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Duke of Ed | Qualifying Bronze Hike (Australia)

♪ [‘YOUTH (Gryffin Remix)’ by Troye Sivan] from nice to like ugly. [laughs] ♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ♪ HIP HIP HOORAY! WOOOOO! [claps] [awkward laughter] Okay! Do you know where to go? No idea ahaha. Are there lookouts down there? Yeah. Okay, thank you! Have a nice day. tUrN aRouND!1!1 wOOo! Ibis? Is that you? yEAH BOI! [BEEP SOUND EFFECT]
[‘YOUTH’ (Gryffin Remix)’ stops playing] ♪ Damn, it’s my right foot. Aww. [fake crying sounds] You’ll be alRIGHT. Yeah, I should be fine. Hello! I kind of rolled my ankle. You didn’t ROLL it. You just fell on it. Whatever. Oh, that feel so nice. Thank you very much. ♪ [‘YOUTH’ (Gryffin Remix) by Troye Sivan continues] We have 269 steps [gestures up the stairs] Um, how do you feel? HORRIBLE AND I’M GONNA KILL YOU, ADA! AHAHAHAHA [EXCITED SCREAMING] awwww [MORE EXCITED SCREAMING] awWW [indistinct muttering about losing snapchat streaks] What are you doing? [both laugh] ohHHHH AHHHH woAH! Hands! First place! WE’RE FIRST! WOOO! But we don’t know if we’re going to keep that up for long Literally. We just made it up that really hard part. [EXCITED SCREAMING] And we’re the first ones h- We’re almost done. We just need to get back up. MS JUKIC! [ALL LAUGH] MS JUKIC… WHERE ARE YOU? HELLO! OH MAH GAWD! OMG MS JUKICCCCC!1!!!11! [it was a longer distance than expected] Do you all have some water? MONUMENTAL MOMENT! FROM LAST TO FIRST! FROM LAST! TO FIRST! It’s 1:09 I’m gonna get home by three o’clock! I’m gonna get home before two! So what you need to do now is get to the train station. No, you don’t! Chantelle SAME! Bye, Ms.

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5 thoughts on “Duke of Ed | Qualifying Bronze Hike (Australia)

  1. This is a really cool video loved ittt. I liked it because I’m about to do duke of Ed I’m a couple of weeks and this video helped me to kno the conditions and stuff

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