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E-Bike Trail Etiquette | Responsible Trail Use As An E-Biker

– There’s nothing better
than ripping along some single track or charging
through some downhill, but to make it an enjoyable
experience for everybody there’s a few things to remember
while you’re in the zone. Some might call it trail etiquette but it’s just good manners, right? – I think it’s all about
being a responsible trail-user and I think, as an
E-Biker there’s definitely some things you need to think about. So this is our guide to some
trail etiquette for E-bikers. (upbeat music) – [Neil] On your right! – [Steve] I’m going as fast as I can! I’m trying to see where I’m going! – On your left! On your right! – I’m trying to do my
best, I’m doing my best. Leave me alone. So E-bikers come in a wide range of ages, abilities, and speed on the trail, right? – And I think a potential
point of conflict here is climbing against people
who aren’t on E-bikes, so that’s where we really
have to think about what we’re doing on our bikes. – Oh, (bleep). (bleep) Okay, you can come over me. – [Steve] Whether you’re
on an E-bike or not, we all climb at varying speeds. Have some thought for riders traveling at different speeds with
different skill levels. – When it comes to climbing
at different speeds on normal bikes, it’s common courtesy to let the rider know you’re there, but also let them know which
side you’re gonna pass on, if possible. – [Steve] And the same
applies to E-bikes, really, by all means, let the slower
rider know you’re there, but it’s maybe better ’til there’s a space in the sides of the trail before you make your move to overtake. – [Neil] Yeah it’s really about
not making that person stop just for you to go past. (upbeat music) – Whoa whoa whoa whoa, what on earth do you think you’re doing? This is a directional trail, this is like one-way traffic only. Do you know what’s gonna happen? It’s like a head-on
collision waiting to happen. – Rutting at technical tracks,
they’re a great challenge, but be aware of the
directional nature of trails. Never go riding against
traffic on downhill- or uphill-specific tracks. Stick to the trail and don’t cut corners, and don’t go cutting
inside people to overtake. – Where you going? – Why didn’t you guys drop in behind me? It’s an amazing trail! – The sign there, Steve,
says in plain English, wrong way for bikers. – It’s got it on the app! It’s a mountain bike trail on the app. – Doesn’t mean it’s right. Even if it’s on the app, it
might not be a legal trail. – (sighs) Oh man. – It does say area of historic interest, so is that you? Is that talking at you? Come on, let’s find a man-made trail. – [Steve] Don’t forget,
you can’t simply ride wherever you like, so
take care where you ride and only ride on designated trails. – Oh, you okay? – Absolutely. – Be aware of other people using the trail and show some consideration,
offer help if needed. Let’s face it, we can’t all
have the same skill level as the Dom. – Hi. – Hello! – It’s okay to be friendly, but remember, there’s no need to go over the top. – Whoa, what are you doing? What on Earth are you doing? Rule number one is leave
the hills as you found them. Tubes, tools, litter, gels, toilet paper, take it home with you. It’s really important to leave the trails as you find them. There’s nothing worse than coming across other people’s trash on the trail. Watch this. Oh, I’ve got a flat tire, right. When you get a mechanical, get off the side of the trail to fix it. It’s one of my pet hates, actually. You never know how fast
people might be going, and fixing it in the middle of the trail is gonna be dangerous. – [Steve] Don’t forget,
there will be other people on the hill as well as you. Clear the trail if you’re having a snack or just fixing your bike. – So there you go, there’s
some of our thoughts about trail etiquette but I’d love to know what you guys have got to say about it. Especially North Americans, where we know there’s some problems with trail access. Let us know in the comments how you think we can fix some of those problems. – Yeah and it’s really important we guard the future of this amazing sport. There’s plenty of space in the mountains for everybody, so just give people space. – And don’t be smug with your power. If you want to see another video about people not really being responsible
and having loads of fun, click it there for Sam and Blake. – And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t done so already. – Thumbs up!

