Episode 3 Team NZ Red Bull X-Alps 2017 – Aschau

Beautiful morning in Austria on the main divide. I glided from there down to there This is my second launch of the day after gliding across from down that way and it’s pretty hot walking up in the sun, so Hope I can get up this time it looks pretty good. I’ve gained a few precious metres so far it’s just fanning up this face flying in nice and tight every turn you lose a bit, but… oh, that’s a good feeling Yeah, I just thought I’d poke around here. I’ve gained 500 meters in about 15 minutes yeah it might not work, I might just go back to the spur which was working pretty well this is great My helmet camera was out of action, so I took a few short videos with my phone the going was great, pushing on to sunny morning faces high in the mountains just as I was leaving to cross north and push against the valley winds I noticed the westerly above starting to pick up quite far, so I decided not to use speed bar. And the others are back that way it’s been a good adventure. I think there’s a bit of west picking up and I’ve got to get out as far as I can north before the valley wind picks up Looking back at the main range. It was tricky to get out of this valley. Ahead of me is the Wilder Kaiser (which I flew over) Here you can see Aschau where we had to land and sign our name at the turn point I’d launched from just here And I wasn’t really organized when I landed on a flats in Aschau and hadn’t decided where to go but knew I had to be fast most people went to the west (to the hill visible ahead) But this slope was working so well that the first gully I found was good enough to get up from It was so hidden by adjacent ridges that you can’t see it on the reference photo I took when coming in Here I am commenting on tricky turn points, and how Triglav was even worse 5:35pm Even with my optimism I acknowledged that the next turn went was too far to reach today Still there were some easy miles to be had and my main goal was to cross the Inn valley all the cars there are where the turn point is this is a little bit better than walking to the top still.. running on the road in the heat disappointing to land but an awesome flight today, absolutely incredible from the main divide to the flats I just want to cross the Inn today quite a norwest… if only it was always this easy, eh? It’d probably be pretty boring it if was always this easy so a bit of cirrus. But these valley winds are going to keep working well into the night if I can get across the Inn I reckon I can go quite a way further so I’m still well below airspace it’s 450 meters above me (about the same height as cloud base) this [Wilder Kaiser] is the way I came over [going towards Aschau] it was good earlier on but I’m struggling to get much higher not sure how high I need to be before crossing the Inn it just looks [far] I know these modern wings are awesome, but that just seems like a really long way to cross I’ve come from there, the turn point [Aschau] Pretty happy this worked. I’ve crossed the Inn valley! Should be able to smash it up the ridge a bit further tonight a bit of an exaggeration earlier [about rapid overdevelopment] I left the main range before midday and it’s now 7pm that thunderstorm might be just a little west of where I was there’s build up all the way along by the way, awesome stuff! Not far from here I rang the race organizer to apologize for not being chatty at the turn point The thing is there is a lot of trees on this route and I needed to fly to greener pastures for tomorrow’s start yeah pushing headwind up high. Down low who know’s what’s happening I was just saying to myself, I’m probably not going to make this glide it would be awesome if I do but if I’m bombing out I’ll just drop onto this one I want to get onto the Brandenburger Alpen I think that’s a better way you never know unless you give it a go So I made the glide, but it was pretty worthless as I didn’t realise how flat this slope was well I should have got up on those cliffs I was all excited that I got in front of that, but it was hopeless Nice big paddock with a barbed wire fence on the side. See if you guess what’s going to happen next that was silly!

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