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Epic Hike in Glacier National Park | Revelstoke, BC | VLOG 3

(upbeat music) – Just spent the night in the hut here, just a really great
setting, super cozy place to sit by the fire and drink coffee and have a really good,
good mountain experience. Slept great and now we are setting off for another mountain adventure. Yesterday, we were up at
the, basically sub-summits surrounded by all these
peaks and glaciers. And now this morning, we’re
actually gonna be going up to the base of one of the glaciers, where the glacier has scoured
all this granite or rock and exposed this beautiful
scoured out rock. But there’s waterfalls everywhere. Today’s adventure should be fun. – So, the plan is to head
back up the Asulkan Valley, and then we’ll branch off
into the Illecillewaet, following the Illecillewaet River. – Oh yeah, okay.
– So we’ll be able to see the signs of the glaciation down at the bottom of the slabs and we’ll work our way
up towards the glacier. – The glacier has receded quite a lot, so exposing–
– The glacier has receded like–
– All this rock there. – Exactly, right, you can see there, well on this map I gave you, you can see quite a bit further than what we can see here. – Really, can you see
how much it’s changed? – Totally, yeah. If it rains, it might get a little bit slick on the – Yeah.
– slabs. They’re quite polished by the glacier ice, but when it’s dry, it’s quite grippy, and it’s quite easy walking– – Oh cool.
– across the slabs, so yeah. – Hope the weather holds out today. – Yeah, doesn’t look too bad.
– We’ll see, okay. – But, you know? – Mountains. – It’s the mountains exactly.
– It changes. – Yep
– Awesome. Sounds like a good day. Just came across another group, coming down off the mountain. They let us know that
just a few minutes ahead, five minutes or so up the trail, they came across a grizzly, and then further up the
mountain saw, apparently, a really huge grizzly, so
we got our eyes peeled. Seeing a little man find,
kinda wanna see one, but also kind of don’t
really want to see bears. I guess we’ll see. Gotta stay safe though. (soft music) Wow. – That’s all right. – Yeah, it ain’t bad. I mean if you like stuff. – Yeah, I want this. (Eric laughs) – So these mountains here
are awesome and all, I guess, but one of the big
problems is that everything is super vertical, so it kind
of makes you bust your ass to get up any of these trails here. I mean look, we’re trying to
get up there, roughly-ish. It’s basically like a mile away, in distance and like
three miles away in vert. So yeah, there’s no
easy doing things here. Come on Canada! (uplifting music) So where we are right now,
we’re seeing basically the base of some of these glaciers. – Yeah.
– This used to be maybe, I don’t know are we standing where– – Totally.
– The glacier used to come down? – If we were here just over 100 years ago, we would be standing on
glacier ice right here. The glacier would’ve poured down into the valley right below us here, and then now it’s two kilometers above us, That’s were the total glacier is today. – It’s that far away? Two kilometers?
– It starts quite a ways up the valley from here. – Geez. – Yeah.
– That’s crazy. – And we can see the Vaux
Glacier that’s coming down. That’s Sir Donald right above it.
– Oh that right there. That’s the one. – You see the little glacier trying, coming right there.
– Yeah, okay. – See that’s named– – That’s Vaux Glacier. – Named after the Vaux
family and the Vaux, yeah. – And that used to connect
with the Illecillewaet Glacier? – Yeah, yeah, totally. So basically, everything we’re looking at here has been shaped by glaciers, yeah. – It’s kind of, it’s hard
to understand, I feel like. Just–
– Yeah. – Taking it all in. This is such a big, huge,
impressive landscape. – Totally, yeah. – To comprehend what used to
be here and what’s here now. – Well, that’s what’s so fascinating. It’s such a visual evidence. You can really see the change here with the glacier ice melting. – Yeah. Ah, I guess one benefit
of the glacier receding is you get to see this amazing waterfall. – There’s a lot of water. – There’s a lot of water
pumping down this valley. – Yeah, yeah, totally (murmurs). – We’re gonna walk up the
slabs here a little ways, so hopefully we’ll get up
to the till of the glacier. – Okay.
– Up in that direction. (soft music) – Yeah, this looks so impressive in here. – Yeah, it’s such a cool rock. – Yeah. – When you think about it, it’s
been covered by glacier ice for thousands of years, too. – Yeah.
– First time it’s been this exposed. – Yeah. Whoo. Starting to move a little slower here. – Yeah. – (laughs) Feeling the altitude. (light piano music) – The cloud totally obscured the mountain. (Eric laughs) It’s gone. This is such a spectacular day. We’ve got these amazing atmospheric low-hanging clouds moving in. It’s just starting to rain a little bit. Emelie and I are basically
just going up this whole, whole time and we’re just now, you can actually start to see
what we’re been aiming for. It’s so spectacular. Sometimes it’s hard to
take in and comprehend, like all the beauty that
this world has to offer. It’s just so different from
Arizona where I’m from. So many of the landscapes I get to hike and I’m really just
trying to drink it all in. Enjoy every minute. And man, this is just fantastic. Wow, Emelie and I just made it up to the base of the glacier. Got a spectacular viewpoint. We have this amazing little
spread for our lunch here, just as we get settled in,
the rain starts rolling in. The clouds are moving down the mountain and everything’s totally changing. So we’re a little worried about
the rocks getting slippery on the way down, so we might not enjoy this beautiful prosciutto
and olive tapenade meal that we have here and we
might just have to get down. It’s crazy how fast everything’s changing here in the mountains. And it’s cold. What happened? I was sweating. Sweating so much on the way up. Whoo! Gonna have some more prosciutto (laughs). Shout out to Shasta, our
master chef here on the trail. She’s the one who provided
figs, tapenade, prosciutto. Basically all the things that
I didn’t express that I love that I truly love, so thank you. – Glad I read your mind. – How did you know? – It was women’s intuition. – Wow.
– I would say. – Well, you nailed it,
so thank you so much. – You’re very welcome. – Boom. – Boom. – Love it. All right, I think we
gotta get off the mountain. Oh, but more prosciutto. Looks like we’re just kind of getting back out of the cloud a little bit. – Yeah, totally. – The cloud layer’s like right above us. (water rushing) – Whoo. Let’s not do what I did. – It’s a bit of a slippery step there.
– Okay. Let’s just hope the snow holds up. (Emelie laughs) – Yeah, I would watch,
probably be quite hollow where the water’s going. – Yeah. (uplifting piano music) – Even with all this rain, I think it’s just super atmospheric looking. Kind of an adventure getting down. Everything’s a little bit slippery. We’re just having to
pick our way down slow and now we’re lower than the clouds. It’s still coming down with all the rain. There’s this really
amazing view right here with all these clouds that
are kind of half-lifting, so you can see all the mountains lingering back there and this charging waterfall. Surging with all this snow
melt and now the rain. It’s coming down off the mountain. It’s so cool here. So cool. (wind blowing)

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