Exploring The Workings And Trails Of The Ashford Mine – Death Valley, California

good morning youtubers Tom and Julie
here we’re in beautiful Death Valley National Park it’s April 1st 2019 no
foolin beautiful shot of telescope peak behind
Julie and the T-dub there today we are going to try and visit the – Ashford Mine
we’ve been up here before but we never really got a chance to explore the
workings so we have a little better handle on the workings that we want to
explore and we’re gonna get to ride the T-dub a few miles up this hill right that way
it’s a little windy today so you might get some wind noise but otherwise we’re
going have a good time let’s go see what we find up hill the whole way, not real steeply at first, it get’s a little steeper as we go on so far so good! warm already, suppose to be 90 today
probably like 70 now It’s only 9:00 in the morning look at Telescope. Loving the Shinko 241 over the stock boy what a difference doesn’t look real steep behind us and it
isn’t but it does have a little elevation gain to it and with two up on the little
mule she did just great so we’re nearing the end of this little piece of road
this was the road to the Ashford mine back in the day
it’s wilderness now so you’re not allowed any mechanized travel we’re
going cross the wash up here and you can go through the narrows in the wash which
is ahead we’ve done that before it involves climbing a couple of dry Falls
well we’re not going to go through the Narrows today because we’re more
interested in seeing some of the workings of the mine today so we’re
going expedite our trip up to the mine well I’m making my way up the trail
still I will put a link to the video that we made last year of the camp and
the narrows and all that in the description of this video
okay we’ve gone about a half a mile we’re up to the ridge here that’s going
drop back down into the wash now the narrows are to our right so we’ve
bypassed them and now we’re going drop back down into the main wash bed so when
you come to this wooden structure on the right as you’re going up the wash if you
want to take the shortcut up into the camp go up the canyon that’s just
adjacent to it and going to the left as you’re going up this wash you’ll
end up in the wash below the camp so shortly up this wash you come to a
little dry fall it’s fairly easily climbed that’s looking behind us just
above this dry fall and a couple more boulders to scramble
up no problem well we’re coming up kind of a steep wash and steep Falls kind
of straight up but it’s not that slick so we’re right below one of these tram
towers we haven’t seen the camp yet because we took a left up another wash
well we took kind of a steep shortcut but there’s the camp there are a couple
of tram towers, here comes Julie well we found a trail goes along there
yeah nice being on the trail they’ve got it pretty leveled off this ledge
oh this crosses another little wash but it’s still in pretty good shape the old
walls are holding up there the camp is again looking
pretty good over there by itself I can see the trail from here almost all the way back
to camp we wanted to be up a little higher, I’m not sure if this is the overlook
trail there are the tram towers and here’s the big view across Death Valley
Wow so we need to be a little higher up to
find the tram lines doesn’t appear to be a trail going from here to there well we’re making our way back to camp
our attempt to get up to the tramway mines from that direction failed but we
did get a great overlook and we’re on a cool trail here we should be back to
camp in about another 15 minutes we were in that saddle over there
towards the Overlook I think that’s the Overlook trail around now we’re back
to the wash that’s near the camp looks like quite a few workings down here
there’s a big wall built up there looks like a little portal there and a portal
way down the wash the trail coming out of the wash that’s reinforced with
rock, well we’re back down in the wash below the camp I guess we’re going to have
to settle for exploring some of the workings here there is a adit with a
portal open portal right here there’s another one just up canyon let’s go up
for that one first okay we’re going to go through this portal into this adit
there’s some debris right in the beginning here this is up Canyon from
the camp a little ways not sure if it goes anywhere nothing
well that first one the only one a few feet not too exciting let’s try another
when we came down Canyon a bit let’s see what this one does there’s some lumber
in the entrance it either stops or turns a little bit it. I don’t see any vein of any type. here’s a flat slab a lot of times where
these meet is where the vein is where there’s a fissure. A little bit of timbering up ahead there is an old door, a screen door I have to
say I never really seen that here’s an open oh that’s pretty far up there, there is a
shaft above us there doesn’t look like it goes too far that way I think they
can walk over this to be sure yeah that’s just stops right here this would have been some kind of a
break room or something I’m not sure why they had screen door on it.
