must
kill everything ’cause I’m a bloodthirsty site.
It is proved that it proves that
game is off people do what just wanna kill
stuff and go shoot people in
real life I’ve got 26 neff guns at Hiram
am not afraid to use them bloody endurance while he can
keep around the same am at a
healthy pro to get health to
route about 50% to balance the
survivabi central mountain lookout is
better be good flocking view
game run that all to foreign
Allies minds owl is more minds owl no more mines I guess that I got
bored offer the second one units stabbed all time in the money right now yes I’m rich a KB is a legitimate reason to
rack up to this place than have IE which locations of identified ship and th being overcapacity sox serendipity Larry a revive Pleas of got many gun at the end end the never mind Kaiser Yun it flopped queue I am entitled to those unless you just get a farm
enemies around and from a legend
airs this and screaming going on in
my house and I don’t know what
it’s for ringling brothers playing
console each play Wes Franz it
and votes a lot of screaming
sometimes a random blurt was made one more flocking
legendary distinction three
start just a PC should’ve on my
hang on one of my scripts like
the moment 658-5661 off to be a switch is
almost 2/3 way their faithful full of have an revive
person actually that wasn’t that was a
whole are Dammerman while this guy didn’t even
bother with the goals I guess is
that one of those things that
immediately drops the necks of
the goa and our diets now to scrap every single thing of crack on me and man my weight problems will not be
sold for I’ve too much and I can’t put much in their icon Sally Finney the ’cause a
man of flocking what a predicament I’ve found
myself in a cab denied year span up my mind an average Ide I guess I don’t know are the
game while most on your mind is all
that some steel and some some glorious by an eyesore the update on the events
like I kept down to leave this
week as the been busy but I saw some other stuff
that’s been promised to us a Cadiz need to find that ink is
workbench and issued Lotus Steel lucky these guys are in the drop
and really basic shoot also then
lower level because plays had trouble in this area
because they suck there’s Gotta be a team to work
and some none know what I know
it York and if there’s a Pontiac cheats
you’re in the should definitely
buy it actually play fort defiance
that’s the that’s insane asylum
is not what you’re about to see is
highly legal hang on mesh a brief eat
something befriended flocking
wrecked my is shooting at me a cam, hoping as a tinker’s
workbench down there and should be one around
somewhere that are really in
their other is a work bench at the top
of the world is in their year
ago in that little facility that
the black couple of things up now I’m surprised they made
their level sports happen all
the way down here is well trained as a rally tank us use or to getting
up there you’d notice his ilk are being
slaughtered will spare him the that mental anguish of him
noticing by killing and
basically instantly a can is no tinker’s workbenches
here us this is my support act to all
six lead of a eight and by one star their years 50 and charisma it’s not a supported it’s a
waste hi I can share the drama one
year with that means that means
five free points of agility fair
run around me you at your watch you can do
with five points vigil in the apes help is a scary level 22 year I remember that also is in
a bar and club here this is the
spawn yes there is nipping up his flock and
pointless but still wary she that does bigger my script problems solved
all in one fell swoop bank staff and actually catch
that this some more squawking going
on and don’t know what to make
of it yeah but what if I was a shared Everex
but with something like that that his bill does not
particularly well for your but
when of a I have problems with damage and
I’ve got 15 lock search lied to
switch the wrong level that is fun to shoot rose in the
face ’cause Lockheed’s annoying shutout Moira Internet plus two charisma for
mutation and three from sweet
rolls year but he’s got sweet
rolls every second of the day less you can make them itself
and talking near their respite for a sweet roll I
don’t know are and how much AP do I get using
nonunion gear 335 that somewhere where this
character doesn’t have a lot of
I think for agility would work
pretty well frenzied yelling * it’s on to give I wanna give that verb of the scorch the robot
voice that was in full at four asterisks frightening raw * the cases of weapon workbench
here we’ll know that from the single clamored question is where the fund is
that the tin can work bench while there is a boost and some
guessing if you keep going
around will find it eventually
are at league as a clothing store has
an arm workbench and are at not well maybe this is that none of
it’s not a clothing store it
said a store of completely nothing Juppe that have a need to go winners I have risen and 1/2 dozen other few AMA doesn’t
match jack and travel agents tax me
funny it will if it did you get for blacks and can
travel around the place for free rattan that NAFTA some Ten Osgood got
some 10 all subs they ought to
use these days accident in up a lot of steel and all the seats up much
more steel a less steal them all lead as we
did to know what does that a spike in run again I can run again and all there is
uranium favor of call us there’s
a RE people and their wealth
lock that OK’d off Dana need you to stay
right where you are the are well that’s fine stabilized is for scoped aiming a talking about the pack for
heavy guns when you’re in, makes
heavy guns more accurate and
punched the rom that a stabilizes and stabilize stock
and barrel of four recall
control on your weapons stabilize as in
the AMA piece makes you at aimed
scope less weighty makers weigh less a comely the damage that
flocking thing was a guess a
super mood was wearing it was a
Newton slays thing that we’d been like this game I could set up a whole flocking
stream just trying to farm ridiculous amounts of lead they
would take all steel to make all of that led go away bigger Hugh eager he is the fourth
pregame move in this entire
stream three bits of unyielding two
bolstering near the makes sense I can’t look I can’t go without
the extra special benefits there
that’s for sure all sub triple those in there, and staff bane saying rea’s
hopis had me I hope the really
has heard me run big bend the scrap a year
slowness to recommit care that back is back back again tell a
friend thanks but thanks tough data you know what the BEI Dao and I can’t do the anthrax and
the wall that the time surprise as and when up in
my face ’cause one day it will one day someone’s is guitar rock
of site he you and I’ll take
that and I quell flock that’s a lot a script that has
lost and Oleg Davydov the conduit I
can eat seats know I can’t do
that either of these Christ I’m
losing my bill you did do
impressio that . Did I even change characters
now I did the it’s a new level 112 but under
be back, you’ll see you’ll see wall of beck is back , Lau a casting this situation
was Becker is pretty Dia I’ve got no mutations I’ve got no good legendary
weapons of only a handful of AMA the goblin brothers screechy the
keeps this up and a flock and
yell and am Spock and piston me
off you can’t hear bids really bad I even if pair of this character
yet so bad it is year the than and filled the great of got a plan for this character
butter and a plan to place bets now on how long a
loss they are focusing was
broken case not but it will be a second have all you can actually hear into
fox sake , but the men must mean my mikes
a lot more sensitive got two starts talking you shoot alive even bill Blackie Ishak
yet how bad the plane ticket but in gig and sentinel
assassins AMA that’s easy two shot explosive Gatling
plasmon gain strength to get
that going on that as a rifle of some
description a need that sir high perception
to nine: he gets he gets on the PS for
these frenzy acts like a
flocking spastic it’s flocking
annoying I’m bang on level 52 80 he goes flying Alcock he kidding me will see a row that meals and let’s meet get us some would
stall U.S. wheat roll was but on the situation like
two bits of unyielding one of
which is broken and also in
level 15 that some big fat Rick to be
honest I were a couple of things going
for me let’s see what love got now I’ve got the king nothing
going for me what the flock is this what I’d
done see the trouble is with all of
my other characters add some
decent legendary service switch
to you have got explosive gap and
asthma best bills strength one
section 15 endurance six
charisma for Intel is one
agility 14 lock 15 and their sub and
some as too little absentee Celine Knotts and for my neck strick I’m going
to make a completely pointless
rifle I just destroyed the only rifle
that I could possibly use unless will look old delightful eat
devilish Seymour travel is of good bunch of bloodied things
to intelligence for doing math test
like a Sari you explain to me
Hager maximize the damage withe many are maximizing damage with
fat explosive weapons if you
have access to something like say demolitions
expert perfect higher than 10% making
seed night vision Adam I weighed Dan good shot though I feel so some wire with
that speed demon man beggars fix a bit of less partisan enough to
wait flocking ages to get a
suppressive for this you tell me that blindsided that
much damage of conflict and
shooting that all that’s actually time to aim that
is not wholly flock and does what plenty makes me do is why you don’t use optimize
builds children eight for king perception the
tuning the Max next is love watching them in the gun
mutants into which all good can anyone else he and my
brother losing my chute also a
live stream is appearing offline
but it’s not a everything’s a reef locking
deader , wait yet if if you ever see if you
see the stream the skunk at Ivan
gone that I’m I’m staying here but my insets sometimes stupid
and retard the dumb and it
doesn’t work actually won and what’s what is
my thing and during the main
class one is what is my thing manner that are there are are kept Mcclintock that sells
up to your Ms. Liz do that than
a mile zone as crack, but the
main class at that pick up some
