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EPIC Glacier hike – ICELAND | World Travel Vlog

I am ready for my next trip and heading to
Iceland for four days with a really good friend. She’s on the other side of this
camera right now. So you’ll meet her tomorrow. See you there.
Hey, guys. It’s our first day in Iceland. And
we are getting ready to go on a glacier hike. We just booked it last night, and we only
had it confirmed this morning. So it’s a very
spontaneous thing. But we can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like. I have no idea
what it’s going to be like to walk on a glacier. So we’re going to have to have those
spikes on our shoes and everything. And it’s a tour for three to four hours. So I’m just
excited. It is kind of crazy. We are getting ready
to go on a glacier walk. Just having a little
lunch before we go. And I’m wondering what we’re going to do
here. We don’t know what we’re going to do. We just know it takes about three to four
hours. We’ll fill you in on the way. I’m ready to conquer the glacier. Look at
these feet. I hope we can do this. My fingers are already cold. I don’t know how I’m going
to handle doing any video up there while hiking, but we’ll see.
on our way up to the glacier. And it looks amazing here. It’s a little bit like
walking in sand, right? Huh, it’s really tough.
I don’t know if you can see it on the video, but it’s so beautiful. It’s like light blue.
It’s like aqua. Here comes Tina. How’re you doing?
I’m okay. I’m still up standing. So all of this ice that you see here is just
compressed snow. And then the new ice that forms kind of pushes down the older one in
front of it. And the glacier starts to flow down the valley.
I think we’re halfway up the glacier now, and
it looks amazing. I don’t know if the camera can capture how beautiful it looks, but look
at this view. It’s amazing. Every year, the glacier grows by 100… no, 40 meters. But
it retracts by 100 every year. So it shrinks
by 60 meters every year. So in 100 years, it’ll
be gone. A mulan is just a sink hole in a glacier.
As the water runs down, it starts to condense
basically because of gravity. It’s not able to go any further. A little lagoon forms on
the water. And then the pressure of this lagoon actually drills a hole through the
glacier. We made it to the top. I’m so tired.
It is so tough walking up these hills. This glacier is… It’s not really that steep.
It’s just really long. I think we’ve been walking for two hours maybe. Just nine months
ago, this ice was eight meters higher than it
is now. That’s how fast it’s melting. Yeah. We’re walking down again.
We are. It’s been great. Oh, we’re going into a glacier cave.
Yup, it’s very exciting, a little scary. And steep. So steep.
Look at this. So dark in there. The bottom of those big holes, those big
mulans, usually it gets much smaller. And it
turns into something like this. Temperature. The water is just a little bit higher than
the ice, so this is why it kind of melted away. But you can see it’s kind of making
a snake-like hallway just like in a river you
can see in the outdoors. And then you can see
all of these air bubbles. And you can see just kind of all over the glacier. And
something very important about them is if you
take the air outside of them, you can actually see what the temperature was in that
year. You can see what the CO2 level was in that year. You can see how much rain or
precipitation there was in that year. Huh. We’re having snacks. We are almost at
the bottom of the glacier. And it has been great. It’s been on my bucket list forever
that I wanted to go on a glacier. And it was worth it. Yeah.

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12 thoughts on “EPIC Glacier hike – ICELAND | World Travel Vlog

  1. +Joy ja : I can't reply to your comment, you need to enable it in your settings I believe. So hope you find this answer:) I was there in February, and it wasn't to cold.. we did have one day where it was hard to do anything and the sky wasn't blue during our stay, but It's still gorgeous and worth it:)

  2. Great video! I hiked on Sólheimajökull glacier just two weeks ago and it was my first time on a glacier as well. Quite incredible!

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