There is an old rootbeer can here
let’s see I remember it splitting here somebody’s found some little cans in
here yeah they have their names on there Gabe
that’s a milk can you can tell the vein is at an angle here they have some
stope going on and some stalls this vein is nearly vertical this is looking
straight up and that’s the end of it let’s go see what’s at the end there’s
another piece of lumber on the ground here ah there is a ladder it’s pretty straight down isn’t it, well let’s see what happens the very end of it is broken but I think we
can get past that the rest of its real solid except for maybe not the end
because it’s broken so I might not be able to get down there this last piece
the very bottom isn’t supported hmm something must’ve crashed on there no okay you come to a little intersection
here there’s a chute dead ahead, ahead of Julie to the right here is I don’t know what it looks
like a bone hmm part of a ladder won’t be going down there though because it’s
broken up interesting, pretty nice bone in there. Cat prints down here. How would a cat get down
here there’s the chute and not much more let’s part of an old flashlight piece of
lumber on the ground. I wonder if the Ashford’s brothers were in here. Julie says
there are a lot of cat prints down here. here’s a rail going both left and right interesting some old canvas clothing or tarp for
something and something that goes down there I can’t tell if it goes anywhere
let’s go to the right a little bit looks like it’s just a jumbled mess right ahead of me here. why they would have tracks I don’t know
now this is the end of this except there’s a ladder again, oh this
must be over to the main shaft yeah this is the main shaft below the end of the
tram oh yeah that’s where we are that’s a vertical shaft for the first part and
then down where we are probably 40 or 50 feet turns into more of an incline and
then there’s a ladder and a manway and there’s a what’s left of the track I
believe and it goes down and goes steeper we could try going down this
next level what do you think? The ladder looks like
it’s a good shape. Okay lets go down the ladder, looks like it’s in pretty good shape I’m
only going down to the next level lot of old stuff has been thrown down this
shaft yeah looks like that’s it that’s a level
there and then there’s still a level below it too now it gets a lot steeper here, let me
look at the ladder and then about five more rungs and it’s real steep and the shaft goes way down well that’s looking back up the ladder
we just came down probably 30 feet and this continues down a long ways there,
but it’s all busted up so I’m not going to go down there but you can see that it
goes a long ways and there’s something crossing it maybe another level, and there’s a
level here up just below me like 20 feet then there’s another level maybe 30
feet below that but then it looks like just an endless hole after that so I
can’t see much on this next level and I’m not going there there’s a water line
going down in here we’re on a level although I don’t know that it goes
anywhere we can go look go what did you say earlier? Watch that left side. I don’t know if this goes anywhere this is a stope above me that’s some stalls this
is looking straight up. Okay don’t pull on those stalls I haven’t seen footprints down here. Here’s
some gobbing and that’s it, it just doesn’t go anywhere they just work it a little bit and hauled it
out this is obviously a type of the vein that they were working on this
mine never did make make a profit they spend about I think a quarter million
dollars developing this over the years and they made about I think one hundred
and thirty-five thousand dollars profit back so it never did make money.
nothing on the boxes? Yes, Charles Brown okay we’re going back up it’s just to…
the ladder below us is too broken up Julie look to your left is there
anything there? okay anyway it doesn’t go anywhere is that a level? I didn’t
think so watch your pack well we’re back off the ladder
I think we’ve explored the all this haven’t we? Now I don’t remember what this part was like oh that’s right we went to the right
let’s go to the left there are some tracks this way so you would assume it would go a little bit. I see a rope up here huh
somebody’s climbed up into there I don’t know I don’t really see a need to go up there do you? Some little knickknacks, little playing card yeah looks like a fork but it’s not a
fork yeah so here’s this sheer wall again which would have been the fissure
or the seem that the or was deposited in Is that a fuse? Yes. There is a fuse on the floor okay here goes Julie up the ladder just
take your time this one’s kind of busted up but it gets
better the higher you go which is good rather than worse and it’s got this
steel strap on it that they probably drag some cart up. Just hang on and take
your time this is pretty much straight up watch
your pack alright we both made it up the ladder pretty cool in there I wonder how deep
that main shaft is. here’s the screen door again here’s the outside world well
we’re back out let’s go back towards the camp maybe grab a little snack and then
we will try to explore some more that are on the other side of the camp
another adit or two we’re almost up to the top of the main
shaft which is right there in front of me look at the big steel wheels one of the tram buckets is still here we
saw that last year it’s still in good shape.There is a lizard inside.That’s a nice
bucket here’s the main shaft this is the ladder we were down a couple levels down
well the cabins look like they are still in pretty good shape about the same as they
were last year when we were here I’m not going spend a lot of time on them
because we’ve been through them 1 years ago, but if you haven’t been up
here to visit the cabins they’re pretty cool two smaller ones and one bigger one
and there’s an outhouse around the corner if you go around that on that
trail I’ll poke my head in here it was an old stove that was pretty cool and
some other stuff The old stove and fridge are still there
people are collecting some parts of stuff they found which is kind of cool
rather than just destroying everything there’s the road that goes to the mine
comes over here. This is where it crosses the wash up above that there’s a
little waste pile here and some railroad ties a metal pipe that they’re using for
a chute a little portal right ahead of Judy, haha, I mean Julie
let’s go see what we find in here it looks like there were some ties that
maybe they took out it’s a nice height I can just stand up nicely.Is it the end?