leg take that and move to strip the princess that can number to offer a dell climbed the Instruments’
Care for all their ruffled actually speaking of chips and Gerald air rifle all its heart and as a prep poll
for our needs or unwise as have a look what is it put
that rubella not a lie and and
strew your water lines good
’cause but the board to decide
which a makes my bell Claude lee is immense hired
any damage immediately improve
that all while go much undiscovered I need to go to camp can’t
Mcclintock sewer I’m not saying give me a free
ride their bill significantly
speed the stream up if you do wasn’t as pumpkin house and the
hunters shack I don’t care how
to what’s that it’s not that
interesting and let me do BU yes free Reba I’ll handle this to the the event are going back now clog the instruments what the flock is happening with
this basic of serendipity and bloody
mess you Vizquel earned yourself this game is basically ex com
’cause a flat woods monsters and
alien yes this is true that Airport there’s nothing
going on really that’s a sad
part bank staff hang on that I need to: Chris
SCSI Americans think I’m a firm
to something else to a state
ships it’s every man and every spring
for themselves oversee is a lager and I’ll go back to deliver a
solid you have Eurodollar like a soldier a whole was ready to have the rest
can act all right everybody in the pool does a fine bond it sure is no
pool English tell if which they insist wing speed
unarmed weapons lengths to 40%
keratectomy of weapons hands on half us join a punch
things and how much damage wanna
do I like I like pat tact image
and instigating weapons and
swing have I like the Cuddy orgy of
what said she had promote this man Jeff Boston and Brewster this and spent a whole flock in time
reloading the thing I can I say different stuff
depending on whom work he actually did since I was slow with a flocking
we’ve a gun is like Wallace
sheet when I use a lever action can is
bloodied is, the best thing I have right
now are in a spade day and then identifying the Connie and I was the one in the middle
that I figure we actually been written out your read something I know who
that much and speak to the flock that a complete line
of fire exercise that it’s not an Compu altar , display out and the Deschutes tougher I can and then I’ll figure out what to
do from Manet maybe all lean back and eats and
these ships some of these crisps has run to say that Casey define the highest place in just sit there with the camp
of yet if you can drop off speed
demon must sue peel and real reaction and bad burns
and be good that’s even do anything of
highly fine it’s cheese and onion flavor a
it’s good Ras one flocking robot and an update is marsupial a cat I shall I and a Cade don’t
use right away on fast as flocked bully and I can for why flew why didn’t the helmets a trap NAFTA did that got all for
mission with this lot this horrible got to say king mission messenger two dozen against
Wright damage at Ingalls Liu you might resist the ballistic damage to
their breads network also if you ran like a
radiation’s air and send it be
would be going off every time
you gonna read like every second
be and his knife the entries Nile next time apply yourself that to talk to and faster but I
do the fox eighth all below him a gaudy end of looks like it is outputting bomb
high level goals a year including legendary is he went and got that to its fun holy Shiite ice Ariel of when you’re in
point blank range and the bullet
flocking flies to the ceiling the least tell me I’ve got more
damage yet a 231 year out of highly those use
goals Rockne up everywhere hold on a second what’s there is nary things that got it off so the broken this quest a liking him myself don’t hop
mike is bad if this keeps going on all have
no choice but to buttes you
discern their I’d have no choice but to
destroy all you’ll than one even Korean, and was
now and not having it all are hobbled double the client was movie was a bit
there you’re why it’s because I
was supposed to be like 405
episodes are four episodes but
they s way you have to sit do anymore flock out today speed up this quest ’cause
among hearing the numbers and
the thing like sea for you to
please rock up adding go through this door
’cause I went through this I
went into this place and was his
lower level scorcher is like
will floc if if you think I have to
activate the terminal hell
Michael king’s them right now shot up cards worth : drag see now I can activate the queue bigger that is by flock a number of the nominee to see some other
goals rock up now that cameras static whoops a media that that happened they shouldn’t give these of
these robots IE OM Michigan pay in Selma
voices the the kind end best question the game is the only question play left and I write my left eye
right I left my right eye had is get flocked sound robot had I can really feel that my
script deal of the of the day in summer in
the tornado NAFTA learn about it all off job would drag I can’t
believe this quest it is the worst is escape on a stopped working
for everyone else in their same black weld mock this
paperwork for me a way you’re
dead flock me mine since getting
shooter and Shana it keeps
crashing too bad there’s an amorous cut
their four can then be so you’d are heaps a surplus the fun of
the characters and should use stamp have a nice date the bills like two goals and that
was kind of years like two
different squads of goals I
swear to god as you may be due
to shoot you that’ll actually from one buying last time I started
playing the pit boy games bigger solved it squawking like it shook by it soon acts register for the
brother to steal back back to fort defiance to that to the loony bin is belching Betty is a way to
find the overseas hobby you shoot an EXP dump a knife to drop the bit rate
again, keeps on flocking
crashing 2450 so shoot I’m pretty sure it’s belching
day because I was there before 8273 and the band good sorties for in the third it’s it’s somewhere around here
and not miss some sort of facility have
I joined enclave yet know but
some are to delist that is not the place is it met Blair train yard for fun and women’s this is a mountain this is indeed not the place up the flock what the hell is that in one of
their yet it can’t kill immense five
followed the overseas person
logs and tapes say karan’s rock up and shoot
even be done with that that’s
flocking shoot the most within a month ago and up and nothing on here end two member that did the fez and
then say how interesting the commenting this event in net of the banning city might also
was UN homme a that’s weird six Janata Jim ms at our member
server popping like five times
to kill that some of the bits are prick not happy flocking climb misplacing Gann this on receivers doing good
work flocking error guard does what
happens in close the doors all
the flocking flies come in the one bugs two is all Boston he’s dead now how many of these flocking in sex and been stuck inside
walls and shoot so weird money and now I’m pretty sure he can do is
run by the whole point is
figuring out what happened
describe what’s a face seeking you can sit on Eden
seekers spray: this also wants a plastic and hear
very very nice pick that up make mad thank an issue as tea 60 time and get a break everything in
harvests of raw materials there’s heart of the enemy acts
that any get their the ultra site, homers endorses terrible his dad don’t
like doing this since is aren’t complete the main classes
exact same way six times, once
wore yellow hat that Serrano is
in the maybe aren’t there to really
care if a knoll moss satellites flavor text was the flavor of
bland vanilla Mcinnis these to go away and care have of Mage to irritate
something by taking up their always down dollars in the year
care I think it’s down below are away secondary directly two he
now is like your research station
and somewhere confusing quests mock is a the
bane of my existence the cute or it to a full with the flock to you once from
the end: I hate this flock and will
shoot , and it’s not even flocking
pointing me as a flock and broke
it is , of a that needs and are an ad age to
requesting server married I’m
not paying attention to this
mind my brain’s just turned off and copy flocked with them so run engaged by
doing the same flocking sheet
over into so many times the plots has failed to engage
me Medicare plus free is good
enough are at around on Mr. Seem very survival of onboard why I
does make me even more board
Comecon flocking FA struggle
anywhere means after do a whole lot more
running around if I wanna go back somewhere all very shooting of the plays
in the face would be very
amusing old I’ll find one dime actually
specs for survival using flock
in one would the assassin sentinel,
the bee batteries to like I
can’t kill these people watch
the flocking point nice I bought me to pick up some of the more
important places along here alerting screens of boring if
you playing on console to takes
half an hour bloody word them
that edition of the junk on the way a weaker I’d really don’t intend in using
course rifles on the scanner to
know the one to carry those
around perfect now a true test you I know you can still Foster
with the stations that is hot
spots subpoena camp it’s not a very well designed
mired he’s invisible heating needs bats chain head
shots he needs it not mean man yellow number is me and should
be head shot where my grenades has gonna take a long time is Gail Luke you drop me Gatling
lays a visited the Gatling raises drop
one is one and the salt flats had im and when they cross all
flights in this ship boxes on
top tier that’s fun as a bit
absurd and if it did the speed tests
and the sulfites two with their
muscle cars that stuff OPS sat you get that the 51 and Gatling plasma and a Gatling
ways are not necessarily in that
a lot of but the flock was that are all I got its a sheep’s clutch
taken a mile and clean actually
how uses gonna go down though I’m gonna get copped
blocked by and flocking scorch
beast am I I’ve got more pressing issues to
be honest I see this clutch base even
knows a flock it there any level
50 and 95 of god of got bigger
fish to fry this is like. The three misses
it is the excellent three way
battle a marijuana their your ban would come in just the
king tell everything as hell and that’s how it happen all how you robbed me have all of the many sneak