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30 thoughts on “E-Bike Trail Etiquette | Responsible Trail Use As An E-Biker

  1. Also be nice and polite. Never a need for cursing slower riders.
    And if someone looks like he has a problem, don't be shy to ask if you can help.
    Sometimes the little things matter…

  2. I came across at least 20 other riders on climbs at the weekend and just sat behind them until there was a large passing point, then I apologised on the way past, there is enough emtb hate around without making it worse. It only cost me 10 minutes of my day but I heard no abuse on my way by. It's the same as descending and catching up with a slower rider up front, just pull over and chill, no point in hunting someone down and acting like a tool.

  3. Great trail etiquette tips lads that all mtbers should be following. They can all be put under the number 1 rule for life, DON"T BE A DICK!

  4. Riding on non bike trails is the one..its widely abused by mtbr's and with ebikes its going to get worse.
    I've done it myself and a lot of bikers dont care, they go barreling past familes with kids and a dog who are on a footpath.

  5. On hills I drop down to eco and don't overtake…when I get to the top I turn eco to off…the riders who were in front always say like "cheater" or…"cheating on the hills" to which I show them the off battery status 😉.

  6. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave. Thats all you need, you might even catch some angry dog walker by surprise by greeting them in a friendly manner – happens all the time for me. They're often at a loss for words 🙂

  7. Not one of these is particular to ebikes not matter how much some folks want to make it so. Everyone of these should be followed by every biker and sadly they are not.

  8. If you manage to piss anyone off with your Ebike ,Say sorry at the bottom of a run and offer to swap bikes for the next uphill. Instant convert guaranteed 😁 and a new friend.,!

  9. The climbing thing works both ways , I am as courteous as I can possibly be but I’m getting a little fed up of people shouting at me when I pass , most of it’s tongue in cheek but not all…., one hit actually grabbed on to my jacket ‘give us a tow mate’ and pulled me off my bike

  10. Letting other riders know you are behind them, only works when the rider in front doesn’t have things shoved in their ears listening to their favourite motivational tunes.

  11. Of course all these Trail etiquette points apply to all types of Trail users whether it's a motorcycle, Horse, bicycle, hiker, a mtbiker Etc at the end of the day we all have to share the trails. Some people have different levels of tolerance and ignorance, but the commonality of appreciating the use of trails is the main thing to sustain so everyone is happy.

  12. Being dropped on a steep climb by an ebiker without them calling ahead to give a heads-up. When on a solo climb pedalling under my own steam, I do find it a fair jolting shock when they fly past me. I know I'm not the only one, others in my local MTB club find this is disrespectful. Just a ring of a bell or a yell, remember, a steep climb on a pedal-power bike is a place of solace.

  13. Good vid guys. It might be common sense to some people but certainly not for all of us. It's always nice to give and to see other courteous people around. Merry Christmas EMBN

  14. On my local trail many of the users are on e-bikes and it’s mostly single track and very hilly so I find myself having to stop often on climbs to get out of their way, they aren’t asking me to move over but the constant noise of their motor right behind you is adding pressure to do so to the point where I now feel it’s time to go elsewhere.
    Don’t get me wrong if I could afford an e-bike I would get one like a shot but I can’t and I am being pushed out of a pastime I love
    Mountain biking is becoming a hobby for the wealthy and until I can afford an e-bike some of my local trails will be out of bounds as my slow uphill ridding will be seen as antisocial 😂

  15. 2:40 Area of historic interest; the Don says "are they talking about you" (referring to Steve). Hilarious!!
    He does have a sense of humor (or humour if your English?),

  16. Good. It's time for these anti-social non e-mountain bike riders to move out of the way and take their dangerous downhill boneshakers with them. They've been slowing up my ebike for years. Evolve, or move on to somewhere flat to get your thrills. Take your antiquated hate and your tedious comments with you too. I've had to listen to it for years now. It's your turn. Move out of the way sloths!

    I'm just messing of course.. But that's not to say that it isn't true. 🙂

  17. I’m a big fan of E bikes although I don’t ride one myself. I really like the fact that an ebike can get people out riding that otherwise wouldnt find it possible if it were not for this technology. Having said that today I rode Llandegla and saw as many ebikes as standard bikes if not more, unfortunately a number of the Ebikers had very poor trail etiquette, passing on climbs, rushing up behind etc, luckily not all were like this though.

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