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Easiest Waterfall Hike in Chiang Mai Thailand

Alright so today, I’m up and out earlier than normal because I’m going for a hike to a waterfall I’ve heard it’s really nice, and I’m trying to leave a bit early before it’s too hot, so um, it’s like 8 o’clock now, which isn’t really that early, but for me. That’s early I’m usually up at 8, but not out trying to do a hike at 8, so hopefully this will be fun Alright, so I’ve been walking for like 15 minutes maybe Still just kind of on the side of the road apparently how this hike works is I have to like walk for about an hour To get to a steep area that then just goes straight up to the waterfall, I brought water and I also brought it’s kind of funny If you can see it. Ow, I just walked down kind of crazy on something. Okay, I also brought some fruits That’s tied to the back of my purse so Hopefully I Don’t pass out. I’m feeling kind of hot I should probably eat some of this fruit now, but maybe I should save it for the steep part I don’t know whatever. I’ll figure this out. Okay, I’m still walking to this hike but along the way I passed this really cool park I mean technically It’s an arboretum plus a place where I guess they have a bunch of different trees and things like that But um it looks really chill here There’s not really anyone inside the park, but it looks really nice, so if you’re visiting Chiang Mai. It’s just up Huay Kaew Now you can see it’s really pretty and nice. I think I wanna come back here one day and just kinda hang out Making my way up a little hill to get here Apparently, it’s a short hike up this part isn’t too steep, but there’s a little incline we can we’re going to get to the steep part soon, so Wish me luck Yay, I see a sign for the waterfall so that means I’m obviously very close now or at least I hope I am 200 meters okay, that’s not bad. Oh, a lot of dogs here. Hi I don’t have any food for you. Sorry Lot’s of dogs here in Thailand. Also by the way if you’re familiar with Chiang Mai All I did to get here was walk straight up Huay Kaew, so straight up Huay Kaew past Maya, Past the zoo, and then at this little place here, where it starts to say waterfall I took a left. So, already starting to sweat a little bit I’m getting a little hot, but this should be good 200 meters to go Oh wow so I just walked in kind of one of the main entrances, and I’m not even at the waterfall yet And it’s already really pretty you can see behind me. It’s like the end I guess of the waterfall and Being here hearing sounds. I don’t know to the peaceful and nice Made it to the waterfall, but I didn’t even take that long, it was just a few minutes, and now I’m here. It’s gorgeous There’s a lookout point that’s up above here a bit, so I’m gonna check up there and see a bit more That one is for my Patreon subscribers though. If you haven’t already you can check out my Patreon I post like – about two videos per week just for my Patreon team Special extras like this one that I don’t post anywhere else This is amazing and I’m ready to go up a little bit higher and see what’s up there

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