attack critical Zeigler turf the legs to the legs and eager she it should at Q net been seen
me that’s fine back Al a Kate take the flocking bad out
don’t focus on the the thing
never mind see all we need do is sneak
creates that’s all we need to do
so we in order to do that would
take at this thing is that
making i land land Daniel and I say that the cheapness about attack
is almost on par with the bee
too pro Le Yago name jumper of acid its flights fine Mckay judging by his health is a
ready mutated what a mess when an absolute
mess that was nowhere the scorch peaceful and that don’t even there, 20 more that came from 237 for no I good he sipped days probably should’ve put that on
to be honest singers of leaded the 603051 again what is happening over here hash it one burned on I he yelled at me Benny and
attacked me? We’ve got three
scorch peace flying it, kay’s
back yes court in that sounds like a gutsy
actually that’s a bit worrying that is totally gutsy are only scorch peace friend
because I’m too no one would be
picking fights with them ’cause up 1:00 AM am a high
level characters they actually
modify see so much easy when you sneak
reading them with disease if I go up in a red
worms Turner near while it’s in was red worms
but took the disease cure and
flocking nothing happened there it is their careers is looking at ease conjured a
bunch of friends well and that’s what happens that’s what
happens in there on that grenade
launchers enough to be accurate
and Serna any cautionary fight you’ll pay for this indignity see the scorch peas and aggr
anymore despite him really
should be that I’m standing up I can be
detected by now may recall is like 300-8350 for the scorched their level 68 method do something about this
perception and six are as great house using
that before why I won T60 kissed
the 60 looks the coolest almighty aces streaming how many
views he got these got eight flex its are at
a much smaller channel is
garnering a lot more viewers
than a big a channel for some
reason he was in mind are banned from
twitch actually in eased in the streaming on you
should now I know it’s actually what
happened to me said something
that annoyed the peep the rounds
which now which are pretty bad
likely t through the stream is get away
with murder on their I much prefer streaming when you
shoot myself keep the reading in the one
place for the one that also are
I’m not supporting the people to enable the icon issue but I’m
supporting you two which is
arguably worse that Ali said and what twitched
us get away with ship that they
shouldn’t they have rules am all for
unforced and anyone who does the
things as a matter for the flock
in our it made die flocking die, and their year minor the NT 51, is the best in
terms of damage resistance on a really care there it’s
negligible when you’ve got such
high mounds of resistance stealth much work in via I remember this cave being so
full of scorched actually a bit is another actually tell pouring
out of the walls now brilliant site performs on the apocalypse
in the right now I just really bizarre that these some
of these cops is a loadable the
others aunt adding to scorch base is a RE up the might be someone already in
here also before I go any further bears destiny some gunfire going
on am up the dominator trying to
catch up the ad guided create another new
character a I am attempting to farm script
and legendary isn’t the same
time but I take I need to get this character through the
main stories well sir two birds
once turn surf lot bomb not
counting the script that we got
from other things we’ve got like five
or 10 all up as an nit picking
said been very slim delay some getting it done that he is the flocking boss
room and scorch bases are doubt all my god is flying around
again as us a person do that also does two scorch PC and yet
one of them is flying all my god this is the worst the undaunted and an undead end will it sell because of that mother
flocking scrub the little scrub NAFTA go all
the way flocking back to the couldn’t flock and take
out a scorched the Saudis Aaron
daisy’s bad that that kisses me off so much that it killed because that
Fokker couldn’t finish is an FA
can job and now I get a second one is
flocking flying around would
shirk nor could I get a sneak
attack critic was because he was
drawin ad was it’s like a look another reason
why this game should be have that’s another reason why
one private servers that to do
with that, you shoot like it’s -79 or maybe not that
much but a good for you to 50%
of the gripes that I have with
his game is cause by other
players at some points the game as a
whole lot more tolerable without other people being
that’s the wrong way to be cared if they allow the game just and
basically as it is but you can
just play by itself on private
serve as well so along multiplayer ways
afterward at disconnecting if
it’s just an instance where
there’s no server involved seriously there and think about
the selling point that you could
say that flock in private servers and what
supporters you’re like this game just not
until you do like it were flocking joke I can’t
believe they shoot this shouldn’t happen uses
flocking clipping through every
single wall a cat her fears and get back up see what he capable of when
you’ve got a competent sneak in
person with the their how good
was that have flocking quick
compared the assume, as well , can ship can’t also are thank you drunk and
monkeys few kind words I think ’cause I like other people I
have honestly I wanted this game
to be single playoff because I
know exactly what happen I could foresee exactly what
would happen if there was an
instance where she’s is overkill much if there
was an instance where army was
basically like a standard
fallout but there’s other plays running
around which means you can have
access to prop Aleut like
they’ve they’ve made work
arounds like con -rock up to a place and there’s
nothing there we’ve just waste
the time you back up to a place
what is their junk around you is and thus the cuts a kind of
thing that flocking pieces me
off the most about this game so by sidestepping all of that
goal should with private servers
a well all you can learn all the things
from this what the hell I know
that have nude mugs will few wanna spend less time farming and more time banking
and stock and dare feel life and has been a change of plans
am now using Notre site, ’cause it’s sick and won a live stream full of
four ’cause says a lot to do your without making a new game
and everything finally caught
ton of groups for Kim Elise you’re excited mud did die fledging to this
matter I went live the suit dock and here merely will the ghosts American ever try to suicide self reviving loss last build
matter what seems fairly
interesting you see a bunch of grenades and too good a rangy hair they would’ve they would’ve had a fit of who
the hell rights issue that’s
what they would benefit about is the Zak service see thing new
content Nazarene side the vote and they knew people were
playing nuclear winter sun eight
they’re all in all of the level
requirements for going into
their for killing into the various
places rush out of melody read dead
your cause is irrelevant , while level five soup communes
what’ll I do to actually did more damage than
I was expecting chip truck fund is summed it if you want IP’s and leveling
Foster’s kill everything you see
everything higher level enemies equals more
expiate you kill everything is
fosse’s you can build a cell for
character the capital of the da years and if you run rests it
westech a million times you’ll
get levels quickly but you’ll end up running into
servers which is already being
cleared out a wartime sway stick to one serve a sick
and just jump around the one of a speech and the with bill and still I recommend
stealth commanders and don’t go on survival ’cause
concert is Killea the Scottish huge shop loss
stream but apparently uses not
existing in more that space allen’s nice money guests may lane, how the flock of my hitting them
for that much damage and yet not instantly killing them
that’s flocking pacing me off actually ago in idealize ’cause
I’m low level the Maya all around the time what I going
them all there being a great buy
something so the damage readings
of false your case the lie to definitely the Latta like I got
a sneak on and he died instantly not you there you are Falk and
switched on to something said
flocking campus nearby actually
does that stuff that’s what’s
happe and soups ledgers on very
valuable time still funding for 1400
Across all characters do what you want if you think
you stealth commander bill and
then you go make one a Campanile e.g. still get tons
of Even with relatively low
charisma of mine I guess it does really matter
’cause than the flock in bought
stings you the way so one of a thing the loss and was hit with
this character couldn’t go
anywhere as an jumped who’s not sneaking who’s doing
that , we found the person naked guy with 50 three shows are my friends are
sees me your years is just a naked guy
with a 50 Cal ’cause so lineups of small script for me to I believe I can make it work clock and no one can crank to
leave alike the carrier from the
Vegas no one is all of this could click where
is that the OM Corey just flock and
cranks at she like you wouldn’t
believe yes shop she does sell rifles of
the best wraps is there the best value is picked a bunch of fusion
corps to also are I’ve gotten antsy on that fire
eight assault rifle deny that’s right, cut it I remember
getting that I think in this character surf I do that and crafts play and junkies 50 Cal now great is
a subjective term into the AMA Forst file even
from the bird on me Are really
got 2400 but I guess he’s surrounded drop
the thing, said the earth three
star Al and a stripper of a bowl is a three star in here three star and here denim naked man when I get hunters alter such
gathering Raisa it is 40 script and the had been a bloodied much
better but hunters is talking
useless all man if only I had a net a weapon that can deal
extra damage to these animals away bears the
desert thing I mean , indeed even better damage of the
day with a blade weapon anyway that end half the run up the
hill to drop this off had you’re under arrest while
less base dropped acid to have
dropped acid that one of those reprobate
