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Eurostop Capítulo 4: París: Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomfe, Père Lachaise, Notre-Dame.

How to sneak into a metro: First way: jumping up the turnstiles and right when a person is entering them, the door keeps open Ah! How to sneak into a PARIS metro: First way: Jumping up the turnstiles Turns out that there are like turnstiles and once a person goes through them, they get blocked Well, We’ve only had a chocolate bun it’s almost 5pm About water, just 50cl between the two of us and now, I intend to go up the Eiffel Tower running We’ve come up by f*cking lift because in order to go up by f*cking stairs we should’ve gone up through the f*cking south tower and down the south tower there was another queue and it’s been like “what? do I have to wait longer?” “your f*cking momma” so we’ve come up the f*cking lift… this you’re seeing it Père Lachaise cemetery Paris graveyard where buried, rest personalities the level of Chopin, Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde it was between here and the, today rebuilding Notre-Dame cathedral, that we decided to bury, maybe, the most carefree, relaxed and touristy part of the trip which couldn’t have been without my friend Alex’s hospitality French colleague that I once met in the lands of Walter Scott and William Wallace Mr., Mss., we’re leaving! From calmness to agitation From the city of light To the road, which doesn’t give truce to darkness From comfortable tourists to growing travellers Ways to sneak into… (hihihi)

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