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Extreme Airport Snow Plowing | Aomori’s White Impulse Story ★ ONLY in JAPAN

This is Aomori Aomori Airport in fact and behind me you see some of the tractors coming trucks cleaning the runway Couple of months ago a friend told me, something really special happens here in Aomori and I came here for this report Behind me a bunch of professionals clean the runway like no other place in the world They even have a name White Impulse It starts early in the morning as the division leader gets a runway report and orders from the airport 35 plows attack the runway with a clear mission remove the snow so a flight can land Aomori Airport’s runway is 3000 meters long but they also need to plow the apron and the taxi way The cleanup seems like a choreographed like ballet of machines Each plow or truck has its specific purpose Together as a team, they can clear the runway in 40 minutes Meanwhile, in the air is JAL flight 141 a Boeing 737 from Tokyo
inbound for Aomori in 30 minutes White Impulse is on it despite heavy snow and near white out conditions, The runway is in plain sight again Believe it or not, Aomori Airport has never had a cancelled flight due to snow Any cancellation happens on the other end of the flight not here in Aomori It’s easy to be inspired watching the machines working together something each member is proud of The flight is just 15 minutes out now Aomori Prefecture is entirely covered in snow Everywhere except the airport JAL flight 141 is on approach now Has White Impulse completed the mission? A final inspection requires ground crew Any ice or debris that could threaten a landing is shoveled and removed and there they are for the last sweep and plow White Impulse Mission Complete The team returns to home base as another flight readies for departure, now with a clear runway to the sky The final truck has safely returned The airplane has the go ahead to land It’s another perfect landing thanks to the team The fleet of machines standing tall and proud saluting the pilots and passengers as the plane taxis by White Impulse is standing by for the next mission I hope you didn’t forget about that other flight Outbound to Osaka, another perfect takeoff AIRPORT SNOWPLOW EQUIPTMENT OVERLOAD I got a close look at the fleet of plows all 38 of them Each one is put to the test from late October to March during the snow season in Aomori This one breaks up the snow and launches it to the side This one sweeps the runway with bristles that look like dried spaghetti You can see that it’s been used a lot this season and the bristles need to be replaced The waves of steel on this plow jet out the runway snow Each plow has a position in the formation and purpose Real heavy machinery The Antifreeze Sprayer is the longest in the fleet I have a chance to check out this plow and sweeper Let’s have a look inside Woah! I’m not allowed to touch anything in here I love the positioning high off the ground You can just see about everything and these seats bounce so if you’re going over some rough terrain, which you will do with this sweeper and plow, you’re going to be doing it in style Right — there is a CB, lots of controls and buttons joystick, there is even a computer panel, a screen, LCD screen Look really complicated There’s a lot to drive in each truck, and each one requires a new skill to learn Quite a view from 2 meters up Although I couldn’t drive one, I left with that same snow plow high I stopped by the White Impulse headquarters for more insight on how they accomplished a perfect record of runway plowing success The team lives and breathes strategy Part of their secrets lies in regular meeting to improve their methods Simulating the most challenging situations means you’ll be ready for it when they occur This group of younger members are now veterans Some are second generation White Impulse members When your father was a member, expectations are very high I asked about the job and what it means to be a member A feeling of accomplishment Learning to operate every machine is an accomplishment every member respects I sat down with the divisional leader to talked to him about his experience and what he does when it’s not snowing There doesn’t seem to be a challenge White Impulse can’t handle I may not be a member, but that doesn’t mean I can’t clear the runway Aomori Airport has a curry rice challenge White Curry More like stew with seafood, more like snow This isn’t your ordinary spoon either That’s right, you’ve been given a shovel Your mission should be clear Clean the runway before your flight A fun way to say goodbye to Aomori’s snow winter wonderland and that’s exactly what Aomori is during the winter Aomori prefecture is in the very north end of Honshu Island in the Tohoku region Here’s the airport and city but the prefecture straddles the Pacific ocean and Sea of Japan loaded with mountains and nature in the middle and snow Let’s look at some of the attractions Onsen. Natural hot springs are everywhere in Aomori The five stage of hot spring relaxation. And when the body gets too warm, there is always the snow better stick to the bath Aomori has a special winter time train It’s an old style train with an experience going back in time to stay warm The train has stoves installed inside the passenger compartment The smoke goes out the chimney As you can see, there is nothing ordinary about it Try some hot grilled squid to pass the time A winter ride that shouldn’t be missed Snow Blowers in the mountains create high walls like here at Sukayu Onsen Volcanic heat keeps this swamp thawed and steaming hot Skiing is popular in Aomori and the Hakkoda Ropeway will take you to the top You can also hike around the snow monsters Trees caked with snow at the summit and watch your step Mt. Iwaki is a stratovolcano that last erupted in 1863 and nearby is an area dedicated to art In the summer it’s a rice field, but during the winter months It’s this Snow art A technique taught here by master Simon Beck He’s been teaching locals to make their own snow art and it is now become an attraction for good reason It’s beautiful Departing Aomori Airport is also as important to local staff as arriving Here airline workers show their appreciation and give their respect to the passengers with a bow They see the plane off until it’s out of sight Winter adventures in Aomori are something to remember but don’t forget that it starts with that perfect landing and beautiful runway ー and White Impulse So whether it’s a small propeller plane or a massive jumbo jet, flying into Aomori Airport is always an experience so if you come to Japan in the winter, and you fly here to Aomori, don’t worry White Impulse has your back real or some sort of fake news I head to Osaka to check out the Highway through a Building story If you liked it, hit that subscribe button and watch another of ONLY in JAPAN shows