Is it collapsed or is it the end? So that didn’t amount up to much So that only comes in about 7,500 feet
maybe let’s see if we get up to the upper one okay this is just above the other
one we were just in. A lot of small workings around here there are suppose to be 40,000 feet of workings
somewhere here total. So this is an open stope this is looking straight up well
it didn’t look like much of the waste pile out there nothing over here either
well we spotted this little guy across the wash. We better check out. It’s a little low at the entrance.It goes straight back for a little ways.There wasn’t much of a waste pile out front
but then it does go right into the wash so maybe it all washed away. Now it’s a
little taller I don’t see any sparkles, oh yeah I see
some sparkles I don’t see any vein of anything though I see a ladder always
fun when you see a ladder isn’t it hmm Now it got taller. Looks like there were
some tracks at one point coming in here there are some ties. Miners love
ladders don’t they? well I don’t know why they had a ladder it didn’t go
anywhere but this is their vein I guess well that was kind of interesting. Look’s like someone has been checking out the vein up in the high part of the adit at the ladder looking for gold, looking for
a little color this is about 150 feet long I would guess a couple of little small
workings there I don’t know where the waste pile came from when it wasn’t even big enough hole to get that out of there’s that tube that was used for
chute here’s the wash the camp is down that road right through that little cut
there looks like there was another small camp here and the old mining road is
right here in front of me and it goes that way. Hi there! good morning Julie how are ya?
here we are back up at the Ashford mine in Death Valley California
it’s March 3rd Wednesday 2019 we were just here on the 1st of April
and we were attempting to get to the tramway mines which we did not do we got
on a different trail and ran out of juice but here we are again I haven’t
taken any video of the trip up here but we are at what I think is the beginning
of the trail to the tram way mine right here let’s go see what we find that’s
looking back at the camp there are a lot of trails up here I hope we have the
right one well we’re pretty high above everything
as far as the camp and all that goes the outlook trail is way down below us you
can see it down there kind of winding around we had to cross this wash then
we’re going to go back up the other side and up that angle on the side of that
next slope and we will see what we have after that. This is looking back at the
camp we’ve been following that trail all around across the wash and up to here. Here are these two tram towers that we were below a little bit the other day. Now we are above them. Here is a look all
all the way back to camp and you can see the way back to camp. Both trails, the lower trail down here is
the outlook trail and the upper one is the one one we are on, it comes all the way around here
and here are these two tram towers that we were below the other day
there’s the saddle that gray part on the outlook is where we were, I mean the overlook and here we continue on this way well there’s some type of ore chute it
looks like in the wash there here’s a wooden structure with a round
hole in the ground looks like maybe an air vent
there is a cut in the wall here but no opening there’s a waste pile underneath me not huge but
something, there’s another one over here let’s go over here a little bit well
here’s another little cut a little open mine they find a little
vein or something but doesn’t look like it’s real extensive yeah that just ends
up in there well here we are at the next step look at the straight line of the
tram tires back to camp to where I’m standing and now we have a lot of wood
here and there’s wood down in what I think might be a waste pile yeah there’s
a big pile of wood in front of me and another one up there so let’s go a few
feet further and see what we have here well there’s a lot of cable laying
around up here and I’m at the bottom of a waste rock pile I can see some quartz
and some other different rock green red so let’s see if we can find the top of
this pile and what might be up there okay we’re up above where the big last
tram tower that we can see is and there is a cut here it doesn’t go anywhere I
went in there it goes about 10 15 feet in there and that’s it well this one is very small as well as
the bottom one, I climbed up to the top of that big waste pile it would seem to be impossible that all that could come out of here something
else is going on around here because this is a pretty big waste pile that I was way
down at the bottom, I don’t believe that that little thing could make all
this well Julie’s up above there I followed
this little chute area down there’s another little adit here or a portal I
don’t know how far it goes let’s go see nothing up here so far has been pretty