Sedona music festivals and
dropped acid is why they so strong friends I need to take that thing down a
need that nuclear key card give me the COD it’ll cost me a
prequel quite an academy I Gotta think of a
good one have II mean I knew was there is a
prequel Kurt it was um it was
just as county to predicted a cat may be another one that
one was pretty lame just does count to cool
predicted flocking broke much damage and I getting this
39 to honor a luckily for me mamma doesn’t
give issued about how broken a
weapon is have helped when east money you tell
them when you tell him you want
to style was quite but then he
does like you click the ghost
old a cam not gonna finish anyone
off in case of flocking to make
into piles flocking how the thanks was baffling these guys give the nuclear
waste owl a shooting at me had time to abandon ship is another one of all I can run now is because they were decor into
the Gatling lays a Havasu commute and sly fox
travel wake of the victor E victorious victorious Neil
Bradley was spanking Diego’s
watching foliage to the wire by
got so many flocking points in
that way much info learn here look ready
and hypnotic Compu leader’s
yellow depend on our protection
and yet you feed us lies from
the ta not only the only answer bodies going to the west
said, very shoot time didn’t dawn to the visited who is Kent one hundreds and why
I invite him to the Timor is at
one of things body and might be one of all but the one LI setup are steamed hams I’ll this weapon is your wife have what kind of goodies can I
grabbed from here all instigating pipe revolve all
but 1800 victorious victorious Neil and you’ve got some script for
me playing command you need to
put some close on duty at sea and a magic having a nude
mod right you’ve got one
installed any live streaming fed
some reason some guy does stands
ther act Iraq and that’ll happen at all happen to someone all I yes flocking DSS I’ve done
that I’ve I’ve script and a full lack five
characters and one day and well I guess these are just
going in the temp RE script in the contrast all you need was
that a slender man angst of lead was a slender man flock and
jumps care noise and the knuckles correct , yes it’s came a time clock are a tiny to level out
that’s my main priority right
now there’s a few things that I just
need like this crying for it are known their meager plank men’s a ferry
and a naked man anymore im his main quests I didn’t do
that all suppose I’ll just keep going
then play command can come to also I didn’t loot their nuclear
key card did I Alza like time to abandon ship
’cause I broke my weave a gun 7 hours before king 150 tying is
five 600750 pretty slow as the one a script that’s
almost that’s 75% of one
character’s scripts earned its
it as a Netware them a bad stint
as just of guard am a racist I thought
there was a glove ’cause I’m
used to seeing grubs that calls
but this character skin is black bigger combat medic not really there hang on what
else am I got I’ve got this tacky police soup
with pants that don’t fit and do that did I just do a racist and ensure me ranks of sneak of
got on this character that it
must be a lot because I’m
getting away with ships and I
probably w their leader and that won’t get it wanted
level for this are perfect someone really wants me to go
over there get me some to break break your flock in face tonight I see the broadside a DB kill ’em I got a mutt since the ski
soared one staff bargain a lead ship what is happening watching them name of guard at te was happening bad flocking
frame rates a case so what would have done
with the total an act of farming
yet yet the biscuit to break stuff did they stop the break jump land trade trade trade and eager break your floppy and face
tonight we got begun a local radio
station to play that song once
and since is a less wearing a lot of
it was sense since there’s so
much just empty space break your face tonight give me some to break that’s a bad frame rate hop is
Ferris terrible I’ve got I’ve got the processor
doing two things at once as got
a duty full of 76 to make
shallots running that all cities
recor until they get that shoots on
out we can just air to ground and
attended got a good compute a can I do some build did site can
I haven’t done the handgun the dumps and when
you’re all my combat medic of free range all right squad ease timed a
rollup and I hate bill squad EU’s heart of the Miss Simpson yes tile and the racing this time ballet
has pulled ahead and ahead by
three lengths called back
doesn’t really give issued about
racing help the dog are easy here all eight stoplight a leash it uses rocketing fall
would mayor of data that and Nunez Nunez a rough enough locking count
traffic jam what they can’t then
they’ll us they can’t plus a
vivid as a cop of the rounded
customer of that it’s very much a wise
the Kingdome a holding up every
one to help smooth as to why this man out on
simpson’s are Simpson eight we mean this is in mime craft I
want to harvest of their skin
and also then meet flocking hurry up graves Mac can
move on both these off wholly sheets and was actually
making use of the broadside and
how to feel I’m glad none of the brahmin
decided to take damage from that then shepherd’s crook on in hell columnar news homeland and armor Simpson some sector seven
gee Schmid is Prozac to legged
fellow I like the kind of these
Jim opera deduct Mr. User 11:00 everybody say China column E all ship Nair their lead until I’m a sim
said and my god whose this my dog run neck is picking a
fight with an flocking when a grilled acted and lack
thereof blur flies Al Holman E I were easy to new column are seems to have none disk Emil karima and grog Max attacking me flock you grab Mac hole me family guys not better family
guys garbage at the PRI’s darkness are he’s
11:00 AP to hades your have the end of reasoning was
that they make fun of family guy
like that of the best AB to aid the other guard Jerry but with the
unmarried CB incident that jay Freeh springs to defying bond ashore is no
pool English dollar a care that was on ago that a little bit to a head
of the game just now die level up the sided no TV and all beer make almost
something something cool crazy Dole and are
undefined who has been awhile since a common
this area server are willing to tell me your name I’ve been waiting here Fallon is a marriage and see a now I just need to find some
sort of twisty Handley thing no to bigger read and we’ll need a
tenor at dinners success army and why me and hear even cares about Sam
Blackwell is just a dead guy he
adds more and stupid ship to do to a pasta
quests and Gary to other thing and blah blah blah
are care should be enough along pretty sure it’s a loss in
the tri 778232 and all that to reach behind a end the day cities and death
whose Judy I’m guessing oz’s
miss air at that also a lookup that parabola that was a good parabola bigger stick to alerting screen
wipe off like 21 Out of nothing
our door to well well maybe he was from Alabama
readies door to was actually his
wife you hear your inner and and to Wes figure is pretty
close to Alabama yeah I’m pretty far away from
Alabama , Faulk my siblings the people
West Virginia maybe they do near these people are freaks that breaks a location slink your from
Alabama say no more what happens down there is a lots of the southern
accents going on flock essentially bought this something over there was a
nice are so Grafton months to hear
one of a supply of that bagger for the frosty editor for
thrust to stop this flocking
screen shade game please have the thirties shouldn’t
people he grabs a from ease us he should cities hands and the
reason that people have other and now all of the robots in the
bulletin and deepest offered me
’cause I shot one of their
friends that flock it it was 404 expiate one of a Dutch is don’t give you nearly
enough Expedia make it
worthwhile welcome to the white spring yeah blah blah how about if you’re in using the
syringe of no thanks you can tell will reads a little
bit angry because he’s a hat got
a happy face a marriage and use
trying to insult me that there were no ship their
role crux of call say where that’s why they got sent over to
this place also really petty things and get
’em deported to a cable see figuring that out
I’m going in here have hopefully
haven’t broken this quest for
Ava only using fans are even there’s right as in desk fans with three
screws at MMI would that my shotgun shells one
dead jump jet and fide fans of
people to a apparently 10 people from
Alabama ’cause they go on now that you can’t say that with scary people that make everyone uses salt run
heads the relaxed yet or actually
killing stuff with them and and the gunslinger builds only I
would accept a few not optimize
for it too was this person cadaver OPS IP stuff half the gaming
population from Alabama 50 people with wife five year non flocking hundred games I watch
those movies not not super
recently but within the last
couple months are a watch them
and honest they didn’t age very well that
the, stupid a lot of that is just realm of
focusing around as teenage flock
and brat when it could be so much cool a wholly shoot cheese bob knight read rifle in a fast one is good because head and worked for what was
that they may decide to make bad
sequels to it I guess it was too profitable
not to take it , like elbit style was bombed
the new hope was and is now for
me because life while we can
make a lot of money as keep going and now look what
they’re doing and flocking
called the DOS De reynaud pulled
tight is another disgusting talking things come believe that
shoot that’s the worst you can’t sit with us I wonder how many how many of
these glowing Wal-Mart is a killed
daily jew this nonsense and we
flocking heaps fear my 3.1 fit three sneak
attack multiply a hey guys I’ve got a tears lama Reebok and shoot in Medicare have actually no script for the script in landry and the script been a lie on the Knopf two script
anymore, a script by do get now is going
to be valuable almost all movie of books and
faster: Scripps really I thought they’d is made
up as they go along a Manet said
he did so at some movies it’s not written a novel format
there I think some Alabama rim son Alabama person is currently
telling me that I get fingered
by kangaroos which is on because it’s an Israeli animal right