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100 thoughts on “Extreme Airport Snow Plowing | Aomori’s White Impulse Story ★ ONLY in JAPAN

  1. I am Japanese. Thank you for introducing Japan by making lots of such videos. Since Japanese is a minor language when viewed worldwide, I hope that many people in the world can understand Japanese culture and customs in English. If you like it as a result of seeing this video, please come to Japan. It will certainly be memorable. Thank you for reading! 😀

    I used google. I'm sorry if I made a mistake.(。-人-。)

  2. Outstanding video– as always!!!

    It is inspiring to see the kind of teamwork that White Impulse absolutely defines.
    Keep up the good work! …You just added a new place for me to visit when I come to Japan!

    …Riding the Tsugaru Railway looks like a great way to experience winter. I have to do it.

    Starting at (13:30) is an interesting piece of video I have never seen on the net before
    (and I do watch videos of commercial aircraft) of snow being sucked into the plane's engine.
    Finally, it is entirely worthwhile and heartwarming to see the respect that the ground
     crew pays to the departing passengers.

  3. Man I thought this would be something special… 3000m runway and 35 vehicles in 40 minutes? Thats very inefficient. Toronto Pearson has 2 3300m runways and the rest of the runways are close to 3000m. Our crews have only 30 vehicles and we clear a runway in 15 minutes per runway. Our vehicles are multipurpose which can sweep and plow at same time and are much larger (Vammas) which saves a ton of time.

  4. Wonderful content as always~! The Curry Rice Challenge dish was so cute; I loved that even the plate was a runway underneath!! Japan always pays attention to detail.

  5. Woah! I never knew a video about snow plowing could be this interesting (just never have huge interests in transportation type topics), but I have to say, the White Impulse is amazing!! It's amazing how they have never had a snow cancellation. I wonder if such teams and vehicles would be adopted in larger airports across Japan — though I guess this being a part-time seasonal job, it would be hard in the bigger cities to have consistent people working the team.

  6. There is a work ethic in Japanese culture that is unparalleled in the world. Every time I watch one of your vlogs I want to visit Japan more and more.

