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EYNE valley HIKE in PYRENEES, France | Animal and flower paradise – Day 1

Hello, guys! Today we are excited to leave for the new
hike! We are going to get to Vall de Nuria and then
Ribes de Freser, passing through the Eyne valley. And we think it will take us around 3 days. We are going to do stealth camping this time,
hopefully we’ll find a good place. But the plan for today is to go through the
Eyne valley and get down to Vall de Nuria until the darkness. And without further adue let’s get started! Good morning! We already started this morning with hitchhiking
and had luck. Two kind people brought us here at the foot
of Eyne so we actually have time to go up with cooler weather and no hot sun on us. So that’s great! Drinking water is everywhere here, so amazing. We are starting late today because we slept
in. Yeah, and that’s because of the noisy neighbours,
let us know if you can relate. That’s why we are not sure we’ll get to Vall
de Nuria today as planned. But we really need to. Let’s see if we can do it. Very excited to meet some wildlife – marmots or isards. Yeah, if we’ll be lucky today, we’ll see. Normally they come out in the evening, now
it’s daytime, but we hope so. Attention! Attention! Super dangerous, the cows are attacking. We are feeling super pumped up and strong
right now after our big hikes this year to Mediterranean and Sant Jaume hike. So we received a good training. If you still didn’t watch them, go ahead and
do that. We’ll leave the link here on the screen. If you will be hiking here choose the upper
route always because then it goes more flat. And if you go lower you’ll go steeper afterwards. Very easy flat route before the difficult
uphill, gotta enjoy it. Very clean water, I would even drink it. These marmots are so cute, so happy that we
captured them. And they should have babies now, they’re more
curious so more chances to meet them. The mountains are great to escape the heat
in the summer time. Especially in this season when it’s extremely
hot in the lower areas. Here the air is still fresh and cool. And now the clouds came out. Bless you, the clouds. We can walk peacefully. It looks like we are ascending to the peak
but actually it’s not true. We’ll go through the mountain deep to Vall
de Nuria, deep between the mountains. So this way we’ll be shortening our route
to Vall de Nuria. We did it! We see Vall de Nuria! So happy. Finally we see Vall de Nuria from above, we
wanted to see it for so long but it never happened. Yeah, we did the hike to Puigmal but then
it was all covered with clouds and we didn’t see anything excepth for the fluffy clouds. And now finally it’s the case, so happy. We found our little corner to have lunch. So we had our lunch, feeling better now. And the route was quite easy till now, not
steep at all, mostly flat. And even with our backpacks we did it quite
fast, pretty fast. So absolutely beautiful route. And the weather is helping a lot too. Yeah being cloudy and windy, just perfect
conditions for hiking. We already made 11 kms and we have around
5 kms left to Vall de Nuria. Yeah, so Vall de Nuria is waiting for us. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed our video feel free to give
it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more hiking adventures. Also follow us on social media like Facebook
and Instagram. Leave us a comment below sharing your adventure
stories or ask any questions. Your support and feedback means a lot to us! Hope you are having a great day and we’ll
see you again soon. Bye!

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3 thoughts on “EYNE valley HIKE in PYRENEES, France | Animal and flower paradise – Day 1

  1. Bravo à vous deux, je connais bien le coin et votre film est si bien fait qu'il me donne envie d'y retourner au printemps.

  2. Thank you for this amazing video! It is very usefull for us because we are planing hiking in Vall de Nuria this September.

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