big at all looks like there were some tracks in here. Nothing to the right, there a tracks. A lot of
lumber in here, there’s a chute and a big rope from up above The chute is jammed full. Nothing up here has very much extensive diggings big chute and there were tracks that
went from here to those other towers for the tram. So there you have it. It’s the biggest workings we have found so far. so I’m going to follow these tracks over to
the other tram tower just to see what it’s like there were tracks you can see the
ties coming over to this tram tower so this must have also been a loading
station for the tram and there’s not much left of it now seems like an awful
lot of work to put this tram and everything up here for not that
much workings must’ve been a little loading platform
somehow where the tram could stop here so what we’re gonna do we really enjoyed
the trail out here so we’re going to take the trail back to camp and just check
around there before we head on back down to the trailhead it was right at 7
tenths of a mile to get over to the tram lines from starting at the wash
roughly, below the camp. I like when you can see the trail ahead of you for a long ways look
at that shot It’s beautiful scenery up here though
look at that isn’t that something? It’s a pretty fun trail. so we’re getting closer
to camp there it is a nice view from slightly above it we have to work our
way down this hill cross the wash and back on the trail on
the other side okay that’s looking back at the trail we just came off of that’s
the tram mines trail so we’re back in the wash it took us about 35 minutes to
get back from the top of the tram here’s where this one picks up that goes back
to camp on the left side of the wash and that’s what we’re gonna take well
there’s another little spot here above the camp I don’t believe it’s much
but some interesting colored rock came out of it
got some quartz in it I can’t imagine that it’s very big but you never
know do you. There is a little collapse on the left already looks like it winds around to
the right a little bit. take a quick peek here well look at the colors up there. okay it
winds around, maybe I was just seeing back into this tunnel now that it was winding this way that’s all that was I was seeing right
back into here. I was just up in this stope up here
colorful vein though. Looks like it goes on a little ways, you can see what’s left of the vein on top of on the back of the mine here. It looks
like that’s going be it. A lot of these workings here not very long only thing
we’ve seen that’s of any real size was the main shaft. See here’s this
vein they were working I think the whole bottom line on this mine was that none
of the veins, none of the deposits were rich enough to really make a go of it well
one more little bit of the 4,000 feet of workings that we’ve explored and we’re
out. and then this wall here, I don’t know if the road went up here
It must’ve this is a nice wall that last little adit, it comes out right around where the main shaft and the bottom of the tram is just a little
bit from there timbering up there the round timbers
that’s the bottom of the tram they must have taken all that apparatus out here we are back at the camp we’re in
the junk pile looks like an old clutch plate that should be up in the houses
as one of the relics we’re down in the can dump now not to be confused with the
junk pile although they do merge right here here’s the big split ring. well today
we’re going to take this shortcut back just the way we came up. Last time we went
down the old road which was much longer around down the wash down the main wash it’s quite a bit further than this one here is where the trail takes off out of the
wash again right here this is to avoid the narrows. The narrows are really fun if
you’ve got a little bit of a climber in you I wouldn’t say it was real hard, we
both made it up last year but this is a little shortcut back to the parking area well one last little bit of uphill here
and the rest is downhill the narrows are just down here where there are a couple
few climbs you want to take the shortcut go
straight across the wash and up the small hill if you want to do the Narrows
go up the main wash and it’ll curve around to the left and you’ll hit the
Narrows It’s steeper than it looks like on the camera
here. What a view! well we are most of the way down here we are back at the vehicle we made
it back from the Ashford mine day two we went up there on April 1st explored the
main workings of the Ashford mine the main shaft and we also walked out to the
overlook trail. Today we went back it’s April 3rd we went back and we made it up
to the tram mines so we completed our exploration of the whole mine workings
that as far as we could find as many as we could find and we hope you guys like
the video we always appreciate you watching and we
will see you on the next adventure

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