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Edible Japanese Bayberries ヤマモモ: Forager Japan Hike #15

Hi, guys welcome to another episode of the ForagerJapan! Today we’re in a park in Kanagawa near Kamiooka walking around looking through the trees for Japanese Bayberries it’s kind of late in the season but kind of spur of the moment I asked my friends to come with me to look for some berries so this is Japanese wild figs It’s called ‘dog figs?’ Inu biwa You look up look underneath dog….inu=dob biwa=loquat That’s probably the local term for it Hey guys over here! These yes This is the paper mulberry. They use the tree to make paper. Washi Yeah, you can eat these. These are a type of mulberry. (Are these ripe?) Yeah, orange ones Get the orange ones (What about these ones?) No, no, no, that’s that’s a different tree. (It’s SO delicious!) Try this one。 (Kouso Kuwa) The other orange ones are good (And what is this?) That’s an Akebia tree. Akebia is the vining plant the fruit it turns purple the inside has the seeds creamy seeds (And it’s edible) Yeah, but it’s not ripe yet. You can eat the leaves the shoots the young leaves leaves but the fruit usually turns purple in Fall Oh! Here we go! This one’s a Japanese bayberry tree. It’s really a decorative tree You find in mostly in Japanese Gardens, and this one’s fruiting pretty well (It’s sour!) Take the really red ones. Probably the ones on the ground are probably the ones ripe already (okay?) Hmm, but if you put it in Jam, and stuff like the sourness the tartness with sugar Shall we get it? Look at all of them runaway over there! OMG! You also shaken in some bugs! See! That’s a stink bug! What’s that? What’s a stink bug? The bugs will crawl out. They don’t want to be here. Just get the spiders and help them out. Say the name in Chinese again? (Yang Mei) What does the kanji mean does it mean anything? (No it’s just the name) Yang Mei You had it before in China. (Yeah) And this is your first time having it in Japan. (Yeah) How do they eat them in China? Just well cold or with ice cream? (You can eat them with honey or sugar. or usually you can dry them like umeboshi) Okay, then you do eat the seeds (Yes, I eat the seeds because its so much trouble to spit them out) Thanks again for watching be sure to click below to subscribe to see More Hikes also You can click the Forager Japan Cooking if you want to one find out what we did with the bayberries or other things that we find

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