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Facebook Messenger Marketing is Not Email

But, this isn’t email guys! And I’m seeing
a lot of people try to use the Messenger platform just like they use email marketing, and they’re
failing. So, even though we can make this comparison, these are very different platforms.
Conceptually, Messenger Marketing is similar to email marketing in how they function. But
in practice, Messenger Marketing works in a much different way than email. Messenger
Marketing is much more conversational. People are looking for a conversation that feels
1 -1 one to one, that feels individualized, that feels private. Where emails, from most
businesses, are one to many broadcast. I have this message, we’re having this huge sale,
and I want to broadcast this one message to as many of my email subscribers as possible.
Messenger is different. Although you can broadcast out to all of your subscribers, although the
function of the tools are the same, the application of the messaging is much different. Also,
unlike email, where opening click through rates are sadly, continuing to decline year
after year as more businesses and marketers use email marketing, Messenger Marketing is
actually growing. So, we are seeing click through rates and open rates improve as marketers
better understand the platform and as consumers become more familiar with interacting with
brands inside Facebook Messenger. I think I proved my point guys, in terms of Messenger
Marketing and email. Conceptually, they function the same, but in practice they are much different.
To prove this point, I want you to think about how your use email versus Facebook Messenger,
just as a normal human, just as a consumer. I Googled “really long email” and this
is what I got. But people are used to receiving really lengthy emails, right? Especially business
emails, but even personal emails. Some of my friends send me long email updates to tell
me about a trip that they just went on. It’s totally normal for an email to be really long
with a lot of information. That’s why it’s also normal to take a few days to respond
back, right? For you to actually digest the message. With Messenger, most conversations
you’re having are really quick, to the point, in question form. So, this is my friend Josh.
He said, “Awesome convo this morning!! What was the name of that shoe company again?”
I said, “AllBirds. Thanks for having me.” “Awesome! I’m going to check them out.
The honor was mine.”

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger Marketing is Not Email

  1. Love this video, creating content can be so hard, and certainly something I find tough, but you knocked it out the park with this video. awesome job, keep up the great work.

  2. Actually your wrong about email. Email marketing is just as highly targeted to the individual using today’s modern platforms like active campaign. This video should be updated to reflect that.

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