which means I must have sex with
them because I are there too busy thing about
flocking there and sisters it’s it’s people like him are
there reasons that the abuse the
results of when Cousins flock
certainly less of him in the
world bigger this and dateless to
Athens to use fire Gatling it faulconer if it is you’ll see a bear the takes a one person with
A has a rifle to flocking ruin
of every one just a mouse prevent breeden’s a
mouthful and the mike like the end end half the goddess of got it
as of four have speaking of
which I could see the lightning sewer system has got that as the watts OK: of a Niro was the results of cause
and sobbing file is only what there’s only one
rule when it comes to that stuff
he’s Gotta keep in the family
are at use all their keep it in
the that worry about the horrible
repercussions of the genes a
cure Siegfried Yun after the jack Sheehan I can
just wait around until the flock
in things are done and until the
monsters they decide to produce
s also was that fed one art be like 30 seconds away from
finishing is actually taking this ban to
like a champ hasn’t been back
yet so is the thinking of coming
up with something you can tell you can tell the
good ones apart from the bad
ones because if you say something extremely
insulting the loss of them and
they’ll come back to something
big so I’m guessing a lethal space
Allen will come back with some
some flock in huge bang and the lack flock
flock the boys on down and out defend his punching in with
their fifth at the end me was with everyone talking
about and yet we’re doing good a young than hell you tell you
the instigating Foster fire
eight agility handmade is a good
faulconer if it’s good you’ve got a ship have your
couplet roses when it comes to
weapon like that you can A
either have it as a sniper that
shoots rea and I’ve had that since in this
game works in strange to me in
ways that we can what actually
happens is you get the
instigating seatimes two damage so with
regular old mall be needed for
if you’re at if you get the self
into a position we’ve got enough
dam shop see you all you guys is
saying how bad it is neither of
actually use instigating
handmade for the flocking good it furious two shots has a light
hate to tell you this blessed to
bomb the two prefixes on the one
weapon search that’s impossible to actually
have that and fortunately its level 15 while old and get rid of it if it’s if it’s on the level of
Fokker off by even a fire that level 35
since that bloodied fire eight
hand man on script on the spot by emery done with this Alicia that’s the same guy from
L.a. he’s still around why in the shepherd scripts 36th
of mind what does he mean by this day like this pain job bit tacky and I hate you’ll instigating is about as good as
by and for most PBA on a
handmade and leave anyone trying
attorneys seen singing is
awesome well is rights especially if you’ve got a
weapon with high base damage
already cost rifle leave a gun hunting rifle sometimes bit
slower to reach chamber at least and just like that the entire
stream was ground to a halt by a
guy who didn’t know what to do
with the van De Takei and find another one flock there I prefer the crime
looking paid for that exit one
data instigating hit man’s hand made
a last one was begging to flock and the script in and shot
from range is specially if you’ve got a
high sneak attack multiply a 3.75 and 10 times at by another
two you’ve got you suffer recipe for
its huge damage output to write
their flock you mall rat bestseller knowing I hate them
so much and yet level 45 bloody struggle with
another affects IVAX I’ve had
that are actually scale with
gladiator on raid play onslaught a free slide
a year Foster fire it does it does increase the stab the
fire rate of semi orders like if you shoot one side by
side you’re my even the bolt action weapons
like revolvers a shield that
quick to the kindest help ordered away
from in twos like, well a jigger this might take awhile in fact this update hope you’ve enjoyed steady at
the texture of Possis entire
time you’ve really puts the blast in
but will a tip that the laugh track please please the dispense a buyout have notices in the black chicks Al shining personalities and you want some steel for what
I have I have a lead on this character
a and shining personalities yet that 7.5 times multiply them shiny and personalities that is have parity as has anyone seen the Chinese
bootleg of stella’s episode
three its: backstroke of the last it’s
the best thing I kinda wanna watch it on stream
but I wanna get flocking
shutdown they weighs some instead of the
tragedy of duff played its
Allies it’s the tragedy that a
breach the man it’s the best the two had that the tragedy
that will reach of them and end at the end it’s a good a canny Don mcquay I think he’s
done collect my refreshments is eager
to give me flock in DOS this is basically so they know
your hand he is gave me and we just gave
me breakfast cereal 60 AP will the flock and had skip content I kissed off the robot man squabbles Jackie objectify prince and if
I’d started attacking never
what’s inside a see what happens of the objects I’ll do I go invincible mired of the of the role he uses helped flock you enclave this is my
base of backlit by wage income
from all you can’t actually kill
those flocking tar it’s not
cheap is that it can never bought their I’ve made a bad I’ve made a very
bad decision all some stock I’m stuck help me that that’s got it pay homer Z out of wiser body sir surprise I keep
playing a cannot plan didn’t go
over well be the us to be impressed and a
lease to get a flocking keating
may not are this sucks the cute or its a Cade he is seen is how it’s
gonna work and disk in a sneak
my way to victory shipped them over capacity 17 Medicare to an end in expiate there is a
KB EXP a help me is notice mad where EC there’s
not even there had to hide that of the back end our jails
to have left 51 OK regenerated its of wars area near its fixed chess flock me flock many saw twice I can certainly get a hold a
grudge show a cake arts and the Tigard Z second kill enough to Gary
System a cake cool no wasn’t a real you wasn’t as is the hottest elk machine
the games are inching their run a run its flocking cheeses of the page and is get a bail thank you drunk and monkey
appreciate that squabbles of White Center street
and ice dam at the squabbles who
was talking about is the
squabbles with me at that rate
in two and arrive back if I really had a good bill
would be enough to actually
fight my way out of their rather
than getting it killed from
everything ideally I’d just grab winter
with the bloody thing though
maybe vampire is rifle and is bang
bang bang she never did dead as those hoping for some
dialogue saying wider flock
would you do that now we must
kill you from our shining personalities troubleshoot is all yeah I can take it that people are getting
troubleshooters gift of a
sheep’s clutch in possibly you
really don’t need it burning a hole mileage on money burning a hole
in your pants Ivan Liu union that people
sending the invites end to probably expire by a ton
of actually loot in a way to you
in a sheet mind now my guns Boston to its annoying that it had screamed question is that my junk yes I
do do I forgot orientation again
probably thanks plank man bad as some scary looking
currency is free with lot more
than one nexus
$1,000,000,000,000 edu now sometimes is tricky rumba what the up to reminisce
it is tiny and yell of the
actual staff fella if it’s clear
and brown you’re inside a town by 8:00 AM of the senate’s a caddie we’re starting from the
start wisest smoke coming out of the
often see more it stopped smoke its team raymark with happen and just mock married last names
just more calm that assault on as walking
around in combat stance Harris are there still angry at
me all of the robots remember them
are just doesn’t list percent and had to see more surreal are wise Ismail pouring out of your
oven Seymour billets have on the stretching mike and
Lindell still been negotiated to move and steamed clams in years and years later lead the blind sheik fly around
a stolen better that there’s
been heavily modified the 50
cals in this aisle launches but that’s not can enter what
about that have isometric exercise care to join
me that she none of the line of that thing all you did a smile as the Colgate smile on clay the
sponsored by Colgate holly’s good a pun making device that’s the only two space and of
the use of my entire life
Colgate a flock up Spanish and walk through those red lines and in use the other scanner
this time I did can’t Lisa gave me something on
irradiated this time and proceed to them at Serrano
loam at business owner executive belief systems like that guy Ulysses and salad fork constancy and chairs all your dummy idiot married assault run your dog got the inet am approaching the dispense
a plasma gun of the enclave
variety it’s a plasma thriller is well look at cool the enclave plasma
works now a whole flock, who now like to see that that
armor I’m wearing clips to the
people are that AIDS 19 a ready was happening I don’t know where they’ll be an
alien theme TLC adding this kind of an Easter
egg to be honest Al little on clay I think the alien plus trees
suppressed their that might be the only good
thing about it , suppress run it on a really know about that is free and should if I use of
their beware the duke as I need like
50,000 alien blah surrounds and picks to decks does Dina team is already full all cadavers still here is the bugs bunny and you’re well and they
have the atomic shop skin for a
weapon that’s flocking willful it’s all quite these are really can make me a man can make me a
million and he didn’t even give me a full
condition one dog act I did know they’re ready was a string of school it’s the generator room this is restricted area and the
call comes can come in here and learn wonder and also
bodyguards one of inspirational to IE so stupid wise use so
stupid and eat eggs of the premises the pig dam 88 catches such
immediate they call bridge if you friends jumped off the
cliff Floyd you all me if I had
power Rama and would survive the
full damage were you there will she be a giant beware that be
thing is on the map should just
be a massive giant BU there like
the mother of all the mother of
a a subtle a maker to make a big
