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ENO TechNest 14 oz. Hammock

mike has got him a hammock actually
weighs less than a pound on it my 49 14 ounces what’s the name of ENO
let me see the name TechNest hammock ENO ENO that’s how they say it
ENO you brought that instead of his chair yeah you got what’s the
name of that chair Helinox Chair Zero that’s a pound oh yeah yes zero
I broke I’ve got it out I’m zero yeah there you go all right let’s go see might hang this
hammock he instead of his chair he’s gonna sit in this now he he sleeps in
this luna solo tent but his uh his supper has set up he’s going to set it
up roll top closure yeah oh that’s different yeah that’s different but it’s
got two little hooks I see once it’s in there they don’t pull out right very
good what kind of straps are those you know
hello Helios suspension system but how much they weigh they don’t weigh nothing
doing it fine for now on four ounces together oh that’s that’s good weight limit 300 pounds that means I
can’t get in it I’m not 300 pounds I’m not 125 either though no we’ve got
hammocks and get Mike you all set up you know
okay you let me see how you adjust that that’s
got them Chinese finger locks show it show them
two little things that’s crazy yeah slides like let’s see the old
Chinese finger yeah yeah I’m yeah that’s like then yeah that’s like
them little bamboo finger locks we used to buy them for a penny and you stick
your fingers in them can’t get your fingers out and then you pull it you
can’t pull your fingers out you have to push it what you then they make it work go sit in instead of a chair instead of the chair
he brought that to sit in and relax now that looks it looks nice for that kind
of it really does okay it’s ooh it looks it looks big enough
Mike yeah think I can get in now I ain’t getting it I’ll be I’ll be
pushing the limits how much was it regulation $95 I pinched $37 from Sierra
Trading Post Sierra Trading Post $37 Wow okay look okay thank you Mike

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9 thoughts on “ENO TechNest 14 oz. Hammock

  1. They are great for both sitting and sleeping.. I like hammocks and tents.. Actually a hammock set up with tarp can be heavier than a tent I have found..

  2. Congrats to Mike P Hiker! Looks like he is well on the way to becoming a hammock camper.Learn what you need to know at I remember those Chinese finger locks too! Those looked like what we call a WhoopieSling to me which would be the finger lock equivalent to hammock hanging.

  3. That's a nice looking lightweight hammock setup, but of course you would have to also carry a tarp to completely replace your tent for a shelter system. I like the look of it, but still can't find a hammock/tarp combination lighter than my 13 oz SMD Wild Oasis. I guess I'll stay with it, but for car camping this looks like the ultimate camp chair. Thanks guys. Happy trails.

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