  7. Wow! what an awesome country ! i have been to japan once and i've not seen all since its so huge!! thank you for showing me more😁

  8. It's really amazing , i watch most of your posted video , and i really like it . keep posting 😄😄

  9. im not kidding 2 inches of snow is enough to cause transport disruptions, high blood pressure and mayhem in the uk

  10. Clean the runway like no other place in the world? I suppose you weren't referring to their efficiency if they take a whopping 40 minutes to clean a runway that size. In Finland the default time to clear a 3000-3500 meter runway is 10-12 minutes and even in snowstorms runways are closed for only the 10 or so minutes in an hour. No cancellations due to snow, possibly delays measured in minutes. But I suppose that would be normal for a people actually accustomed to living with snow.

  11. The curry rice challenge looks very creative and interesting too!
    Though I think it is kind of easy for me, the amount of rice and curry doesn't look a lot
    What is the time limited for the challenge? (Just want to know :p)

  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    damn it! i miss those deep snows a lot even though it makes some inconveniences… i cant describe how its good but it just feels good for me personally to been there, the very northside of Japan

  13. How about a video on the soon to be closed Sanko line ( Gotsu -Miyoshi )?
    This line, operated by JR West, deserves to be documented and publisised , where perhaps the exclusive coverage by your popular channel could bring the chance of a private ownership by someone, to keep this line open and succeed like many a preserved line has done.

  14. i want to visit japan…but tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes are preventing me to visit come these people are living among these dangers..thumbs up ….we indians have a lot lot and lot to learn from japanese and chinese

  15. i repair snow plows as a welder for the local airport in a small town in Montana let me tell ya the gear they have will get overhauled every summer at that airport because there isn't time to do it in the winter then again we deal with small bush planes so landing on snow isn't that big a deal in most cases

  16. John u crack me up on that bouncy seat.. it's called an air seat most new semis and school buses have them.. they save on your back alot

  17. Try this out … Vammas PSB. (stands for Plow – Sweeper – Blower) these are used in airports in the United States and Canada.

  18. John Is there anyway to get White Impulse t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc? These guys need to be recognized around the world for their skill.

  19. The folks who clear the snow from the airport runways, taxiways, and aprons perform a service that few of us notice. Those of us who live in cold, snowy climates sround the world often take their efforts for granted. They need to work whenever nature dumps snow on an airport. They can be required to work on special family occasions, holidays, and even on days when they just do not feel like going to work. As the supervisor in this video points out, lives can be at stake here. And they do their duty for thise of us, passengers and crews who fly. Thank you. ご助力ありがとうございます

  20. Good luck on seeing this type of leadership and efficiency in an American airport. Like Atlanta airport where they haven’t a plan for a power outage.

  21. If this was the US, it would be one person to do all of that work, dozens of cancelled or delayed fights. So jealous of Japans order, the need to never have someone do something alone and the pride in the work. Thank You for this video.

  22. Wow love this video great job White Impulse and John thanks for bringing this to us☮️❤️🍀🦋😎

  23. 40 minutes to clear a runway?? Here in Denver we clear a runway in 12 minutes, and our international runway is 16000 feet long and 200 feet wide. That's about 48 lane miles of pavement.

  24. I love you videos. 💕 your story telling is unique and inspiring me to visit Japan 🇯🇵. Love from India 🇮🇳

  25. OMG, not many Japanese from southern part know this! Tokyo Narita Airport closes once or twice a year because they don't have good snow removing team.

  26. Excellent video and story. Really enjoyed it, especially the interviews with the snow removal employees. The interview with the rice farmer/snow removal gentleman was fascinating. The sense of teamwork is evident. Always a pleasure to learn more about Japan. I hope to visit again soon!

  27. Cool video, being a snowboarder, I have been wondering about the mountains of Japan and their mountains. The Japanese snowboarders visit Colorado where I live to compete. I am a snow and mountain person who lives in Leadville, the highest elevation town in the United States.

  28. when i left hakodate in february in the morning, like 5 am, there were so many plow trucks clearing the roads from all the snow….they work so hard but it was cool to see it….no one was walking the streets besides me so it was like a little show just for me lol

  29. A few years ago an area near here got 150cm (4.5 feet) in less than 24 hours. Snow plows got stuck on the highway and a big stretch of highway had to be airlifted by helicopter because nothing could move anywhere.

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