scary monster mod with his giant
versions of each are the enemies
in the game but instead of deploying the
regular old bees and did that
deplete super Dave the wasps it had issued and the double
have lost and a mouse to win a
Bach they she wasps at you and nobody cares about that
flocking Marie tell not even Dominique five cares
about it have any staying there
for three bloody nights and all that stand fuss is already broken a Sprewell was sneaking that
excites stand Forst on Christ E in the thrust a have the Hawthorne Bridge and
nuclear and shooting jump to a nocturnal explosive all of the
good weapon to use during the
night I didn’t hit him in the thing
and I didn’t get 800 damage and I got a really a welcome two screws bill backs into a mobile the farming
sheet for this character pole in
a what is happening down there why is there Donnelly near flock year bond that’s a window that I’m
shooting for flocking no less ways an assault run that the
cloak sits around here somewhere they regard as an actual use of
that an exploit a Gartner flocking clue what’s
causing this also is a tear it
up here city hell of a position
Jews in a bad spot batting instantly killed stealth rifleman is rubbish was
best that, right now it’s a bloodied to bloodied great now if pierced a folder
robots and think I even know what’s happening that is called backstroke of the west its own good can’t say the same few missed a
gutsy a noted return instructions to the white
spring to 1/2 to fox antique did this oppressive for at bomb barely begun sat at
flocking ages for me was
terrible mean creepy insect bosses like
Japanese giant one of the size
of my liquid in a seven night
that has terrifying buzzing
noise al the problem was really big
things as they get stuck and
then movement speed is so much
fuss to because of their size
because mov I could be made as self 10 times
the size that you are in full of
four you could run Foss not to make them at them to make the game crash and
basically pointing to a loading
screen even are you not to post
be reaching it you can access them at Foss and
the creation and Jon can keep up search will you be basically the only
thing with the farc and was there that
the thing Eli DOS just crate a
bunch create a bunch using super duper
and a scrap more OM I think high
intelligence helps two session
got full unyielding gay self to and maybe if I could brain by
galvez a row by killed nearly a IDs did flock in amid get bunk Boston right now known as laid a region cares about the callback
mound doom platform half of my screen shot and how much is the plan OM
Coppola grand adding you get on from the respond as
vendors just pursue charisma and and use
hard bargain to get as much
price offers possible many of
the daily needs it was as fine
the ma screws springs would steal and key is I think there might
be some guy is involved you tell me have to go all the
way back there were more timid kill some movies
first actually designed B
wallboard views will there is a
minimal 6 to 55 for steam Tams yes yet there in the warily levels
deep mutants annoying and then at all is an oval on a list you got some men that others are as level bearing
get higher than 20 and their cues that I really can’t be us
doing this to be honest I might
just taken these guys as weapons
and flock off complete my object because a one to finish off by a
killing the the queen and that’s pretty much what too far away from minors
have to keep going down the messy it’s not that should have they should
have a radiation or a borealis
in fact that’s the radiation
storms a minute: radiation
aurora borea at our railroad L’oreal us at this time of the air at this
time of day and this by the
country localize entirely within
your kitchen yes may see it not use need to go up to the every
fanny way sought to skip the
bunch of bull should buy being
right here flocking a the callback amount to win
platform has been connected windows at ski scion of USB
connection and Mabel and earning at one of those things will bird shoot too bad this prizes flocking
garbage flock you did release a three style
legendary weapon on a catch this up one and one bounce I got it we even tell treating as common
as money since LS guys and winter is 95 is now online is amended weight which
operating system today put men
on the Moon with that could’ve
been winners that was way before
its time hell is it that I’ve got more
technology in this fair in which
fits in my pocket then all of
the god damn technology to put
floc that since I am this this computer could of
locking run the Moon landing
with flocking full of 76 playing
a different ad DOS their in fact the kids boot up full of
four and seven of ram wears a mine cross stream and for mine craft and nuts and meat pie and mute on meat pie by eating
space allen’s that’s KNX, laudable have mute
arms but bob but basically be
super mutants and live thin man which a
scorched and will have one else is there sect to AIDS they can be runner Falk and they were making
me we can just we can get faceless to be desk
what we can make faces death
caused the distaff did stand up
a little bit better off when of
a shining personalities shining personalities 23 grand finally access ability we can
access everything now make me to send me out to
kill 10 flocking bats and then
we can figure out end he can figure out how did
kill the monsters and in the bat
monsters gifted dual flocking new crime
which is terribly unimagined the boring IP’s in the collar enclave despite
the fact it is obviously grilled ana’s bug of us to ask there is
the right there in the diggers 585 I am, the specter that honor , and a high of access to the base all your base of belong to me and you going the wrong way in the care meal that every wean shining personality shining person a shining
personality thanks for any stock all do the same Medicare , just subscribed to actually bigger than avenue subscriber
ready hang on your own PC on shoe that a uneven there Hillary is lawful tap and end their case are now in and
around killing 10 scorch peace
and a legendary enemies OK and eager right here easy part now all I need to do is just
figure out a pickup that real
reaction may be someone’s got
one of those things of dead half the cinematic Now I think we’re one im as an axis from I’d never go
through the entrance at the Al what the hell this is cast this is a person Arianna don’t
like is to empty I like it when this place is
empty career back the surface please is what happens when the icon
Foster will I go away on Xbox
game is only one clerk that appears
to be on PS for all OK it’s down their fine I’ve got goods to build two fat jack and robots in mind when I
sent when I sell them bomb polls grenades and to increase trade at the dry
a this when he’s not good am
actually kind of cold Alsthom of Baca it’s still in
the cold doesn’t help my back does not help but one bit by how much crack till I have in
this and I could’ve to script of could if use explosive as making that noise what is that what what’s what’s how the Marek Kinnear also was
me gun I’m so confused with that he and a Serb is a that I’m saying the only the only person who makes
content, each infant with wall
at 76 as anyone that I know of is good it a decent size
following just the one in a good for him there he’s
he’s got that I think PS for has the
biggest play bass maybe
textbooks of a story Xbox coz
Bethesda is mike Sony sequins breaking back away from a thanks for the much damage as a mouse could
be heaps more right to a two man
in Ancil the more heads all I got that’s all I got all of that a lot in time to them go south and
kill some will flock and that’s
a much sure five see it the
killing blow I think you do know surely not rat use half to assist hang on if
there is that if there is the
number of and what’s it called
that surface to and is likely
scorch it’s it’s great as good a wand
that is get better than going the fares are very cagey about
how many people actually playing
full of four they said to us
there’s a scorch beast they said
to I don’t know I’ll now that this seem to be a massive hey
train for and you chew that’s
for sure die for, buck off and one downs nine digger is a big fee to that the silence
huge it’s also got a lot of reads
about it may thanks from out Heller Alles Gunn was happening and end 1538 damage flock you scorched of the
Whittier at Chile that’s my kill game use or it might want decks PE for
discovering this place their
meager matter quickly get out of it
before I gets lunch along why is that bed sions is clearly
no birds around that’s also are random in Kao
now with soup means that got my cap set of it I ain’t complaining that come
there’s none of them crawling
through this shoot also has a he’s a stopper that
his he stopped the scorch play
use put plywood over the things you’ve put plywood by what other is one and two big boy level 81 as well
look at and deny some sort is it came
down his wry to scorch peace now others are enough people
calling this game’s guy rim GM that in the two wards and this guy and he
could ride the drag into and
flocking southern got a lot of a tool flocking portal is like a
portal to heaven they want to
just walk in all I hear no one it’s bats entrance of a boys Margolies guys reload Fawcett dam you flock in batting sky room just sucks nine join it Iraq and wasn’t too bad I wanna eat your heart that depot could thing is very
tempting matter that other mutants care are now just got 705 miles from that
have good 800 white lilies guys alms of
many guns is certainly looks
like it I think one of them died of the
one hand and lays a daddy picked
up the many gun you got 500 rounds to use but
need of a citizen can seem AMR flocking calmly bots man and the worst on what I say to the big monster do they mean
what surely that he liked me
killing my lip Quincy Wright
there’d been scary monsters have the ability to hatch
thousands three star near gather round gather round and back flips have a whim damage my goodness why also I’m pretty sure the mile it
clean shot brat that’s the sound of a scorch
based park in slam dunk into the poll
maligned missed that sucks was stupid that we think he’d
done 76 is the best fall at Evan of
bass is a controversial
statement I’m sure I had them I let clean all it sits under their bases series is chilling under the
