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You know it what’s up everybody welcome in today’s episode we are gonna be taking you with us on our journey to Topanga Canyon That’s right. Now we’re gonna be exploring and chat with a few the locals and doing fun stuff We’re gonna go on a hike explore a new place. I’m Rob. I’m Abbie and you’re watching bass on them shoot Okay, tiebreaker. This is this is it Rock Paper Scissors. Shoot Zoe here freaking out every time she sees a plant. It’s pretty funny So what time do we wake up this money? Oh I set my alarm for 4:45 4 A.m. 45. Why do you do that to me? So we could be here? In Topanga Canyon At a lovely time we didn’t we didn’t go hiking at 4. We got here at 7:30 in the morning So we could avoid the traffic that we ran into on the freeway That’s true Indiana Jones the greatest adventure of all time he doesn’t seem like he sleeps much He usually just puts his hat over his head and then something crazy happens and then he just wakes up and goes on that adventure She’s a Napper I gotta get on that Indiana Jones power napping schedule Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about Check out this view Gene this is Sun warrior Organic Sol good protein bar. It’s actually pretty good. It’s a Cinnamon roll flavor along with some cinnamon rolls all in all this hike is not crowded at all No, it’s beautiful. It’s pretty moderate. I mean, we didn’t see any snakes. We saw bunnies though. There’s rattlesnakes here there’s rattlesnakes on the hikes we go on in la Jean skitter snakes. We saw the snake one time in, North Carolina We saw like the smallest snake and then we didn’t even go on our hike It was a guidance named once I saw that snake I kind of freaked out She started talking about water moccasins all the time when we went swimming like she’s just trying to freak me out man so far Topanga’s beautiful. Very peaceful, very Serene if you’re in California, basically you’re looking for a really cool hike to do come check out the panga on a Friday morning It’s not crowded at all. It’s beautiful. We recommend it now. What are we doing now? We’re gonna go to the farmers market farmers might grab some snacks Check out what the locals have going on here. Let’s check it out So we’re here at the sapega farmers market and it’s open every Friday from 9:00 to 1:00 and it’s pretty cute I’m really happy to be here right now Sun dried tomato, garlic & olive oil… Cayenne garlic spread non-dairy and some white beans and tomato sauce and dill. Alright try it. Yeah, you have to do in one. You have no choices. Wow, it’s amazing. Thank you Here Cheers Now we’re gonna go get some lunch yes. Yeah. I’m excited lunchtime after that hike We’re gonna have to get some food. Oh, yeah Okay, so for lunch we’ve chosen to eat at the Topanga table we chose this place because They have sustainable practices and they use organic local produce So this is the butter coffee It’s really really tasty. It’s really inspiring. I was trained from that high feels like I need in need of caffeine. So Come back to life right now I Got a cremini mushroom omelet And there were some greens here and it came with potatoes and then I got a side of their homemade hot sauce and some homemade, aioli and I’m just sauce and everything up You saucy girl Thanks so I got the biscuits and gravy with an egg on top and It’s amazing. Yeah, my life has changed There’s so much going on it’s just like a fiesta for your eyes. Yes, there’s a lot happening It looks sort of like a pirate ship With tutus. Yeah, I mean that’s not wrong Watch out for that guy How do you feel in those feel kind of like Catwoman not like, you know christopher nolan’s Catwoman but like the Halle Berry cap I think it would be school with something like this. I mean that wouldn’t hurt it Like what you love about like what you love about living here What I love about living here, is that… Everybody knows your name it’s very community… so I recently went through cancer for an example… and my community… stood by me like I couldn’t even believe. I needed so much… medical assistance & help. There’s a band called Little Feet that plays music here… & they did a benefit for me & it was just like… I just really can’t believe that we can still… it’s not even the midwest & we can still have such a community of people, & children, & you know. I think that’s what I love about it the most. It’s the community part. Perfect So another really awesome thing about Topanga is that if you drive just like 10 minutes down the road due west Look at what’s in their backyard, it’s the Pacific Ocean We stand on the opposite shore And I’ll say one thing the the weather here in Topanga has changed from being fairly cool to pretty hot and now it’s like actually, it’s kind of perfect right now, but Yeah, so just beware maybe bring like a light sweater or something. I don’t know pretty chill – chill people are surfing it up. Yeah Okay, so leaving the beach right now and now we’re going to Go see a friend that we actually met while we were working at the restaurant that we work at He was a regular who would come in and he actually moved to Topanga Canyon About a year ago because we’re here he invited us to come over to his house and we’re gonna check out where he lives Ask him some questions And get his thoughts on Topanga and what it’s like to live here. Let’s go Hi Hey buddy, you know where David lives Excuse me Look at this face Just look at it. What? What do you like love about it here? Like what are your favorite parts of Topanga? about living here So you moved here from where were you saying you were living right in the middle of Hollywood well by Griffith Park and Right in the middle of Hollywood it is it’s like night and day just everybody does this That’s great it’s very piece of nod yeah. Yeah, it’s weird and wonderful here Topanga is pockets You know, this is where I live is one pocket and then there are the neighborhoods as in neighborhoods in the city There’s no traffic around here sever is walking the street with the dogs or everybody’s come outside a lot of time And it is just very very very close and very very friendly there’s a real love for the land and I love you know looking after them and Keeping it like this and I tell people on Sunday if you want to come here you leave at a certain time Otherwise the traffic from Hollywood be here turns into that Beach traffic. Oh, that’s great You come out early enough and you go on an amazing hike which I think you’ve been on their hikes all over here unbelievable hikes And deer everywhere And then you can go down to the beach as well so you can come to the Banger Nice and early you get your hike you can go to the beach to go out to weed and this in one day Get in nice and early there’s so much to do the people usually ask Did you ever see him dude where’s my car? All right, so we just took off from David’s house so cool talking to him and now we’re at our dinner spot We’re at the end of the seventh ray and it was voted California’s most romantic restaurant. So we’re gonna go check that out and maybe have a full romantic experience maybe It also has a really cool bookstore attached to it called spiral staircase. And so we’re gonna check that out as well Don’t know which one we’re gonna do first. But let’s just go whatever. I’m hungry. I’m hungry What do you think so far it’s a pretty romantic in here It’s almost too romantic in here. I feel like I’m on a date or something I Wasn’t how was your dinner? It was really good. Are you feeling Along I hit a wall probably a while back and now I’m a Closer. I’m a closer to it What do you think It’s really good it’s It’s a gluten-free dairy-free berry crumble with a coconut ice cream Gasps go Oh, yeah the ice cream I mean, I love me a crumbling no How many is that Once you turn that camera off, I mean that So if you have to pick one thing in this whole story one thing in this whole story, that’s your favorite, what is it I only allowed one Wow, you look really concerned right now, yeah, cuz I have so many things that I want in here what you get Looks like blue Normal so normal happy normal What do you think they have the comic book section, um Your comic book that I picked my favorite it’s this little music box Literally music in a box

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