water hoping for all it’s like
sitting in the pub waiting for
that was on the apocalypse to
blower ship not blow it off perfect of the two level up seven used
in a good good good god I lied about all those by
the way it’s minor wares at an ancient skeleton old son that NEC it be that one
yet are at now other endurance perks were
one of the sea fireproof with the flock is inch we try to put on me and to review of the new cola
it’s sad OK five down five together half
time that outbreaks will discontinue scare breeze
pasta city in fact the Teleport in a ensure the dead reference that
such a good movie I should watch and I should’ve I
should say hot files to a need
to watch that one is my
brother’s talking about is very
funny and Dennis restart gutsy is a tiger rich environment to
show may endow on in and Alan he’s the deaf train have the am glad that gutsy latest from
wait for is to revive them script where she’s cheese, flock you missed a gutsy talk and bang use got rule and now he’s not
even falling through the air
property he does float around
for a little bit reader all U.S. could have a kid of the money crashed
actually he probably crashed he won just leave after kill
like that unless you just Gotta once a
thing like mere age plated which
you know what the eye looted the gutsy I got
in cheer up might cheer at for the flock and told tales on
in that table alike at a spread with green
blood like that a sickle touch kill starred epic creatures will
scorch peace to earn,
commendations the 60th PS brilliant the enclave is even enclave is better than the
minuteman is ’cause enclave is
cool them and manages so you
this super lame that stay biggest problem is
that is lame spam as button one smash them of
the floppy mouse button cadavers back back again no mall them damage to anyone in
my party sometimes I don’t believe that
I’m hitting them for 908 points
I don’t think I am but see it yes from the depths of how lousy
rises and the forry gets up and does
anything he is dead speaking of dying at all of the Jesus Christ be in Situ evil and there also
how schools where one scorch be short old
the legendary starred months to
shore will you see enclave that right
was particularly dangerous
because he was carrying the
plague and now he’s dead end should be too hard to find
one more bad out here that’s what’s this summer Golan you better not Agri those plants
well, and I said that words I want that adhesive on I want
it now Nair bad terrible plants not working and coals and super mutants of
people line up its kinda why this lauded by a
actual people like fifth nine times out of 10
just slain without mercy 99
times out of 100 is that I am super racist nonfederal goals are not OK but
not good and bad debt disgusting
creatures it should be purged because of 10 feral one day
annual have to kill ’em anyway
so modest kill now implemented
garden misery is a lot of flocking goal prison
here play goal is nearly level and upper hand four
times during this this character’s school permit
with acpi must be flocking huge
there ’cause all that was done
during double ex pee now I’m pretty sure as a whole
lot here somewhere and sometimes
scorch peace to pop out there is a hoping to pull a spawn from
here with the elevator of the year
mall com the bots Diane metal buckets of the back them it’s clean that up cedars and nothing in it at all go away now given a week of the week of the
way now to the weaker than a
week of the way you now and it is a fetus a top there
the monarchy pond on might be
something you never know all there might
be something good down here roll the talking plants live see that found some tissue that had children of Adam a terrible
as well like radiation worship crazy give the week of the weighty
given away now is is three people doing stealth
builds at once and how flocking
Foss week killing everything this is why stealth bullet
builds should stick together
because the flocking two strong
without strong like a squad of school that
stealth commanders that know
what they’re doing can probably
kill the other that’s how they
kill the the scorched the screen 2.5
seconds because it is stealth on
OM the Boston thing to 1/2 seconds that’s all it
took to kill one why would you love goals and
super mutants they can and four
to the best thing about them is the
Expedia they give on they’d die in scorch is the fetus side down
the route he actually now keep gone for the misses the place where did he
went for a day he went to a a
server for packets makes a
comeback in use by th got eight
and by bu that’s the story of this place thank you for watching captain
nudes or videos unsubscribed for
less of this content and mom than are always gravitated more
towards a stealth rifleman and
commander parts of this game will in a different place tells
a pretty fun power and a kiss of power at the
kiss of power and a kiss a will lie in missed hang on a second his afford that he is full of what he if what if he used out what’s cool quick hands with
a leave a gun rat and whenever
reloading the self rather you
just keep shooting is so you’d
lea until you get that prakken and
you’ve got Amelia full MAG with the work you reckon maybe giving their perhaps I’m tired
out that of the cards and this
character your wife full at you were full
of 76 when it lasts as long as other games in terms of its
war because I have people are
doing what’s the best way to run
their wasteland because on one
han eat everything is get theirs and get a B. Mary
interesting war discussions on
who can best run the bloody
apple at should as a runs dead saying we barely getting kill
the scorch piece that’s kind of
it and that’s what sets this came
apart from a lot of that ones
before it may be not full of three all the
route you could see that bomb
you could see that Connell
autumn was less evil than the
robot pr Singh is that 19 days near faction discussions to
be had in this game killed bats me and full of 76 is scary monster that
more than Collingwood vs. Brisbane prelim Ol she could be Brisbane that would be massive Todd said 76 is not a sequel to
four year winner denied that and cats really bad don’t do
this the OK and slow SQL it’s a prequel to
that it’s set using years to
ideas before full of four is this a purse of the border
here looks like some sort of stream Nair there’s the war to OK the one scorch basis to kill
await added I nuke raid and then
I nuke and then a scorch peace
clean to away from flock in beat cocking time and I’m just going to get
carried like usual ’cause I ain’t got no good
damage output my actual ea do
it’s not too bad they’re full of a bunch of
people rock up it’s good for king what to do on flying low idea metal gate in ad was caught by
the trees hairs like hold on he’s holding
on for dear life old that sticks in their disease
that’s bad a giddy parasites
will boston’s spent flocking parasites to either a Counsel Brad and put it
but when of the fleet to buy it
might the rat and back here again for. Capacity Knopf along
perfect Sattler good again need to find more uses for Italy
bombardment and don’t forget about you 10 atoms
from the ducking fault as
there’s that Gannett then nuking Morgantown
because the are merely see ’em of doing that to show more doing that Eva Riegle
mothers nuclear winter used impacts
shoot a kill goal print gopal
and doing I’m pretty sure it’s uneven Faulkner birdies to be
honest and a take great pleasure in
getting 10¢ for killing adoption
for a bucking bull was boston’s gonna
hate and for Mr. Hess and he gave what simply the name of the minuteman
history were meat shield of us
during the revolution Independence Day Helena mean streaming that age is hot on money CE Olmos 9 hours and I know when to get back into
learned and got a nice preview
on my dumb thing here at back in and probably should get
rid of these god damn Reds and their bigger was not very effective until that’s worth two these are but one can’t teach
big air live Mage to get its full script and fold For the
day on across all five
characters and to top it off with and nuke
actually shied to jump and the difference seven
for dropping the nuke just
aren’t flocking crash may be another servers been or at the
dawn is an which sell and use a OM Brea Alpha as close to you actually we should probably
figure out that we can do you can do a fall and you got the Kurds for all of
them are at did you go and read it to eye
when unread it from my Kurds the holy effort to his dairy in here and hang on as
easily and their outside of the this particular thing near Al that few winner read resistance
as the bear thus yet these are the came
about half Tim the one weakness of the bears as
got shipped off thing could so
wide that someone’s wanted have Mary kill medics explosive bomb of the
medics explosive puncher can
actually are in danger at me and danger the Shively the many guns I
freaked the flock at money and are all 42 steam packs bloody
hell a cat that one uncertain
freed in over a capacity of those clean a small flock and
things that was well worth the price of
the of admission the owner how medics heels how
much medical school the same as the same as a
vampire’s gun actually same same thing that same amount so not all up
and if you’ve got a rapid fire
weapon will need is a mall that abuts with
nuclear keys on them on hearing something but I can’t
see it did they fix Gatling gun and
seems to shoot Foster owner I’m still playing because I’ve
got a new kid giant that until
it an honor know how well the
grade because the survey has got
a l a bit worried actually flocking sees a Lego you still talking shot up they’re eager flocking cheese is really a knife blocking it the store is
so much while in shooting them and the
barreled the cost is head shots had speaking of reaching out I’ll show you an item that I’m stocking year Medicare house a kennel guts is already
on the getting to expiate for
those things larger I’m believe it will combination a speed demon
packs to reach fosse’s move and
speed bomb may speed demon Max is about men get much Foster a not rip the unyielding bits to repair this right now there
after 10 months is a first all of the robots off the im not Mcbain buck off F minor my weapons flocked when I got above this and a
plasma fell a perfect what the hell that’s really
strong that’s really flocking strong
with the farc hell is how is this so pale for
the hell a care I can see why that might be very strong yes and lets me different outfits in
their reason as been picking him
up flocking Allen is so strong balance that’s broken is it and
glad you tell us these things not entirely stable I’m glad you here tell us these
things I’m really flocking
gliding bug me right then you for flock off just go away just leave me learn and sheer at buying were good singer Brenda
plight fly by five also need, really more that’s a lot to repair that goodness and protective lining is
actually been to a year just
need a chill violent flocks was
that something you can grab out
of old and neared any denmark’s but if I it dollars every time
serendipity treated this list
remiss got it bad the flocking
rich I’d be reached if than Felix Kugel bird get me some to Brian
corporation’s it’s all but the she said she
said bullish it a biggie been equipped that
Nat’s Lea it I even even with a
fat lip my aided ruled scorch peace
taught the East Coast in that was gunned through but with
actual any meaning give me some to break and then I’d be taxed at a mass taxation is theft I’m part of
scientology now any contacts
because my religion says Nair
what bigger and ago up like a chainsaw Al
Wyatt and gold locket seen solve
why not the contains all of the guy Beckwitt let that
salyut I even even with a fat
lip give me some to break and you can get more than one
brother to steal offices
certainly any to do is either
kill them or just getting by
console comman would demean like different
colors of offices suit that are
no on and really know what you
mean the big Opelika chainsaw Al one
with a book and chains on a
weaker you that a dispatching additional troops of the sneeze what now one of these doors is
get a lettuce theory on think it’s this one U.S. All god is the final boss of the
game the invisible robot man a seat the highest two shot in the
final boss I’m ready for the trial was a
lie ahead of the guilt like a chain saw a
lot of things you been to call it
with snouts that I believe left that let Dr. Mary
out to run lead die before it
does anything john I hate arsonists tire its
terminals and a slower than one from brand this month that added one , I got this I’ve got circa
treated than that the goal but the chien Saul
Y PC mayi invest see my best be
from real gorilla chests that out of the list in fact I made one more than IE
should’ve so I’ve lost and the
bit of steel and a little bit of
circuitry but whatever I can get now watch the magic cap and is the divers back 10 131514 even though all black one is exactly
what Max and has under is carrot is
not that joining an mind is suppose to kill anything of
land where be inundated with
robots buck off Maria let’s see what was else
key spawns you is it news again of the ATA
is yes this was ASCII are at the the GATT and hang on
need some boos for this dome body block in garden and to the if that hang on tour of two D 11 of ski eight yen for a table
are AC Thoreau or at bed head and of seeing the Allies are as gay
or of seeing Liz wiles B back end of taking any his automatic
teller at all miles away is dead and he is the fat guy all bull bauble Volvo bone
bubble Bob Dole probable bobbled
the ball of have while wouldn’t when a mess up
his the tin man bob Boehm bobbled the ball ball
all born obo of bubble will bomb
will not stop at either flowered problem heads the lady bully and the lady boy a man and an open been arrested half to 10 years
for tax and wait tax evasion of a life sentence I
know what that’s our know what
that is a reference to actually speaking of tax again
if I were flocking do them soon
to form a fork and the man of
sex until it and and and a carefully the loss of any
party is just that I bought not
I bought sort of around the
corner not really getting
involved to se lying on his robot and invisible robots this is a sewer incredibly flocking
pathetic icon understand how they’d tell the people who
actually know what they’re doing
what they’re doing go through
these runs and actually enjoyed
’cause and the game just there is
anything that E that one planet can take out
for themselves creatures not taste of tough that a Ku eager his he is the 3419 in
and I in no five of 97 39 success flock and send it Alcock, overcapacity lake and are pleased and patch Clinton crash
Peter graf Payton crash prison
crashed plane to crash and tax evasion for legal
nonpayment or underpayment of
tax of Malm I’d all of my income is to a
government thing anyway and
apprentice networks are they just have to say yet that’s
when I ands and there you can
take that much away from me the
Reeves Heller resists James with Tappan suppresses only run he allowed
to use a presses and the serve
all I get to nine this the end node was a team with
other flock you talking about I am back and destroy out of
other plays once I get specht
the PPP and EL uses character a total of
zero times and have a question of kelly’s
myself to make the entire can’t
afford thing landed and but alas, the 10 seconds
left and I can’t possibly
smashing back we can I may be could imagine if they landed no
scorch peace clean came out up all of the thank god . All Bly is his addition to fight surf off
land you create an land I say was a tall DOS track have got your rat were a launch
a you can’t possibly kill me here of the bet that there are days
gone if we’ll buy a clean what a bell and end which one of the guys again a
ball in a FA conclude that
swings ireland’s R white uses
stars and their yet this is gamer of off this is the
Enfield my master attic enchants a property is
evil from my point of view of
the scorch base a revolt of your
alarmists that sucked your what just Illinois everyone
undid the drop an
almost-everybody of the fifth bring the rain yet the tests but was just the one of them would be more than that success Ol and unyielding one star on
you doing flock it is better than nothing this is secure enough to stand
Forst he hit a the bell and the detects the end of the fishery of woodland on the back end of the end that’s
the best the script is Matt in hair and run have run away aid Rundle have the end you should
have ended six as that’s the
best thing I’ve done all day that’s what they get for killing
kid of our key was my friend he
was marked for and had did they try to kill cadaver
he was my brother I avenged you both deny pull more flocks there and Na Na Na really fast- access things on else to keys
flocks and then walked off that’s the best a love that have if he was seeking revenge it’s all in actual he cut the furon you wanted
revenge and have yet to be on PC ad don’t know where they went
that there was seeking revenge
and they would’ve spawn
somewhere else : catching out of this radio
frequency that what’s a time now yeah you
miss a clean fight but I’d I killed two other plays ’cause
they decided to attack cadaver
so I shot both of them clear out fluid train yard it’s the train yard smash this is the off the party talk in hate being overcapacity
a Nair flocking how fine under reed’s generate any
pain and eager all that goals three stars by
the way stake is a three star goal and he
could of a that have cut in he gave me a Tad signed a and also a good amount of HP is that a guaranteed three Sarah
might be the warehouse with two stops that’s not the jew that some to
do the opposite whoops of its
name up mock than pushing them I IZ 2 should explosive heads reigning bats look Ellen accurate that is
zapped by high by did they know if the
broadside up and it doesn’t matter now to damage
the problem is that it it breaks
the quick and another problem is that from that net code is actually
allowed to work properly explosion doesn’t happen in the
exact same place where the
project all lands city can do
shots doing nothing damage a lot of the lot of explosions rick’s a nice guy he seems to
have that a good name about the
Max fisher or jacket is reset
yet and a script stand Forst top
women do that forced and Foss
would ever do to me all I got the contamination
notch plans might as well , good 268. He like jazz live, by Mason like pat pistol with exploding
bullets and reload pay the city
if not bad relied on a blackout
a move that was that scanning to handle you’ll all I got the keys back as well drove you been for the pot lost
nine owl is whether this man he’s got a loss level of what am I gonna
spend it on a let’s see what we can spend it
on I’ve got an idea 25% less damage , the 88 insurance seems all
right too much charisma might
pull that down of the aisle 111
intelligence of debris get away with eight
actually the full demo expo that more Maureen strength more in
strength ashore fat on OM shoot mortgage Illini luck and happy to keep a nine to serve probably pull to add ad Gillian I’m up here can actually you can do a lot and agility
with nine in L.a. and and yet if I’ve decided that
balance builds on great I’m happy with this endurance
thing there: I can go away but
fireproof are ranked three and Adam ant im skeleton wall of
explosive weapon zia thing all
it’s going to be my counter
against that rejuvenated there is that really
necessary if I can if I pulled the meanest 25 extra health 50 from well fed as does pretty good but if a
pool two out of that level that
I need to think about this
actually and I’ll think about it laid out
because now I am tired also may
be a you still on because I need
to do if you that many gun tha certain thank you to run is
watched the stream bomb was gone
for that almost 10 hours since
sir year as pretty good airplane nuclear winter there’s
nothing to there’s nothing there are at Colwell see in a sack
live thanks and a key for joining the dive a DOS spade a spade is
pianist I even the best he’s the best man using he’s
been are bring me around as
great speeding up the process of
completing the game which we did
in pretty decent time thanks anyway everyone has been
watching get a strong viewership
the manic I dropped up as the
Americans got time when to sleep bomb have a good weekend
everybody because it’s what
Friday night for the Americans
may be Sunday morning at sea is

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  1. You always have those individuals that think explosive weapons are great. However Captainnoob’s stealth build with instigating cross bow at night says different

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